26 Years Old, 5'10, 170lbs, 38B to 36DD! 485CC Over Muscle Lethbridge, AB

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I called Dr. Hasell's office last week, and was...

I called Dr. Hasell's office last week, and was extremely lucky to book a consultation on October 19, 2015. My hands were shaking when I dialled the number! I'm looking forward to my consultation. Right now I'm a 36A, and hoping to go up to a D or DD! I have wanted implants since I can remember, but could never justify a reason that sat okay with me. It's hard to put yourself first! But then I met a women who had them and I asked her why she got them and she said, "I was tired of wearing triple push up bras. I just felt like I was supposed to have bigger breasts." That's exactly how I felt, and I realized that it was okay to want something nice for yourself! And oh my gosh I am sooooo excited to throw away these triple push up bras!

Had my Consultation!!

I had my consultation today, it was so exciting! I was nervous going in, and I went alone, but it was easy and Dr. Hassel really is a super nice guy. He explained about his experience, then talked about options. He measured my girls (although I totally forget what the measurements were now lol oops!), and then we threw on the sizers. He put on 350cc's and said, "In my opinion these are quite conservative on your shape and size. I think you could support more." So we tried on the 450cc's and they looked perfect. Not too large, but just allowed me to look proportionate. I am so so so excited! I have heard Dr. Hassel would recommend a smaller implant, but he recommended exactly what I wantedI was very surprised to hear him say that based on my breast shape it would actually be best if I did mine over the muscle, because my breasts just kind of drastically slope downward and then all the tissue is at the bottom, an over the muscle implant would actually look more natural. I also explained my active lifestyle, and we both agreed the size would not get in the way of my life, so I'm very excited about that! I also took some photos of the experience (although forgot to take pictures with the sizers, I'll have to make some rice sizers, ha!) to show those who were interested!

I will call back tomorrow to book my surgery, I am hoping to book for December or February, as those are the times I can take time off work!

Updated Images & 450cc Ricers

So I decided to show the boyfriend what the sizers looked like as he couldn't come with me to the appointment. I am so happy with the size, I think I finally look proportionate. I am worried about having boobie greed, or my friends having boobie greed!! I think they look great, but my BFF thinks I should maybe go a bit bigger in size, and the bf is distracted by the Blue Jays game but his response was, "They look like your push up bras" which is the size I am comfortable with. I don't want to look matronly later in life as I'm only 26 right now, gravity's still got some time with me. What do you think?

Booked Surgery Date

So the day after the surgery I went in and booked the date!! February 23, 2016!! As a birthday gift to myself, and also because that's the only time I could get off work. I'm sad because I could have gotten them in November but I couldn't take the time off work! I'm so so so so excited! Peggy also said anytime I'd like to come by the office with some clothes I could try on the sizers, how nice!! I realized some things I forgot to ask Dr Hassel: about preop & postop vitamins, and about the band, but since I've read all these reviews on here and he doesn't recommend it anyways it slipped my mind. I have also decided I'd like to get in a bit better shape before the surgery so the girls will look that much better when they're in! Haven't decided on a plan of attack for that yet. And now I get to order some fun post surgery bras, I'm going to see what I can find in Calgary next weekend. I seriously don't know how I'm going to sleep for the next 4 months!

Tried on more sizers, hard to pick a size!!

I love this website, so many women have been like, "All I do is read about boobies all day and look at pictures, I am obsessed." YES that is me! My boyfriend said to me, "Seriously what more is there for you to even read about BA" omg, so many things to know!

I went in to Dr. Hasell's office today to try on the 450cc sizers again, and ended up trying on the 550cc just to see. It was then I realized I wanted to see the doc again because I had so many questions for Peggy that she just booked me another appointment with the doc. Some questions I want to ask & clarify because even though he answered these I feel like I was in awe of actually having gone through with my initial appointment, that I didn't actually soak any information in, ha!

