33 years old. Pre-op 32A, getting 415cc, mod+ silicone unders

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This isn't so much of a review yet. Just beginning...

This isn't so much of a review yet. Just beginning my story so I'm sure there will be more to come. I'm 32, 5'7", 127 pounds.

I just booked my consult with Dr. Hasell for August 17th!!!!! Can hardly contain myself. this has been a long awaited journey! I've wanted to do this since I was 17. I have been for 2 consults in the past but my finances always fall through. But I'm sure the "real" reason is that it just wasn't the right time. Now I am a mother of 2, and happily married to a wonderful man who is whole heartedly supportive of this decision and is excited that I'm excited. :)

Previously i was going to go to Dr. Hein in lethbridge but sadly a year after my consult he retired.

Then I found Dr.Hasell, I have read every review and comment I can find. I've followed every story, and looked at every photo that people have posted on RealSelf. Thank you to those who have done that, it really does make a difference in the decision making process. I am confident I've made the right decision, and OH MY GOODNESS I can't wait!!

I've always been VERY small chested, almost too small to fit in a bra... Specialty stores call it a double A. (What the heck is that?) so i wear the bras with the most possible padding I can find. I CANT wait to wear a nice lace bra without feeling like a 10 year old that got into her moms closet! My goal is to be somewhere around a C. I think I've decided on silicone, (based on other people's stories somewhere around 350-375CC's I would guess) but I'm not sure on the profile yet. I'll wait until my consult and see what Dr. Hasell suggests based on my goals.

I will post before pictures soon, I haven't taken any yet. But in the mean time. If there's anyone out there with a similar build to mine, with similar results, please feel free to share!

Gulp... Before pics. And wishes!

Oh the never ending turmoil!!

Ok so having too much time on your hands is not a good thing. Although prep and research are necessary. When you have possibly another year to wait, finding this web site is bad news. Lol!!!
I am pretty sure I've read every review from every person with "similar" stats to me, and now I'm stuck in a tornado of size confusion!!! Although a few CC's doesn't make a difference, I'm still REALLY torn.
Originally I thought 350cc, moderate profile. Well holy smokes was I wrong! (I think)
First off, I always thought high profile meant "up to your collar bone"... But i now know otherwise, and I think I want HP, for the narrower implant because although I like some side boob, I don't want lots, and from what I understand I'll need the HP to accomplish decent cleavage, seeing as I definitely can't make cleavage right now even if I use my hands... (Lol there's an image for you)
anyway.... I also never thought someone built like me could pull off 400(ish) CC's... But now that I've looked at a zillion reviews and photos, I realize that (and durrrr for not thinking about it before) but 400cc when you don't really have any existing breast tissue to start with, really isn't that big.... Sooooo now I'm thinking closer to 400cc for me. I know in the end I will leave it up to my PS... But I still want to have an "idea" ahead of time.

Also, thanks to all of you who have done such awesome reviews with tons of updates and photos! Anna1989 you made a really good point that I hadn't considered!!!! I decided to stop paying attention to bra size.... For one because no 2 stores are ever the same (VS seems to be completely out to lunch) but also depending on your rib cage changes the size of a C, or D or what ever cup. (Which I knew but never put it into context here) chances are when I think "I'd really like a nice full C cup"... The image in my head is probably more like a 34C, which is no where near the size of a 32C, it would likely translate to a 32D or even DD..... That was a really great "ah ha" moment... Thanks for that Anna!!!!

I ended up spending a considerable amount of time explaining this to my husband. Lol. When I first started the conversation he went "umm. I don't think the cup sizes changes depending on the rib cage measurement".... (Seriously, this is not my first bra experience in my life lol.)

So to anyone else explaining this seemingly baffling topic. It clicked for him when I said " if you have more inches around, chances are the space from right to left is wider...(uh huh) Typically the breast tissue takes up most of the space from right to left... So if you have more space, you have more breast width, thusly you'd need a bigger cup ". Hahaha. :) anyway. Sorry for rambling but I wanted to share that..

And some exciting news! I haven't come across many smokers on here. None that have said anything about it anyway (I suppose normally there would be no point) but for me there is!! I WAS a smoker for far too long, but have always vowed that I will quit smoking before I get my BA... Well it's official!!! I decided that I could save money a heck of a lot faster if I quit now. So even though it will Likely be a year before surgery time for me, (much to my dismay, but I also swore I wouldn't go into debt for boobs, although now that I'm all excited I could totally justify it lol) I quit smoking already!!! OFFICIALLY A NON SMOKER last Monday. (Giggity giggity) now I get to take my "smoking funds" and turn them into boob funds! (Much better investment)
Anyway. That's all for now. So if there's any other skinny minnis out there with 2 members of the itty bitty committee, who got 350-425cc Please feel free to say hello! :)

Calling Dr. Hasells girls!

Ok so here's a somewhat silly question. But when you go to your consult, is it best to print your "wish pics" so that they can keep them for reference or do you just show them to the PS from your phone or where ever they might be saved?
My printer at home sucks... I thought it would be weird to go to Walmart and print pictures of other people's boobs..Lol.

Name change

Sorry all... I'm that annoying person who just changed their name, and now I'll comment on things and you'll be like "ooh. A new person".... Nope. Lol. :)

Another question.

It's finally time for my consult!!! Woohoo! I have to be there at 10:30 tomorrow morning. Should I bring a bigger bra with me for trying sizers? It just dawned on my yesterday that I wasn't sure how that would work with my already teeny tiny bras. Lol.


holy eff I'm so happy!!!! My consult was awesome. Dr Hasell is GREAT! As many people have said before, yes he does get right down to business. But he is very nice and friendly. After reading other people's reviews I was kind of expecting him to be a little blah and boring. But he really wasn't. Super nice guy. I was very comfortable. Even through the taking off my shirt and poking and prodding my boobs part. Lol even my husband said "wow... You handled that a lot better then I expected" haha.
I basically forgot all of the questions I was going to ask him, except my vehicle. I drive a standard SUV and he said it should be be an issue because my arms are down at my sides, above the shoulders is the problem. So as long as I'm off the pain meds he said my vehicle shouldn't be an issue.

Also!!!! For sooooooo many out there who have the same question. I've seen a ton of girls that have doctors that don't suggest massage and doctors that do. I knew going into my consult that my dr doesn't suggest it so I asked why.
Here goes!!! To end the never ending debate! Lol.
Under the muscle implants don't need to be massaged because the muscle is constantly massaging it as you move. The doctors that recommend massaging 2 or more times a day from now until the end of time, are usually referring to over the muscle implants. His own words were "if it's under the muscle they should NEVER be recommending massage". (Although I'm sure many still do) That makes me happy. I wasn't looking forward to having to do that for the rest of for ever, but I was also really torn because the recommendations from different doctors is sooooooo different. But I trust him, his reason makes perfect sense to me, and he's been doing this for over 20 years and often does 6 BA's a day... I'd say he probably knows what he's taking about. And the horrible death strap, he typically doesn't use except in extreme cases that are having a REALLY hard time shifting down. So yaay for that too! That strap doesn't sound fun at all.
Let's see. What else. Oh size! My current stats are 5'7 135 pounds 34AA BWD 13. I'm extatic, the first size I tried on was 375cc, mentor smooth round mod + which was pretty good, But then I tried 400 and it filled out the 36C bra I had on PERFECTLY. So that's what we decided on, he said he will out in 415 to make up for the under the muscle loss.
My husband was pretty quiet through it all, so finally driving home I was like "so do you have an opinion" he said "nope, they looked great. The size was perfect, I think they fit you really well, I was worried before because in my head a C seems really big, but once I saw it on you I realized it's not that big at all"... Woot woot!!! *happy dance*
I'm not gonna lie, before my consult I was pretty sure I wanted to be in the 375-400cc range but I wasn't sure if it would fit my frame and I was a little concerned my husband would think they were too big. But nope :D in my shirt they don't look THAT much bigger then they do now with my super mega ultra padded VS bra.. Bring on the burning of the bras party!!!! Without clothes however... Phew I bet that will take some adjusting haha.

