255cc Natrelle 410 MF......Too Big

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I've known of this website for about a year and...

I've known of this website for about a year and have been on it almost everyday reading reviews and surgeons comments. I've wanted a BA since a teenager and always knew one day i'd get one. The idea seemed like a fantasy until this January, someone close to me revealed they were getting one and it sparked me into thinking and planning seriously about getting it. Since then I've been to 4 doctors.. I said it's extremely important to me to stay modest and get a conservative size.. I hate the "fake" looking boobs that are very round and too big. I'm 5'2 115lb and a 32B.. I want a C cup and max 250cc. All the doctors i talked to have suggested in the range of 215cc-300cc under the muscle cohesive teardrop implant. The doctor i decided to go with mentioned he usually goes slightly larger than what the patient asks for.. I'm torn between trusting him and letting him go larger or insisting on a smaller size. My pre-opt appointment is July 9 which we'll talk about size and pre and post instructions. :)

23, No Kids, 5'2 Wanting 225cc-275cc

So I had my pre-op yesterday. It wasn't what i was expecting. The doctor wasn't there which makes me nervous since I only met him at the consult and won't see him until surgery day. I met with a nurse that will be present during the surgery. First was initalling a lot of paper work. The papers consisted with thorough pre and post op instructions as well as a 2 page list of every medication you can't take two weeks prior. We then talked about what to expect the day of the surgery and the following days. Then after the appointment i the paid the reminder balance. My excitement has recently been fading and I'm feeling very nervous and almost guilty about doing this. Ive looked at almost every topic on this site but when i saw the breast reduction and their wish boobs were like mine as they are now i started to feel like mine aren't that bad.. although i will go through with it and most likely love them Im scared they'll be too big. Even though i could remove them if i choose they'll never be the same as they are now.. I will make a strong point to the doctor the day of the operation saying to not go bigger than i ask.

Surgery Tomorrow!

So tomorrow i'll go to the surgeons at 8:30. They told me to expect to be there 4 hours. I know ill be talking to the surgeon before about my expectations and what i want. After the surgery they said i'd stay in the recovery room for about an hour where they'll have me eat some snacks and drink... I'm not excited or nervous i feel like its not real. I don't think how I'm feeling about this is usual to most girls. Every review i read they're all excited and can't wait and i feel most times sad. Sad that i won't be the same ever again and my boobs as i know them and have known them will be gone.. Yet i still want to do it. I've wanted this since i was in middle school and now that its happening I'm just not so excited as i expected.. i hope this is the right decision. i know they'll turn out looking good but I'm still sad. my ideal BA would not involve an implant but be only a fat transfer but they're significantly more expensive.. I don't know how ill be feeling physically afterwards but ill try to update soon afterwards

1 Day Post 250cc Teardrop

So i went through with it even with the doubts... When i got there i changed into a gown, cap and sock covers. They had me do a pregnancy test then i got to speak with the doctor. I let him know how i felt like it could be a mistake and i rushed into it. i really just wanted to hear what his exact plans where to get me to what i wanted. I told him i want my exact boobs just slightly larger. He said that It was okay if i changed my mind with the procedure which made me feel better. He said to get what i wanted he'd use a moderate height and moderate profile which would give me really natural results. After we talked he drew the markings on me and then they did the IV (which i was terrified to do) it hurt really bad but about 2 min after it was in i started to feel the meds. The next thing i knew i woke up in recovery. I vaguely remember seeing the dr. and asking him what size i got. He said 250. i still don't know if its the moderate height and moderate profile still...
When i got home I basically slept on and off all day and all night. Ive keeping ice packs constantly on them and its helping with pain and swelling. the bra is pretty tight and hurts.. Today i unhooked it for a few hours. I hope that doesn't change anything. theres a lot of swelling around the band of the bra which i found out if fluid. Its pretty gross and i pushed it once and it squished which really grossed me out. so I'm probably going to keep the bra unhooked so i can keep ice over this spots.. The meds surprisingly are making me nauseous. I've taken the same meds for wisdom teeth removal and it didn't have this effect. Its also extremely hard to get out of bed.. the pain is pretty bad when getting up and down and raising my arms past a certain point but when sitting or walking around its fine. i was told i could shower today but I'm so tired i may just stay ing bed :-/..

