I Love Me.. I Just Dont Like the Acne.. My Accutane Journey- WEEK 9 - Lewiston, ID

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Im 44 and after years of persistant acne ( I mean...

Im 44 and after years of persistant acne ( I mean I NEVER out grew it) The Dr sent me to a dermotoligist and she is starting me on Accutane (generic). I am nervous and excited. I WANT clear skin... Ive taken everything and tried everything and combos of it all. IM DONE! I told her I didnt care what it was I wanted to try SOMETHING. so tomorrow I will begining the treatment. I dont want any DEBBIE DOWNERS on here to tell me how bad it was for them.. I AM NOT YOU. so with that please any HELPFUL tips like moisturizer ect would be great!

My reason? well like everyone I want to like the...

My reason? well like everyone I want to like the face in the mirror. I am having a mile stone anniversary (20yrs) the kids are grown and moved out I want to FEEL pretty when my husband takes me on a date or a vacation or whatever!.. my acne is not bad compared to many.. but persistant and YES at times painfull... the outcome is yet to be seen.. as well as pros and cons. PROS for now. one pill a day thats it... just before this I was using aczone, minicycaline, birthcontrol, ive tried about EVERY combination possible. natural and prescription, over the counter AND in the diet... so last resort and with luck the last NEEDED one.

I started the treatment Monday Jan 7th. and am on 40 mg 1 time daily. I am using Cr.Dan's CortiBalm for lips, Cetaphil cream for evening moisturizer and CeraVe moisturizing CREAM ( not lotion) for the daytime. I also have Jojoba Oil for stubborn spots.. Palmers Oil for the body after bath. I was directed to (for now) take NO multi Vitamin.. I do already eat a very healthy diet so Im ok with that for now. I have insurance an a 30 day supply is $10.. that does not include the dr. or the labs.. but again I have insurance and considering I have been trying LITERALLY for 24 adult YEARS to get the acne issue under control.and that doesnt include the dreaded teen years!..... the $ seems like a side issue. :)

Ok sorry Monday and this week has gone way to fat....

Ok sorry Monday and this week has gone way to fat. lol
Today is Wednesday so Week one and a few days. Pros so far: Easy to take just one time a day,
cons : THIS particulat one has to be taken WITH fat.. (which I dont eat a ton of).
Solution: I added Walnuts to my oatmeal or my Cherrios. because I only drink skim milk.. so the nuts added healthy fat.. I could take it with all natural PB but its so much easier to just take it with my breakfast.
As far as ANY difference in my skin: I do have a FEW more breakouts but nothing like I thought it would be but again its only a week. also I am noticing my lips are a little dry but nothing abnormal. not like some people say.
I believe it is simply a low dose for this month to see what my tollerance is. and with the lower dose side effects are minimal and so sticking to it is way easier.
I may or may not ever get BAD break outs or SUPRER dry skin. I am pro active in eating right, using the skin moisturizer, drinking water ,and lip balp. OH one more thing. I put vasaline on my lips at night only so maybe things could be worse if I didnt do these things.. But I think ill stick with it and hope to not find out!
No aches, no pains, even while or after workouts, no upset tummy or bowels, so so far. I rate this as A+...
If any one has any questions about what I am or am not doing... I'll be glad to tell you. Just know (like I do) that everyone is different.

Well it is week 3 so time for my log: I am...

Well it is week 3 so time for my log:
I am noticing my face is a little tight and has some dry patches. not bad. But if I wait to moisturise my face. like shower and dress and fix my hair ect. BEFORE I mooisturise right out of the shower I notice it. Lips more dry using vasaline to help at night.. seems to keep them feeling moist longer. still loving the moisturiser for my fase!. Lota of water and sadly I am graving junk food. like sugar. so Im going to put an end to that NOW! not sure why but not a problem yet.. contacts do bug me so im not earing them at this point.

