26 Year Old, 425cc and 450cc Silicone Implants - Lexington, KY

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I started off as a 34B which always seemed like I...

I started off as a 34B which always seemed like I barely had enough to fill my bra and pretty much no cleavage. I had my procedure on June 19th with a goal of a full C or even small D. Based on my wish list photo I provided my doctor he did 425CC on my left breast and 450cc on my right breast. So far being only a few days post op I can't tell very much besides the coined term "franken-boob" lol! So far I've had bad side effects from the anesthesia so my first day I felt strong nausea. But have done pretty well for the other days. Pretty bad bruising on my left breast so I'm hoping that it will subdue over time.

3rd day post op

3rd day post op, dropping and shaping a little better. No additional pain and discomfort, just bruising still that I will check with my surgeon on my appt this Friday.

4th day post op

I contacted my surgeon because I was nervous about the bruising on my breast, since I felt no pain and nothing substantially wrong with that breast he felt like it was nothing to be concerned about. He will prescribe a cream to help with the ugliness of the bruising. Breasts still tight, left breast seems to be a little lower than right but the right breast has the larger implant as I was not symmetrical. But they are looking nice so far!

9 days post op

9 days have gone by, the bruising has gone down and I'm able to move around a little bit more comfortably. Dropping and getting a little softer each day. Still a bit stiff but chest hasn't been feeling as tight and fatigue is a little bit less. My right breast is dropping more than my left but I was a little lop sided before my surgery :-P so it's okay

16 days post op

I notice my breasts dropping and shaping by the days! My left one still is higher but I've been trying to use my left arm more because maybe my right breast has dropped more from more movements. I've been doing that the past few days and I feel like I've noticed more of a difference. Chest feels tight here and there but usually only if I've been doing a lot and not having an opportunity to lay my back against something like a couch or sitting up in bed. So far pretty nice progress! I tried on clothes the other day for July 4th and it felt so good to see how things would look without a bra with nice and perky breasts! Whoo hoo!

18 days post op

I've had someone ask about my bruising since you all have seen the scary and horrible bruising I had before. It has cleared up quite a bit thank goodness! You can see the right breast has dropped more but the left continues to drop! Looking back on my posts here I notice my nipples are always hard! I don't believe they are hard all day long but the sensitivity level has gone up.

25 days post op

So I'm almost coming up to 30 days with my boobies! They are definitely much softer but still not as jiggly as I would like them to be. I have another appt next week with my surgeon so hopefully I'll know what type of exercises I can begin doing in the gym and if I can finally go bra shopping! I've bought a few wireless sports bras like cheap little ones you find at forever 21 or something. Depending on the style I can do a Medium or a Large. I love the way they look now! I'm a 450 and 425 cc silicone high profile. My nipple sensitivity is definitely still there so basically anything makes them hard therefore all my pics show them hahaha sorry! Bruising as gone away almost tremendously still slightly on my left breast which has taken a little longer to drop but they still look nice to me. Sooo happy with how I'm feeling now in clothes!

Bra shopping-ish

Well it's been officially 4 weeks! Whoo hoo! I meet with my surgeon tomorrow to check my progress. He has been meeting with me more often since I had such ugly bruising and wanting to make sure nothing went wrong. I wanted to try a few bras just to see what size I would be. My friend helped measure me and we are thinking I may be a 32D. I've always been a 34B though so possibly I'm a 34D instead. Well walmarts bra shopping sucks!! The only size closest was a 34C so I tried that on and I'm obviously spilling out of it lol. So I can't wait until I can go to the mall and buy cute bras. I don't want to wear a wire bra for a while so I've only gotten sports bras basically. I tried on a Large in a sports bra and it fit me great! It looked huge on the shelf but I guess I'm not used to my size yet. But I love it!

