45yr Old Ready to Say Goodbye to the Beak. - Leicester, GB

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Hello everyone. This site has been so helpful to...

Hello everyone. This site has been so helpful to me so now I'm ready to write my own account of my rhinoplasty. I was aware of Mt nose being overpowering for my small face many years ago and have had nose envy for longer than I can remember. I finally have decided that it's now or never and went for a consultation about 3 month s ago. I chose the spire in Leicester and Mr Banerjee asked what I disliked and wanted improving etc. He showed me morphed images on my second consultation and explained that I would require open approach as I need some tip work also. He explained that I have a diamond bridge which will require a graft from my scalp and a splint to lift the tip as on smiling I have ptosis. Yes lucky me! Well the morphed pics looked great and I felt that Mr Banerjee was highly skilled and had seen some previous work of his so I booked for 3rd August. .so I'm on countdown now. I hope my review will help anyone out there looking for few tips .

Tomorrow s nearly here..

Just in bed now and feel very calm and excited about tomorrow. I've been advised to drink lots to stay hydrated and as I went to my Bikram yoga class tonight (very hot! !) I am also demeaning pure coconut water excellent for hydration. I'll update when I can. I have no expectations about surgery just going to expect the worst and anything other is a bonus. Plus my friend had hers done by Mr Banerjee 3 days ago and is really great. Namaste xx

before pic

all done

Hi. Was in surgery 3 and half hours. Didn't know anything from going to sleep to waking up at 6pm. No sickness or pain. Have had dinner and now watching TV. Had some codine in case pain kicks in. Feel really great. Have seen pics of in surgery and it looks great.

day 1 post op

Can't believe how well I feel. No bruising still and no headache or pain. I had a diamond bridge, splitting cartridge at end of nose and bulbous end. Felt pointy and not feminine. Mr Banerjee has broken it in 4 places has done lots of tip work and placed 4 cartilage grafts along my nose as I have very fine skin and he wanted perfect results. These were taken from above my ear on scalp. I have dissolvable packing and dissolvable stitches in scalp.

post op day 2

Had some sleep tonight so this morning I feel a lot more awake. Kind of getting used to breathing through my mouth. My packing not disolved yet so eating and drinking is tricky but not too bad. Got bit of bruising and swelling this morning. Still no pain.

day 3 post op

Hello. Getting stronger and better each day. My disolvable packs are still inside nose so feel totally blocked up but it's really ok. Can't believe it's been done and I'm on day 3 already. I can't believe how little I've bruised, my surgery was quite extensive so I expected so much worse.

day 4 post op

Had a fair nights sleep . Bungs are still in so still breathing through my mouth so that gives me dry throat. But other than that feel great. HAve washed and done my hair . put on a bit of makeup and going to get my nails done in a while.

day 5 post op

Had a good day as my plugs have mostly disolved today and I can smell again. I also thinl i can breathe better than before already. Swelling still on the tip but I think this will just obviously get better as weeks go by. Looking forward to cast off in 3 days time. Also looking forward to tasting my fillet steak and glass of wine for dinner. :)

day 6 post op

Had the best nights sleep last night. Feel great. Just looking forward to seeing it with cast off now. Not long to wait :)

day 7post op

I can't believe that this time last week I was getting ready to go in to hospital. I honestly expected to feeling really quite rough for this first week but I just haven't. Throughout the whole process the only time I had butterflies was when I made that very first call to book a consultation. From then on of course it was on my mind most of the time and it was first thing I thought of when I woke up. I have practiced yoga for the last 6 years and honestly believe this helped my mind and body cope. I was calm and kept myself calm on the days leading upto surgery and on the day and beyond. The brain I believe is the strongest organ to determine how we perceive pain and staying calm allows your body to cope with stress and allow healing to take place. I had no expectations going into surgery other than to expect maybe the worst knowing that nothing lasts forever other than my beak which would be gone. I was prepared at home , lip balm, tissues, cotton buds to gently clean the very edges ,V shaped cushion to elivate head in bed and plenty of easy to eat food and fresh orange. Also I forgot to share with you that when I was in my room at hospital waiting to go down,a young lady christen from German who was on work experience at spire came and asked if I would mind if she observed the operation. She was only 21yrs old and is having her own rhinoplasty and septoplasty next month also and is also a nurse. Of course I didn't mind I told her I had watched the operation on u tube and found it facinating . When I woke in recovery she was by my side with another lovely lady. Christin said as I woke "he has given you the most beautiful nose. He spent so much care and he's a perfectionist. This was so wonderful to hear. She had been at work from very early that day but stayed on till late that night just to check on me and see how I was. As I was pain free and really well she found this comforting knowing that her own op is coming up. I'm in touch now with Christin as she's now back in Germany and I want to repay her kindness to me and give her support. I honestly believe that she was sent from my beloved late grandparents (from whom I inherited my nose) as my little guardian angel. I feel so blessed to have had the experience I've had and I'm so looking forward to going back to spire tomorrow for cast off time. To see Mr Banerjee again who has been faultless throughout...and to meet my new nose. So if I could give my biggest tip for a positive experience it would be to breathe through it all. Slow calm breaths to keep your heart calm which will send messages of coping to your brain. If someone would've told me that on my 20s I'd ve thought yeah right, but time and time again it has proved me right. Hope this helps some of you out there. :) x

Cast off....Love it!!!!!!

I'm amazed at what my surgeon has dine. It's exactly how I wanted it. It's still very swollen but I can see what it's going to be like and I'm thrilled.

more pics. day after cast off. Swelling reducing already I think. ..

day 1 post op

2 weeks post

As expected swelling on the tip. Feels as though there's lots of scabs inside the nostril s I'm thinking it's probably the dissolvable packing that's in packed into the swelling. I'm going to check today that this feeling is normal. I'm sure it must be. Just wondering if there's anything I can do to relieve it or am I best to just leave it. Still amazed when I look in the mirror. :)

3 weeks post op

Can't believe that only 3 weeks ago I had my rhinoplasty. I saw my surgeon 4 days ago to check my progress and he was pleased with my recovery. He put my mind at rest that my post operative care was as needed . Mr Banerjee has been wonderful answering any queries that I had. I am so pleased with my result which is getting better all the time due to the swelling settling down.

before and 3 weeks after.

post op 7 weeks

Went for my 2nd after operation check this week and it was great. Mr Banerjee is very happy with my nose . I feel wonderful and the swelling is just very slight now so healing very well too. I honestly can't get over what he's done . It really is remarkable.

more before and after pics.

Mr Anil Banerjee

I've had two consultation s and been completely satisfied with his expertise.Before I went to theatre he came and went over everything and also came at 7pm to check me and also 7am the next morning . He was very pleased how everything went and how well I looked.

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