Well today is the begining of week 4. Lips are...

well today is the begining of week 4. Lips are noticeably dryer. I have Aquaphor OINTMENT in my purse and vasaline in the bathroom and lip balm in my pocket. and yes I use all 3.. so its annoying but still not a big deal. and the other thing I noticed is dandruff.. Never thought that would be an issue but head and shoulders will be my new shampoo it looks like. lol.
ace is more sencative to washing so I just use my hands and a cleanser I got from acne.org it really seems to be the best for me. sipping on water doesnt help my lips but I drink water any way.
I go back in on Feb 5 for blood test and talk to my Derm. so I will wait to update you till then.. other than that I am GOOD TO GO!

oh and umm GLAD I have insurance.. this stuff is not cheep! so far.. WORTH IT

Well I went back into the Dr. Got my labs done....

well I went back into the Dr. Got my labs done. and she asked questions we talked and I will say this. She walked into the room said OH MY GOD YOU LOOK AMAZING. then brought in another nurse and was talking to her about it. I am CLEAR at this point SOOO HAPPY. yes 4 weeks and I am clear. Now she is keeping me on the same dose for another 30 days then will switch me to 1 and then 2 altering each day ( so total in 2 days would be 3) She said it would help prevent any breakout ( which she thinks I may not have) and minimizes side effects. My only complaint is dry lips and WHY did someone not give this to me sooner!!!!

Went to the doctor yesterday. Everything is going...

Went to the doctor yesterday. Everything is going good. I am finding that aquaphor ointment is the best thing for dry lips. Also she had said she was going to up my dose but did not. I may call again today to clarify why. But my labs... I started at cholessterol of 180 it went to 182 in Feb.. But this time it is 200.. I KNOW this med can raise your cholesterol but I am going to try hard to check EVERYTHING I eat. Also as far as breakouts.....0..... still happy

Ok it is APRIL 29th. time flies! Monday I go back...

ok it is APRIL 29th. time flies! Monday I go back in for my final month of treatment and blood work. Last time I was in 3 weeks ago my cholesterol went back down. ( I was careful to eat right and get back to walking daily) My dose was upped from 40 to 80.. I take them both in the morning at breakfast. I have cheerios or oatmeal with slivered almonds 1/2 banana, FF milk and coffee. sometimes whole wheat bagels with cream cheese. My labs look good and so far the biggest complaint I have is just the dry lips. skin does fine as long as I moisturize it after my shower. My eyelids are a bit sore...not sure how to describe it BUT our allergy count has been over 10 so it could very well be that. I have one wrist that aches a little but not all the time.. so its here nor there for me.
When the does was upped 3 weeks ago I did start getting a few bumps but they went away before they amounted to anything. YEAH! I had 1 yup 1 actual pimple that was more of a surface thing and I was VERY VERY VERY careful to open it and get the infection out and left it alone.. looks fine now... I have photos of the scars not the actual acne. sorry. BUT hope you can see by the scars how the acne was. Again I did have persistent acne ( I'm 44 and never have been acne free) not severe as in all over.. just ones that were deep and larger than a pencil eraser. and had to have the doc deal with them at times.
I will tell you I can honestly say for me it has totally changes how "I" see myself.. I don't feel like I need to hide my face. or feel like people are looking at my acne and not me..... I am liking Vaseline and for chap stick type stuff. now it is vitamin e stick and Blistex DEEP RENEWAL bonus with that is it has sunscreen... AND if possible drink from a straw!!! it prevents the lips from getting wet then dry then wet.... well you get the point. and it keeps the chap stick in place!

only two weeks left!

well I actually did break out. 1 spot on my cheek, and just like it use to be. BUT on the plus side it seems to be going away MUCH faster. and if this is as bad as it gets I'm good with that! Will post pic tomorrow.
The little bumps that many call a rash seems to go away if I moisturize.. IF I DONT use my cetafill or cerave the rash is more noticeable... lots and lots of water. sucking on sugar free hard candy does help with the dry mouth.. my blood work has all been very good so no problems there..... so now the final stretch!!

last week.

Well I am on the last week of my 5 month treatment. and it really has not been to crazy of a ride like somepeople say it is. I am a little more sensitive to the sun but its probable a good thing really. Considering it is now more important for me to wear sunscrean and I never wore it before. So not bad. Lots of water. If I dont drink enough water and I mean like 2 quarts minimum! (sorry to be graphic here) my urine has a strong unusual oder. If that does happen to you a mention to the dr. is a must because it could be something else. For me it was not. but please always at least call and mention it if it happens to you. Other than the wierd things I have previously mentioned all is perfect really. I dont eat a ton of fat so the fat I take mine with is still slivered almonds in my ceral or oatmeal 99% of the time. I simply take it every morning with my breakfast.
Barbra Arnzen

Barb is really just a great HONEST person who IS NOT a pill pusher and is great at giving me options that will be best for me.. I am SO glad I was referd to her by my regular doc.

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