Questions (I'm thinking I'll just use this list when I go back Nov 16 for my next appointment)
- He suggested 450cc, over the muscle, I just want to confirm over the muscle because I play sports.
- I want to know if I can go up to 500cc. I think the 550 were too matronly for my age, but the 500 would probably be just perfect.
- Why I don't have to do bloodwork before the surgery?
- How do I decide which profile to go for? I don't really want to be very full on the top, which makes me think I will want a moderate profile, but that's only from my own research, I don't really know.
- Before the surgery: what to prepare so as not to get stretch marks on the breast skin, what I need to take for vitamins, what pain killers are prescribed after the surgery and if I get a prescription beforehand to fill for them, what bra's I will need for right after the surgery that I can buy before hand, anything else I need to order or prepare beforehand
After the surgery: how long the stitches stay in, if they're dissolvable or have to be removed (I think dissolvable based on other reviews), how long until I can shower, how long until the tape comes off, how long do I have to wear bra's without underwire (which I'm actually excited about lol who likes underwire anyways), when my first checkup will be, what I can put on the incisions to help them heal faster, what I can take to help me heal faster in general (vitamins, etc), how often I have to massage the new girls,

During surgery: how long will it take, if I need to bring anything to hospital (although the hospital pamphlet goes over this fairly well)

For those also preparing what did you have ready for your surgery? I feel like I want to get some zip up/front enclosure bras, some front do-up shirts or pjs, a pillow to help sleep upright, one of those armchair kind, probably arnica for the incisions, and I want to have everything ready at my house in terms of sheets, sleeping arrangements, etc.

One question I do have for you ladies: I live with 3 guys in my house, I have told my girl roommate, and I imagine she'll tell her boyfriend who also stays here, but how do I tell the other 3 roommates about this? One of which is my boyfriends brother, not really a conversation I want to have with him, he's kind of judgemental and I don't think he'll approve. If we didn't live with him I wouldn't even tell him, but because we do live with him I feel like I can't just show up at our house one day with bandages on myself lol. Do you guys think I could get away with not telling the guys in my house, or what is a good way to tell them without inviting their opinions. I am really at a loss for what to do. I think I probably want to wait until just before the surgery and then tell him, because I don't want to incur their negativity, but I don't know how to approach the subject at all lol. Any ideas?

Bought some sports bras!

I seriously don't know how I'm going to sleep for the next 3 months and 13 days. I am so excited. I keep looking at my calendar to see if I can change the dates and make them any sooner, ha! I go in on Nov 19 for another consultation with Dr. Hassel, I've got a list of all the questions I want to ask. I just looked at my calendar and I realized I could possibly do them the first week of January. Maybe I shouldn't be so impatient and just keep the date I have. Maybe I shouldn't. Oh my gosh.

Anyyyyyways, I bought some cute sports bras in XL. One zip-up from Hanes, and two pull overs also from Hanes. I am hesitant to buy anything else because I have no idea what size I'm going to be. I went to VS & La Senza with my BFF over the weekend and I was like, "I'm going to buy this, and this, and this, and this..." and went through the whole store. I can't wait to be able to buy whatever I want and have all my clothes fit nicely.

I am starting to worry about having booby greed. It's kind of weird because I don't want huge breasts, but then I read all of these reviews and think, "what if I get them and realize suddenly I do want huge breasts." I read a lot of girls not happy with their implants because they look like they're just wearing padded VS bras, but when I saw my reflection at the PS office when I had the sizers in and they were similar in size to the VS bras I always wear, I was actually really happy. I thought, "Yes, I wear these damn things all the time because I think they make me look proportionate, why wouldn't I want this size." I also have a friend who had a BA done 6 years ago and her advice is also to go bigger. She also has the biggest breasts I have ever probably seen in person, and I feel almost like not normal because I don't want to go that big. I don't know, has anyone else felt like they're okay with just looking like they have normal breasts? I just want to look like I grew my girls naturally, and look proportionate.

I am boobie obsessed, I can't wait to be on the other side of the surgery so I can just start the healing process and stop worrying about what to get, how to prep, etc!

