Wanting to Get Breast Implants. Not Sure of Size Yet! - Leesburg, VA

I'm a 20 year old young women with no kids. I wear...

I'm a 20 year old young women with no kids. I wear a 36B but they no longer fit me because I lost a lot of weight. I'm more of an A cup. I weigh 120pounds and I'm 5'4. I have big areolas and I hate them. I hate the size of my boobs and every since two years ago I've wanted breast implants so bad. Tomorrow and next week I have a consultation to find out pricing. I'm super excited to make this happen :) I will be posting what my boobs look like now and my wish boobs! I want to go to a C and using saline. I'm under 21 so I can't get silicone but I wish!

Wish boobs

I went to the doctors yesterday and they did a 3D shot. I feel like these are way too big for my small body! These are silicone.

I feel like my small body would need something smaller. These are 300/330CC and saline. I feel that silicone would work best because I love a natural look and feel. I want them to sag a little. what's everyone's opinion? I hate my boobs I need to know Bc I think this size isn't right for me.

Saving up my money and by December I will have new boobies! So excited!

I will have my new boobs by December of this year. I've been to multiple doctors now I just need to choose one. The one doctor i'm speaking to told me that 300cc or 325cc would look good on me. I am not sure if I should go any higher. It's so nerve racking because I dont want them to be too small or too big. I tried on some sizes of 300cc. The pic is below and my boobs now. Help:(

Almost there!!!

I have been saving. It's been difficult because about two months ago I crashed my car and I had to put down $2000 out of my savings for that! As of today I have 2,015$ saved for my boobies and by February 17th I will have my money saved up and ready to go. I will be financing a little bit. I wish I could just have them already! I'm so insecure over my body that it's all I think about. I OBSESS over it all. I can't wait!!!!! Just thought I'd give everyone an update with where I am :)

More wish boobs


How Do U Know if a Surgeon is Good?

Hey so I have seen so many surgeons. I know when some are good and when some totally suck. I've narrowed my options down a lot but it's still hard. Although i did find a surgeon with 40 reviews on here and 5 stars. He has 5 stars on health grades out of 50 reviews. 5 stars on google out of 66 reviews. Is that pretty good? I am meeting with him in a couple weeks and determine then! I get so scared. So how do you figure out your surgeon? Also - obviously with how staff makes me feel too & the surgeon himself. But i have 3 surgeons who are great, so i neeed to choose

No boobies (more before pics)

From the side :(

Before pics

I'm so sad how flat and ugly they are!! They don't come together, i have huge aerolas, and they are just flat out UGLY! I can't wait to get new. I cry over hating myself everyday. I hope with implants I can make them look good. I have always hated my body! Everything about it and even my boyfriend says he loves it but i always think he is lying... There is no way he could love them.

I just want my boobs already

I am so tired of waiting. I cry about my body, how much I despise my boobs and I just want to be confident in my own skin. My boyfriend is so excited as well, even though he loves me for me he's super excited for ME. I mean he's been with me for 3 years and he is excited to get something bigger ;) in the beginning he didn't want to, he was kinda against it and said he doesn't want me to change my body and is afraid i'd leave him. But i wouldn't ever think about that. He is so awesome and always there for me. I just can't wait to get this done. By February 17th i'm hoping to be able to pay for the entire surgery because im gonna put my deposit down once I narrow down what surgeon I want. By beginning of March I should have them. Fingers crossed!!! This is taking forever!!!

Here's the 3D imaging and a before shot again.

size 330 for the 3d image. Anyone know if the 3D image is anything like real life???


So. If anyone has read my posts before I am so insecure about my body, I have been saving for about 2 months now and have a little over 2k so.... By Next month I'd have 5k maybe a little more. I wanted to finance $1000 & I have terrible credit so luckily my dad said he'd help. He has a 640 credit score.. But got denied care credit. Other one is prosper & two others. Anyway, the reason he thinks he got denied is because he has 3 loans taken out for all our cars but he has amazing credit... I cried last night bc he said he'll see ONE more time if he can get me a loan. I want to die. I am so sad, i'm so tired of waiting & I don't wanna save more. I want them & mind you, this is more expensive because of silicone. I do not want saline (even tho i could pay those because they're a grand cheaper and i'll have the money for those implants) but I don't want those... Question. Does anyone know of a good place to get a loan or anyone know of prosper or lending USA one i think it's called or medical credit. Those are some of the places that my doctor i wanted accepts. Anyone have an issue and have some advice?:/

I'm a 20 year old women, 5'5 and 120 pounds. I...

