Breast Aug - Saline Filled 350cc Implants and a Mini(Benelli) Lift.

7 months ago, I underwent Breast Augumentation...

7 months ago, I underwent Breast Augumentation with Saline filled 350cc Implants and a Mini(Benelli) Lift. I had a nipple insision, I went from an A cup to a D cup. My nipples were also reduced alot in size, My before and afters show a drastic difference. I Love my Breasts now I couldn't be happier with the exception of my 2 concerns.

I'm assuming that it's because I need a second mini lift, but when I raise my arm or flex, my natural tissue shifts up or puckers and you could see the implants lowered *it's not bottoming out* Is this a problem that could be corrected with a mini lift? They don't droop since the implants were lowered, but there is a little access skin.

Also so far my nipple sensation is none existant,they used to be overly sensetive before the surgery and now there is no sign of them yet. I know it could take up to a year or 2 sometimes for the sensation to return, but so far there hasn't been any improvement in sensation so I was wondering what the possibility of it returning at all is from this point....

Pros: Beautiful Perkier, fuller and Larger Breasts, Improved self esteem, fill out tops better, Looking great in Swim wear, Modeling ops.

Cons:loss of nipple sensation,possible complications later on.

I did it to improve my body and fulfill a curvier figure, fill out my breasts, make them firmer, larger and perkier.

My 2 concerns are nipple sensation and do I need another mini lift?

I always felt too large in size with my implants,...

I always felt too large in size with my implants, I started off with a 32A and desired a small-moderate 34C with fullness, but I am currently a 34D/DD. I feel very top heavy and bulky and I'm experiencing many complications 1.complete numbness (I believe it's because of my large size and the benelli) 2.axcess skin/mind sagging again due to the benelli not offering proper support3.puckering and stretched nipples (also do to the benelli causing a lot of strain) 4.bottoming out 5.double bubble and 6.1 and a half cup sizes too large.

I'm undergoing revision surgery soon, with an internal bra to correct the bottom out and double bubble and a lift to fix the mild sagging. I wanted to go about a cup and a half sizes smaller.

1.the plastic surgeon i'm considering revision with is highly
against me downsizing more then 50-75cc's, I haven't gotten proper explanations why, other then "I may look odd" and there would be more access skin to deal with, but I'm getting a full lift and I only have minor access skin currently...So I don't see what the problem is. If I would not look right or it would pose a great risk to down size then I will go by his recommendations and suck it up and down size only 75cc's, but I am extremely uncomfortable with my size so If after I get a better response from other well experienced surgeons as to me downsizing and I feel comfortable with it, I most certainly will. Yes, I feel sexy with my D/DD cup size in certain clothing such as lingerie and evening wear, but 85% of the time, I feel HUGE!

Concern#2: after examining many before and afters, I cannot see how 350&375cc Implants brought me up to a fullD/smallDD cup size...I know the size the amount of cc's brings you up to varies...but I have not seen 375cc's bring anyone in my size range up to more then a full C...I'm concerned that my Doc gave me the wrong measurement...

I hate my results

I am devistated my results and doctor widder neglected responsibility after a terrible infection that left me severely ill. His wife or ex wife, Lynn has harassed and continues to call and harass me while I'm overseas, Pleases stop calling me!
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