Funny Boob Stories

So I was reading an update from another gal on here about feeling insecure when a guy gets too close to your tata's and they're totally padded and you almost pull away from him because you're embarrassed. Well it got me thinking about a funny bra story: Before these ultra push up bras came to Canada I used to wear 2 lightly padded bras out to parties because I have so little going on upstairs. Well one night I was drinking a bit too much and I ended up taking off both these crazy bras I was wearing to get sick because they were so tight, and I ended up leaving the party without the bras just hopping in a cab and heading out (I may have gotten sick in someones bed and needed to make a quick exit), the next day the guy who owned the house messaged me and was like, "Hey I found these two bras at my house, are they yours...?" I was SOOO embarrassed so of course I said no and was mortified. They were two of my favourite bras too and I never got them back! I also avoided that guy & his house parties forever lol. I was just thinking about how once I get my BA I won't have to worry about dumb things like wearing 2 bras out because I feel self conscious. I bet we all have funny itty bitty boobie stories! Hope everyone has a great week :P

Had my 2nd Consult with Dr. Hasell

I had my second consultation with Dr. Hasell, I wanted to go over all the questions from my earlier post plus a bunch more I came up with. He was awesome, he answered everything so well. We decided on a size too!! 485CC High Profile (Mentor I think) over the muscle.

This has really motivated me to want to look amazing when my boobies go in, so I've started going to the gym, I'm on a meal plan (which is delicious & healthy) and I'm feeling really good. The program I'm following is called "Bikini Body Guide" by Kayla I, you can check out the hashtags on instagram if you're interested in seeing the before and afters. Just look up #bbggirls and #bbgcommunity #bbgtransformation. It's pretty impressive.

My surgery is supposed to be February 23, but I'm thinking of calling tomorrow and making it February 9. The only thing is that's my birthday, so I feel kind of weird getting a surgery on that date, but then I think I'm being silly about worrying about it and I should just book it for then so I don't have to wait another two weeks and can get back to work sooner (I'll have all of reading week to recover because my business will be closed then). I don't know what to do!

I am really excited, I'm happy to have the gym and my body to focus on because otherwise I would go crazy waiting for this surgery. I can't wait!!

Also Old Navy was having a sale, and I got 3 sports bras for $20, plus I have two zip-up bras from Wal-Mart as well. I also have the genie bra's too. Can you tell I'm excited? I went shopping tonight and was thinking to myself, "oh my gosh, if I buy this will it fit my new girls!!" I literally have to keep it out of my mind because I'm so excited I think I have read every single review about over the muscle and high profile.

I just can't wait! I'll post more if I decide to change my surgery date :)

Changed my Surgery Date!!

Oh my gosh, I did it!! I changed my surgery date!! February 5, so exactly 2 months away!! I could have done it even sooner in the first week of January but I couldn't take that date because I can't take time off work then! I can't wait!!

Now this means I have 2 months to work on the bikini body guide & keep up with my healthy meal plan. I'm excited!!

1 Month Out!!

I am so excited I am 1 month out! I'm so happy I changed the surgery date, I don't think I could have waited another month for it. I keep having crazy dreams about implants, the other night I dreamt they sewed the implants in through the top of the breast instead of in the crease and my friend (who has implants) bent over and they fell out on the ground. Last night I dreamt I had them in but I accidentally wore an underwire push up bra and they fell out of my breast area and into the tissue below my breast and into my armpits. Can't wait for those crazy dreams to stop.

So after reading so many reviews and girls saying that their implants did not "impress" them as much as they were hoping because they look like when we wear a triple padded bra from VS, I decided to cut out the extreme push-up bras before the surgery. I remember the first time I wore one of those triple padded bras from La Senza I looked in the mirror and thought, "Wow, could I really look like this?!!" I am excited to have that feeling again.

It's also been really humbling not to wear a padded bra, it has given me a reality check about what I actually look like. I've been wearing them for a few years now so you kind of get used to how they look, and you almost feel like they are your real boobies hidden in clothes, and your real boobies are your fake ones, if that makes sense. So now that I've cut them out (for about a week now) I realize how little I have to work with and how big my implants are actually going to be (huge!).

I also started watching youtube videos about implants, videos made by patients and by doctors, and that has sure been interesting. I am getting high profile so even just seeing what those implants look like vs. mod profile is interesting. I also know some of the nurses working at the hospital here and they have said that Hassel does perfect breast augments, and apparently he gives a little care package to take home, how sweet!

I don't have much else to report, I'm not nervous (unless you count my dreams lol), I've ordered a wedge pillow, I am going to pick up the remainder of my supplies needed: Ice packs, bio oil, stool softener, easy things to eat (canned fruits, drinks, etc.), arnica montana, and antibacterial soap - although of all those things listed the doc recommends only bio oil and antibacterial soap but I figure it can't hurt to give myself a head start in the healing department.

