34yrs, 2nd BA, 2 Kids, Ruptured Allergan Implant - Leeds, GB

Hi Ladies! This is my 2nd review on RS. My 1st is...

Hi Ladies!
This is my 2nd review on RS. My 1st is posted in the breast implant removal area as initially I was unsure of whether or not to replace. Click on my profile and you'll find it there if you are interested in my background story

I had my 1st BA in 2007 at Leeds BUPA. I was a 34AA and increased to a 34D/32DD after surgery. I had 275cc Allergan 510 dual gel implants (anatomic shaped) placed under the muscle. I'm 34 and live in the UK. I'm 5'8", 136lb and pear shaped. I had a baby in 2009 and breastfed for 8mths. In 2015 I had another baby and breastfed again for 8mths. After finding a breast lump, tests showed that my right implant had an intracapsular rupture. After much stress and soul searching I decided to replace my implants.

I am waiting to hear back from my surgeon's secretary to confirm a date for surgery but hopefully it will be in the next 4-5wks, all being well.

I had my full biodimensional assessment and the surgeon recommended HP520cc Allergan Textured Silicone Round this time as the breast pocket has stretched significantly under the strain of 2 pregnancies & breastfeeding. Where I had some upper pole fullness previously, that has now gone thanks to breast tissue atrophy. The 520's will basically fill that space, though I have made it clear that I do not want a 'Victoria Beckham' tennis ball look!

The surgery has been quoted at £5185, however due to the 10yr guarantee on the implants, I will receive them free of charge, so should be around £4500. Allergan will complete a lab analysis of the implants after removal to confirm that the rupture wasn't due to surgical error - then hopefully a further £700 will be refunded towards costs, taking the cost of surgery down to around £3800.

I've attached my 1st BA before and after pictures.

Top tips for purchases?

Meant to add on the last post- j want to aid my recovery and be as prepared as possible so would be really grateful if you could tell me what support bra you have and if it was any good? Also any other products (creams, pillows etc...) that were a life saver after surgery- it's been 9yrs - I'm struggling to remember!
Thanks in advance x

Surgery Booked!

I'm all booked in for my replacement surgery. Friday 21st October - I could have been done sooner but it's my baby's 1st birthday on the 16th so I want to be fit to play and lift him.

An overnight stay is planned, with drains. I'm having Allergan high profile 520cc textured implants placed dual plane. The surgeon intends to use the existing capsule unless it visually looks thickened, in which case he will biopsy/remove. His view is that the capsule is actually very thin as my implant has a lot of movement (sinking to the side/armpit when laying down)

The implants are being issued free of charge to the hospital as my ruptured implants are covered by Allergan's 10yr warranty. I have to say that Allergan have been exceptional in terms of their customer service- truly customer and end user focused!!

I have really struggled in making the decision to replace my implants and still mixed emotions about it now... Guilt for the money I'm spending on vanity whilst I have a young family, and for putting myself at risk with a general anaesthetic. I am excited at the prospect of nice new boobs but nervous about the end result. I'm relieved that I am getting this ruptured implant out of me but then feel like I'm contradicting myself by putting another foreign body back in there.

Ah c'est la vie! Sometimes there's no right or wrong answer!

Roll on 21st October! :D

Anatomical versus Round

I have read a lot of women say that they don't like how the anatomical implants feel. I'm truly not unhappy with the feeling myself! I always felt somewhat reassured by the rigidity of them - like the reinforcement that the silicone was in place and not leaking and floating around my body. Ironically they ruptured! Ha!

I've had them in that long now I can barely remember what my breasts felt like before. I suppose they just feel normal to me now.

After my first BA I expected to wake up from surgery feeling overwhelmed by the size of the implants but actually I felt distinctly underwhelmed! I literally had boob greed from day 1! As they dropped into shape I felt happier with them but always felt a bit annoyed that I was STILL buying shape enhancing bras, £4200 later! That said, my surgeon did exactly what I asked, and when people find out I've had a BA they are always shocked because of how natural and proportionate they are.

I have been clear with my surgeon this time around that although I still want a natural shape, bigger is better for me. He said that he was glad I said that as that is the only way to improve the empty upper pole and stretched skin without doing a mastopexy. He was happy to do the mastopexy this time round but that would mean definitely losing nipple sensation (as opposed to just the risk of loss). Plus I'm not ashamed to admit that I want bigger boobs :D

I'm booked in for my pre-admission assessment and MRSA screening on the 7th October so will probably update again then


4 more sleeps...

My operation is planned for this Friday! I'm really ready to have it but I have a sneaking suspicion that when I get there they will cancel the op. For the last couple of days I've been feeling a bit groggy like I'm starting with a cold. When I had my first BA I was having my pre-op ova done and they picked up that I had a temperature- a whole 1 degree above normal *rolls eyes*, and so would not operate due to the increased risk of infection. It was the right call as the next day I woke with a head cold. Just crossing my fingers that it clears up and the next time I update this review will be on Friday evening post surgery! Keep your fingers crossed for me ladies xx
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