40, 3 Teenage Kids, Lost 50lbs, Having Tt & Muscle Repair with Breast Lift - Lethbridge, AB

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Hoping to loose my hang over of 10 inches, bring...

Hoping to loose my hang over of 10 inches, bring my breasts up to show a better waist line. Have had 3c-sections & hysterectomy, not sure what to compare pain too! Nervous & worried about the amount of pain I will get from all procedures at the same time. Hoping for speedy recovery. Needing to be back to work in 6 weeks, hoping & needing to be back at the gym by September. Do I have real expectations?

5 days to pre

We'll one more day & then I call the hospital for my time, hoping that it is early part of the morning, as I have to drive in for it? Talked to Peggy at Dr hassell's office, she spent 20 mins answering my medication questions (Percocet vs. tramecet) does anyone have any answers to this? Done a bit of research but not sure yet! Peggy also told me what to bring to the hospital for the discharge next day. I have to ride for two hours home! Anyone have any suggestions on to are the car ride go ok, not feeling nauseated????

5 days pre

Here are a few pics, of my tummy before my tt. 10inches hoping to loose!

2 day pre

Well 48 hours till I'm at the hospital... No sleep at all last night, tossed & turned, went to bed at 1am, finally got up at 5:30am couldn't do it anymore. Prayed, over/analyzed, reorganized my thoughts in bed, along with re-thinking (am I nuts???) best friend on her way in 24 hours to take care of me for two weeks, children's chore list is complete, Monday morning: doctor, chiro appt, nail appt, then one last bike ride to take out the last bit of nervousness! 4am will come very early on Tuesday! Surgery is set 8:40am, will drive 2hours to the hospital the morning of!

1 Day Pre

Well, this is it, a few hours to go and then off to the hospital I go... Nerves are calmer today, happy and excited. Cried a few times, but overall everyone has kept telling me "I deserve this, I have worked very hard to get here and that I have never stopped exercising". Now its just all the crying and healing (along with the super duper drugs to knock me out) lol! Good luck to everyone out there that is having surgery this week and see you all on the flat side of life! Cheers!

1day post-op

Body is tired, I feel like I have been hit by a bus! My tt doesn't seem to bother me as much as the breast do. Swollen, medicine is making me very sleepy. Kids are hanging around me lots.. I think they are very worried for me. They never seen me like this! Hospital stay was good, nurses were good! The travel home (two hours) seemed long, I'm worried about going back there Monday to take the drains out, will it be painful? Is there anything I can do to help this along before it gets pulled? Here to being on flat side of life!

3 day post-op pic

3-day post op

Almost no pain, showered twice, only on Advil now, back pain is at a minimal! Layer on my back almost at 45 degree angle which helped the back pain! Drains will be out in two more days! Yahoo!

3-day post op

3 day post op

4 Day Post-op

I am doing very well today. I finally slept very well last night, I am almost laying flat on my back. I am now off all meds except for advil. I have started eating solid food today. First bowel movement (didn't hurt & used bowel softener for the past week). I am still drinking lots of water. I have a bit of coughing of phylum and hoping that this will stop soon. Now starting with a dry cough. I have walked lots, even outside in my back yard. I have a few friends been stopping by and will continue for the next several days. I have only 36 hours and the drains will be out (at 20cc now draining). I am please with the results, have minimal bruising and healing really well. I wish everyone who is about to go in soon good luck and send out lots of healing vibes for everyone else.

Day 5 post-op

Well my day didn't start of the best... I had to get up early as a friend came to visit, go figure I wasn't ready to get up! I started the day tired, allergies are starting, nose is running. I'm felling tired, my family won't leave me alone to be by myself, they sit around wanting to talk. grrrr I'm so tired as night sleeps are hard, & now it's catching up to me. I'm doing well but it's not helping at this point as it gives them all the green light to come bother me! Even when I try & put head phones on to listen to music... Trying to go to sleep they still can't take the hint! A frustrating day, I had a cry today, emotions are getting the best of me . I think it is all about feeling sleeper deprived! Is any one else feeling like this? Are you feeling you need to entertain every one in your house hold?

Day 6 post -op

Well today is the day to go and see the PS since coming out of the hospital.. Drains are to come out today, I'm so nervous , never had this in all my c-sections & hysterectomy . Not sure if I will be in pain, I've been looking at blogs from other women but no one has explains how it feel or whether to take meds! Does any one know? It so early in the morning, I can't sleep again , I seem to start to sleep but can't get there. Get about one hour-2 then I'm a wake , wired ! Not sure why? Not sure is any one having the same problem?