I'm ready to get these babies in!

3 Weeks!!

I can't believe in three weeks I'm going to have the surgery! I have been trying to stay as busy as possible at work to make the time go by faster, and today I go in and pay the remaining balance off.

I've been endlessly buying sports bras, and I stopped wearing push up bras of any kind so I will appreciate them more when I get them. I'll take some pictures and post them later of all the bras I've purchased lol.

I went into La Senza to get sized because I wanted to know my actual size in a regular bra so I would know how much they've increased in size after the BA and I was surprised I'm measuring at a 38B/36C, they say 200cc equals approx 1 cup size so I'm guessing in the other side I'll be a 38d/36dd. I can't believe it but I'm so excited.

Last night the nerves kind of got to me and I started crying to my bf that he wasn't going to like them, or me afterwards. He reassured me that he loves me no matter what and that everything will be fine. I'm worried he won't like the feel of the implant or he'll be afraid to touch them. I have no idea why I'm worried about this lol. I am also feeling guilty that I'm making this big life change, before I wasn't worried what anyone thought but now I'm concerned people are going to judge me. Again it must just be the nerves, but honestly I'd rather go through this now and deal with it rather then have it come up while I'm recovering.

I have also got all my supplies together : ice packs, bio oil, arnica Montana, stool softener, wedge pillow, button up pyjamas. I'm going to do a deep clean of my house before hand but it stays pretty clean as is so that will be good. Also going to move anything down from the cupboards and grocery shop in a few weeks for gatorade, peaches and easy to eat foods. I'm so grateful with my boyfriends work schedule he is able to take 7 days off to look after me. I keep showing him day of or day after surgery photos and explaining frakenboob to him so he knows what to expect at first and isn't shocked that they aren't perfect at first lol. He's a great guy but he will always say what's on his mind and how he actually feels or thinks about something and I don't want him to be like "your boobies look scary" at first, I probably couldn't handle it lol.

Well I'll go take pictures and some mor before images and add them to the next update :)

Before Photos

So I took some before photos to add in, I have amassed 13 sports bras in sizes L-XL, nothing with an actual cup size. I'm interested to see what will still fit after, and what it will all look like after!

More before images

Sorry the app doesn't upload properly. I will put all of these as side by sides after the surgery anyways but I'm just adding them on here in case I delete them off my phone lol

10 Days til Op

I am getting fairly nervous before this surgery!! I have had a breakout (I haven't had acne since I was a teenager) and I've been feeling so anxious. I've actually been limiting my time on RS because I keep worrying that I'm not going big enough. Somedays I think 485cc hp will probably be big enough, then other days I think they'll be too small and I'll wish I went bigger later. Luckily, I did randomly read a review from a women with smaller breasts (like just C/D cups) and I really liked the way hers looked, so I've been trying to focus on that. I'm going with the biggest the PS will put in me, so I couldn't change even if I wanted to. Then I start thinking, "Oh my god, I never even got a second opinion!" but I know I am going to the best surgeon in Alberta, so why would I have seen anyone else anyways.

I also keep wondering if I am making the right choice doing this. That's why I paid for it as soon as I could so I wouldn't chicken out. I just want it to be over and done with, I am worried about the pain afterwards. I'm worried about my boyfriend looking after me afterwards that he will get tired of looking after me (even though he's the sweetest person, and I know that he won't, I am just Worried he will). I feel worried about everything, so I've been trying to keep it out of my mind completely. I wish I had more work to do I would just dive into it to help me relax. I have downloaded some mindless games on my phone so that way I won't think about it in my down time. I just want it to go amazingly, I want to heal properly, I want them to be the perfect size, I want everything to go smoothly. Just writing about this is giving me anxiety. I need to remember to be excited about this instead of anxious and nervous. Maybe I'll take up deep breathing exercises.

//endrant lol

2more sleeps!

