Team Yily 6/2014!!!!!!

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Hi everyone, hope that you all are having a...

Hi everyone, hope that you all are having a blessed day. I wasnt quite sure if i would make a post, but as i approach my counsult date (4/3) at Lenox Hill Hosp, I feel the need to reach out to those who have had work done at Lenox Hill.... I am a 40 year old, 5"4, 205 lbs mother of 3. Usually women lose weight before going in for a tummy tuck but i dont feel the need to. I dont want to be skinny, I just want to look good in my clothes. I currently wear a size 14/16 depending on the time of month.... Is there anyone out there that is about my height and weight that has had a TT procedure done? if so what were your results? How Much did it cost?..... I may also be considering a breast lift......

The heck with Lenox Hill, Im going to DR for my tummy tuck!!!!!!

So my consultation 4/3 with lenox hill was terrible! I was told to lose 30 pounds and come back for the procedure! smh!!!.... I was crushed! Depression set in real bad. I ended up gaining an additional 6 pounds!.....

These days im back to my 205 pounds and i also have a new vigor for life:-) The reason why is Dr. Yily De Los Santos. Her work is amazing! According to the blogs she has performed tt on patients my weight range with no problem. If thats not good enough, $5000 will get you a whole new body (damn near)!!!!!!
So, i plan to schedule my sx for early September (God willing). I nervous about leaving the country for a sx as big as this but im so motivated to get this done.
Im praying this works out..... Have a blessed week everyone:-)

oh boyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

...So i contacted Dra Yily over 12 days ago and no response! Im starting to get a little bit discouraged. If thats not bad enough, i put on 2 more pounds!!!!!! LORD HAVE MERCY! A friend suggested i try the Fruta Planta for weight loss. I guess ill give it a go since i seem to just keep gaining weight even though my diet has not changed. Anywho, Is anybody else dealing with the same issue not being able to contact Dra Yily? My plan is to have my procedure done in mid-september, its the only time im able to stay away from home for an extended period.

I'm hype

yessssssss! I finally got a response from Dra. Yily De Los Santos. She requested pics of various angles and a brief medical history ( pregnancies, prior surgery, and list of current meds) age and weight. I'm very anxious right about now. Deep Breath..... I can't wait to get rid of this extra baggage. I've allowed it to weigh me down for far too long!

before pic

this before pic hurts to look at... part of me is embarrassed that I let myself go like this. Don't get me wrong, I am one BAD chick when I get dressed up!!!! lol

Its official! Soon to be Yily Doll June 2014!!!!!

Well, I've lost 15lbs... Yayyyy:) I figured it was time to contact Yily and let her know that I had lost some weight and was ready for my "MommyMakeover". I contacted her thru her e-mail account. She responded within 4 days. Her e-mail basically said, congratulations on my weight loss and she would schedule the surgery but I had to lose at least 10 more pounds. I agreed and she sent me an e-mail with information regarding a 300 deposit which I transferred from my account to hers. According to the instructions I had to e-mail a picture of the money transfer to her along with the date of sx and she would lock in your date. I waited 2weeks before I got a response from Yily despite numerous e-mails I sent trying to confirm my sx date. I decided to call her office and was able to speak to her receptionist. She spoke to Yily who happened to be right next to her and confirmed my date. June 12 2014!!!! I'm so anxious because it really is about to happen! I'm going to work hard on trying to lose these 10 pounds cause I really want to look amazing after the sx. Pics coming soon...

Diet Pills....

I remember trying these pills called Fruta Planta a couple of years ago, and I lost some weight... So... I just brought a box. I'm hoping to shed a lil more weight before my sx in June. I'm putting up a current pic of myself with clothes on. I'm so very anxious!!!!!

What to do!!!???!

Im so stressed out about what RH to pick! I've read countless reviews and just can't seem to make up my mind. I really want a place that is all inclusive, meaning, meals, transportation to and from airport as well as follow up appts, laundry and medical assistance and possibly a few errands. I can use a lil help from any of you dolls that have stayed in a RH with these requirements.... Also, have you heard about the reality show they are trying to put together about ladies in the U.S. going to DR for their sx? Hmmmmmm....

Wish pics...

Recovery House by myself!

I'm taking this trip alone. On the plus side, I know a lil spanish so I should be able to communicate with no problem. On the down side, I have no one with me to help and I know recovery is difficult. Do any of you Dolls know what Recovery House will offer the most assistance. HELP!


Knowing my body will be "snatched" by Dra. Yily in about a month, is making this, the BEST Mother's Day ever! Wishing all the Moms a Happy Mothers Day:)

Im on the flat side!!!

So i finally did it! My sx was on July 2 2014 with Dra. Yily. Thank God everything went well. I got a tummy tuck, lipo of the back and flanks, and a bbl. I stayed at Virginia De La Paz RH. Let me tell you ladies, if you are planning to travel solo, you NEED to stay at Virginia's! She took care of me all the way thru. I really don't think I would have made it without her care and advisement! Seriously.
These are my stats at the time of sx .
5'5 , 195lbs . My hemo was 12.7. After sx my weight dropped to 190 and my hemo was 7.9. I had to take iron thru my IV to build it back up. I stayed in DR for 7 days but had to leave with the drainage still in me. I currently still have the drainage but am hopeful that I will have it removed in about two days. Recovery is a BITCH! Prepare yourself to be cranky, sore, and miserable. I only recently been feeling like myself again. I'm going to post pics so you ladies can see how Yily transformed me into a goddess! I am totally impressed with her work! I give Dra. Yily and Virginia de la Paz a perfect score of 10!!!!!!
Please feel free to ask me any questions about the sx or the RH. I will answer as soon as possible.
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