Day 7 post op

Well girls on the flat side & those that are still to come, it's been a whole week since my surgery! I can't believe it! I'm still healing but everything is good! I'm not resting as well as expected& a lot of bloating but other than that, doing good! Thanks to all my RS family! Thanks so much for answering my question, praying for me & most of all sharing your experiences! It made my transition & journey so much easier! Sending out love to all & only speedy recoveries! Thanks again!

Day 7 post op

Well everybody on the flat side and those that are still yet to come through your journey. It's hard to believe that it has been already seven days ,one week since surgery! I want to thank all of my RS family for all your support in helping me to get through my journey this past week! Thank you for all of your responses, prayers, and especially all of your own experiences have helped me get through this past week! Wish all of you best and send nothing but continuous, speedy healing powers to all of you! Thanks again!

11th day post op

Well I talked go the surgeon yesterday & I have pulled a few stitches internally. I have appt made for Monday & I'm back on Advil. The pain has been increasingly for the past two days. He did lipo & cleaned up scar issue from previously. My spirits are a bit down today, my best friend is officially leaving me today & she's been taking care of me for the past two weeks! Not sure what I would have done without here:) hoping healing continues slow but steady...

12 post op day

We'll spent all last night scratching & itchy. I woke up this morning feeling very swollen & bloated, like I have gained 10lbs ( or when you have eaten big thanksgiving dinner) lol I thought this would start to settle down just a bit. A few of my steri strips are starting to come off & I think I'm allergic to them! One more day before they all can come off! See my Ps tomorrow. My husband will take me!sleeping is becoming a bit longer but still in the middle if the night I need to get up walk a bit then sleep in my recliner for 1-2 hours then can lay back down. When will I be able to to start laying on my side? :( I'm really missing it! :((((

12 post op pics

Here are some up dated pics!


Trying again

14 th day post op

Thank you to all for your suggestions for helping that darn itchy! I look pretty goofy looking but I'm comfortable! I have a cotton tank on then my bra & binder over it, then my clothes. Lol I saw PS again yesterday, some of where he did mucle repair on left side was pulling bad, stated taking Advil for a bit. Pain is now gone. He also took off the remaining steri strips & its official! I'm am not just allergic to band aides but now to steri strips! Man the itching has slowed down. He also told me to take an anti-histamine , makes me sleepy but it's helping too. My incisions feel a bit dry so I've been putting on lotion instead of polysporin which will continue the itching! What a difference 24 hours makes. After seeing PS, I took my girls to American eagle, I tried a couple of items & fit the same size as my tween daughter Yahoo! It's a great feeling! I can't believe its 2weeks since surgery! It's truly surreal! Outings still make me pretty tired & exhausted, I'm so glad I can have the extra time to heal & have it off! True blessing! Does any one have a hard time getting your thoughts out & speak it out & at times you sound like you don't know what the heck your talking About? This has been a challenge! Could it be still the anesetic? Happy healing!

17 day post op

Well the past two days I have struggled with sore & bruised breast, icing it helps along with Advil. Using this off & on has helps tremendously! I have been out a few days this week & started slowly driving. This has helped me to get back on track! After I have been tired, so Being aware of it I have rest when need it. I'm mostly tired around 3-6pm everyday so I plan around this time when I do things! I went to work for an hour & my armpits hurt so much for lifting my arms to use the keyboard! I'm really worried how I will feel going back full time in three weeks! I can't seem to sit at all without my support of the binder or bra, it's so uncomfortable & it feels like pulling down and it's uncomfortable! Will this still be like this at the six week point? Hope everyone is healing well!

22 days post op

Well mobility is getting a bit better each day. I started driving this week & seems to be not bad. I'm having pains on & off ( not enough for meds) it's like after pains from having a child! I had a pretty bad migraine this week, I think it's coming from my neck & shoulder from slouching & sleeping crazy. It's causing a nerve problem under my armpit. Went for a massage yesterday to help relax the muscles. Feeling much better today. For the past 2 days I have been sleeping on my side -wow have I missed this. Swelling is getting a big better still at the end of the day is the biggest problem. Trying to walk around the block however it's so hot out it makes it tough! One more week left then I can say goodbye to the binder, but not sure what I'm going to use to hold me up! My breast still have bruising , it's getting a bit better. I need to loosen my bra as the day goes on.... Been watching my weight, really hoping that I don't gain anything but stay the same or lose a few. Hoping as I get up & move more this will help. Happy healing to all!

