31 Years Old , 1 Child , Breast Fed for One Year - Lethbridge, AB

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So before my son was born I had very nice breasts...

So before my son was born I had very nice breasts I was a full C and always had cleavage and compliments from my close girlfriends. I had my little guy in 2013 . I was very serious about breast feeding him because I wanted to give him a good start to life , something I can actually give my child. I didn't mind doing it even though I knew that my beautiful perky large breasts would deflate in to sad deflated balloons . On top of that my left breast did not produce enough milk so my son favored the right side . After one year of breast feeding I stopped and was left with two asymmetrical deflated breasts. I still didn't mind because I always loved my body in every shape and form but I still gave surgery a thought because I was worried about summer season and splashing in the water with my son and just picturing the stuffing from my left side floating away gave me anxiety. So I talked to one of my girlfriends who have had breasts augmented and she referred me to Dr. Hasell in lethbridge alberta . I booked my consult and waited 7 months to get in . It was a long wait but it didn't feel so long because I was still unsure if I wanted to do it or not . I kept changing my kind even after I booked my surgery. What gave me the actually jolt to do it I still haven't figured it out however I do not regret it . I am sooo excited that I don't have to worry about being lopsided ever again ! My surgery was this April 28 th 2015 i got my husband / we aren't married so boyfriend to drive me and sometimes it's best to go with a girlfriend because your nerves are all wacky that day and girlfriends just know what to say and husbands are like " why are you doing this , and you look fine " that didn't help me. I really wished I got my girlfriend she would have made my experience much more calming . But anyways I got there got signed in got weighed ! The nurse started iv for me and I just stayed in my room and waited for them to take me in to surgery . Every one was very nice and calming and Dr. Hasell was very informative and knowledgeable he too some pictures and answered some more of my questions and off we went . I had a mask put on my face and they injected the medication in to my iv it stung so bad I remember saying omg that hurts. But then I fell asleep. I woke up after surgery feeling very cold but the wrapped me up in warm blankets and I felt better. Then they moved me back in to my room and I got changed in to my clothes the nurse took out my iv and I was free to leave with a perscription for perks. I definetly needed them for about 3 days after the pain was horrible the pressure on my chest felt like I couldn't breath the recovery for me wasn't as easy as some girls say it was for them. I am on my fifth day and still not feeling the best . I started experiencing muscle spasms on top of my breasts last night and the pain was horrible I txted dr. Hasell if I could take robaxacet for the muscle spasms and he said absolutely only not to take Tylenol or perks because it's the same kind of family and I can overdose. I took robaxacet and I feel much better only I wouldn't suggest to do anything like driving while taking them because it made me feel floaty. My breasts right now look like they are rectangular shaped lots of top boob on the top and nipples facing low but I have read and also talked to dr. Hasell and it's very normal and that's just how it's suppose to be. I have read some reviews and the non medical term for drop and fluff is suppose to happen between 4 -6 weeks and in some cases longer . So I'm not worried . Looking at my breasts now I'm so happy that they are the same size and they do look like they will look nice when the settle in. My nipples are a bit different shape and size because of the stretching more on the right side after breast feeding but it's only a centimeter off and only noticeable if I take a picture of them however looking in the mirror or some one else looking at them wouldn't notice a difference . I have no clue why taking a picture emphasizes the nipple difference but it doesn't bother me at least I don't have to stuff my left side ever again when I am wearing a bra or a bath insult . I am trying to be patient with my body and give if time to heal but as every mommy knows life is never calm with a two year old so it's really tough . I haven't showed my weakness to my husband because I don't need him to say well you did this to your self . So maybe that's keeping me strong I think that if I had a more sweet and nurturing person by my side I would have probably fallen apart a few times because of the pain and being so uncomfortable sleeping sitting up my back hurts. I have had some ready moments by my self but I told my self to get strong and get going it's just apart of healing . I will post some pictures of my before breasts and my post day 1, 2, 3,4

grrr the damn auto correct

Sorry for the mis spelled words auto correct is annoying it sometimes changes the whole word and then I just read over my review and noticed a few mistakes

I forgot to mention

I forgot to mention that I got mentor gummy bear implants . My right side got 345 ccs and my right side got 365 ccs or 360 I don't actually remember exactly . I will be going for a 6 week post op check and I'll find out then . As long as they look even I don't care really . All I said to dr. Hasell I am not a porn star I am a mom I just want even and natural looking happy boobies !


