28 Yrs, 5'5", 114 Lbs, A - D - Lees Summit, MO

My goal is to go for smooth, round, HP,...

My goal is to go for smooth, round, HP, Submuscular, Still deciding between Silicone and Saline, crease insicion the fuller the better. I want as much information as possible, risks, outcomes, realistic goals. I want to be completely satisfied and excited for my out come and an easy recovery... hopefully

16 days until Consult

I am getting anxious, excited, stressed, and nervous all at once on these days leading up to my Consult. I have a list of questions ( thank you websites, fellow boobie implanters, and especially this app). I have been discussing all of my concerns and goals fears and hopes with my honey ( this is my Christmas gift from him) and he has been so helpful and informative and of course supportive in all of this. He helps me with my "wish boobs" and my
"dis boobs" so I can see what he expects too, only fair since these aren't only for myself but for him too. If anyone has any advice please feel free to comment or ask any questions that you may have.

Rice Sizers

Today I am 11 days away from my Consult so I decided to try the rice sizer test.
1 c = 250cc
1/2 c = 125cc
1/4 c = 75 cc
I started off with 450 cc and tried them out and took pictures in different tops and then I went up to 575 cc and did the same thing. This gave me a little bit more of an idea of what implants would look like on me.

Waiting in the office to go back and a little...

Waiting in the office to go back and a little nervous but mostly excited !!! Will post more after. I have been waiting months for this, my boyfriend is with me ( considering he is buying them for me ) so I am not as anxious but still remembering everything I have read that goes on at the first appointment. More later

Made my 2nd Consultation for January 12th, paid the surgery spot hold fee, and set up my surgery for January 27th!!!!

I was excited, but now, actually having a date of when it will happen ( and so soon) is driving me crazy and I have only had the appointments scheduled for less than 24 hours!!!! I'm going to start preparing a little at a time to make sure I have what I need for pre op, post op and all of the in between so I am not getting all of it ready in a rush. I want to remember this experience so dragging it out is perfectly fine by my. Next up i will tell you the thoughts and comments of family and co workers. I have been keeping track!

2nd Consult / and Surgery Dates

1/12/17 Surgery is on 1/27/17

28, No Kids, A or Less, 5'5" - 450-475cc Silicone Gel Round Unders HP

I am feeling a little bit more like this is actually happening and not just a fantasy now that I have had my 2 week pre op appointment and the entire procedure paid for. I feel like I have made an awesome choice with the Board Certified Surgeon I chose. He did my Mom's implants years ago with amazing results, along with about 3 other women that I know all which have had no complaints or complications.

Next review will be about the appointment step by step.

2 Week Pre Op Appointment. Things Just Got Real!

I will admit I was a little nervous but more excited and anxious. I prepared for the appointment the night before and made a little bag with a couple of shirts, jeans (I was coming straight from work where I wear scrubs) to see what an everyday outfit would look like with the sizers.

Upon arriving (my amazing other half met me there) we paid the remaining balance for the surgery.  First appointment $50  Schedule surgery $550 The rest of the amount $4,900 Total $5,500 And then there is my pre op items that I need to buy I'll go over that in my next post. Once we were in a room Leslie did my BP and weight and then I was instructed to take everything up top off, put on the robe that opens in front, and start reading and signing the 9 page agreement. The Dr and Nurse came back and went over the paperwork and answered all of my questions and then one again we went over my medical history, medications and goals for my outcome. Once that was done it was time for pre op pictures and then to try on sizers, silicone gel filled implants. I was given a post op sports bra to put on and then we started at the lowest cc from the 4 sizes I needed to try. The nurse put them in and then we proceeded to go from 400cc-475cc. Although I was informed that the 475cc would definitely be the largest I could safely and realistically go we weren't really sure that would be possible. With the 475cc sizers in I was excited about the results and then the nurse called the doctor in and he looked and said that he was surprised because he didn't think that it would look the best for me to go that big but it actually looked amazing, so that is what we are aiming for! After dressing we went into the office and I was given copies of my agreement I signed, pre and post op do's and don't, information on on what to expect the day of surgery, information about the anesthesia provider that would be calling prior to the surgery, lab orders to have blood drawn 7-14 days prior to surgery and then prescriptions to be filled before surgery as well. Muscle relaxers, antibiotics, and Percocet for the pain.  (During my time with the doctor we talked about my allergic reaction to adhesives and told him about how I had an ulnar decompression earlier that year and the adhesive dried out my skin made it puffy and red and itchy and even ripped skin off when taking it off because the skin was so sensitive, so he put to strips on the inside of my arm at about 4 pm and told me to see how it is in the morning) The next morning at 4:30am before my shower I took them off and it was red and puffy and itchy and it lasted pretty much throughout the day. I called that day and told them the results. So Monday I will do my labs and continue preparing.

I more week!!!!

I am getting super excited and nervous all at once and I feel worn out from all of these emotions. I have my BA in 1 week so this time next week I will no longer be the founder of the itty bitty titty committee :)
I have a post op "box" ready for after my surgery with everything I have read that I may or may not need (pictures to follow). Lotion, antibacterial gel, tissues, baby wipes, flushable wipes, hair ties and head bands, an extra long phone charger, batteries, remote, vomit bags for home and the car ride home, water bottles, easy snacks, meds and more.
Lee's Summit Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Chhatre is very professional. He is realistic yet wants to help you achieve your goal in what you want. He explains everything to you as he goes along stopping to see if you have any questions. Chhatre spent a lot of time with me on both appointments and never once acted as if he was in a hurry. Leslie his nurse is absolutely amazing as well and very understanding, honest, realistic, and does not in any way make me feel judged in any way.

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