22 day post op pic

23 post op

Well he was a very frustrating day today try to get my second stage garments and failed miserably! When trying them on I think I pulled a few stitches and was in pain which stop me from continuing today. Very frustrated not being able to locate something with all of this pain. Hoping that it will settle so that I can go and try on some more today. Saw one of my girlfriend's today and she indicated that aren't you at three weeks already and shouldn't be healing by now? You should not be in pain still should you? I had no answer for just frustrated internally! Anyone else like this?

24 day post op

Wow today has been great! Im Feeling really good! I walked today 2.5km, it is beautiful! Wind is up a bit, no cloud in the sky! Great suntanning day! I felt great walking & listening to my music! Took me a bit to walk but I'm ok with it & visualized me running again. Saw some family & went for a drive! Now enjoying the deck in the sun on my recliner! Awesome day! I'm feeling like I've turned the corner today! Ordered my Spanz & should be here for Tuesday! My friend the "binder" is leaving!!! Yahoo , now transitioning to second stage garment! Only 2weeks left , then back to work I go! After today & my walk I think I'm feeling a bit better about going back! I'm still reminding myself of the ups & downs of healing but will take today as an awesome day! Happy healing to everyone!

27 post op

Well today is a bad day! I guess I have had 2 good days so now a bad huh? I felt some pain 24 hours ago, I couldn't get comfortable sitting or standing! Iced & took Advil! Went yo bed at midnight , by 2am I was up & tried moving & it sounded like a big tear.... I wailed in silence, tried to wake my husband, but when he sleeps -nothing wakes him... He's completely deaf & wears hearing aides, yelling doesn't work. I couldn't reach him & I laid in bed not able to move b/c pain was taking my breath away! I finally got brave early part of morning & made a call to my neighbour ( who's a nurse) & she took one look. & the swelling was bad. We ended up at the walk in clinic ( my ps is on holidays this week -go figure).doc told me I must have had a blood vessel pop & he's now worried about a clot??? Will watch me for the next 24 hrs & while I'm waiting this time out, I'm once again on meds & one more... Here comes the stoned feeling, with slurred words & words that I can't connect! Why now?? I'm 4weeks in healing tomorrow , what the #%^{¥. This is ridiculous. I haven't done anything... Mentally - this is owning my #%}~€. 2 weeks before I go to work! What am I going to do... I lift heavy high school textbooks! I start one week before school starts for students! This is nuts!!!!

29 post op

Today was a much better day than the past two... Pain is back to normal & off meds except Tylenol. Day was again beautiful, so I went for a walk with one of my kids... Also got up this morning & helped make dinner for tonight. That felt great & normal... Went out with a few friends tonight & visited with tea! Nice to get my mind off things... Worked a bit at home , sending out emails & prepping for the new semester! I am hoping that I have no more set backs & that the healing continues through out my final week prior to going back to work. My mood is happy & sad at times & my tolerance is at an all-time low! I'm such a happy & patient person so this bothers & worries me just a bit!! 30 days post op is tomorrow, time has really gone fast! Wishing all RS family fast healing/speedy recoveries!

Day 31 post op

Day 30 post op was a busy day, happy to be alive & doing so many things other than laying in bed taking meds & hoping to get started on healing again! It was a beautiful day , overcast but still very warm almost muggy! I drove to few places , stopped in a saw a girlfriend, visited family member & then off to dentist! Also made home made pizza & then walked early evening & visited one more friend in evening! Wow am I tired! Went to bed early & now onto day 31 post op!! I'm up in the weeee hours of the early morning! Not sure how to convince my body to go back to sleep! Experiencing some pain in tummy (like cramps from your period & back a bit achey too) . Took Tylenol & now I'm here writing to my RS family! My mood is still at a level with not much patience & this is a bit worrisome, as I have 1 week before going back to work & I need patience! I'm usually a very happy & care free individual that don't let things bother me but I'm grouchy like the character off of Sesame Street "mr grouch" lol! Not sure how to pull this together??? These sleepless night are not good too, can't be doing this once back at work! I'm a bit worried about my end results to.... I was hoping to see not as much fat underneath my breasts & flanks & behind the shoulders? Wondering if I should be a bit patient with the healing & recovery or when I have my next appt talk to the ps? What are your thoughts anyone? I'm getting a bit tired of this dang binder & hoping my Spanz get here today go try on & reorder once I know my correct size. I dont have a lot of time left to order before going back to work... Next week is a busy week , being my last week of holidays... My whole family is shingling our home & of course, the shingles didn't come in from the company's shipment. Grrr I need things to start to work out a bit better! I'm hoping I will have the energy to keep up to it all & rest along side all of this with the crazy noise! I have been comparing to other RS girls & it looks to me I'm right on schedule in the healing process so this is definitely a positive thing! Well I wish everyone a great day today & happy healing!