The left side got 365 ccs , sorry ladies I think the harsh medication has fried a few of my brain cells


So I also wanted to add that it's very hard to wash your hair and I like to wash my hair every day normally ! it has been extremely difficult for me I take showers but I don't wash my hair because I can't put my hands past my shoulders , Doctors orders . And instead of asking my husband I decided to treat my self and went for a shampoo and blow dry at the nearest salon . It felt awesome some one else doing it and the head massage was a bonus . So that's an idea for you ladies . Oh and for the sports bra that you have to wear day and night , one of the nurses told me to get thick maxi pads and stick them on the inside of the sports bra where the incision is and that will protect it from rubbing . I am also very stressed out about lifting my two year old so today we are making his crib in to a big boy bed . He needs to learn some day how to sleep in a normal bed so it's a good time to start . I hope some of these little things will help some of you girls because this website has helped me sooooo much . And I wanted to return the favor !!! Good luck ladies ( .Y. )


Oh and it's best to get a sports bra that zips up in the front so I got this one at Walmart it was inexpensive I think I paid like $18 for it

This is my 6th day after surgery

This is my sixth day after surgery , today is the day where I am feeling much better pain wise ! I thought my suffering would never end but I see a light at the end of the tunnel. However my breasts still haven't dropped and are still quite high and hard . I feel like I don't see much of a difference from day one to day 6 . I hope I will start seeing it soon . I starting to get a little nervous that they will stay looking like rocket ships. I am also having a hard time doing my day to day things , I can actually wash dishes I can load the dish washer I can make a few meals in the kitchen because my pain isn't as bad anymore but I am constantly worrying if I am overdoing it , I forgot and grabbed a bowl from th second shelf for my morning cereal and it didn't hirt or anything but bow I am siting here stressing out about what if I did something . Is any one else feeling this way ? And how much can you actually do without causing problems to healing ? I know we can't excersie for 3 to 4 weeks or lift more then 10 pounds I get that part but what about bathing my two year old or changing his diaper , or dressing him ?

Ok something else I am worried about

I am worried about bending down or bending over , I have been slowly moving around the house and picking stuff off the floor sincr I have a crazy two year old and all his stuff always ends up on the floor . So now in thinking did I do something to my self ? Am I not suppose to bend down ? My doc never mentioned anything but I'm worried ???

Sleeping is sooo uncomfortable

Sleeping is the worst ! It is so uncomfortable I am such a belly sleeper and now that I have to sleep only on my back it has been tough ! I have this technique I use lol of how I propped my self up with pillows that helps a bit . I put one pillow vertically and one pillow horizontally and I also have a neck u shaped pillow for my neck . So the long Ollie is for my upper back and side ways pillow is for my lower back and the u shaped pillow is for extra neck support . That's the only way I can put in 5 to 6 hours in the night without waking up . Heheheh I just had to post it because it might help some of you ladies

Pillow technique lol

Hope it helps some one

One week

It has been one week since my surgery and I still don't see a difference between today and the first day, I am going to post my last picture then I will only post another one when I see a change ! I hate this waiting game it's not fun when it has to do with your body .

Day 10 removed the stiches

Today is my 10 days post surgery just removed the sticky surgical tape . I used bio oil and a Q- tip so it would hurt as much . I Still have some pain here and there but not bad at all . I am not taking pain mess anymore I think I quit on day 6 . They are still pretty high up and hard I can't wait until the drop and fluff part .

12 days and still feeling sore and tight ?

It's my 12 day post surgery and still sore and tight is that normal ?

Today is two weeks

Hello ladies today is my two week post surgery , I am still a bit sore on my right side , sometimes I get these painful twinges right when I wake up in the morning or if I am doing lots during the day like driving or cooking or trying to keep the house as clean as I can . I'm still not doing all that I usually do because A) am afraid of shifting something out of position or hurting my healing and B) I am still a bit sore . My stitches on the right side of my breast are pulling and hurting in the corner . The left side is healing nice and I feel almost no pain there . I still get real bad morning boob lol I wake up stiff and sore and my breasts are hard like rocks . They did soften a tiny bit but not to the softness I am looking for . They still sit quite high up and I didn't do high profiles I got moderate projection so hopefully they will settle soon enough . I am not back at work yet but will be going back this Thursday and I am very nervouse about it I don't have a desk job I have a very fast pace job I work for an oral surgeon as the assistant so it will be interesting to see if I can make it through the day . I did tell my work about what I got done I was nervous about it but honestly it's not a big deal so many women on a daily basis get this done and we don't even know . It's a common thing amongst mommies . I am not ashamed of wanting to feel like a lady again I did my godly part and gave my son a healthy start but I don't want to live my life not feeling 100 percent about my self . So I decided to open up about what I got done. And every one was very open to it and had their own stories to share either they had reductions lifts or implants . Anyways I started putting bio oil all over my breasts not just on the scars so then I prevent stretch marks . I do still from time to time have to take an Advil but it's usually if I do too much in a day . I am still not lifting my son in to his car seat which is difficult for me and I get scared going anywhere alone with him because he doesn't always cooperate , what two year old does anyways ?? I'm still sleeping sitting up because I don't want nothing to shift if I sleep on the side . It's kinda of hard on my back and I am still not getting good sleeps . I'm still wearing my sports bra all the time and almost never without it unless I need to shower. I am getting kinda depressed about not being able to go to the gym since I normally go 5 times a week . I feel like I am going to lose all that I worked so hard for . After the surgery I was very bloated and I read that was normal but I am still bloated so not sure why that is . Summer is coming this isn't the time to take a break from the gym . Can't wait to get back in there and go hard but that won't be for a while . Hopefully muscle memory kicks in . I am still waiting for the drop and fluff fairy to come visit my boobies but that's not happening yet . Here's a pic of what I look like today still feel like it's a minor change .