Oh yah, something else that was awesome of dr. Hasell and how he runs his practice. There was no pressure what so ever. He didn't even ask when I was thinking about surgery, or if I wanted to move forward or anything. He said they are booking about 3 months in advance right now, and if we go home and talk and decide to move forward I can call back and start looking at dates as soon as tomorrow. That was great, the last consult I went to they immediately started looking into financing options and mentioned picking dates and such which seemed very presumptuous and pushy. I don't know my exact date yet, unfortunately won't be until probably next August but that's ok. Now that my consult is done I feel like it was one big step in the right direction, and for some reason 11 months doesn't seem SO bad. The 3 months I wanted from when I booked my consult until today went by insanely fast so I'm sure the waiting game until surgery time will too. anyway that's all for now!

Things are about to get real... FINALLY!!!

I've been MIA for almost a year because we had to put the boob plans on hold for a while... BUT they are back on track now! I'm calling Dr.Hasells office tomorrow to book my surgery. Eek!!! I'm hoping for sometime in November. October would be better because I don't feel like waiting an extra month haha. But I need to quit smoking first and that will be early August so I need a few months between quitting and going for surgery so my body has time to go back to normal. But I can't wait. All I can think about is boobs. My husband laughs at me because I'm constantly scrolling through RS reading stories and looking at pictures. He always like "haven't you looked at enough of those".... Uh no!!! Lol. At my consult we had decided on 400cc (but he would put in 415) mod+ profile. Since then I've flip flopped a lot on the profile, my Only worry with mod+ is that I would end up with a ton of side boob. Which I don't want. However I think HP would leave too much of a gap between them and that I DEFINITELY don't want, but I'll ask after I get everything booked. I played with rice sizers today (approximately 400cc) which was pretty fun I have to say :D, but I didn't have a great sports bra to do it with so I'll have to go get one and try again.. I want to do it with 450cc just to see what the difference would be (not much in guessing)..

The countdown begins! November 15!

I finally have a date!!!!! Almost exactly 4 months from today. November 15 will be booby day for me! :D :D now to start the fun part of nesting and collecting things for recovery!

Here's an embarrassing question.

Soooo. Anyone else's nipples do this when they bend over????? This is the WORST part about my itty bittys.. What the hell are my nipples doing? They decide when I bend over that they need to look at my arms. Wtf?!? But they don't point to the sides when I'm standing up straight.... I've been resisting posting this picture but I need to know who else is out there that is similar?... My fear is this.... Little imperfections, size differences and things of that nature are often more noticeable when you get a BA. So I am super worried that this malfunction will be 100 times worse.... Will my nipples still sit like this when I bend over when they are considerably larger? or will they somehow still sit in the middle like they are supposed to? I fully intend on asking my PS when I see him again but I figured I'd check here and see if anyone else has the same issue. I've only seen one other person on this site who posted a bent over picture like this who's nipples kinda did the same thing. Luckily they didn't continue to do that post BA... Anyone???

Need mentor profile/size help?

For anyone out there going through the never ending size debate I found this chart that was incredibly helpful for me because I was stuck between HP and mod+. I was worried mod+ would be too wide and so on and so forth. Anyway what I learned is this... For me personally, 400-425cc mod+ is the same diameter as my own BWD... So it won't be "too wide" for me... However, similar CC in HP would be narrower then my BWD, thusly resulting in a bigger space between them which I know I don't want.. In order for me to fill my BWD with HP I would need 500cc, I would have SUPER cleavage no doubt but I know 500cc is bigger then I want... Anyway, this helped clear that up for me. So if you're getting mentor implants and aren't sure on size check it out. If the link doesn't work, Google "mentor Implant size chart" it should be the second link that comes up.

Night lift bra? And first post op order! :)

Well I'm still 10 weeks pre-op but I'm just too excited so I made my first post op supply order yesterday :) :) I ordered a 12 inch wedge pillow..... Something funny about that.... I couldn't decide if I was going to bother getting one because We have lots of pillows at our house so I figured I could rig something that would be comfortable. But decided I would rather have one and not need it over not having one and wishing I did... So, I ordered it on amazon, and naturally I looked at the reviews and came across a review I hadn't considered that basically solidified the purchase . A guy says "although the wife and I don't use it for its "intended purpose".... We HIGHLY suggest Getting one"... LOL.. I hadn't considered the potential "adult" side of having a wedge pillow, but at least now I realize even if I don't use it post BA for sleeping purposes, it won't be a total waste of money. ;) haha. Needless to say, my husband was pretty ok with that idea too. Anyway, I also ordered some arnicare cream and tablets and some silicon scar sheets.

Next order of business.... Night lift bra??? Anyone with experience I need advice! I want to order one because I think the premise behind it is definitely valid and I don't want my implants in my armpits. But when do I order it? I feel like I should order it before my BA so that I can wear it as soon as I'm cleared to wear things like that. But I would be totally guessing on size... However, doing measurements right after my BA doesn't make sense to me either with all of the dropping and fluffing that needs to happen.. I looked at the size chart and according to that I THINK I'll be a 32DD!!! (Holy Hannah)... Does anyone have a rough guess on how much projection you lose going under the muscle??? My implants have a projection of 4.1cm.. My current projection is MAYBE an inch. So a little over 6 ish cm total. If I lose 1 cm projection on the implants then that would make me a DD but if I lose 2cm that takes it down to a D.... I'm confused. What do I do??? Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

Anyway. I have a few other things to say. But I'll wait otherwise this post is going to be a novel. Cheers ladies!

AHH!! This was big week, Surgery date moved up. :D

Oh my goodness lots happened this week! Officially this passed Tuesday I quit smoking! for the like zillianth time, but I feel good and am super excited about it WOOHOO! (Now if only I could get my husband to quit with me)... My first amazon order with my arnica cream and tablets and wedge pillow and silicone strips got delivered and I bought my first recovery sports bra. I bought a medium, I hope it fits. The large looked VERY LARGE! And officially today we found out that my financing is finalized and approved!! omg.. everything has kind of been hanging in the balance for the last while because everything kept changing, so it wasn't actually REAL yet. I have the best friend in the whole entire world that came to my rescue... So without making a long story really long, mine and my husbands payment plans kept changing and falling through. My credit SUCKS, the money isn't an issue but the credit is. So my best friend offered to co sign for me :D that got approved today. THANK GOODNESS!!! now I can get excited. I have made a point to keep myself fairly in check for the last while, because I didn't want to be "too" disappointed if everything feel through again.. But now it looks like all is a go. (insert freak out here) oh and!! Peggy from my surgeons office called yesterday, they got their surgery calendar from the hospital yesterday and for some reason, the week that I was scheduled (November 15) they didn't get the Tuesday, which she thought was very strange and wasn't sure why. So instead we bumped it up 2 weeks!!!. November 4th is my big day. Holy cow thats going to be here fast.. Anyway thats all for now, I hope everyone is feeling good and healing well. <3

Telling my boss and kids!