Bikini comparison

I still haven't gone bra shopping! I've been so busy and haven't made any time yet. I'm able to buy bras just no push ups and I'm assuming no wires yet either. I tried on a bikini I had to see a comparison and it's a lovely difference!! Sometimes I feel like my boobs aren't that big but sports bras just seem to cover them up so I have to remind myself they are big! Haha


Wow I haven't been on here in forever!! Well my boobs are past 4 months now and my left breast hasn't dropped nearly as fast as my right breast but has done good progress! I'm so happy with my results and my right breast feels like a real breast! My left one you can feel the implant slightly but I know it'll still get softer over time.

Updated pics with incision

Here are a few pics with my incision on my nipple. Bruising is gone except for a little left on my left breast but nothing of my concern.

4 month compariosn

I used a photo from June 22 to Oct 27th and My!! How they have dropped and shaped! Be patient ladies they will look amazing in due time!!

An unfortunate update

Well here's an unfortunate update. I've always had really bad bruising ever since day 1, which seemed to be hematoma. My left breast which had the issues from the very first day has never really dropped. So my surgeon is wanting to go back in surgery. I developed a capsular contracture. Just going through emotions today because I wonder if there was something I could have done to change the circumstances or not but I believe since I had bleeding and brusing from the very first day it should have been drained so maybe i would not have developed this but those are just theories. I've attached a photo to show the clear difference. My right breast has completely dropped and fluffed and it is perfect. You can't tell my left breast is higher and not as round in a bra so I'm happy that its not as bad as it could be. The picture may appear backwards because I used the front face camera but you'll be able to see the difference. If anyone has any positive stories on how they were able to correct capsular contracture please share! I'm feeling a bit discouraged right now :-/

Revision Surgery

So since I had developed capsular contracture in my left breast, we went back into surgery Monday Jan 4th. I had the entire wave of emotions again from being nervous, anxious, scared, etc. I was just afraid we would go into surgery and then the same results would happen. But anyways it was done and I'm not in pain like the very first initia surgery. It's a little sore but bareable since my right arm has so much mobility still. I can tell already my left breast is going to be so much better once the swelling subsides! It's so muh softer now too. I only fear that it may drop a little more and may sag more than my right side but the shape is much better and round and doesn't feel firm like it was before. I'll be keeping you all updated on my progress !

5 days after rivison

Okay so it's been 5 full days after rivison and they are looking nice! No bruising this time whoo hoo! The shape is much better, very round now and even with my other dropped and fluffed implant. I'm going to post a pic of what is was before and now. So far so good!

Better pic

Here's a better pic of my revision. It makes my boobs look more natural now. Can't wait to see as time goes by if it still looks the same

4 months post op after tevision

So here's an update on my 4 months post op after my revision surgery. Still higher but I do feel like it's rounder than it was before. I've been massaging it daily which seems to help keep it soft. I can feel it's a little firm in certain positions like laying flat on my back and leaning a little bit on the left side (the higher breast side) it's a little hard. So I try to avoid laying in that direction. I'm not really sure if it will drop anymore than it will. I have a follow up appointment with my PS today so we will see what he says. My last appt he was wanting more dropping but it doesn't seem like it's dropped too much.

6 months after revision

Wow! Hadnt been on here in ages! So I found out I was pregnant in April! So when I went for my follow up appt, my doctor wasn't happy with the results and he felt like I had capsular contracture again! Ugh..! But since I'm pregnant I really can't do anything at this point. Since my breasts are larger due to pregnancy I do feel they have a more natural sag to them than before. Still slightly higher breast than the other but I'm fine with how it looks now. I honestly don't know if after I have the baby (which isn't until Jan..!) if I'd want to go through all the hassle of surgery again just for the same result all over again. So I don't know. I might just settle for what I have. Honestly it looks amazing in a bra and in public dresses you can't see a significant difference. It's only my husband that sees them bare so in the end I'm happy with the results because they are amazing!!! Nice and round and full. I sure hope it stays the same after the baby is born and after I breast feed.!! Crossing my fingers lol. Anyways here's a pic I took yesterday with my veiny pregnant boobs lol

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