5 weeks post op

Now that I'm at 5 weeks post op I'm feeling much better. Mobility is getting much better. I'm feeling better, able to walk around & enjoy a bit of sun each day. Still have the ups & down roller coaster ride, when it comes to the pain on & off with my stomach. I saw PS this week, he indicated that this process will be another 3 months & use your pain as a guide. Don't do anything if in pain. Incisions are completely smooth, one breast is a bit more swollen than the other. PS said this is normal to have a breast just slightly bigger than another. Most women are like this. I never noticed this prior to surgery. I'm a bit frustrated about my clothes size. I had a mind set, after hearing that 5lbs-4.5 inches was taken off, that I would be able to go down a dress size. But this has not happened! I went into this journey to get my big overhang gone & it is. But I thought this might change a bit. I've tried on a lot of my clothes & they all still fit but fit a bit better. Not sure how to process this one. I have just the weekend left & back to work I go. I thought my stomach muscles would have been a bit stronger by now. I have used no binder for only 2days now. The stomach feel like contractions, hard & firm. I feel like my guts are hanging out & then another time I forget I even had surgery. I'm hoping this will relax overtime! My breasts are doing well, at the beginning/after surgery, they were more of the problem. Now it's just the stomach, my breasts only hurt underneath where the bra lays. Other wise I can except a hug no problem! I hope all is well with everyone & healing is going well! Happy healing!

5 weeks post op pic

Week 6 post op

I have officially gone back to work this week and I am tired , exhausted, swelling is at an all-time high! It has been extremely busy week including the evenings. My only advice for those that are in the healing process when trying to go back to work is rest , go home and rest! When you rest the swelling will slowly subside! Do not plan a lot in the next few weeks especially on your weekends. Just relax and rest. When I do not have enough rest and the swelling gets too much that's when I notice I get extremely grouchy and my demeanor is not a happy person! As soon as I rest then I feel like myself once again lol! I have three more weeks until I see my PS. When I see PS he will take some more photos and I can compare them to my pre op pics! I can't wait to see the results! I'm hoping that it will be all worth the pain, suffering, swelling, stiffness, soreness & sleepless nights! I'm just a bit nervous that I mentally don't get let down! That I will be so impressed with the end results! I know that my clothes fit better & my breasts are higher but the swelling every day is slowing the look down let alone the feelings emotionally that I did it for the right reasons! I wish all of you happy healing! Have a great week!

Week 8 Post Op

Week 8 has finally arrived, I mental prepared for this time. I thought I would be back at the gym, life would be back to normal. No swelling, able to lift everything. Breast would be fine that I could lift weights and go back to the gym. All of this has not happened. I am one of those women, that didn't have too many problems after surgery, but one of those who heal at a slower rate (internally). Externally I look great, every incision is closed, no opening wounds, all sealed and looks great. Using the Bio-oil twice a day and that seems to be helping the healing of the incision more. Even my stretch marks are looking good (only a few remain). I am trying to stay as positive mentally as possible. I can work out for the rest of my life. In the meantime, I have started walking each day, up to 4km but you can tell by the end, my stomach is swollen and I'm ready for a rest. I hope this too shall past quickly! I have one more week and then I see the PS for my 6 week check up (which is really on Week 8). Work got in the way of this. I can't wait to see my photos to compare what the surgeon took. This will definitely give me a true understanding as to how much was taken off and what my body looks like now. I am a bit nervous and excited mixed into one. I am nervous as I don't want to be disappointed with the results but on the other hand I am excited that this is all done, and everything is going so well (healing wise). Wishing everything one at RS Happy Healing!

Week 8 Pics

Week 8 post op pic

8 Week Post Op Pic

Started on Week 9 post op, back at the gym, hoping to shed 20 more pounds to get to my goal weight. I am very please with my before and after photos. PS indicated that I am doing really well, I can work out now as I see fit. Will see him again in 6 months, hoping to organized another surgery for lipo of the back of shoulders and underneath breasts, flanks, with some off of legs. I am hoping diet and exercise will be create the results I want without having surgery. PS thinks it will, but not quite convinced of this, so booked an appt for 6 months, then will re-visit this. Back to gym was hard, my cardio is slow, breathing is hard, and lifting weights are a no-go for now. I am hoping I will be up to speed by Christmas time. I am trying to be patient, but its been very hard. My diet without exercise has created a 7 lb gain, which has not happened until going back to work 3 weeks ago. I am tired, not sleeping well, and trying to start to work out along with working during the day. No stopping and rest. All of it has compiled into gaining, I am a bit frustrated, as I have been so good through out the whole process. Never thought about once going back to work, no plan of execution. I planned everything else but this. What ifs ..... Healing journey is at a slow pace now, lots of pulling while exercising, not able to do everything I did before. Running ,is so much slower and gaunt is a bit closer, taking more steps to finish. I hope everyone is healing well... speedy recoveries to all.