So me getting my boobs done has never been a secret. My entire family and all my friends have known for YEARS that one day I will get them done. It's funny, one of my best friends is almost as excited as I am and when I asked her why, her response was "I have listened to you bitch about you boobs for half of my life....." Lol.... Anyway, now that the time is coming, I have a couple people I find it weird to tell and I don't know why... Namely my boss. I'm not a person that just won't say anything and hope no one notices.. Because let's get real, they are going to notice at some point... As if that's not more awkward then just saying something in the first place. And I'm not embarrassed about it or anything along those lines, and I really don't care what anyone thinks because I'm doing this for me and only me. I just don't know what to say to my boss. I don't want to just blurt out "I'm getting my boobs done" haha. That seems invasive. Do I go with "I'm going for an elective surgery"and the. Go from there.. At least that kind of eases into it..That's what I've had a few people suggest.. He's kinda old and pretty old school in a lot of ways, I think that's the Main Reason I find it weird. Anyone reading this, what did you say?.. Next is my kids, my daughter who is turning 14 has known for about a year that I wanted to get a BA, I just haven't told her that Its actually happening yet, she's easy to tell. But it's my son, he's turning 9 and I know I'm going to get this super confused "why would you do that" kind of response.. So that should be an interesting conversation. I'm not sure if he will drill me with confused questions or will get totally weirded out and chose not to talk about it. Haha but I'm pretty sure it will be one or the other..
I have made a point with my daughter to not get into all of the personal psychological reasons for wanting a BA. And the things like "I just want to be able to wear clothes and feel good in them, or feel good naked" and so on.... because I don't want to inflict my own beliefs on her. I hope she can grow up and just be happy the way she is, there are plenty of woman out there who have no issues being small chested and i hope she's one of them... She's built like me. Tall and thin and it's unlikely she will have much in the boob department. It's possible, but at this stage I doubt it, I hope that I don't get it in her head that she needs boobs to feel good about herself.. I won't tell them all the crap I went through growing up and even as an adult with people being assholes, and those things having an effect on a persons self image and self esteem. Because I don't want them to get it in their heads that girls "should have big boobs".. If that makes sense... D-day is coming quick, I'll have to have this chat soon! :) any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.

Weird pre-op boob-mares?

Well officially I've gotten close enough to surgery time that my brain thinks about boobs constantly all the time. And in my sleep it's decided to start finding weird things to dream about.... it's so silly I figured I'd share. Although I don't remember the dreams in total detail.. the other day I had a dream that I found out that the price I was quoted was actually in U.S. dollars because my doctors surgery center was across the boarder. And since the Canadian dollar is doing so shitty right now, it turned it into $11,000. (I'm in Calgary Alberta, so we are hours away from the nearest boarder) Hahaha. And then the second one just a couple nights ago... surgery day came and I realized that I never called the hospital to find out when my surgery was, and since I never called they cancelled my surgery!!!!
Why does the mind have to be like that. Why can't dreams be waking up from surgery having spectacular boobs with no franken boob and a 0 pain recovery? Anyway.. I just wanted to share the amusement. Happy healing/anticipating ladies. :)

Some befores. 5 weeks to go!

I figured i should post some before pictures again since I took down my old ones. I'll do some without a shirt on at some point for comparison...

Oh and a story... my husband and I went out with some friends last night and of course the boob topic came up. One of the girls there says "oh I have mine done, what size are you getting". When I said about 415cc her eyes got all big and was like "wow. Big ones, I have 365 and I'm a 30G"... ???? Really??? It's so crazy how different people end up size wise. But more so, it's crazy how different bra sizes are depending on the store. I assume her bra size was from a "specialty store".. but she was by no means big. I would have put her at a C or small D maybe.. it's a good thing I'm not caught up on a bra size otherwise that conversation would have scared the crap out of me. Haha.
Anyway.. on to posting sad before pictures. Can't wait to do comparisons!!!

My "biggest" purchase so far.

So I decided a while ago that I wanted to get a good sized full length mirror before my BA for taking pictures. I find that it is very hard to tell people's actual results when all of the pictures are taken from as far away from them as they can reach or they are in a little bathroom mirror and all you can see is boobs. I think the often look HUGE and don't give a true perspective.. the few people that I've seen that take full body photos I find to be the most helpful. Anyway, I'm a month pre-op and I hadn't gone to buy a mirror yet. Last week I went for a hair cut, the salon I go to is just in the process of relocating, so my stylist asked me if I wanted to buy a mirror for $50 because they got all new ones at their new salon. Of course I was like YES! The mirrors she has retail for like $200-$300 normally. So needless to say I was pretty excited. Anyway. I picked it up the next day and brought it home. My husband and I forgot to take it out of the back of the vehicle the next day before he went to work, so he went to take it out himself. I get this text "Jesus. You didn't tell me this mirror is 10 feet tall!" Lol. I guess it's pretty huge. But it will be perfect. I can't wait to use it! :D


FOUR WEEKS (and 3 days). But who's counting. ;) until I get to say goodbye to my 12 year old self and finally become a woman. Haha. I figured since I was so excited about my mirror earlier that I should use it and post some better before pictures. As much as I hate posting naked pictures of my current chest I know it is greatly helpful for people doing their own research so here goes. Stats again. 5'7, 130 pounds, currently 32a/aa. BWD 13.1 (I think. It might have been 13.5) getting 415 CC mentor mod +.. however if my BWD is 13.5 I'm going to change that to 425 cc. Not that 10cc makes much difference. I just want the implant to match my width. It's funny actually, I called my PS office and talked to Peggy (the receptionist) last week to ask a couple questions. And one of the questions was what was my BWD because it was a year ago that I had my consult so I wasn't totally sure. Peggy wouldn't tell me. :( at first I was a little put off by it. But she said she doesn't like giving people that nUmber because then they go online and they start second guessing dr. Hasell (haha. No way... you don't see that on this site over and over and over again huh?) anyway. I wasn't planning on second guessing him. The only reason was because if it's 13.5 I want to go with 425cc, so I was disappointed about that but at the same time I do totally get it.. I'm sure it doesn't really matter. I'll talk to him about it surgery day. FOUR WEEKS! :D

Happy Thanks Giving Ladies!

Not boob related. Just wanted to say happy thanks giving to all the Canadian RS ladies out there. :)


Time is going by so fast :) even RS is counting down in days now, not in weeks or months anymore. AHHHH!!!!!! Not much to update on. I did call and talk to Peggy today to confirm they received everything from the financing company which they have so YAAY for that.. I was so worried something would happen and the payment would be delayed or something.

I asked about a pre-op because it's been a year since I saw dr hasell so I was feeling pretty strange about it. But he does it the morning of surgery, I'll spend about 30 minutes with him before hand to finalize everything and answer any questions I may have. Which is great. That makes me feel better. I didn't like the idea of not seeing him for a year and then going for surgery and just basically being whisked away and hoping for the best. Lol.

My husband will be given my prescriptions to fill while I'm in surgery so we don't have to stop on the way home.

Also, it's annoying. But I've been fighting a bit of a UTI this last week.. I've been trying to deal with it myself holistically, because I'd rather that than be on antibiotics. But it's not going away and I need to stop taking supplements and holistic things next week so I decided I'll go to the dr today and just deal with it. So I confirmed with Peggy that if I end up on antibiotics today it won't be an issue... which I didn't think it would be but she confirmed that's totally fine. I'll be on antibiotics after surgery anyway... which made a light bulb go off in my head! I better go stock up on some probiotics!!! The last thing I'd need is to end up with a yeast infection right after surgery from all of the antibiotics.. bleh. That would be terrible to deal with right after surgery..
oh and! It was a good thing I called. I thought that I would be sent home in a surgical bra, but I guess not. I'm just sent home all wrapped up in bandages, and I will need a front zip bra for the next day after I take the bandages off and shower... I knew I would need a front zip sports bra but I didn't think I would need it immediately so I was going to wait until after to get some.. I guess I'm going shopping this weekend! I'm also relived I get to shower the next day. I've seen so many people who's doctors say no showers for a few days, even a week or so and that would really suck and feel super gross... although I'll have to make sure I ask "how" to shower if my incisions are bandaged or how that works.... messing up the incisions I think is my biggest worry! Anyone else's dr have you shower the next day? What did you do?
.. anyway. I'll stop rambling now :D cheers ladies!

More before's and collage app.

I figured I should post some before's in the sports bra I just bought so I can do afters in the same one. I got it from Walmart. Got a M and L in the purple and another one that's the same but grey. Also just downloaded a new photo app for doing collages and playing around with it. Lol. I'm terrible at taking selfies so maybe this will make it easier. Haha. Also the black lingerie/dress thing. My husband picked it out a couple months ago as an exciting post BA outfit... he looooovvvveeessss lingerie, currently I hate it if I can't wear a bra under it because I feel dumb.. i CANT WAIT to be able to wear things and actually feel sexy in it! Excited to make a collage picture before and after in the little black dress ;) also a couple pictures playing with rice sizers. However I don't think they are very accurate. I think my implants will be wider with less projection.. but fun to play with none the less. Also sorry for the crappy lighting. It appears that the light in my bedroom is very dark.. I'll have to start taking pictures during the day when theirs natural light coming through the window.

