34yrs, 2nd BA, 2 Kids, Ruptured Allergan Implant - Leeds, GB

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Hi Ladies! This is my 2nd review on RS. My 1st is...

Hi Ladies!
This is my 2nd review on RS. My 1st is posted in the breast implant removal area as initially I was unsure of whether or not to replace. Click on my profile and you'll find it there if you are interested in my background story

I had my 1st BA in 2007 at Leeds BUPA. I was a 34AA and increased to a 34D/32DD after surgery. I had 275cc Allergan 510 dual gel implants (anatomic shaped) placed under the muscle. I'm 34 and live in the UK. I'm 5'8", 136lb and pear shaped. I had a baby in 2009 and breastfed for 8mths. In 2015 I had another baby and breastfed again for 8mths. After finding a breast lump, tests showed that my right implant had an intracapsular rupture. After much stress and soul searching I decided to replace my implants.

I am waiting to hear back from my surgeon's secretary to confirm a date for surgery but hopefully it will be in the next 4-5wks, all being well.

I had my full biodimensional assessment and the surgeon recommended HP520cc Allergan Textured Silicone Round this time as the breast pocket has stretched significantly under the strain of 2 pregnancies & breastfeeding. Where I had some upper pole fullness previously, that has now gone thanks to breast tissue atrophy. The 520's will basically fill that space, though I have made it clear that I do not want a 'Victoria Beckham' tennis ball look!

The surgery has been quoted at £5185, however due to the 10yr guarantee on the implants, I will receive them free of charge, so should be around £4500. Allergan will complete a lab analysis of the implants after removal to confirm that the rupture wasn't due to surgical error - then hopefully a further £700 will be refunded towards costs, taking the cost of surgery down to around £3800.

I've attached my 1st BA before and after pictures.

Top tips for purchases?

Meant to add on the last post- j want to aid my recovery and be as prepared as possible so would be really grateful if you could tell me what support bra you have and if it was any good? Also any other products (creams, pillows etc...) that were a life saver after surgery- it's been 9yrs - I'm struggling to remember!
Thanks in advance x

Surgery Booked!

I'm all booked in for my replacement surgery. Friday 21st October - I could have been done sooner but it's my baby's 1st birthday on the 16th so I want to be fit to play and lift him.

An overnight stay is planned, with drains. I'm having Allergan high profile 520cc textured implants placed dual plane. The surgeon intends to use the existing capsule unless it visually looks thickened, in which case he will biopsy/remove. His view is that the capsule is actually very thin as my implant has a lot of movement (sinking to the side/armpit when laying down)

The implants are being issued free of charge to the hospital as my ruptured implants are covered by Allergan's 10yr warranty. I have to say that Allergan have been exceptional in terms of their customer service- truly customer and end user focused!!

I have really struggled in making the decision to replace my implants and still mixed emotions about it now... Guilt for the money I'm spending on vanity whilst I have a young family, and for putting myself at risk with a general anaesthetic. I am excited at the prospect of nice new boobs but nervous about the end result. I'm relieved that I am getting this ruptured implant out of me but then feel like I'm contradicting myself by putting another foreign body back in there.

Ah c'est la vie! Sometimes there's no right or wrong answer!

Roll on 21st October! :D

Anatomical versus Round

I have read a lot of women say that they don't like how the anatomical implants feel. I'm truly not unhappy with the feeling myself! I always felt somewhat reassured by the rigidity of them - like the reinforcement that the silicone was in place and not leaking and floating around my body. Ironically they ruptured! Ha!

I've had them in that long now I can barely remember what my breasts felt like before. I suppose they just feel normal to me now.

After my first BA I expected to wake up from surgery feeling overwhelmed by the size of the implants but actually I felt distinctly underwhelmed! I literally had boob greed from day 1! As they dropped into shape I felt happier with them but always felt a bit annoyed that I was STILL buying shape enhancing bras, £4200 later! That said, my surgeon did exactly what I asked, and when people find out I've had a BA they are always shocked because of how natural and proportionate they are.

I have been clear with my surgeon this time around that although I still want a natural shape, bigger is better for me. He said that he was glad I said that as that is the only way to improve the empty upper pole and stretched skin without doing a mastopexy. He was happy to do the mastopexy this time round but that would mean definitely losing nipple sensation (as opposed to just the risk of loss). Plus I'm not ashamed to admit that I want bigger boobs :D

I'm booked in for my pre-admission assessment and MRSA screening on the 7th October so will probably update again then


4 more sleeps...