3 Days Post 255cc Teardrop Unders

The past 3 days have literally been sleeping and waking up to eat and walk around. The meds are making me so tired i can't stay awake longer than a few hours. Since I've been in bed most of the time my upper back is so sore and tired. I have a foam roller that I'm using to stretch my back while in bed and its helping a lot. I'm still in pain when getting in and out of bed but nothing extreme. As far as looks go i think they're way to big still. I know they're swollen and i hope they go down significantly by the time I'm healed. The doctor gave my mom the warranty card for the implants and i was surprised to see he put in Moderate Height and Full Profile. He told me he'd be using Moderate Height and Moderate Profile. I'm concerned that those implants are to wide for my measurments. I studied the Product catalogue for Natrelle 410's and the ones he choose weren't in my width range :-l.. I don't want them going very far past my rib cage! Right now they go very far past. I'm still hoping its just swelling and that they're very high. Im nervous they'll be bigger than i wanted i feel sad already, Maybe i should've stressed more on not being "big" (what i consider big for me). Ill just keep icing then=m and hope they go down more and more.

255 Teardrop... Missing My old Boobs, Maybe Made A Mistake

Its now 4 days post opt and I feel more and more like i want this recovery to be over with ASAP and even wish i hadn't have done it.. I absolutely hate how my boobs look and feel now. I miss my old ones. They were soft and cute before and now they're hard HUGE balls sitting high on my chest. Im well aware it takes a lot of time for them to get dropped and swell down, but if they don't decrease in size by half i will be absolutely devastated. i wish i didn't do this!!! I should've insisted on no larger than 220cc. I did say to him the max i'd go was 250cc and he put 255cc i should've never mentioned 250 at all. I cant stand to look at myself in the mirror. i wish so bad to just feel and see my old boobs... i just wanted cute boobs, still small but slightly bigger. i don't think ill ever look cute again. they disgust me and I'm so disappointed in myself and i just want to hide. i hope these feeling go away but i know they won't be the size i was hoping for. :(....

5 days Post.. Sorry for bad quality

1 Week Post Op Appointment

I just had my 1 week post op appt. today. It was a very short appointment. I went straight back and got into a gown, he then came in and said he needed to remove the stitches :O!!! I didn't do much research before hand on what kind of stitches they use but i was under the impression i had fully dissolvable ones and they wouldn't need removing. Needless to say it actually just felt slightly worse than taking tape or a bandaid off. Since the surgery the area around the incision has been itchy and I've been sure to not touch the actual incision area but i have lightly itched around the area. I have persistent mild eczema that isn't that bothersome but its there i've never had it on or around my breasts but it's developed around the incision area. the doctor says that since the area was in stress it can flare up in the stress areas. It probably wouldn't have occurred had i not itched the area but i have to say witch how itchy it was i really think i had a lot of self control. We then talked about my progress in dropping and swelling. I was hoping to hear from him that i was still quite swollen and they would noticeably go down in size in a few weeks, but he said the opposite. He said i had little to no more swelling and everything was looking good. I still feel like they're ginormous (relatively to what i was expecting). i'm anxious to see what the result will be. I don't think its possible that they'll end up like i wanted but i don't think they'll look bad, just slightly bigger than what i wanted.

12 Days Post 255cc Natrelle 410, Bigger Than i Wanted

I haven't been able to update for a few days, my family and I have gone on vacation. :) I'm 12 days post op. and I definitely still feel like I made a mistake with the size. I'm not as emotional as I was at first but i'm a little regretful that I didn't go with my gut and insist on smaller. All of my friends, boyfriend, mom and sister say they're not even big and the size is good, my mom actually thinks i should've gone a lot bigger. With clothes people can't even tell. Everyone on here has been very encouraging and it's helped a lot. With that said, I don't like the size. I don't think they'll look bad but it's still not what I wanted in size. I think if he had even gone with the 225cc the size I said I was leaning towards it still would've been too big. I think 200cc is what would've given me what I envisioned me having. I guess what's done is done and i can't change it now. As far as recovery goes where I've had the most pain isn't in my chest it's actually been pretty painful in my back. I have to sleep only on my back for three weeks. I usually fall asleep on my side and while sleeping move around a lot. I wake up on my back sometime and stomach sometimes so sleeping only on my back has been the worst part of this. I stopped taking the pain meds after 4-5 days for my chest pain but I've started taking them in the middle of the night since i can't sleep because of the pain.. I really hate taking pain pills also, i just can't wait until i can't sleep on my side again. I also have now a bit of chest acne, i'm sure due to me heavily putting lotion on twice a day. I'll continue to lotion probably for several months just to be safe. i don't have any signs of stretch mark so I'm hoping i'll stay stretch mark free :)..