Kids are so funny.

So I finally told my son today. He's 8, I didn't want to get into any great detail because A: he wouldn't understand and B: I didn't want to inflict my own issues/beliefs on him. I didn't want him to think that girls should have big boobs or anything like that.. anyway. He doesn't have really any experience with doctors or surgeries or anything like that we are luckily a very healthy family and have never had anything major happen.. so.... I finally sat him down and told him that in 2 weeks (YAY JUST 2 WEEKS:) ) I'm going for surgery to put my boobs back to how they were when I was pregnant because pregnancy is hard on us mommies bodies and I just want my boobs back.. he had an awkward/uncomfortable smile on his face through that explanation. He thought for a second. And then says "so... is it kinda like when we fixed the cats?" Hahahhaa.... and that was that. He didn't ask any other questions really. I'm sure the little wheels in his head went round and round for a bit. But he seemed to have promptly dismissed it shortly there after. I don't have anything to report in the pre boob department. But I wanted to share that before I forget. Happy healing or anticipating ladies.

Wish boobs

I just realized I have posted any wish boo. Pics... I tried to be as "realistic" as possible. My wish boobs have changed over the last year with the changes of my decision. I never went through and picked random boobs I liked, I waited until I had an idea of what I was getting and looks specifically for this results. I have made a point NOT too go by girls in magazines because you just never know what kind of photo tricks/editing have been done to them... its definitely not realistic to expect results like that. I chose people who i think have a similar starting point as I do and got the same size/profile implants as I am getting. The first girl in the bathing suit stopped updating after about 6 months and doesn't have any pics without a top. But in a bathing suit I loooveeee them. I can only assume they are just as awesome without the top. And the second girl is how I hope mine settle. They are perfect. They look so real, she didn't post any before pictures but said she was a 32a. Which is what I am. So I assume we are similar. She is a few inches shorter then I am though so they look bigger on her then they would on me I think. Anyway... perfect perfect. :) 12 days!!!!! :D

Single digit days and planking.

Wow!!! The count down is down to the single digits!!! My husband thinks I'm crazy because I'm excited for the moment I wake up after surgery and can look down and FINALLY be like "omg it actually happened"... he seems to think that initial waking up moment will be the worst moment. But I'm pretty excited about it haha. Hopefully I'm not totally out of it and practically drooling on myself. Haha

Ive been going to see my chiropractor this week and will go a couple times next week to make sure everything is lined up as it should be. My neck is pretty terrible and causes me all sorts of grief so I can imagine it won't be much fun post surgery, I figured I should start with it as good as it can be.. Also some tips from my chiro. He said to start stretching immediately opening up my chest as wide as possible (pushing my shoulders back as far as I can) which will discourage those chest muscles from pulling your shoulders in and forward like it happens for so many people.. I'll be interested to see if it makes a big difference. He also said to start planking immediately. I forget how he explained it exactly. But basically if you "stress" your chest muscles pre surgery it will help them "accept" the implants easier.. similar to, after you work out a certain musle once the muscle relaxes again that particular exercise is easier to do?... he didn't say to work the chest muscles really hard.. I know if your chest muscles are too tight it makes surgery that's much harder and more painful.... Just to warm them up and get them working.. beyond that though i haven't worked out in a really long time so It will be really good for my core which I am going to be relying on for a while so I think it's probably something I should be Doing anyway. I started that this evening and HOLY CRAP am I ever out of shape! I've never been terribly good at planks but wow that was terrible. My entire body was vibrating the second I got into position. Lol. I guess that is going to take some work... 9 DAYS!!!!!


Yesssssss. We have to be at the hospital at 6:30 am on Saturday. Surgery is scheduled for 8:50 am. That makes me soooooo happy. I was REALLY hoping it wasn't going to be in the afternoon. That would make for a long rough day. We live 2 hours away so we are going to drive there tomorrow night and stay in a hotel. But I'm super happy we should be home early afternoon on Friday! The universe has been working in my favor a lot!!! When I originally rescheduled to a Friday I felt bad because my son is in hockey and his games are usually on Saturday's. I was sooooooo hoping his game would be Sunday this weekend so that in case something happened and we got stick in Lethbridge Friday knight my husband and I wouldn't BOTH miss his hockey game. I got my wish and his game is on Sunday!!! It's unlikely that I will be there but at least my husband will. Plus he's one of the assistant coaches so that would have been even worse if he wasn't there. I would have felt AWFUL! I've had my fingers crossed for weeks that the weather would be decent. It is almost winter here and come October/November the weather could do pretty much anything.. we could have a foot of snow on the ground by now. But NOPE not this weekend. We have no snow yet and it's supposed to be way above average warm on Friday. Oh yah! And I bought some things on amazon recently, decided to try and order some shirts. I've never bought clothes online but I wanted some inexpensive things with higher necks and looser fitting that I could wear with a sports bra under. Anyway so far so good on the things that have arrived. Surprisingly! Most of it has come from china, so when looking at the reviews when people would say "nice fabric.. but way too small" or things of that nature I paid attention. I've seen this bathing suit pop up on my facebook a few times recently that I always think is super cute, I came across it on amazon. Of course the reviews were all "OH MY GOD ITS WAY TOO SMALL" so what did I do? I ordered an extra large. Lol. Now. To recap. I'm 130 pounds. 34a... it arrived today and it actually fits!!!! Hahahaha. The top is too big (but not by much) which is what I wanted so it fits the new girls. But the bottom fits too. I looked at the tags and the top says xl (8) and the bottom says xl (3). I gave me a good laugh. It also makes no sense because I've got a good amount of hips and bum and I can tell you I am definitely not a 3. I posted a before picture in the bathing suit. Can't wait to post an after. Oh and!!! I went through my super mega ultra stupid padded bras today, and oh man. I can't wait to never ever wear them again!!!!!! Less than 48 hours to go and I'll be on the other side.

A bit of a change in plans..

I got a call from my surgeons office this afternoon. The Lethbridge hospital is having problems with one of their sanitation machines and all surgeries have been cancelled! (YIKES SCARY).,, However dr. Hasell also works out of the Taber hospital and they have managed to accommodate his patience tomorrow!!! Yaaaayyyy. So we have an extra 30 minutes to drive which sucks because it was already 2 hours.. but it's better then having to reschedule all together! Now I don't have to be there until about 8:00am. They couldn't tell me exactly when I would be in, but she said I'm the second one in and the first one is at 8.. so I would imagine it won't be THAT much later then my original time. Phew.

A few hours to go!

Up and ready to go. I did actually manage to get some sleep surprisingly. Woke up a few times but all in all not too bad.... We are leaving the hotel in about 20 minutes or so and then it's all downhill from there. Wow wow!!! Wearing my super comfy recovery pjs my husband bought for me. They will be perfect. Took a picture of them just because and a final goodbye to my super mega VS push up bra!!! It's still feeling pretty surreal.. see you on the other side ladies :) wish me luck.

My twins were born!

