35 years old breast lift with mentor gel implants- Lexington, KY

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I have scheduled a breast lift with gumny bear...

I have scheduled a breast lift with gumny bear silicone implants for December 22, 2014. My ps is Dr. Shantz. He was so down to earth with an awesome personality. I felt immediately comfortable with him. I originally thought i could just get implants but was told by more than one ps i needed a lift to get the look i want. I am currantly a 38c and would like to go to a full d cup. Possibly a dd?

nervous after my pre-op

So i had my pre-op appoinment on Wednesday Dec 3rd. I was really excited and my husband took off work to go with me and meet Dr. Shantz and add in his opinions of sizing. We arrived and was taken back with his nurse who will be with me all during surgery and recovery. She was very nice and informative. Dr. Shantz was not even there that day so i along with my husband were very disappointed :( she had me look through the "boob book" to pick out shapes and sizes, which were basically cut out magazine pics. They apparently do not do a sizing to where i can see how different sizes would look on me. We did my pre-op pics and went through a lot of paperwork. She explained the surgery step by step and informed me that my husband will not be allowed past the front waiting room of the surgical suite. Im such a baby when it comes to being put to sleep and even more nervous that he cant be there to calm me before the surgery. She said he will not see me at all until they are wheeling me out to put me in the car. Since Dr. Shantz was not there, he could not sign my prescriptions that i need to fill before surgery, sobi have to drive all the way back to Lexington (40 minute drive) just to pick them up...ugh. i also have to get my bloodwork done wherever i choise but on such short notice i just have to pray everything is like it should be. I will not see my surgeon until the morning of surgery and have to trust that he can look at a picture and make mine look as close as possible. Im leaving a lot of trust in his judgement this way but at this point there is no turning back! I just really wish he would have been there to ease my mind.

be educated on care credit!

I forgot to add my misunderstanding with financing through care credit. At my consultation they said i would need to pay 25% up front to schedule a date. I paid 150 for my consultation which would be taken off my total bill. The rest owed minus what i could save up would be financed through care credit. I was approved for a higher amount than what i ended up needing and had also figured out what my payment would be with the 18 months interest free option. My payment would be 317 a month , thats doable! Now when i finished my pre-op and went to pay the rest of my surgery, they informed me that they only have 2 options for care credit. 6 months interest free or 24 months at 14.99 % interest. Holy crap,I was not prepared for that! Ask your surgeons office ahead of time what their financing options are before the last minute so you can be better prepared! This is gonna put me in a financial bind now but nothing i can do about it.

not getting gummy bears!

Silicone gel apparently is what i am getting, and not the gummy bear i was under the impression he had decided.

had my surgery yesterday

I arrived at 7am, went straight to changing into a gown and providing a urine sample. Then Miranda took me to a room for paperwork, vitals, and to start my fluids iv. Then, Pat came in to talk about my anesthesia. After that, dr. Shantz came in, looked at my wish pics, made his markings and off we went to the operating room. They got me situated on the table and Pat said he was starting the "i dont care juice" lol. I woke up about 4 to 4.5 hours later, very drowsy but in pain. About a level 8 pain wise. I havent gotten a good look at them. I am so swollen, almost up to my collar bone. I hurt so bad and do not miss a dose of pain medication!

surgery went great!

Apparantly my last few updates about my pre surgery jitters and nervousness did not post, nor did my day after surgery update. I had my surgery Dec 22nd. Arrived at 7am, completed more paperwork, met with Pat ( the anesthesiologist ) super cool guy btw :) Then Dr. Shantz came in, looked at my wish pics, made a few drawings, then off we went to the surgery room. Pat had the "i don't care juice " flowing quickly so after my surgery started at 8am i opened my eyes in recovery around 12:30. Was still in pain so my nurse gave me some demeral and they wheeled me out to my husband around 1:15 or so. I was pretty out of it on pain meds for a couple days. The swelling was pretty bad, but trying to stay elevated helped a little bit. He ended up going with a 550cc in my left breast which was larger to begin with, and a 600cc in my right breast. I cant tell what they are gonna look like yet because of all of the swelling. I did nothing the first two days but Christmas day i over did it a little trying to tidy up the christmas present massacre in my living room. Bad idea! Take it easy!!!!

scared to see under all the tape, but man this stuff itches!

Ready for my first post op visit next monday the 29th. This tape around my incisions is itching like crazy! Im still swollen and hard but my pain has lightened up a bit. Whenever i am moving and doing to much i can feel a burning sensation and know to stop and rest! I have only been sleeping in my recliner. Think the hubby might miss me a little...lol

finally some pics

my first post op was dec 29th

My first week post op was with Miranda ( who is a sweetheart) and she is also the one who did my pre_op, paperwork, iv, pics, and pretty much everything except for my surgery. ..lol. she said everything looked good but i was definately still so swollen that my skin was shiny! She did not want to remove the steri strips yet as my incisions were still healing and she thought it may do more harm than good. Advised that the swelling should ease up soon :) thank god! I felt like i have two shoe boxes on my chest...haha

my second post op visit was todag

I am now 11days post op and had my second visit. Dr. Shantz was there today. He says my swelling now is actually less than most at the same stage, so thats good! Also i dont really have any bruising at all! He removed the steri strips and the dried suture glue.....eeeeeeek! I only watched for a second! Very weird feeling! He removed the t-zone stitch under my left breast. Yowza....that stung a bit! The right breast stitch wasnt ready. I syill have a small area that hasnt closed completely so until that does he wanted to leave that stitch which was fine by me! I know it sounds weird but i felt scared to have the tape and stitches removed, like thats all that was holding them together or something. I know I'm nuts! Anyways Miranda gave me a new support bra to give my other a rest between washings and i put the girls back up and that was that. Made my next appointment for next Wednesday January 7th. Now, after stopping at a few stores, and a friends house, i noticed a wet feeling under my left breast. I have been wearing gauze in my bra still so that the elastic wouldnt rub my incisions. The gauze was wet and my new bra had a yellowish stain on the bottom half. Yep its on the right side too. I hope this is normal, but the burning feeling has me a lil worried. Gonna call the doc in the morning if it doesnt stop. I worry a lot. I'm actually surprised I haven't called him yet.

Had 3rd post op yesterday!

Dr. Shantz said everything is healing well and looks good. He removed my tape and my last stitch under the right breast. Everything is closing as it heals. Im starting to feel some shooting pain sensations atound the nipple area. He said this is nerves reconnecting i believe. My swelling is going down a little at a time and things are dropping into place. I had no bruising at all! I really cant say enough good things about Dr. Shantz and his right hand lady Miranda. I feel so comfortable with them both! My husband said he thinks i made a fantastic decision on a surgeon and hopes i go to him for my tummy tuck next summer as well! And off subject for just a second.... the skin in the breast area is so very dry no matter what moisturizer i use which he said is fine to do. But we all know dry skin is also itchy....ugh. also my incisions are itching as they heal too. Just cant wait till i am healed and i can sleep on my side, stretch my arms all the way up to stretch my back without a pulling sensation, and not panic when someone almost bumps into me.....haha. i am very protective of this investment; )

glad i did it!

Dropping in place and scars lightening :)
Lexington Plastic Surgeon

Very down to earth, and took his time explaining every detail and made me feel completely comfortable!

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