Two week post Surg

First day back to work

Today was my first day back to work , I am 16 days post surgery . Work was tough im not gonna lie I had to take a couple of Advil through out the day . These times in my life I wished I would have chosen a desk job lol . But I survived ! I am working again tmrw and then it's the weekend short week for me ! Which is great it is all that I can handle at this point of my recovery . I still havnt had really any softening of my breast I feel like when I get chilly they harden up even more . I am hoping this is normal after two and a half weeks because I have heard about girls boobs already softening at this point . I guess I just have to be patient ! Pep talks to my self lol . But I just put this new sports bra on I bought and I am so excited about the way I look in it ! I am actually wearing a no padded sports bra and I have boobs ! Like this is a miracle ! Life changing ! Do these surgeons actually realized that they didn't just put implants in and off you go they have created a whole new world for each and every person they touch ! im so happy !!!

3 weeks post Surg

It has been three weeks since I had my surgery , I have gotten back to work and started doing light excersises at the gym. In so eager to do more at the gym but I still keep reminding my self to go slower. It's a battle within my self can't wait to run !!!! My boobies are getting a bit softer however my right side is still looking larger and lower then my left ! Which is odd because my left one was the booby that got 365 ccs and my right boobies got 340 ccs because I had asymmetry ! So now I'm freaking my self out and wondering if the surgeon screwed up and put the larger one in the larger saggier booby and the small one in the smaller boobie . also my scars are also what's making me think that because my left side where a larger implant should have gone is smaller and my right breast where the smaller implant should have gone is larger . So did he screw up ? Does that ever happen ? I don't want to go through another surgery to fix it !!! I have my 6 week post op June 1 at so I am hoping to get some answers because over the phone i can only speak to the receptionist. Here's my pic

Scars after three weeks

Raised and bumpy but not too bad , they are still kinda sore , I have been putting bio oil on them for the past week .

1 month today

Hello ladies so today is exactly one month since my surgery . I am still not 100 percent happy with them yet but I don't hate them either my right is still looking bigger then my left and my left looks like it's still sitting higher and hasn't dropped yet . On my right side by my arm pit I feel a soft squishy almost like a bubble which worries me , it almost feels like the implant . Im still worried about if he placed the bigger size implant in the smaller boob or did he screw up and place it in the bigger boob . I don't know what to think , I am having my 6 week post op check on Monday and hopefully he can ease my mind a bit .

One month post surgery

This is my photo

My one month scars

My scars are still hard and lumpy and I have some minor soreness but not bad .

5 weeks out had my post op check

Went to my post op check yesterday , it was suppose to be a 6 week but I was a week early becaue that's the only time I can get away and drive two hours . With my implants I got a latisse 5 ml gift so I am excited to try it . pS said everything is looking good stitches are healing the way they should he is very happy with my results and would like to see me in three months so he can take more photos . They gave me my actual implant photo copy of my cards so now I actually know exactly what I had , I am silly and couldn't remember anything .

My implant cards




7 weeks post

This is my 7 week post surgery image . I feel almost no pain how ever the stitches are still a little bumpy and left side I feel a sharp edge almost like the end of the stitch or something but otherwise all is good . Getting happier about them :)

8 weeks today and I love them

It's 8 weeks today after my augmentation surgery , I have updated pretty much every week with pictures . To show you ladies the progress and the enormous changes that happen every week or two weeks . There were weak moments or even moments of regret . Or times where I thought they will never look the way I want them to look . It took a while for me to really feel normal again but today I can honestly say I am very much happy and so no regretting this at all . My breasts are soft and the have dropped they look amazing. Dr. Hasell is amazing. I am glad I have posted week by week updates because this is something I also wanted to see for my self how I was changing and also for other women . This site has helped me to stay positive and I wanted to return the favor . This will be my last post have fun and enjoy your boobies ladies .

7 months after surgery

So it has been a long time since I have update . This has been a busy summer so I forgot to obsess over my boobs . And then I realized how much I feel like they are apart of me now . I completely forgot that I had them done . They feel great . Look fantastic and are so soft they look and feel real . The best part is that I don't always have to wear a bra with certain shirts and that's awesome ! This summer was definently my most confident and happiest summers I have had. This is my update photo
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