I'm a 20 year old women, 5'5 and 120 pounds. I work out 3-4x a week.. lifting and running. I have lost a significant amount of weight from 2015-2016. Now it's 2017 and maintained my weight. At my goal weight. I have always been the girl who didn't have a big chest, it's always been embarrassing too. All my friends and I swear anyone else I see has a huge chest and always been so jealous. To make it worse, I hate the LOOK OF MY boobs. They're not perky. They are ugly i'm my opinion, nothing is proportionate. I am so self conscious about the way I look, I can't take my shirt off even in front of my boyfriend of 3 years because I feel so gross but he loves me for me (as he says) lol but it's really brought down my confidence. I'm really wanting a D when I get my boobs done. I've been wanting this for about 5 years now...i just need to make this happen so i can finally be happy within myself.

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!

I got approved for United Medical Credit. I was just complaining how I couldn't get approved - but look! I did! I am so happy. I will be going to the doctor again February 1st and hoping to book my surgery & get this done beginning of March. I will keep y'all updated!!! Super happy!!!!!!!

I'm so nervous. Advice anyone?

I was just about to choose Dr. Mountcastle which heard he was good until I got messages stating they've heard horror stories about him, makes me super upset since his was cheapest and I just wanted to get it done. Now, I have to wait a little to meet Dr. Franklin Richards which i've heard great about him!!! I go off mainly reviews and beside manner. Which Dr. M did not have. He felt rushed. I hope things are better with Dr. R and If so, I will schedule with them.

If not, I am gonna see Dr. Tattelbaum. I just wanna get this over with!!!!!! And It makes it worse I'm freaking terrified to be that one person out of so many who get Silicone and I'm only 20 years old and something happens or I have a capsular contraction. I am gonna need some xanax before my surgery,
I can feel my nerves already up there and haven't even scheduled. I'm so scared I won't pick the "right" doctor or something will happen...

Advice??????? Mind u, i have been to at least 12 doctors already... What is wrong with me?!

Second guessing

I'm second guessing. all this. I wanted it so bad but i never thought of the cons of breast implants and it reallly gives me anxiety... I'm always thinking what if. I'm also nervous like what if i don't pick the right doctor, what if i get an infection, what if i get a capsule contraction or what if it ruptures or i get rippling. I never thought this stuff until i started reading girls reviews and stuff like this does happen! i'm so scared i'll spend all this $ and something bad will happen. and also, i'm 20 and silicone doesn't cover for me since you have to be 22 but i refuse to get saline and refuse to wait as i've been wanting this for years and finally saved up. i'm just so scared, does anyone else ever feel this way:(

AHHH!!! So excited!!!

I booked my appointment for March 20th with Dr. Franklin Richards. I felt so comfortable with him and he was very sweet same with his coordinator. I couldn't be happier to have choose him! Today I put down my $500 deposit. I really wish I could've made it sooner but with money I'll have to wait!!!! Does it go by fast?!


So, has anyone ever had the 3D done and is it the same as in person? Cause idk, these look a. little small?

Moderate plus or high profile?!?!

So - Me and my PS decided to do moderate plus but now i'm rethinking. I told him my wants and how I want a natural look and he said moderate plus would give me that... But i've seen some girls with Mod + and look saggy but i've seen some that are super nice. Same with HP i've seen girls with that really fake look and thought no way, then some that it drops and fluffs so nicely...What do i do then?! I'm 5'5 and 120 pounds with little breast tissue and i'm a 34B. Anyone else with the same stats that can give me some advice please!!!! Profile is the hardest!!!!

Oh BA can't come any faster!!! I'm tired of these boobs!


I switched my surgery to march 16th! I arrive at 1pm so i'm gonna be very thirsty and hungry :'(

But 34 days?! I've been waiting for this for years!!!! I couldn't be more excited and I will keep you all updated with size when I go for my pre-op. Still trying to decide but maybe you all can help.

Any girls on here have the same stats as me? 120 5'4.5 and my BWD is 13.1 it would be greatly appreciated for feed back!

Im gonna put my list upon here.

My list is below... Kind of went a bit crazy, anything else I should add or think I do not need? Please feel free to tell me! Also, how long do you think i'll be in bed for? I wanna be able to do things, i'm gonna be so bored from laying down in the same place. I'm off work for 9 days.

oops didn't post it lol

Arnica Gel
Bras (walmart) no underwire.
2 wedge pillows
Frozen food/quick food/protein!!!
Netflix movies
Ice packs and heating pad for back
Cheap sweats
Silicone scar sheets scar away
protein SHAKES
Shirts that open in front easy..
coconut water
Meal prep
Baby wipes
Bio oil
Coconut oil
Lots of water
Saltine frackers
Ginger ale
Fiber one bars

And if anyone knows of a good place to get underwire bra and a kind i should get let me know!!!!!