I HAVE BOOOOOBBBSSSSS!!! It's still hard to believe. Everything went great. We got to the hospital at 8:00. The nurse did all the usual questions and such. Started my IV. One of the first questions was "what are you here for". And perked up and said "BOOBS". lol :) Dr hasell came in maybe 15 minutes later and marked me up and answered questions after he marked me I got my husband to take a picture and looking at that picture made me really excited!!!! If the lines are accurate I won't have a big gap between them!!! I was worried I would. Yaaaayyyy ... I didn't really have any though. Other then my stitches I learned they are dissolvable which made me very happy. The anesthesiologist came in and went through everything. His name is dr Hughes and he was great. Very to the point but nice guy. When he was done going through everything he said "someone as healthy as you... anesthesia is about as dangerous as the drive here" lol. They came in and got me at about 10:00 and off to the OR I went. That part was quick maybe a couple minutes passed before I was out and suddenly waking up in recovery. I was very very tired, stiff chest and was fairly sore but not unbearable. Maybe a 4 out of 10. It was nice, the OR and initial recovery room are connected so dr hasell had come to the OR waiting for the next girl, she wasn't there yet so he stood there and chatted with me for a bit. He really is a great dr. Very nice and "gentle" demeanor. They brought me back to the day surgery unit. I don't have any nausea which makes me very happy. I REALLY didn't want to go through that. Puking after surgery sounds so awful. I couldn't take a very deep breath the pain was still maybe a 4 or 5 so they gave me some Percocet. Once those kicked in I was high as a kite!! Lol. My husband was pretty amused with that. But the pain went pretty much totally away. I've drank an apple juice and 2 small glasses of water. The little glasses weren't cutting it so my husband went and got me a bottle. I've had 2 bottles of water and some fruit. I haven't been able to pee yet and I have to before they will let me go. I'm not so high anymore but I sure am sleepy. Anyway. That's all for now. Everything is great. I just can't wait to go home. The 2.5 hour drive might be long though. I hope I sleep most of the time. Thank you for all the messages ladies! It's nice to know there were so many people rooting for me this morning.

A birds eye view.

I sure like looking down and seeing something there. Even if it is hard and sore and a little far apart. It's hard to take a picture so it doesn't look nearly as good as it does in real life. But I think I might be a little lucky and not be totally square up top! They look pretty round.. could just be the bandage but maybe not :)

My daughter was so funny when we got home. I sat on the couch for a bit and she was sitting beside me. I could feel her glance over at me every couple seconds and would just sit there looking for a while and then look away. But then would look right back again.... so I finally looked at her and said "don't worry. They won't stay this huge and high" she goes "oh thank god because I can't stop staring." Lol.

All in all I'm doing really well. They feel huge as to be expected. They feel pretty wide on the outside so my arms rub them. Kinda feels like I've been working out too much and have huge lats and can't put my arms down flat to my body. Hahaha. The Percocet is doing its job. When it wore off on our drive I got very sore. But I took another one at home and am better now. They gave me 2 at the hospital and that was too much. I was REALLY out of it for a bit. So I'm just going to stick with one at a time. Hopefully I don't need them more than a day or 2. I probably don't NEED them now but I also don't really want to find out the hard way.

What else.. I can pee on my own and pull up my pants so that's exciting... especially because I should be getting my period at any moment so I really didn't want to have to get my husband to help me with that!!!! Lol. Gross. That would take our relationship to an entirely new level hahaha. Who knew after 10 years there could be new levels?

I feel like I should be sleeping but I'm really not tired. Maybe that's the Percocet?? I dozed a little bit on the drive but that's all. No puking THANK GOODNESS. I got pretty nauseous for the last hour of our drive which lasted about 2 hours but then it went away. I feel pretty great about that. I can thank the anesthesiologist for that. We talked about nausea. I told him I can get motion sickness in the car pretty easily, but usually as long as I can see outside im ok. He said he usually gives people 2 or 3 different things for nausea depending on the situation so he would make sure he gave me 3 because he knew we had a 2.5 hour drive home. So that was awesome. I was so afraid of being sick after.

Just a recap. I got 415 cc mentor smooth round mod+ . And here's my birds eye view :)

Introducing the girls!

I am so darn happy and impressed right now!!!! Hubby took the bandages off this morning and holy cow I'm shocked at how good they look already. They are high and a little weird. But they aren't nearly as high as I thought they would be and they aren't as squished as I expected too. I'm so so so happy!!! I'm taking Percocet every 4-6 hours roughly. I've been waiting as long as possible between doses so that I'm not taking them if I don't need them. But by the time I take them I can feel all my muscles contracting and my shoulders pull forward and what not. I've hardly slept which is weird. I didn't sleep at all yesterday when we got home and we didn't go to bed until 12:30. I slept from then until 2:30 and then just dozed after that until I got up at 7. So that kind of sucked... but I feel ok and still not really tired so I'm sure it's probably related to the percs. I'm not bloated which I thought was pretty weird. I have a terrible digestive system as it is so I thought for sure it would be horrible. But for some reason it isn't. I had about an hour this morning that I was bloated and hurting but I drank some peppermint tea and it went away.

My left side is quite a bit bigger then my right. Can't really tell in pictures but it was A very big difference In person, I expected it because my left breast is bigger than my right, but it's much bigger then I thought it would be. Also when my ps was marking me up he noticed that my rib cage on my left side sits farther forward then my right.... but he said the rib cage thing will be less noticeable with implants.. so it will be interesting to see how they settle, I know that any little imperfections with small breasts are often more prominent when they are bigger so I think I can deal with it... just hopefully it's not a HUGE difference once they are healed. Anyway. I think that's all for now. Time for some pictures.

What day is it?

Day 2.5 I guess? I am doing pretty well I think. Haven't taken any Percocet since 8 am this morning and I'm doing alright. Tight and hard and sore but nothing crazy. Last night I took some benedryl before bed and it definitely helped me sleep thank goodness! The Percocet makes me awake. As weird as that is. But the benedryl made me drowsy and took away the itchyness, I only slept for 2 hours at a time and would need to get up but those 2 hours were much more restful sleeps then the night before. So I will do that again tonight.. showered again today and it was glorious. I could have stood in there all day. My husband washed my hair which was super weird. He felt awkward. Haha. But everything feels good so far I think. As good as can be expected I guess. My bodily functions aren't functioning yet so it would be nice if that would get "moving" haha.. but I'm sure it will soon enough. :) happy healing ladies.

So this is day 3

Sleeping last night was pretty brutal. I took a Percocet and some benedryl before bed and slept from about 10:00 to 1:30am and that was pretty much the end of that. I was Really sore and just generally uncomfortable. I didn't want to take any more Percocet so I just dealt with it for the night. When I got up at 6:00 this morning I was like "OOOHHHH so THIS is day 3" lol. I ended up giving in and taking another Percocet but felt much better after that and only took that one today. My right is way more sore than my left. But only on the right side of it. It pulls the whole right side when I move my right arm. Kind of a stinging feeling? I don't know. It's weird feeling. I'm not sure how to explain it.
I have good mobility in my arms. My shoulders never hunched over like I see happens a lot. I'm very happy about that!! I never really had t-Rex arms either which I also found very surprising. Perhaps because I went to see my chiro a few times the week before surgery?? What ever the reason I am very happy about it.

Still no BM. Ugh. I'm pretty use to being backed up and bloated but given all the rest of uncomfortableness I would sure like things to start moving along..

I haven't really noticed any changes but it's only been 3 days so I don't expect much yet. I wanted to take photos in something that I could use through the healing process for comparison. I have some less bulky thinner fabric sports bras, but my husband won't let me try to put them on yet because they aren't zip front and he doesn't want me to hurt myself lol. So I took some in my new bathing suit top. When I first put it on I burst out laughing and went OMG THEY LOOK ENORMOUS! hahaha. Having something in my bathing suits is sure going to take some adjusting! Looking forward to taking more pictures in the same bathing suit as things settle so I can see the differences. :)

So far couldn't ask for a better recovery I don't think!

What is this feeling?

Ok so my right is the smaller tighter one. Also my dominant side. But since last night when I bend forward even slightly it's like I can feel the weight of the implant shift forward and it feels like it is going to peel my entire boob right off. But only in my right side.. anyone else have this feeling? It sucks. I'm walking around holding my right boob so it can't shift at all lol. HELP :)

Day 5 is a mile stone for me!