I called today to find out my surgery time, I have to be at the hospital at 6:20am on Friday morning. I can't believe how close it is! I think the next time I'll be posting may be in the other side! Making a quick list for myself to do tomorrow:
Put ice packs in the freezer
Have BF read instructions for after care
Clean house
Do laundry
Make a wedge pillow (I accidentally ordered the cover to a wedge pillow and not the actual pillow, oops!)
Put everything within reaching distance

I'm excited! I just have to make it through these next 32 hours and I'll be good to go. I really hope I am the first one in to get surgery because I would much rather go first than have to wait. I guess we will see! Oh and did I mention last week I got a cold and sore throat. Luckily I'm over it now but what awful timing!

Made it to the other wide

So happy I was the first surgery today! Arrived at the hospital at 6:20am, surgery was at 7. Have to keep the dressings on until tomorrow. When I first awoke from surgery pain was at a 4, now pain is at maybe a 2. It does feel like pressure but more than anything else it feels like I have a sunburn on my chest because the skin stretching and everything. Nipples are itchy but I can feel em still! Only taking Tylenol 3s, asked to have less morphine as I hate the stuff. All in all was actually really easy morning. So happy I did this! I took some photos, happy healing to everyone that went under this week and today! I can already tell this was like The best thing I ever did for myself. :)

Pics Day 1

Post Op Day 2

Sorry the app didn't upload the photos yesterday or this morning, so I've included them in this one. It's funny but I don't actually remember at all writing my update, even reading it I don't even remember when I wrote it. Must have been at the hospital. Today pain is at a 2 or 1. They are very tight, they feel like my boobs though, they don't feel like foreign objects by any means. From all my research they actually look pretty much exactly how I thought they would at this point. They are 485CC high projection (profile) over the muscle. I'm very glad they were over the muscle as the arm pain isn't too bad. I can't put pressure on my arms though, and I didn't realize until today all the times you use your chest muscles (like when walking down the stairs, who knew).

Things I am super glad to have and recommend everyone have for their BA:
Wedge pillow and neck pillow - I can not lay down on my back the pressure is too awful and the wedge pillow and neck pillow is saving my butt right now
Easy to eat food - after anesthetic you don't feel so hot, all I ate yesterday was a can of peaches and I am glad for it
Gatorade - you need to stay hydrated and nothing wrong with replenishing electrolytes
2 Ice packs - I alternate one in the freezer and 1 on my chest. I ice them fairly often, and especially when I take my pain meds. Ice and pillows are my BFFs

The bruising is as to be expected, I've got some arnica I will start using right away. I took the dressings off today and just have the incision strips on now. They stay on for 10 days and my PS is away for reading week so I will be taking them off myself (his instructions) at the 10 day mark.

How I've been feeling: at first I was afraid to touch them, scared that they would hurt to touch but they actually feel good to ice and to massage a bit. The nerves are definitely confused in there, I touch the bottom of my boob and I feel it on my side lol. If I don't take my pain meds my nipples burn, but I can't actually feel them to touch them at all, which is weird. Morning boob is a real thing, they just feel heavy and tight in the morning or after laying down (propped up) for long period of time. It goes away with walking and ice and massage which is good.

I love them and think they look great for day 2! It's the middle of my cycle (had my period 1 week ago) and so my breasts always change size during that time, so my left one is extra large and I'm wondering if that will change after my hormones relax a bit. If they don't I am not bothered by it, my lefty has always been bigger than righty, and if they stay that way it's alright with me. Lefty is definitely more sore than righty, but been trying to ice them and that has helped. A good support bra has been feeling awesome, something with compression. Luckily I have those 15 bras I bought before hand lol so I've had my choice.

I'm really looking forward to trying on some of my clothes, I don't know how some girls do it this soon in the game. My PS has instructed not to lift my arms above my shoulders for 2 weeks so I don't know how I'm going to wear most of my clothes. The only thing I have that buttons up in the front are PJs so PJs it is!

I'll continue to update as change happens, looking forward to the swelling to go down a bit and for them to soften up. I am so happy I made this choice, I'm glad I researched it so thoroughly because that gave me the confidence to trust my PS. You are literally letting another human cut you open and put things inside of you, choose the best one you can because you know they will only take the absolute best care of you. I would recommend Dr. Hassel to anyone looking for any BA work, he made me feel so safe and secure, and I was not even nervous or afraid at the hospital. I'm very happy with the size, and can't wait to see how things develop!