23 y/o 255cc Natrelle 410, 3 Weeks 2 Days Post

Im sorry I haven't been able to update in a while. My family and I went on vacation then the day I got back my boyfriend from Europe came to visit me :). It's the first time we've seen each other since early this summer.
Emotionally I still feel the same, the comments on here help and my mom, friends and boyfriend all say i look great and my boobs aren't big at all. Although they're right and I do think that these boobs look good, they just are too big for me. I know it sounds ridiculous and i don't think they look bad its just too big. i don't feel comfortable with how far they go past my ribs, they look so round and stick out "so much". i was basically going from nothing to this so i know it's an adjustment but i do feel like i made a mistake with size. I have a 4 week post op appointment on the 18th, there i'll talk to the doctor about a possible revision.
I'm still only sleeping on my back which is uncomfortable but not as bad as the past 3 weeks. Every time I've tried laying on my side, which is how I would always sleep, its uncomfortable and painful. i can feel gravity pull the implant down and the movement under the muscle really freaks me out. I don't see how ill ever be able to run again also. i feel pain even when bending over to get something or reaching for something. I don't dare touch them or let my boyfriend touch them hard enough to move them. I've gone on here and read a lot of reviews of girls who had their implants explanted. I don't think i want that, I'm so afraid the skin will be saggy if not saggy definitely not the same as before. I for sure want smaller implants. i don't think i should have to live with something I'm not happy with. i guess i'll see first how much it will be :-l. I hope not much. I also hope the doctor won't be annoyed or upset with me. I don't think he did a bad job i just don't think this size is for me.

4 Weeks 2 Days Post Appt.

I just had my 4 week post appointment this Monday and it went well. He said i was still very stiff and possibly still swollen in the muscle. I mentioned how i was nervous about the size staying the same, he said it won't go down very much if it does at all. He said that i could start massaging them to get them to soften sooner. Also he said in the shower i should rub my finger along the scar lines. He said there is scar tissue that builds around where the knots of the sutures were under the skin and rubbing along that scar will break down the scar tissue some.. i did rub my finger once to see what he was talking about and there were bumps along the scar. I have an issue with touching the scars though and the breasts altogether. It feels uncomfortable to my muscle if i was to push them together or push them up or also pressing on either sides. Basically I've only been touching them in the shower and to put lotion on every night. As far as moving around and doing things I'm basically back to normal. Theres a few things i do where i can feel the implants or feel some discomfort like lifting something moderately heavy or making sharp turns in my car also putting my arms fully up and straight feels a bit tight. I'm starting to feel not sad with my decision. I guess I'm just content, which is kind of disappointing that I'm not ecstatic and happy like most girls but its better than being devastated like i had been feeling before.

Finally Updating!! 2 Months & 2 Weeks Post 255cc Natrelle 410

So, I haven't updated in a very long time. When i did last i was kind of iffy about my decision to get the BA. I don't think they are too big anymore, although i think i would be happy with a smaller implant (175-225cc). the past month i really haven't been focused on them and i wanted to give it time to change before i made anymore judgements/reviews. i was pretty disappointed before and that has changed a lot.
I had my 3rd follow up yesterday and he said all was looking good. He said i needed to start massaging them (he told me the past 2 follow ups to do this also) i haven't been doing it because honestly they freak me out. i don't feel the implants under my muscles when doing daily activities now but if i was to press and massage on them i would definitely feel them and i have no clue why but it disturbs me.. yesterday at the appointment he was pushing them together to see how they've loosened/softened and the oddest thing happened, after he was done pushing and poking i legitimately almost fainted they actually had to have me lay down, prop my legs up, they even started fanning me!!! I'm not a squeamish person at all so I was extremely embarrassed and felt very dramatic. it mustve been a psychological reaction. Besides that he said they are very perky and the massaging was necessary for softening. I also have hyper pigmentation on the scars. I'm not surprised because my skin is very sensitive and i don't scar well. He said that would go away with time and i could start scar cream. Im hesitant to start that thought since I've had bad reactions with other scars when putting cream on. I guess ill try it and if i don't have a reaction ill keep using it.

11 Months Post 255cc Teardrop MF

So it's almost been a year and i can say for sure i picked the wrong size. My main goal was to look as natural as possible and my boobs now look nothing but fake. With clothes on and an unpadded bra it's not noticeable at all but with a swimsuit its obvious. I find myself wearing more conservative clothes and less revealing swimsuits to hide them.

11 Months Post 255cc Pictures

Had serious problems uploading the photos. sorry they're rotated wrong, nothing i did on my iPhoto would rotate them right.

1 Year 8 Months Post, 255cc Natrelle 410 MF

I've waited almost 2 years for my breasts to look natural, they still don't. I was pretty devastated for the first year and lately I've tried not to be fixated on them. I don't think i'll get them redone in the near future, it doesn't seem worth $6000-7000 to get a 50-75cc decrease. They may look like my wish pics but my main concern was to look natural and they just don't. I'm very active and wearing a sports bra is a dead giveaway their fake. Most bathing suits it's also pretty obvious they're fake. I don't necessarily think they're too big anymore i just don't think this size will ever look natural on me. I spent minimum $1000 extra for these Tear drop Cohesive Gel Silicon for the sole purpose of looking more natural. It's such a shame, i feel like with just one size down i would've been extremely happy with them. :-/
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