My husband is the greatest (ish) haha... so yesterday he ended up texting a friend of mine who is also my hair stylist. She lives really close to us and he arranged to take me to her after we showered so that she could blow dry and style my hair for me. :D We were getting ready to go and he says "now we just need to find someone to come over and do your make up for you. You look like shit".. hahahaha. Ok now I know most of you are probably reading this being like OMG HE DID NOT!!! But no. It was funny. That's how we are with each other. Generally sarcastic assholes. It was hilarious. Anyway.. The rest of yesterday was hit and miss. My right side was rock hard all day and stinging/burning inside. It couldn't lean forward at all or it felt like it was going to rip right off. Which was odd because my left didn't feel like that at all. However I gave the girls a good rub down with coconut oil and a couple drops of Japanese mint oil and ahhhhhhhhh. Relief.... for a little while anyway. It was nice.

But then this morning came.... *insert sigh of relief* today is a good day. Had the best sleep last night that I've had yet. I woke up at 4:30 with a tickle in my throat. That was pretty confusing, needing to cough but being unable/too afraid to! I managed to deal with it without hurting myself so that was a relief. Went right back to sleep and didn't wake up until my husband woke me when he came to check on me at 8:30. The kids get up for school at 6:30 but I didn't hear them at all. I was shocked. Before I even got out of bed I knew I was in less pain then yesterday. Getting out of bed my right side freaked out but I was surprised to find my left didn't?? My right is in a constant state of spasm so maybe it's just THAT MUCH worse then my left that I didn't notice? The stinging/burning pain in my right is gone. It's achy and tight but feels much better then yesterday. It is still feeling in a constant state of spasm and I assume it's the spasm that is making it seem considerably smaller then my left. My left is rounding out on the outside and looking great. My right Is very flat and hard on the outside.. I took pictures for comparison.. I texted my PS just to MAKE SURE things were normal and if there's anything I should do to help poor righty along. And to my surprise. He answered in like 2 minutes!! He really is amazing. He said I could take robaxiset if I wanted to but in time it will chill out.

We got out of the house today which was REALLY nice. Got showered and put actual clothes on. Did my hair AND my makeup. :) generally feeling like a person again!!! I came downstairs and said to my husband "there. Do I look less shitty now?" He smiled and said "now you look like my wife" lol. Jackass. We made a little trip to Walmart to walk around. But boy by the time we got home I was tired. Had lunch and then napped on the couch. I've read other people say things like "I feel really good but I get tired easily"... that is no joke!!
My mental state is really good. Which I'm SOOOO HAPPY about. I haven't had any "boobie blues" days and I'm hopeful it stays that way. Leading up to surgery that was one thing that I was afraid of and hoped I wouldn't go through. I'm not a terribly emotional person so I don't even know how I would deal with feeling like that. It sounds awful for the ladies that it happens to.

We ordered some cute bras and stuff off this app my husband found. He was too excited not to lol. So we just guessed on size. Well some of them came today and OH MY GOODNESS I can't wait to try them on!!!! I held the cups against me and the wire fits along the underside of my boob quite well so hopefully they will fit!!! I'm so excited. One is totally sheer/Lacey and so pretty. I have never been able to wear things like that before. So so so excited.

Anyway. I'll stop rambling now. So far day 5 is my favorite. :)

Set myself a step back :(

Darn it. 2 steps forward one step back I guess.... I have been so conscious of how I do certain things, especially vehicle doors. When getting out of my husbands vehicle I pull the door handle with my hand but use my foot to push the door open, when I get out I either hip check the door or use my foot to close it.... WELL..... yesterday I felt SO GOOD all day long and then Last night we went to our sons hockey practice. Getting home I was apparently not as consciously functioning.. I got out of the vehicle and used my foot to open the door. But when I went to close the door I was totally not thinking and tried to swing the door shut with my right arm. My husband drives a Durango so the doors are pretty big and heavy. I INSTANTLY knew I screwed up. Righty screamed at me.... as such I swore and grabbed my boob. Lol. It was super sore for the rest of the night and now this morning it's back to how it felt on day 4, stinging/burning/cramping :(

Just a reminder ladies. In the first while of recovery Make sure you are CONSCIOUSLY moving all the time regardless of how you are feeling, not just acting out of habit!!!!!! Ouch.

Big changes already!!

Just some pictures for comparison. They have changed a lot already!! Particularly in the middle. YAAY!!!

Sneezing is the scariest thing I haven't done!

For real.... I have almost sneezed a bunch of times in the last few days and it's the scariest thing EVER!!!! I try so hard to not let it come out and it builds up and builds up to that ah-ah-ahhhh stage and then I'm so scared and my entire body is so stressed out that it goes away. Lol. I REALLY don't want to sneeze for like another week at least!!!
Anyway.. things are going well. I have recovered from my vehicle door closing incident a couple days ago. My boobs are heavy but definitely not as tight as they were. They squish a little when I poke them but they certainly don't move. But I'll take the little bit of squish :) the upper pole is less full and they are starting to round out a bit. The biggest thing that hurts is my back. I can't seem to get any relief in that department. I tried taking some robaxiset last night but it didn't help so I'll just deal with it. My incisions don't hurt but they feel dry almost? When I stretch I can feel them pull, and they get quite itchy sometimes..

My right side is still considerably more sore than my left, even my sternum on my right side is more sore. When i take a deep breath it hurts on my right side but not my left. When I stand up I get a sharp pain through my right boob behind my nipple. It's weird and annoying.

The tape on my incisions can come off today or tomorrow, I forgot to ask when I start using scar treatment. I'll probably text my surgeon and ask but can anyone tell me what the "norm" is? Do you start treatment right away or wait another week or so?

Im not taking any pain killers anymore. By day 4 I was petty much off them, just taking 1 Percocet before bed. But I stopped doing that a couple days ago. I haven't found that Advil or anything helps with the other random pain so I haven't bothered. I don't like taking things. So if they don't help I don't bother.

I don't quite have full mobility of my arms yet. I can wash/blow dry my hair now but I can't straighten my arms above my head yet. So I still need help sometimes. Particularly if I wear a non zip sports bra. I can get it on. But I can't get them off by myself yet.

I am just FINALLY today getting some relief in the BM department. That has been BRUTAL!!! Like I've said before my digestive system sucks on a good day but holy cow it's taken a long time to bounce back. I was taking fiber every day which wasn't working so just a couple days ago I went and got some smooth move tea. Drank that for 2 days and am finally starting to feel better today. I wish I would have gotten the tea pre surgery because that was like torture on-top of everything else that has been going on.

I had some fun trying a couple things on yesterday. The blue sheer/lace Bralet my hubby bought me pre surgery with fingers crossed it would fit. Well I think it's pretty safe to say it will!!!!

Anyway. I think that's all for now :)

My Squishyness Factor

Squishyness day 9
So this was too funny not to share. You have to watch it with sound. Does sound work on here? I hope so otherwise this will be pointless and dumb. Haha. We were talking about how soft they are getting and then this happened.

Incisions... why can't they look the same?

Took the tape off my incisions today. Which was exciting and nerve wracking but turned out to be disappointing a little bit. My incisions feel naked and weird now. But my left one looks particularly icky. I'm pretty sure it's just a scab on the one side but it's much uglier than the right side. The right one looks pretty fantastic I think!! And the picture my hubby took. My boobs look huge in it haha. But they sure have come a long way in the last couple days I think!!! Definitely rounder and less frankenboobie.


So my hubby has gone a little crazy ordering bras already and so far it looks like they might actually fit once the girls do their thing... They are all 34c and one 32D.. I love love love them. All so pretty and NO PADDING!!!! Oh man this experience is so fun. :)

Feeling good today. Went back to work and that was fine. Exhausting, but I think more so because I had a ton of work to do and mentally I didn't want to be back to work.