Feeling Better

I'm definitely feeling better today! Yesterday I threw up, I don't know if it was the pain meds or what it was, but something did not agree with me. I slept more and that seemed to help a lot, and I'm off the T3's now and I think that's also helping. Right now I'm just taking extra strength tylenol every 5 hours-ish, just to manage the swelling.

The girls are moving closer together, I wake up every day and they're a little softer and a little closer, which is pretty cool. The bruising is worse today, but it's to be expected, and they are feeling better, still tight but not as painful at all. Pain is at a 1 and only when I stand up or move quickly.

My boyfriend washed my hair today for me, so I feel a little better from that. Too bad he didn't know how to braid hair lol! He has to help me dress, but I am seeing little improvements such as I can flush the toilet handle now, I can close and open doors depending on where their handle is, I can get up so long as I'm not laying down too far. I still can't lift my arms above my head, or dress myself, the boyfriend has to help with that, but hopefully I'll be able to do those things soon.

Pain was pretty bad on Day 2 the evening I wrote the last update, I think it's because the band of the sports bra I was wearing was just too tight. Switched back to the Genie Bra and that has helped a lot, no more pain on the incision sites or anything. If I have any pain I just ice the girls and they feel good again.

I have also noticed I've had very oily skin the last few days. My BFF says it's probably from being indoors as normally my skin is so incredibly dry that it produces oil and I don't even notice it from going outside and such, but because I've been in the house there's been nothing to dry my skin out. I also have a bit of acne on my left breast from where the Genie Bra is rubbing against my skin.

I don't have a whole ton of feeling in my breasts still, but the feeling is slowly coming back, I am confident it will eventually come back! I'll also post some more pics later!

Getting Much Better

So I've had a pretty good week of recovery, I definitely could not have gone back to work right away. I slept a lot, and every time I feel that my body is tired I take a nap and just try to listen to what will make me heal.

I had a water blister on my left breast above my incision. It was actually my own fault, you are supposed to apply a panty liner above your incision to protect it from chafing on bra line, and I did that but I didn't remove the plastic backing because I was worried the sticky side would attach to my skin or tape and would hurt. It caused a water blister from the heat of skin not being able to breathe, so don't do that. I texted my PS the image and he replied that afternoon saying it's okay, not normal, but just to let it heal on it's own. It went away after a few days.

I had zingers this week, it feels like your muscle is pulling when you move in a certain way. They're a great indicator of recovery though because every time I would sit up I would get them in the bottom of my breasts, but then they slowed down and now I don't have them at all.

I am starting to get feeling back in my breasts, my nipples have been on fire, which I think is what happens when your nerves reattach. I would be sitting around with our roommates and all of a sudden would shout or swear because they were so shockingly painful like a jolt of lightning in the nipple. It only lasted a second each time but it was painful. To calm the burning I used ice packs religiously. I also use Arnica cream and that has been a god send as well. One night about 4 days in my nipples were on fire all night and nothing I did was helping. I got maybe an hour of sleep that night.

I was off T3 after 2 days, and they are right the narcotics really do bung you up, I had to take laxatives, and prune juice, and eat Shreddies or anything with fibre to get things working again. Now I just take tylenol extra strength (because that's all we have) if I know I'm going to do a lot of walking, as a preventative measure as they can get sore after that. Otherwise I'm off pain meds entirely.

I still have to sleep propped up, I called my PS office and was cleared to sleep on my back with no elevation, or on my side, if I wanted to. I tried it and slept on my back one night. I had a good sleep, but I paid dearly for it the next day. I was the most sore I've been, at the top of my breasts. It felt awful, it hurt to even breathe the next day. I don't think the implants are ready to not be elevated yet, so I've been sleeping propped up ever since and will probably continue to do so for a few more weeks.

My breasts are getting squishier and softer every day. I remove my tape tomorrow and start massages, so I'm looking forward to that to help soften them up. I've been putting vitamin e/tea tree oil mix on them and that helps as well. I think they were so sore at first because of the skin stretching, but I've had no stretch marks at all, and keeping the skin hydrated has helped a lot.