12 week post-op pics

My incision are still red but are now fading a bit as I'm using Bio-Oil 2 times a day! Incisions still hurt a bit at times. Fat distrubtion has changed from my tummy to thighs, hips & back of shoulder blades. Belly button still the same red around the outside. When touching my stomach still numb around the belly button & below. Swelling is still bad at the end if day or after exercise, especially around thighs, hips and shoulder blades! Healing is going okay & just seemed to be tired, resting everyday after work!

Post-Op Month 5

Wow I can't believe I am at 5 months almost at the 6th.... time has gone by fast... I am still tired and exhausted. I think working full time, kids and all the things you do with them and travelling every weekend for the past 2 months, has caught up to me. I am sad to report, I have gained 10 lbs since surgery and unable to loose it. I am working out like crazy but its not coming off. I am so frustrated, its kind of put me into a bit of depression. Not to mention this, but my body is finally recognizing that I have done something too it and its in a state of shock, I have lost a great deal amount of my hair, so much in fact that you can see through it. I finally went to the doctor and he is checking out all my hormone levels, etc. To see if I am depleted. I feel very stressed and I can seem to get off this roller coaster, I am up at night worrying about my loss of hair, and what I can do about this...Lack of sleep isn't helping it either. I finally hired a nutritionist to help with my weight loss goals. She indicated that my cortisone levels are out of whack and my body is storing every morsel of food and it thinks I am starving it.... She also told me to slow down on the exercise and weight will drop, eat normally . This is what I have been doing this past week and wow, I have dropped a few pounds. I will continue this until I met her after xmas.... Is anyone else finding this as a problem? My scars are healing really well, I can lay on my sides now on the floor without it hurting, now I can work those side leg muscles. The funny thing is that my size in inches (when measuring) is still the same, even with gaining some weight. Go figure!!! Hope all is well with everyone and wishing all a Merry Christmas!

Happy New Year & Six Month Post-Op

I would like to wish all my real self peeps Happy New Year & wish all the best for 2015! I m feeling better with my incisions! I finally can lay on my sides on a flat surface with it hurting minimal. My incisions are turning on & off whit with reddish spots hear & there. My biggest complaint so far is still my upper stomach fat, side fat... I have another appointment in for months to review this part. Another concern is my new belly button... It is still quite red & wondering g how much longer it will take to heal???? Is this normal??? As for breasts... They are finally relaxing & dropping a bit. Not sure if this is normal or it is the extra weight of them??? The are still perky though! One complaint about my nipples are that when I'm at the gym, sweating , my nipples get hard & you can see through any shirt? Any suggestions as to what to do about this??? My bras is not thick enough & all my shirts are showing my hard nipples... Grrrr embarrassing!:( I hope 2015, is a better year than 2014, I have spent on & off a complete six months from recovering from surgery & getting every flu or cold & bronchitis & pneumonia this past six months! Wish everyone the best for 2015!

11 Months

Well tomorrow will mark 11months post-op, hard to believe this time last year, I was planning, organizing my life for surgery! I am still very happy with the results! Glad I went through it, however not happy that I am healing at a slower pace than most of the other women on RS! PS told me I am an individual that will heal at a slower pace! So for now, I will embrace this, continue to work on my diet & shed a few more pounds! Which I am happy to say, I'm back to pre-surgery weight & am working out lots & watching my body getting stronger & more defined! Yahoo! Good luck to those of you about to go for surgery & to those have just recently finished, Happy Healing!:)))
Alberta Plastic Surgeon

Dr Hassell seems to know his stuff & Peggy (receptionist) very helpful answering all my questions, reassuring me all the way! Dr Hassell can't tell me at this point how many inches I will loose though. Dr Hassell, took many photos on the day of surgery, reassuring me I'm fine & healing will be fine. He has answered all my questions & has lots of patience to address concerns. Dr Hassell has even called me at home less than one hour of calling his office , very prompt! Dr hassell's surgery skills are impeccable!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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