I had a thought I wanted to share in case maybe it will help anyone with the ever dreaded "morning boob".... I've never really had it. But I think it's because I slept on a 12 inch tall wedge pillow (with pillows ontop) for the first 10 nights.... so here's my theory. When you lie down flat or almost flat the implants shift slightly, or flatten out a bit.. When you're sleeping for 8 hours and then suddenly stand up. All the weight from the implant then shifts very abruptly to the bottom of the pocket. Since your muscles are still adjusting to the implants being there it makes sense that that whole chain of events would make them spasm like crazy.... but if you sleep as close to sitting up as possible for as long as possible it wouldn't be nearly as shocking to your muscles when you stand up. Anyway. Just a thought. Onto pictures now. :) hope you're all doing great!!!

3 weeks already.

I meant to do an update last week but going back to work it seemed like I didn't have time. Things have been pretty uneventful all in all since week 1 ended. When I went back to work, driving was a little strange. I had to keep my hands at the bottom of the wheel which is hard for big turns. Also I drive a standard which was "mostly" fine, but getting it into first gear was hard. I had to use both hands sometimes. Lol.
The only pain I have is my nipples. And it's not really pain. It's just SUPER ANNOYING and hard to explain. They are very sensitive to touch. However unlike a lot of ladies that I've seen, they don't hurt while wearing my sports bra. They only hurt if something grazes across them. They aren't sensitive to cold either thank goodness because it's winter here. I am starting to be able to sleep on my side, but not completely. I do wake myself up in the middle of the night laying certain ways and making my boobs ache.
My PS said I could start scar treatment last Monday but I still have some scabs so I decided to wait. My right side is almost ready but I still have a bit on my left. But the scabs started flaking off last night and I gently put a bit of bio oil on them.. my husband was looking at them and it looks like I may have a stitch that my body is trying g to spit out. It pokes out of my skin a little bit. I can feel it but I haven't tried taking a picture yet to see what it looks like.
I LOVE LOVE my boobs in clothes. They are amazing!! I'm not quite there with them naked yet, only because they are still so firm and round. But I know they will get there.. they change a little every day. A couple days ago they started to jiggle ever so slightly when I'm driving and go over little bumps. It was exciting and sucky at the same time because with each little jiggle it hurt my incisions. Haha. They are definitely much squishier, my left more so than my right. I CANT WAIT until they are super soft.... the waiting game is a slow one.

I am so happy to have had the recovery I have had. I really couldn't have asked for it to go any better. I've never had morning boob. So far I havent experienced "zingers".. but I can tell that the feeling is coming back in the lower part of my breasts. I never had the crazy rollercoaster of emotions. Everything has been pretty much perfect. I haven't taken many pictures lately but I'll get my husband to later on tonight. Just the one posted here I thought was super fun. I had just gotten out of the shower and was drying my hair and what not and didn't feel like putting a sports bra back on... I wouldn't walk around like that but it sure felt good :) anyway. Hugs all around. I hope everyone is doing well.

Where has 6 weeks gone?

I cannot believe this Friday will be 6 weeks already. It's so crazy to go for over a decade of wanting something soooooo bad. And then suddenly it's over and life is just normal again and time goes by so fast!!
I don't think I have much to say recovery wise... my journey has been a cake walk and I am so thankful for that. Nothing but praise and gratefulness to dr hasell and the team at the Taber hospital. I have no doubt that it's their experience and awesomeness that created my breezy recovery.
Pretty much everything is back to normal. I haven't found anything I can't do over the last couple weeks. Every once in a while I'll do something with my pecs that feels weird, but I don't think I have any muscle distortion or anything.

The skin on the lower half of my breasts is still pretty numb/sore feeling. But not as annoying sore as it was... I'm hoping the feeling starts getting back to normal soon. My nipples respond the same as they did before and holy cow are they ever at attention most of the time lol. My husband LOVES it!!!

I went to my 6 week check up yesterday which is the first time I've seen my dr since surgery day. Which is ok though because my recovery is so good I'm glad I haven't had to make the 4 hour (round trip) drive multiple times. Anyway, I had a stitch that was poking out of my left incision that he dealt with.. that wasn't particularly fun. He had to hold it with a pair of tweezers and pull it out far enough that he could cut it and the rest would spring back inside the incision. Ouch... BUT that was a learning experience, so for anyone else out there reading this... dissolving stitches only dissolve so long as they are inside your body. When they poke out, the piece that's outside your body won't dissolve. So anyone out there that has a stitch like that. You'll want to go get it snipped off. Also, the internal stitches that make the incisions feel bumpy take an ADDITIONAL 6 weeks to dissolve. (Roughly 12 weeks total)

Dr hasell seemed quite pleased with everything. He said "those are almost perfectly even" with a bit of a smile haha. And they really are. My left is a bit bigger than my right. But it always was so I knew that and my right isn't quite as round on the outside as my left, I asked him about that and he pointed out my before picture and I could see it was like that before too. I'm not particularly worried about it but I do hope as they settle more it will round out a big more like the left. The left is literally PERFECT in every way. I asked him if I'll still have a fair amount of changing to do particularly the lower poll fullness, if they have quite a bit more settling to do. To my surprise he said I probably won't see a lot more changes from here. That was very surprising to hear, from what I've seen on RS things change a ton from 2-6 months. But we will see. They actually have quite a bit more projection than I expected, which is why I assumed they still had a lot of "dropping" to do. It's funny. Sometimes I LOVE the projection. Particularly if I throw on a tshirt after a shower and i'm not wearing a bra. They look sooooooo good!! Haha. Naked though I think they are still looking pretty firm and round so I do hope they "fluff" a bit more. They are quite squishy now but they don't have a whole lot of movement on their own yet. Once in a while if I walk abrasively up the stairs I'll notice them move slightly. So I do definitely hope they soften up enough that they have a bit more jiggle to them.
What else... oh yah. I was cleared to wear what ever I want now as long as it doesn't hurt. So all those bras my husbands been buying can finally be worn. Which has been super fun! So far it's looking like I am a 34C in most things. I have a couple bras that are bordering on too small, so like everyone I'm sure the size will fluctuate sometimes depending on the store and style. I haven't gone to an actual store yet. Everything I have so far was bought online.

Just to recap. I'm 5'7, about 130 lbs, was a 34a/aa. 13.1 cm BWD. I got 415 cc, mentor smooth round mod+ implants and am now sitting at a nice full 34c

But I think that's all for now. I have quite a few pictures to post over the last 2 weeks or so. I hope everyone's doing well. :)

Couldn't be happier

Hi ladies, sorry this update has taken so Long. Life has been busy and time is FLYING by. I can't believe it's been over 2 months since my surgery. But at the same time, I have moments that I have to remind myself it's ONLY BEEN 2 months in the realm of "progress". I've been terrible for not taking weekly photos to show myself what's changing, but I don't feel like they have changed much in the last 3 weeks or so. They are definitely softer, but I don't think they have settled anymore in regards to their lower pole fullness, and in the cleavage area. I have moments that I think "well. I think this is where they will stay" and then I remember it's only been 9 weeks and I know based on RS, changes happen well beyond 6 months... that being said, I LOVE my boobs!!! They are a bit "rounder" than I imagined for myself, but I also don't want them to settle too low, so I'll take rounder over too low on my chest. They have considerably more projection than I imagined for mod+, but I love it. They do kind of vanish in certain clothes but they also look huge in certain clothes. Like this tshirt I wore to work yesterday. Nothing special. Not fitted in the least no plunging neck line but for some reason they seemed sooo big!! I attached a picture... anyway it was fun for them to seem so big but without being exposed at all. And I DEFINITELY wouldn't want them any bigger naked. So all in all I think the size is perfect for me.

I don't have any pain anymore really. My incisions are a bit sensitive I guess, but not painful by any means. My right side the skin on the lower half is still that uncomfortable sensitive/sore feeling. I REALLY hope that goes away soon. Anyone else have that last this long? My left is great In every way. It's my "all star" lol. It has been since the beginning. It's just a little bit bigger than my right, and just a touch rounder on the outside (side boob) it hasn't been nearly as sensitive as my right. I'm sure it's the usual dominant side thing, but I sure hope the feeling goes back to normal. As it stands right now my husband is pretty much not allowed to touch the right one. Not because it HURTS per say. It just doesn't feel good.