I went and tried on some bras and bathing suits at the mall on Friday just to get out of the house. I was a 38B before the surgery, and went with my friend to see what size I am. Luckily she already has large breasts because I went for the 38D and she's like, "No the band will be too big now for you." I was confused but she explained that when you go up in cup sizes (she gained 20 lbs to discover this) the cups are so much larger that you don't need as big of a band. I brought a 38d and a 36d to test this out. She was right the 38 band size was huge. She had to go and get me a 36dd and although the band size fit great, the cups were actually a bit too small. Yay! I'm sure when they settle down some more that will probably be my size and I am ecstatic about it!

Then I went and tried on bathing suits. Girls my life changed. I can wear The cutest bathing suits, the cute strapless ones that I could never wear before! Everything looked so amazing! Then I went and tried on strapless dresses because we're going to a fancy event in April and need a cocktail dress. I was in heaven. I can't wait to go back to the mall!!!

My boyfriend has done an amazing job looking after me, as I was unable to even sit up by myself so he would sit me up and get me water, cook all the meals (which I usually do I love to cook), be on top of my pain meds, get me ice packs, make sure the alternate ice pack was in the freezer cooling for me, open and close doors for me, flush the toilet for me lol. You definitely need someone to help you, you'll be so happy for it so you can just focus on recovery. He's going away for work this week though so I'm on my own, I'm going to try driving tomorrow which I'm sure will be fine.

I'll update when there's more progress :)

5 Month Update and What I've Learned Since Having Big Boobs!

Alright ladies, it's been a long time since I've updated this and that's for a few reasons. Firstly, I went through a period where I was disappointed in the size of my breasts and I didn't want to post anything negative because I figured it was just a phase (it was) and that it would pass (it has). I did not want to have a recollection of feeling depressed about them so I did not post anything.

Secondly, because I felt disappointed in them I also did not want to look at other peoples stories or read anything or see anyone else's implants and feel sad, or jealous, or upset about it. I was actually so afraid to look at other breasts I just tried to avoid it completely. I would say I had a bit of body dysmorphia in the way I actually looked. I honestly felt this way for the past few months and I realize now that was for a few reasons, I believed some "myths" about breast implants, and my boobs, and boobs in general that were just not true. Below I have included the myths I believed and the actual truth behind the matter:

Myth 1: Booking surgery far in advance is a benefit so you can plan everything.
Reality: I think I had too much time to think about everything, to plan everything, and to prepare, and to worry and to scrutinize every single detail. I am a detail oriented person and this actually played against me. Because I had so much time to prepare I was agonizing over 485cc or 550cc or 500cc or 600cc or this or that or the other thing. I had literally planned out every detail in my head about everything, and you know what, that's what I paid $8500 to my surgeon for - so he could deal with that, not me.

Some advice: Realize you are not a surgeon, your job as a patient is to make the best possible decision with as much information as you can about picking the right surgeon. It's the Surgeons job to worry about all of the details, Your job is to follow his or her instructions and focus on a healthy recovery. Think about how you want to look after your surgery and come prepared to your surgeon with THAT information. That is the most important because then your Surgeon will determine how many cc's you firstly can fit into your body (it doesn't always mean the number you want it to mean) and secondly the shape and size that will work for the look You want.

This is much easier said than done if you are like me, but how I wish I would have combated this is to book my surgery much sooner. The less time between going in for a consultation and booking a surgery means less time to worry and fret and plan and agonize.

Myth 2: You won't get boob envy because you know exactly what you want (because you've had so much time to plan!)
Reality: After the surgery I did not want to see other people's before and afters or breasts at all in general because I thought mine were so small that it would make me feel depressed or sad or jealous. I spent the last 27 years being jealous of other women breasts, I thought all of that would change with my surgery and I did not want to feel any of those ways after.

Some advice: I think it was wise of me to take some time away from this site and any other thing to do with breast implants (instagram, pinterest, etc.) and to let mine heal so I could actually see what they look like now and not compare my very fresh boobs to ones that have been settled and in much longer and look much softer, fuller and shapely. When I first got the surgery I put on a bra I thought would look amazing, and it looked terrible. It was a lace cup with underwire and it was loose and hanging off my breasts, just how it was before I had the surgery. I was heartbroken. I tried the bra on the other day, just randomly, and my girls fill the cups out and then some! I didn't realize before how stiff my breasts were compared to how soft they are now and how the shape has changed so dramatically. I didn't realize it but I never had under-boob at first, and now I do. My breasts have settled down so much more and actually sit the way they're supposed to.

