375 Silicone Unders. Very Active. Flex Deformity Issues. Lees Summit, MO

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I originally was very excited and happy with my...

I originally was very excited and happy with my breast augmentation but soon realized I was having problems with them moving significately even when hardly moving my arms. I hate this and am just beginning to look into getting it fixed but dont know what to do. I have become very selfconscious and actually i´m wearing tops that cover me up more than what I used to wear before my augmentation because my Flex deformity is so apparent.

unders to overs?

Has anyone ever gone from unders to overs and how did it go? Do you like them over?

Saw my surgeon today

So.....I saw my surgeon today and he said that my flex deformity it VERY rare. He said he preforms 100 -200 breast augmentation every year which includes some bodybuilders and has not seen what I have. He said when he preforms BA he slips the implants under the muscle and does not cut into the muscle but in my case he is going to do some research because what I have is so rare and he doesn't do surgery to fix it everyday. He is going to talk with his colleagues and figure out the best way to fix it. He does think that he can do surgery and cut the lower edge of the muscle and it should cause the implant to not be covered so much by my petoralis so when I flex it won't distort.


So I had two consults with different surgeons.....one of them was mine. They both pretty much said they aren't going to exactly know how or what to fix until they actually do the surgery and see what they are working with. My surgeon did some research a d said that he thought the best option would be to move my pocket to a new pocket using the neo-subpectoral pocket where he would still be under the muscle but would create a new pocket on top of my old capsule. I am going to go through with it as I feel like the deformity is getting worse and my implants are shifting more and more. My concern is that I will go through the surgery and end up having the same results especially since it is not all that apparent what caused the problem in the first place. My second deciding factor is when exactly to have the surgery as I work in the fitness industry and my surgeon has told me I can not run or lift weights for 6 weeks after the revision and I want to make sure I do everything perfect.

So indecisive about revision. Opinions would be appreciated.

I am so indecisive about having this revision that I can't decide if I am making too much of a deal out of my breast and that I should just keep them the way they are or if it will be worth it to have this fixed. I don't want to have a second surgery and then end up worse or the same as the first. then I'll be out of money and have six weeks off from the gym for nothing. But then I keep thinking that I could have perfect booby's. It bothers me that I paid so much money to get my boobs done and I still can't wear little shirts because when I move my arms they deform so badly. Any opinions would be much appreciated. My surgeon wants to Do a neo-subpectoral pocket, That way he says they can still be under the muscle but he can create a new pocket for my implants. They said that they will set a little bit lower than they are now and I can't decide if that will be good or not? Has anyone had their animation deformity fixed successfully and if so what did you do? Thanks

Revision is scheduled

Well I have my revision scheduled for the end of January. I decided to go with my same surgeon. I liked what he said and think his work is good, I am just unlucky. He told me he is going to create a new pocket called a neosubpectoral pocket which I have read helps correct implant malposition, I am just concerned about how much this will help the dynamic distortion? I dont want to have to keep getting surgeries and if this does not help it then I think I will just end up moving them to above the muscle. I think I would rather have rippling than my extreme deformity. I hope my surgeon is understanding what I want. He is a different nationality and I find him difficult to understand but he is very experienced and his work is good. Wish me luck!

I would love to hear from those who have have revisions for the animation problems.

Revision Done

He told me before sx that he did alot of research and that alot of surgeons move pocket to a subglanular pocket but he recommended trying the neosubpectoral pocket with the thought of once he got in there if it looked bad to place above the muscle. I told him to do anything he thought would get the best results and he ended up staying under the muscle. To further complicate things I don't do well with narcotics so I had almost no narcotics but I actually feel pretty comfortable. Here are right before sx.

1 week post op. so far so good

Wow I never understood "drop and fluff" I dont think I ever fully dropped a fluffed with my first augmentation. I had always thought they sat a little high but didnt realize how much better shape and feel they could have. As of right now I Love my right boob it is looking great....the nipple is more centered than it ever was and i dont feel so "fat/full" in my axillary area. I am now waiting for my left boob to catch up. It was the one that needed the most work. He said I heal very quick and he could hardly see my scars from before and it is looking the same this time around BUT the healing on the inside of my body is different and something that I cant really control. It is what caused all the issues. I had alot of scar tissue and adhesions as well as a huge pocket superiorly on my left side. My implant would not freely move independently of my muscle so when I would flex my implant would move everywhere with my muscle. He said he has never seen this and this isn't "normal" muscle flex movement - it is normal for them to move some when u flex. Anyways....I am now just waiting for swelling to go down on my stubborn boob and catch up with the other. I FEEL 100% AND AM HAVING WITHDRAWLS FROM RUNNING AND WORKING OUT. I am on strict orders not too. I am also prescribed singular in hopes it will stop the scar tissue formation. I hope this works......progression pics of first week (I was very bloated after sx)

10 Day! So wanting to RUN!

Well I just wrote a big long update review and something happened to it and erase all of it, so I don't feel like writing another one again so this will be a condensed version. I am so happy that I got the revision and wish I would not have waited so long to do it. I never knew how squishy, soft and jiggly my implants could feel. I thought my initial results we're just normal for me because of how much I workout. I am so happy that I got the revision and wish I would not have waited so long to do it.

Today I am 10 days post op and I personally feel like I am very close to what my breast will look like end result. I am amazed at how quick everything has healed. For my initial sx I had boxy boobs for months!

I'm getting very antsy and impatient because I healed extremely fast and feel 110% but Im told that I have to wait 6 weeks to run. I don't want to mess up my results so I'm trying very hard to follow my surgeon directions. I normally run 40 to 50 miles a week and I work in a fitness setting so it is difficult to not workout. I am concerned about losing fitness.
Does anyone know why we have to wait till long to run? I could understand if it was my first surgery because I feel like it takes longer to heal. I feel like how fast a woman can return to running should be more individualized instead of a blanket 6 weeks. Is there anything I could do so that I could run? Even if I have proper undergarments? And what is the Exact reason why I can't? What could happen?
Just curious? I wont jeopardize my results but I am curious about the reason?

Check out the difference so far from my before video and the one I did this morning.

Also is there a way to know if our pocket is fully healed ect?

3 weeks post op

So far so good. I still have movement.....i was hoping I would have none but probably unrealistic. I like the position of them so much better....they are starting to look like the S shape i want. Before I felt so wide around my armpits...now sitting lower my nipples point forward more....the lower pole looks more rounded and around my armpit goes in some....

I am still fighting with the problem boob as it still is higher and seems smaller/ tighter than the other.....i really hope it will match the other.
Lee's Summit Plastic Surgeon

Nice man and did a good job although he is hard to understand. But I now hate the flex deformity I have and did not know this could happen before the augmentation. I had told my doctor how active I am and wish he would have explained to me about the flex problems....... update: went and saw him for the flex distortion and he said he has never seen this this bad. He was so nice and explained things very good. He didnt rush me but made sure I understood everything. He also told me since this is so rare he was going to do some research and talk to his colleagues about my issue which made me feel good that he is honest with me.

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