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I didn't want to post my pics but I felt it was...

I didn't want to post my pics but I felt it was important to put my story out there for those ladies that are going through my same situation and can't find help. In October of 2013 I made the sad mistake of getting silicon injections. I really did think it wouldn't happen to me, I wouldn't have complications but I did.
At first I was fine, but as the days past the area started to turn into a big black and blue then it got so hard it felt like a was carrying a brick on my butt cheek. After about 3 weeks I went to to hospital and was admitted for cellulitis. They gave me IV antibiotics and that's when the real problem arose. For the next year I was admitted into the hospital at least 5x. My minimum admission time was 1 week. Once I spend 3 weeks. I had fevers of 103 at times. The fevers were so bad I would shake the bed because I was so cold. My blood count would constantly drop and I would have to get blood transfusions. It was a mess and no doctor wanted to try to remove the substance.
In June of 2014 I flew to Miami with my mom to attempt to pay to get it remove with a Dr Antun, which was a waste of 10,000 because as much as he wanted to help me 2 weeks after my surgery I was back in the hospital for another week. At this point I made a sound decision to remove this material that was slowly killing me.
My friend that's was also going through this found an excellent doctor at Lenox hill that actually was willing to tackle this mess we had gotten ourselves into. But the results would be distortion. After seeing that the doctor in Miami couldn't help me I decided to just go with her doctor. Dr Tansar Mir was a blessing from God. He gave me and so many other women life again. He removed the material and once he did that all of problems went away. I still battle with the anemia but I've always been anemic.
I have added the pictures before he removed the material.

After the removal of the product.

My stay at Lenox hill was for three weeks. During those three weeks I had a total of 4 surgeries every Monday and Friday. I was has to have the nerve in my left leg cut because the silicon had migrated to the front of my leg and wrapped itself around the nerve.

My most recent fat grafting (BBL)

After about 4 fat grafting (BBL) and 2 skin reconstructions this is the outcome. After much search only 2 PS are willing to take my case. Dr Del velcchio and Dr Omulepu. I'll be going with Dr Omulepu in Miami. That will be my next review.
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Amazing person and doctor, will give you his all to make sure you are happy and healthy.

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