I also remember crying to my boyfriend and saying, "Oh my god it doesn't even look like I had them done." I just laugh at that now, how silly I must have sounded but how seriously I believed that. The best thing for me was to do a side by side comparison to actually see that there was a difference. When something is permanently attached to you it becomes very difficult to see the day to day and week to week changes that progress photos reveal without having those photos to go by. It can be really easy to be in your own head about it.

Myth 3: I will never have to wear a push up bra ever again because I have big boobs.
Reality: I actually believed this thoroughly. I went to my check-up with my PS and complained to him that I thought they were too small (he showed me my before and afters and I realize how ridiculous that was then as well) and he said that I could wear a push up bra to make them look even bigger. I thought, "what...why would I do that? I just paid to have this done they should be perfect!!" But he was right, I can make them look much bigger if I put on a push up bra. I can have crazy amazing cleavage if I want to, and I can just leave 'em be if I want to as well. I actually have choices!

Some advice: Talk to a friend who has had big breasts longer than you and who's cleavage/breasts/underboob you admire and ask them what they do to get that. My friend (the one who told me about band size changing with cup size) has been a godsend for me in giving me advice, and guess what, she's got big boobs and she wears push up bras as well. It's totally okay to wear a push up bra and to rock your big boobs. When you take the push up bra off they'll still be big and you won't have to feel like you're wearing a couch because you'll only need a slight push up and maybe not the 3 cups bigger they make nowadays.

Myth 4: I can wear whatever I want and it will look amazing and all my old clothes will look incredible.
Reality: Your shape will change with breast implants. I used to be very rectangular before, and my hips haven't changed, but my upper half has. I used to wear very flowy shirts, very boxy, not form fitting because I didn't want anyone to know I didn't have boobs so I tried to hide them under extra material.

Some advice: A few weekends ago I spent literally 2 days reading about what looks good on big boobs online. There was all sorts of interesting information, lots about how to hide them (but hello, I just got them done to show them off) and some about what looks great on big boobs. Read as much as you can about what to wear now and go through your entire closet and get rid of things that don't. I spent some time crying in my closet a few weeks ago because nothing I owned looked good on me. Instead of continuing to cry, I did some research and ended up selling literally half my clothes because I realized they just weren't going to work for me anymore. Then I used that money to go and buy some shirts and dresses that will work. Honestly, the clothes I own now are not at all anything I would even consider trying on before, but remember I've had a lifetime of dressing for my old body, I've only had a few months of dressing for my new body and without any direction or guidance until recently.

Myth 5: All bathing suits will look amazing on me, just like they do on the Victoria's Secret models.
Reality: Go look on VS website and you'll see that the models on the website don't actually have boobs!! This was a shocker to me, because I have spent Forever being jealous of their boobs and their bodies. Now that I see that they don't have boobs, I am not jealous, and I kind of find it funny. Their flat model chests were staring me in the face my entire life, but it took until like last week for me to realize it.

Some advice: Get a bathing suit with some underwire, big boobs need support! And try on the bathing suit before you buy it, I don't think I'll ever be able to buy swim suits online ever again because they'll be too small for my boobs, and I am totally okay with that lol.

Well that's all from me for now, I'll update more with some more myths and some awesome advice I found for dressing the girls when I have more time to write. I hope this update and the photos help all of you out there getting surgeries soon. Take my advice, relax and just let the process happen, if you pick a great surgeon you'll be in a great hands!
Alberta Plastic Surgeon

Very professional and kind. Answered questions before I even had to ask them. Was incredibly knowledgeable and very, very kind. Meeting him felt like meeting a caring doctor who wanted only the best for me. Peggy (his receptionist) is also super awesome! Surgery with him was great, I trusted him completely and he made the right choices in size and shape for my body. I went into the initial consult thinking I would be having under the muscle mod+ like every body else, but instead was recommended over the muscle high profile, and they're absolutely perfect. Recovery has been great, and I love them more and more every single day. Thank you Dr. Hasell, you changed my life for the better and gave me a confidence I never knew I could have!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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