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First I want to say how much I appreciate all you...

First I want to say how much I appreciate all you ladies sharing your experiences and input or has helped me hugely sorting out what I want!
I am heading for my first consultation in 1 week!! So excited but nervous...my biggest concern is that I plan to have kids and worry how the implants will look after pregnancy. Has anyone had their augmentation and then babies? If so was there much change?
Can't wait to share how the consult goes

Wish pics!

Here is some pictures of what I am looking to get!


I went for my consultation this past Monday and it went well! My stats are 5'4 and 120lbs, I have a faily athletic body and short torso so I have been worrying about going to big. In the consult he said my width is 13cm he didn't recommend anything smaller then 300cc moderate+ as the smaller you go the bigger the gap between breasts. He said he may want to go up to 330cc but it scares me! Looking for anyone with similar width for recommendations!

Freaking out!! Date set

I booked my surgery (September 6th) and I'm totally freaking out now! Am I making the right choice? Will I like them? Is it worth the money? What if something goes wrong? And SIZE! I am deciding on 300cc-330cc moderate plus profile submuscular, crease incision. My stats are 120lbs 5'4 bwd 13.5cm. Any other ladies with similar stats as me with size recommendations?? I've added some before photos

1 week!

Surgery is fast approaching and I am getting very excited and super nervous. My main concern is size, wondering if 330 will be too big and if I choose 310 if I will have boob greed! I keep going over and over this in my head. I bought myself a few things for recovery, some bio oil and 2 "surgical" bras I am hoping my surgeon will let me know if I need anything else. I have read constipation is a real issue afterwards but I want to wait to buy anything in case he has recommendations. I have been worrying about my return to work, if people will notice, what they will say or think. Ugh. Here is hoping the next week flies by!

Day 4

It's been 4 days since surgery and I am starting to feel like I normal human again! Surgery went well day of i was the first patient of the day which ended up being good, it helped with the anxiety. When I arrived they got me admitted then went to pre-op assessment for weight and height then got changed into my gown. About 10 minutes later I was wheeled into pre-op where I spoke to my surgeon and anesthesiologist then off to surgery. Day of was blurry. The next 2 days I stayed up on my meds, couldn't move a whole ton and slept a lot. Boobs are feeling tight and high, can't wait for them to settle!

Day 20

Almost 3 weeks I can't believe it! I'm finding sleeping is the only thing really annoying me I can only lay on my back or slightly on my side. I went bra shopping the other day which wasn't very successful, it was painful to pull tight sports bras over my head and regular bras don't fit right yet I'm guessing because my boobs are still pretty hard and not fully dropped. I was excited to find small sports bras don't fit anymore and I found myself a cute bralette. I definitely have boob greed :( I wish I could have gone bigger but he said I couldn't and I know I wouldn't have anyways. I feel like they look better every day, can't wait to see what they are like at the 3 month point

1 month

I am just over 1 month post op. On the positive side my boobs are settling and softening more each day! I bought 1 new bra and got sized at a 34D I couldn't believe it! Still doesn't feel great to wear anything but my surgical bra tho. I also can only sleep on my back or slightly on my side. I go for my 6 week follow up on the 17th I am interested to see what my PS will say. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask :)


Just wanted to add this photo it really shows how much they've changed! And a few side views
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