Mommy Makeover-mini tummy tuck with 385cc silicone implants

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I'm 32, I've had 3 children. I had a c section...

I'm 32, I've had 3 children. I had a c section with my last baby, who is now 1.5. I had my first baby at 19, and all my stretch marks are from that pregnancy. I've wanted to get a mommy makeover for about 10 years now.
I work out 5 days a week. I weigh 130lbs. Although my stomach is flat when I'm standing straight, as you can see from the pictures attached, when I bend over it's horrible!
I just want to be able to wear a bikini with confidence. I'm also getting breast implants. Breastfeeding has left me very deflated. I would like to be a full C small D cup.
I have my consult with Dr. Hasell on January 16, I'm hoping I won't have to wait too long for surgery!

Consult Today

I had my consult this morning. It went well and I really like Dr Hasell. I cannot book my surgery till tomorrow, I guess they don't do bookings on Mondays. I found out I don't have enough skin above my belly button for a full tummy tuck, I will be having a mini. I will still have stretch marks but with everything pulled tight and my muscles fixed it will be much better. As for my breasts I will be going with 350cc mentor memory gel under the muscle. I'm so excited. I'll be booking surgery first thing tomorrow!

Surgery is booked!

I booked surgery for March 3rd, 45 more days! I also booked another consult so that I can discuss things further. I spent all night worried that having a mini tummy tuck is a mistake. I want to discuss with him further to make sure I can get the results that I'm wanting.

Paid in Full

Today I paid for surgery. I dropped the money order off in person as I didn't want to chance it getting lost in the mail!
36 more days. I'm so excited!!

9 more days

Surgery date is getting closer! I'm so excited! It's taken so long to get to this point but time seems to be flying by now. I've wanted this for 10 years and it's finally going to happen!

4 days!

I'm just adding a couple more before pictures for my own reference. I can't wait to be able to bend over without the belly flab!

Time is booked!

Surgery is booked for 9:15 Friday, I have to arrive at the hospital at 6:30. So close now!!

It's Almost Here!

One more day!! I'm so excited and getting a bit nervous too! By this time tomorrow surgery will be done!

Today is the day!

I'll be leaving for the hospital in about 15min. Here are some last minute before photos. I'm feeling really good this morning, I wish I was having a coffee though.

Surgery Update

Tomorrow I'll post pictures. I'm all wrapped up right now so I can't wait to see everything tomorrow when I can take it off. I'm doing pretty good, just really sleepy from the Percocet. Surgery went really well, Dr Hasell is such a great doctor.

First looks!

I'm really happy with everything! My tummy is a bit puffy right now, but already looking so much better. My boobs are really high and rock hard, but not looking too bad!

Day 2

Last night was much better than my first night. I'm still on Percocet, I'm trying to space out my doses as long as possible. I'm taking one Percocet with two advil every 5-6hrs at this point. My chest is still what is the most sore. I'm feeling better though, still taking it easy.

Day 5

I'm feeling much better! I've been off Percocet since yesterday morning. I'm taking advil as needed now, still a few times a day. I'm quite bruised, and swollen. The swelling gets much worse by the evening. Sleeping is hard, I'm a stomach sleeper, my boobs are still sore and hard so I'm still needing to sleep on my back. I have a post op appointment on Monday. I'm worried that I still have loose skin on my stomach, I know it's very early and I need to give my body time to heal, but this is something I'll need to talk to him about. I also don't know what size my implants are, so I'll be asking that as well.

One Week Post Op

Things are coming along nicely. Feeling a bit better every day.

Doing Well!

Loving my boobs, they are feeling so much softer. Settling nicely and I'm able to sleep on my side again!

Post Op Appointment

It went well. I found out my implants are 385cc. He's happy with how things are feeling and so am I. My incisions are looking great, I can't wait till I see the final results. I have a follow up April 10th. He did recommend waiting till 6 weeks till I start working out again. Im feeling really good, I just get tired easily.

Two Weeks

I'm feeling pretty back to normal now. I've been off all pain meds for a while now. I'm feeling really happy with how things are looking. I go back to work on Monday, and I feel ready.

Three weeks

I've been back at work, it's harder than I expected. I'm really tired and sore by the end of the day. My stomach also gets so swollen! I noticed last night that my right breast is starting to drop, things are progressing nicely. I'm feeling really happy with my results and my confidence is so good. My husband and I finally slept together and for the first time I felt good about the way my body looked!

4 Weeks

I'm doing pretty well. I still am getting quite swollen by the end of my work day. I'm quite happy with my results though!

Follow Up Appointment

I had my 6 week follow up appointment today. I'm feeling pretty great and so happy I did the surgery. The pictures are from his office computer, my before pictures are pretty sad! I've been cleared to work out and wear normal bras, and no bras at night!! I started working out last night and it feels great to get back at it.

3 months!

It's been 3 months since my surgery. I feel great, and so happy I did it.
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