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I called the office today and my surgery date is...

I called the office today and my surgery date is set for June 4th. I have to pay in full by May 24th. I am nervous now! All of the "what if" questions racing through my head. I wonder what it will be like to not have to wear a bra and look like a woman?! I put up some photos of the 375cc sizer I had on. I will try to find one of me before as well.

May 13th Doctor Consult

I had a consultation today and it went very well. Dr. Hasell made me feel very comfortable with going ahead with this and answered all my questions and didn't make me feel rushed to get out of his office.

I am 33, 5'3", 117lbs and an A cup. I tried on a 36C with 375cc smooth round Mentor gummy bears and they looked huge lol. They also felt heavy at first. Dr. Hasell said they won't feel heavy when implanted because they're supported by the muscle and not a bra strap on the outside of the body. I have to call tomorrow to see about potential dates. I will post some before photos, and also some with the sizers on. It was a fun experience, as my bf was there with me and said "i'm hooked!" lol.

I'm worried about the level of pain though, and recovery. I've got 3 children, aged 3, 7, 9. Dr said it will be a 4cm incision in the crease so it should heal well. And I worry about going under, I always have issues with it.

Regardless, I'm excited and feel more confident already :) Thanks for everyone before for posting their photos/experiences as this site was a huge source of information and encouragement for me!


Holy cow time flies, I only have to wait 11 more days until I have my surgery! I am wearing 325 cc rice sizers right now Lol. I can't decide between 375 and 350 and because you lose 25cc when implanted I want to be sure I have the right size. I night a cheap $8 36c bra to put them in. I will make a set of 350 sizers as well, maybe wear them this afternoon Lol. I am active with kids, outdoors, caving, camping, hiking etc so don't want them too big and in the way or heavy. Again I am 5'3, 115 lbs, size a right now.
I guess the next update will be closer to my June 4 date! Or after Lol.

5 days!

So I have to call the hospital today after lunch to confirm my appointment for Tuesday and find out what time I have my surgery. I have been having weird dreams about breast implants (shoving them down throats etc) lol. I think I'm a bit nervous, although at this point my excitement is trumping that!
This weekend I'm making 4 weeks worth of freezer meals so I don't have to cook dinners. I will clean the house and put things I need lower and make dry shampoo so anyone can help me with that. (I am waiting to buy any bras until I have them in. I've seen some are full C or small D!) Then Tuesday morning, I'll wake up twice, once to go to my appointment and once with new 375cc breasts!! Oh, don't watch youtube videos of how the procedure goes, I think that is why I am having weird dreams lol.
Hope all of you women who have had them recently are loving them! :)
Here I am in 375cc rice sizers ;)

oops, here's the photo

forgot to add this... (i actually have a 325cc in the left and 350cc in the right to see how it will look as you lose 25cc when they go under the muscle)

It's tomorrow

I have my surgery tomorrow at 8am. I have to be at the hospital at 6:30am. That's good because the sooner I wake up the sooner I can eat lol. Very excited to throw out all my old bras :)

all done

I had my surgery at 840 am. All went well. The only thing is that the right implant is sitting super high and tight while the left is normal. Minimal pain. Taking 200 mg motrin. Will post photos tomorrow when the bandages come off. :)

Post op day 3

It's been an interesting 3 days. Not being able to do many of the typical activities in a day, from just getting off the couch to cooking and driving. Dr Hasell ended up putting in 400cc. Of course right now they feel huge to me. I have to go back to work on Monday and am hoping they won't be too obvious by then. Here are some after photos.

Post op day 9

I finally took some photos of the finished products! The right one still needs to drop a lot. No pain, except the one muscle in my back lol. Go figure. The incisions are healing well, too. A bit itchy, feels like the skin is stretching, and the pins and needles feeling when the nerves fix themselves feels interesting.

Bathing suit comparison photo

this was a photo i had in the pre surgery post so i put the same top on to have something to compare

Revision required

So if you notice from my photos my breasts are asymmetrical. The doctor has agreed to a revision Oct 1 at no cost. He said maybe the implant on the left has settled too low as the right one is perfect. And all this time I was cursing the right one for not dropping! haha. Looking forward to having perfect breasts soon!!!

Revision complete

I saw Dr Hasell again and he said the left breast implant had fallen too far so I scheduled a revision for Sept 17. I took the tape off and now the breast looks too high. I am hoping this is the same thing as last time and just waiting for the muscle to relax because of the work that was just done. I will take a photo later or tomorrow. I thought it would be in the right position this time but maybe my expectations are wrong. I am hoping it turns out ok in the end but I've lost confidence in all this. Super frustrated and disappointed. If it's not even after the 4 weeks Dr Hasell indicated, I will just leave it because there is no guarantee any further surgery will be worth it.
For the revision he said he'd go in through the same incision. I cannot yet tell if this was true. I assume so. I will see when the tape comes off in 10 days. I thought it would just be a matter of stitching up the bottom of the pocket a tad bit higher. Now it's a whole lot higher. Maybe it will drop?!

Finally perfect!!

So it's been a while waiting for this post because I needed a subsequent surgery to fix a pocket that dropped too low. It was harder to recover that time, the anesthetic hit me hard. It was only about 4 months since my initial surgery. So after 5.5 months here is the perfect finished product!! thank you for your support and good luck to everyone wanting to feel more feminine and confident. :)

1 year anniversary!!

Well apparently it's been one whole year since my surgery! I am glad I went through with it. I love my twins and my new body. I can buy any clothes I want because I know they'll fit properly; I"m more confident when I go swimming in a bikini; and I feel like a grown up now! They are settling nicely, I think they are done moving now. I can't do things like chin ups or climb ropes or money bars though. I notice some occasional pain with the nerves at the incision site of the one that had to be fixed. But overall they're great. I worry about laying on my stomach and putting too much pressure on my chest though lol. This will be the first summer that I have perfect breasts to go about the city with!! ;) I hope you have made the right decision for you!
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