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Ive been thinking about this for about a years and...

Ive been thinking about this for about a years and i decided it was time. I want to be able to fill out clothes without having to wear a double push up bra all the time. I would love to feel confident. My main goal is to have a full D or DD chest. I feel that if I'm going to pay all this money they should be a good size.

before pictures

Right now I wear 34b and 32b double push up bras. I refuse to wear anything that isn't padded because I feel really flat chested, and it's not flattering. This all started when I went to mexico last year and I seen a lot of women who were able to fill out their swim suits and they looked good, I wanted to be able to do the same . This is going to be my first surgery. I really want it to be done already.


I had my consultation on March 16th. I went with my mom and my friend it was a 2 and a half hour drive. He explained that he was going to measure me and he let me ask questions. I tried on sizers starting with somewhere in 275cc range and we all felt they were small, after I tried on 300cc and still felt they were small, so we tried 350cc. He suggested that I go with 350cc hp cohesive gel (gummy bear) implants with an under boob crease incision, because I have tight skin and I'm only 5ft tall. he said this would put me at a 34 D. When I tried on the 350 I still felt they could have been a tad bigger and my friend thought the same,But my mom said they were a good size. for a week after I kept thinking about trying to go one size up, reading some reviews I guess its called boob greed. So I called and ordered the next size up. So I will have 385 which is what the doctor picked because he said you loose 25cc under the muscle and 415cc and he will make the decision when I'm on the table. I rather just have both options just incase the 415cc looks good he can put that in. reading some of the reviews I see people who picked a size and wished they would have went bigger I really dont want that to be me. But I also don't want to be top heavy ,I feel like picking a size is hard work , but I trust his opinion .

I keep feeling like I'm Fogetting to put important details in here so if I'm missing anything please feel free to ask me I'm very open =)

before purchases

So I paid for my surgery already a couple weeks ago. Now I'm just concerned about buying stuff for the surgery, i want to be prepared . So far all I've bought is 3 gynie bras and a ice pack I already had bio oil and coco butter. I going to be buy a laxative and I want a pillow that makes it easier to sit up also want vitamins and scar cream or tape.

I was wondering how many zip up bras anyone thinks I need , and the things you guys used to help get you through recovery and if you guys have any suggestions for scar tape or cream?

All done

Hello everyone, I got them done yesterday and I was at the hospital at 10:15 and check in, I was supposed to have my surgery at 1:15pm. The nurse Sacha weighed me and checked my height, I got changed and she put in my IV. I hung out for a bit and didn't actually have my surgery until around 2 pm. I got wheeled down to the pre operating room where they asked me a few questions, and the nurse got me a heated blanket because I was a little cold super sweet lady. Dr hasell came and we had a convo I asked him if he ate and he was feeling good he laughed and said he was feeling good. He marked my body and after to me the anathegeologist was going to come. When the anathegeologist came in he explained what he was going to do and wheeled me to the operating room. I don't remember falling asleep. I woke up right after surgery so they could ask how much pain I was in, not very much if I remember correctly. I woke up again back in my room, I was very tired couldn't keep my eyes open. The nurse kept coming and checking my vitals. My mom and grandma told me I was singing in my sleep haha. The nurse said that I could go home after I went pee
The first time she put me on the toilet I fell asleep and couldn't pee, so I went back to lay down and sleep and after I tried to pee again after and was able to. I got dressed and my grandma wheeled me to the car. I was a little nauseous but I didn't puke at all. They had a blanket and pillow in the back seat for me. I slept most of the way home which is about 2.5 hour drive. I had to stop and grab medication that Dr hasell proscribed which was oxycodone. It was after 10:30 when I got home and I had some burning not bad though so I had a yogurt and took 1 pill. I had to pee every 2 hours which I was able to do on my own. And I've been icing every couple hours for about 20 mins. I will post another update when I remove bandages and confirm what size I got. =)

Couple days post

The day after surgery I removed my bandages at about 2 pm because I just wanted to keep them on for 24 hours. It wasn't bad taking off the bandages I did it slow because i wanted to make sure I didn't pull anything off that wasn't supposed to come off, and it was stuck to my little hairs on my body haha. Showering we ok it hurt a little so I kind of had to not stand straight or my left incision would start to hurt. I have no bruising at all, not much blood either just a little in my left incision. Everytime I sat up for the first 3 days I felt nauseous, so I didn't have much of an appetite would force myself to eat just so I could take my medication. I took 3 laxative pills because i could not go. continued to take my medication every 4-6 hours until 3 days post op. After that I didn't feel I needed them. So I switched to Tylenol extra strength mid day 3, I had 4 in total day 3. Today is day 4 I'm not in much pain so I haven't taKen any pain medication today I went for a 30 min walk outside I held my left boob for some of the way it was hurting a little. StI'll using ice packs a little.

Things I forgot

So I called and found out that I have 385 cc .
and day 2 was my worst night I woke up every 2 hours and when I woke up i was in so much pain it felt like really bad heart . So I was pushing on my chest and I felt like a sloshy noise, so I panicked and thought I was internally bleeding but I think I was just being a bit much. I got my grandma to get me some Ice and I took another oxycodone and I fell asleep and when I woke up I felt fine. But the pain was bad I thought I might have had to go to the emergency room! And I have a pretty high pain tolerance .

Week update

It's weird to me that it has already been a week. My skin is still tight buy still on no pain meds. Post day 6 I started driving again, wasn't too bad just hurt to turn a little. MY RIGHT INCISION GETS SO ICHY!! I'm also able to lift my arms higher which is great, because I'm only 5ft everything is a stretch. Does anyone know a good scar tape or cream that I could use?

2 week update

I'm very happy about my new breast. Dr.hasell did a fantastic job. At first I wasn't sure I felt that they were big enough but know I feel like they are perfect for me. I was able to take off my tape at 10 days. I'm satisfied with the scars I feel like they aren't bad So far. I was scared they were going to be really dark but they aren't. On each breast where my incision is I have little dents; did anyone else have that? My breast are still numb at some parts. I've been rubbing bio on the 2 times a day to make sure no stretch marks start to form.

1 month update

So its been a month and a few days i feel great. Im able to lay on my stomach now. I did a little bra shopping. I bought 3 bras from la vie en rose they range from 34 D to 34 DD, which i was shocked when i fit those. the 34 d is a little snug have to wear it on the last hooks but I thought it was really cute,had to buy it. I went to la senza to see if i could buy from there i picked up 5 lightly padded bra in a 34 D and 34 DD. none of the fit all too small. when the girl measured me at la senza, she said i was a 32 band and a triple D. She said i could try to do 34 DD if it had no padding. Its the weirdest thing shopping for bras i feel like a teenager going shopping for the first time, i have no clue what i'm doing haha.


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