My operation is planned for this Friday! I'm really ready to have it but I have a sneaking suspicion that when I get there they will cancel the op. For the last couple of days I've been feeling a bit groggy like I'm starting with a cold. When I had my first BA I was having my pre-op ova done and they picked up that I had a temperature- a whole 1 degree above normal *rolls eyes*, and so would not operate due to the increased risk of infection. It was the right call as the next day I woke with a head cold. Just crossing my fingers that it clears up and the next time I update this review will be on Friday evening post surgery! Keep your fingers crossed for me ladies xx

Job done!

So I had my surgery yesterday.
I arrived at the hospital at 11 and booked in to a nice room. The nurse did some obs (BP was high - expected as I was anxious)! I laid reading magazines, playing games on the iPhone- anything really to distract me. My hubby came with me but was working on the laptop with the wifi - but company all the same. The surgeon came and did his markings and the anaesthetist talked me through his bit. Both were really reassuring, putting me at ease.
The nurse walked me down to theatre at around 3.15 and laid me on a bed - putting TED stockings on, and various monitors. I love the TED stockings massaging my legs all night. The theatre staff were so lovely, really chatty taking my mind off things. I remember the anaesthetist checking my pulse and commenting on how it was beating like I was running a marathon- he popped in a cannula followed by some painkillers and then the anaesthetic- next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery.

I woke with less discomfort than I was expecting - just some stinging, a bit like a bad paper cut, where my scars are. They gave me a shot of morphine to sort that out for me - good stuff that!

I was in surgery for about an hour and a half, and recovery for about half an hour. I was back in my room by 5.30 up and out of bed for a wee by 7.30. I had a lovely smoked salmon sandwich and hot chocolate watching the soaps and then slept until 12.30ish. Then boom, I was in the wide awake club until breakfast. The right breast was more painful than the left, I had codeine, ibuprofen and paracetamol throughout the night, aswell as being on a 3 day course of antibiotics.

The surgeon came to see me this morning and told me that all went well. The right implant was ruptured (he described it as a split and in tact). The left implant was fine. Both capsules were very healthy looking and as he would expect to see. He commented that he had another patient yesterday who had PIP implants and that their implants were in a much worse state. He has returned the implants to Allergan for review so hopefully they will provide some compensation. They have already provided the implants free of charge but may give a further contribution of £700 towards theatre costs.

I had 520cc textured round silicone implants put in, replacing 275cc textured anatomical implants.

Before discharge this morning I had my drains removed- 20ml from one breast and 35ml from the other so not too bad!

So far I'm feeling ok. Tired, bloated and stingy but not in significant pain. Fingers crossed some sleep tonight! I'll hopefully be able to get some after photos sorted out for tomorrow

Day 3 P.O.

I was feeling pretty good on the first day after surgery but the 2nd day hit me like a bolt out of the blue! I felt absolutely shocking- I was sick about 5 or 6 times and felt flushed and panicked! I had to knock the codeine on the head as I think that was causing a lot of the trouble.

The pain is manageable - it's worse in the right breast, but barely noticeable in the left. Odd! I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that the was the breast with the ruptured implant? I'll ask at my outpatient appointment in a couple of weeks...

My tubigrip had to be cut down as it was really hurting my tummy - I think that the nurse was a bit over generous with the material.

Today I've felt much better but still weak and tired! I really don't remember feeling like this after my 1st BA in 2007 - rose tinted spectacles maybe?!

I'm still finishing my antibiotics and taking paracetamol and ibuprofen for the pain and swelling.

Overall I'm pleased with how they are looking:
- my nipple position is lower than before surgery but my surgeon did advise that this would be the case.
- the shape is better than I was expecting for this stage and the implants aren't sitting as high as I've seen in other reviews at this stage post op.


6 days Post Op

I'm feeling great! Haven't had any pain relief medication since yesterday and the general feeling of being unwell that I was experiencing has gone. I've managed to wash my hair (albeit very tentatively and layered up with towels to keep my body dry) play and dress my 1 year old and take a short walk out for lunch today too.

It's my first outpatient appointment tomorrow with the breast care nurse so going to get the dressings changed. One more week then I will see the surgeon and hopefully get out of this god awful tubigrip!