Why does it feel so freaking far away????

I just want my BOOOBS!! Last night I went out with friends and wore a bombshell bra, still didn't push them up. I was getting so mad that I can't even make them noticeable and nice in A BOMBSHELL BRA ???? I just kept saying I can't freaking wait to have big boobs and not worry about having to put them up too much.

My dream last night

My dream last night was the weirdest dream ever. I have been obsessing over my boobs being done for awhile lol and I'm 28 days away. I just am so excited and last night before bed I was on realself so i guess went to bed thinking of boobs! Lol and had a dream (it felt so real) but my boobs were the size of watermelons and I was like wtf?!?! And everyone was like just wait till they drop &fluff they'll be smaller and nothing changed lol. Then I literally was in so much pain from surgery, i felt the pain haha it was pretty bad. So, hopefully that doesn't happen hahahaha!

I'm making a new review. Other one would let me...

I'm making a new review. Other one would let me edit, maybe because i'm on a phone? I chose Dr. Richards, in Bethesda. He came off super nice, he wasn't rushed, he explained things and felt so comfortable. He is super sweet too. He never tried to sell me and i knew he was the one after seeing so many doctors. He knows what he's doing and has been doing this for over 20 years which makes me feel comfortable. My BA is scheduled for march 16th and that's 28 DAYS AWAY! I couldn't be more excited. I've been waiting for this moment. We talked about 350/375 or 375/400 for asymmetry. I'm still unsure but I know I want a natural full look, not the fake look. I have wide cleavage and hoping he can make it come closer together.. (Hopefully!!!) We decided mod plus but I go for my pre op march 2nd and we decide there. I'll show him my wish boobs... I will keep you all updated as i'm really excited about this.
If you are looking for an amazing doctor, dr. r is the one. I know i'm in great hands! and his work is amazing.
120 pounds
BWD 13.1cm 
I lift 3-5x a week and cardio 2x a week.
I will keep everyone updated but if anyone has any advice for pre-op and post up please let me know. Hoping someone has similar stats and can talk to me about their experience and size since size is so hard for me.


Why is it when people posts their review they get a bunch of women supporting them, giving advice, and following their story. I know I haven't gotten my BA but some advice on some posts would be great. I thought that this site was used for that? Before surgery i'd like to hear some women advice who have gone through it and can ease me. I've also posted asking what to get for my pre op.. As i have no idea yet & just want advice :-(

27 days...

27 days?!?!? Omg.... Couldnt. come. any. slooowwwer

More before pics.

I want to show more of how big my aerolas are and puffy, how my boobs are more cone shaped when i'm bending over and I have no cleavage. I am so insecure about even posting these online. Feedback please as to what you think would be best, mod plus or hp? If I have a wide gap do you think that could be fixed? Also, I posted how when I lay on my side, one falls to the side and looks super weird bc I have no breast tissue. I'm embarrassed.

Full body to get a good idea of my body type

Anyone else understand where i'm coming from?

My pre op is in about a week, little over and supposed to bring my boyfriend because I need another pair of eyes and someone to help choose a good size. Only thing is, i've been with my boyfriend for two years and I don't know why but i'm still so insecure about my breasts. That, I kind of feel like i'll be embarrassed if front of him with my PS. He's seen me naked plenty of times but talking to my PS about my concern of having mildly tuberous breast, is already embarrassing bc I have never thought i had those but now I might since a doctor on here said i do. So, now i need to address my concerns with my PS and my boyfriend will be right there. I feel so insecure and self conscious about my boobs. Anyone else ever feel this way around their significant other..?

Only times my boobs look normal

My boobs only look semi normal when my nipples are hard :(

22 days

I am so excited hahaha wtf! It's getting closer and closer. Next week is my pre-op and I'm about to schedule my appointment for my medical clearance! Ahh!
Bethesda Plastic Surgeon

When I walked into the office, everyone was so kind to me. All smiles and very generous. Joanne, the coordinator had been e-mailing me back before my consultation, she didn't even know me and still keep in contact.. Uhm, awesome! I met her and she was the BEST! She answered my questions before I met dr. Richards and she still makes sure to contact me if i have any questions regarding anything. When Dr. Richards shook my hand I knew he was the one. I saw so many surgeons before him and they all made me feel rushed. Dr. Richards explained everything so thourougly, he has a calming voice and doesn't make you feel uncomfortable. He knows what he is talking about and you can tell he has a lot of experience. His work is outstanding and i'm so lucky he is my PS. I look forward to my surgery with him and I know i'm in great hands. Thank you everyone at cosmetic surgery associates!

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