Thy are very very soft. Although I do hope they continue to soften a bit more. They giggle if I bounce them, but they don't have much movement on their own unless I do something vigorous. I.e. Running up the stairs they bounce... (which was super fun the first time it happened lol)

As for size, i haven't gone and gotten sized but based on the bras I have I am a 34 C or D depending on the bra. I think more of a D though. C only works if it's a pretty full coverage cup. Any of the half cup type are definitely a D otherwise my nipples spill over the top. I've never had muffin top on my boobs before. Lol. It's a good problem to have!!! ;)
That being said, in a previous post I posted pictures of all the bras my husband went crazy and ordered despite me telling him to wait... well those are all C's... so quite a few of them don't fit now. Now I need to figure out what to do with the ones that don't fit, I don't think they will fit any of my friends. I LOVE being able to wear little bralette type things. My favorite is the blue one in the pictures. It's super comfy and no wire or padding. I would have been completely flat in that before.

So on New Year's Eve day (also my birthday) we did a boudoir photo shoot! I've always wanted to do one but never been comfortable enough. Now that the ladies are here my husband arranged it. We have a friend that is a photographer so she came to the hotel we booked and did a little photo shoot. It was lots of fun... super hard to do because I am the most awkward person on the planet infront of a camera. But I got a sneak peak at a few pictures last night so I figured I'd share them with you all :)

Anyway. I'll stop rambling now. Cheers!

Bra size measurements are annoying

So I tried to figure out yesterday what my bra size is. Although I can wear a 34C/32D in some styles they are definitely too small. So I THINK a 34D/32DD would fit, BUT yesterday I decided to use the size chart on adore me (the site we have gotten all my bras from) and when I first did the measurements under my boobs is 30.5 and the bust measurement was 36, which they calculated as a 34B. HAHAHAA WRONG!!! According to the instructions the measuring tape is supposed to go under your armpits across your shoulder blades and the fullest part of your bust. Which makes ZERO sense, but I tried it anyway. It took my bust measurement to 38 which changed the bra size to a 34D. I decided to try somewhere else, and went to the nightlift bra site since I want to order one anyway, Using my original measurements of 31-36, according to their site, a 5 inch difference between the rib cage and the bust measurement came out as a 34DD!!!! Ahhhhhhh. I'm confused. Although I get every store and style and brand are different and the sizes with vary. It makes things friggin confusing for ordering things online. Especially the nightlift bra. That things not cheap so I'd hate to order the wrong size and have to go through the pain of returning it. Anyway. If anyone has some insight on this confusing mess please let me know. :)

Further than that, I don't have much to report. Everything is so great. I LOVE my boobs. I love their shape and size and they have settled to exactly where I want them. I hope they don't go too much lower. I do still hope they continue softening up more, but otherwise they are perfect. I went out with a gf on Saturday and wore a regular bra and I had all sorts of cleavage!! That was a first... a very very very fun first. Lol. I attached a picture just for fun. Also finally got around to doing another comparison picture from when I was 1 month to now which is roughly 2.5 months. And wow what a difference. I am surprised that it seems like they have more projection then they did at 1 month!!! :) they look a little wonky in the front facing picture but they don't look like that in real life. Also I mixed up the second one and the 1 month pic is my left side and the current one is my right.. I didn't realize it until afterwards and noticed my tattoo is in one and not the other but you get the idea...
anyway. I think that's all I have to say for now. I'll go attach pictures :)

Overdue update!

Hi RS world! It's been a long time since I updated so I figured it's about time. I've been meaning to for a couple weeks now. I don't have a whole lot to say other than my boobs are GREAT! I love love love love them! They are super soft and squishy, they feel amazing. Size wise. I'm a 34D/32DD normally. At VS I'm a 32DDD apparently. Haha. Them and their crazy vanity sizing. I went to VS to get a high impact sports bra a few weeks ago and tried on some push up bras just for fun... that was SUPER FUN, the cleavage was fantastic. Lol. I didn't buy one though. They didn't actually have one in my size. As we all know 32DDD is hard to find. But that's fine, I've gotten all my bras from adoreme so far and they have been great. I bought a "double your cup size" bra just for fun recently. It is hilarious!!!! The bra cups themselves are like the size of my head. I haven't taken a picture in it yet but I will and I'll post it. It's too funny. It will definitely be a "date night out" or something bra. I also bought a corset which I LOVE. It's so nice to be able to wear one and actually have something sitting in the top of it. I also didn't take a picture of that yet to share.

I do still have the sensitive/sore feeling skin ok my right side. Mostly the bottom half and my nipple. I REALLY REALLY hope it goes away because it's no fun. My husband loves the girls and gives them all sorts of attention. Haha. But the right one is pretty much off limits most of the time. It's been over 4 months now so I sure hope it goes away!

I do wish I had a bit more definition in the cleavage area without wearing a bra, but I knew my anatomy going in and realized I probably wouldn't.. and I don't.. so I'm not surprised, but I was hopeful. It doesn't bother me to the point of being disappointed or anything... just an observation.

I also don't love them when I lay on my back. Not from my perspective anyway. I haven't taken a picture to see what it actually looks like, mostly because I'm a little scared to. But my husband says it's a "normal" amount of falling to the side. To me it seems like they get REALLY far apart and that's a little worrisome. So I hope I'm just being over analytical. They don't fall right off my chest and sit in my armpits or anything like that. They just seem pretty far apart. I was hoping that they would sit a little more at attention laying down. Again, nothing that I'm super disappointed about. I LOVE MY BOOBS!!!

Time to post pictures. I have a really hard time getting front facing pictures, I can never get a good picture because they always look crazy and crooked and all sorts of weird, which they soooo aren't in real life.

Anyway. That's all for now.

Wow 6 months!

It's crazy how fast time goes when you're not counting down to surgery. It's officially been 6 months now and everything is great.. they feel like mine for the most part, they juggle like they should they are REALLY SOFT. My nipples still don't feel the greatest but they are slowly getting better and they skin sensitive/sore feeling on the lower half of my right boob is almost gone.

My nipples get SUPER sore around my period which is odd, but before surgery my entire boobs got insanely sore with my period, my entire boob doesn't get sore now. Just my nipples. So I'm guessing it has to do with nerve changes.

I hardly ever notice the size difference anymore. Now that they are all dropped and fluffed they look almost perfect, in some bras I notice that the left is a big bigger because I have a bit more "spillage" over the top lol.but otherwise I don't notice it's bigger.

I've been using vitamin E on my scars, I haven't taken pictures of my scars in a while but I will soon. I will say though, I've been using the vitamin E for 2 or 3 weeks now almost every night after I shower. When I put it on my scars I kind of rub it all over my boobs and I noticed yesterday that my stretch marks are almost gone!!!!!! I've had stretch marks since my first child 14 years ago. I never actually thought they could go away. So if you have stretch marked use VITAMIN E!! I bought the capsules and just poke a hole in it rather than buying stupid creams and gels with who knows what else added to it. It's a bit sticky but that hasn't bothered me. Probably because I put it on at night. Anyway that was awesome to realize.

I haven't taken any pictures in a while but I'll do some more that are similar to the others for comparison. Cheers all!
Alberta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Hasell is great. He is very gentle and soft spoken but thorough and to the point. My initial consult was great. I hardly had to ask any questions because I felt like he answers them before I had to ask. Once I booked surgery, I called and asked questions a few times. Peggy was quick and answered my questions every time. Just don't call on Monday's because those are Peggy's "office" catch up days and she's very very busy. Surgery day was great, there was a problem at the Lethbridge hospital and my surgery day was cancelled but dr hasell and his team were able to make adjustments and his patience were accommodated at his other surgery location at the Taber hospital. I was very thankful for the quick thinking and adjusting!! Im only 3 days post op so haven't had any follow up yet so I don't have a review in that part. Recovery is going very well and I couldn't be happier.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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