Happy healing ladies xx

9 Days Post Op & Very Happy

I'm so very pleased with the size and shape of the breasts- my surgeon has done another great job on me! Would without a shadow of a doubt recommend him!

I finished taking painkillers 3 or 4 days ago now and other than slight aching towards the end of the day I have felt fine.

I had my dressings appointment with the breast care nurse 2 days ago. The appointment couldn't have gone better! She replaced the external dressings with a smaller one (you'll see in the picture), she said I'd had very little bleeding and as everything was healing so nicely she didn't want to disturb the scars by removing the steri-strips. My surgeon will do that on Friday at my follow up appointment.

When the nurse did remove the dressings I found it quite stingy- I would go as far as to say it was more uncomfortable than the drains being removed! She thinks I had a minor surface reaction to the dressings so replaced with hypoallergenic ones. Ironically since switching though I have had this bloody awful itch that has been driving me bonkers!! I'm wondering though if it is the tubigrip irritating my skin! Ah well, 5 more days then I can get out of it!

Before this surgery I was wearing 34D's. Just took a few cheeky measurements and according to a few bra calculator websites I will need a 32G - oh my days! I think a visit to the M&S bra fitting service is in order!

Take care ladies- good luck to those awaiting surgery and happy healing to those on the other side xx

14 days Post Op & Discharged

Feeling so pleased with my result!
They are dropping and softening and look so much better than before!

My surgeon was very pleased with the result and with how well the scars were healing.

My only niggle is the bloody itching- argh! It's driving me potty! I had hypoallergenic dressings applied at my first post op appointment but they seemed to have made it worse worse! He's now removed them completely and commented how my skin was aggravated- recommended to use bio oil on the itchy patch. I've been taking antihistamines too - hopefully it will resolve soon!

I'm now in a 32F sports bra and out of the tubigrip! In my clothes I don't look obviously different but without a top on of course I do, and this suits me perfectly. I'm back at work on Tuesday and glad to not have to face the questions/ sniggering/ water fountain gossip!

Found a lump! :(

My journey to replace my implants started back in June when I found a breast lump. It was niggling at the back of my mind until my operation 2 and a half weeks ago. After the op I finally relaxed.

The day after my surgeon removed my dressings I found a lump- right by the scar. I'm hoping it is to do with the healing of the wounds- perhaps internal stitches or something (well I'm more than hoping actually). I'm going to call the breast care nurse tomorrow and see what she thinks.

Can't believe after 4 months of worrying, surgery and £4500 I'm back feeling the same as I did in June. Anyone else experienced this?

3wks & 3days post op and very pleased :D

Love the size and the shape! Very happy!

4wks post op and an update on the lump!

I saw the GP on Wednesday- she had no idea what the lump was and referred me back to the surgeon. He managed to fit me in today which was a relief to get it out of the way...

After examination he confirmed that the lump is nothing to be concerned about. He explained that when the old implants were removed, he retained the fibrous capsule as it was very healthy and in great condition. When he replaced the implants he had to stitch up the capsule which requires an element of overlap of both parts of the capsule. The lump is basically the end of the capsule closure where there has been a higher degree of overlap. It might not ever disappear but if it does it will be at least 12-18mths. That is a little disappointing though I am grateful it was nothing more concerning.

I am still so pleased with my results (as is my husband 'wink wink ')

Happy healing everyone xx

No regrets

Nearly 5 weeks post op and no regrets. Feeling fab!

Looking over my photos and I can say that I prefer the look of the round implants and how they give me better upper pole fullness

11wks post replacement and Allergan honoured the warranty!

Today I received confirmation that Allergan have recognised my ruptured implant is eligible for £700 contribution towards surgery costs. They already issued the implants for surgery free of charge, so thereby saving a total of £1400 against the cost of the replacement surgery. Good news and always helpful post Christmas!!

I've noticed some rippling on my left breast which I was always going to be high risk for given the measly amount of natural breast tissue in relation to the size of the implant. I'll try and get a photo uploaded... I can see as well as feel it unfortunately- I won't lie, I am disappointed, but in the scheme of things it's pretty minor isn't it?!

They definitely feel softer and more 'malleable' than my previous anatomical implants and in all honesty I'm not sure I prefer it?! I can really feel the implant edges (I can pinch them between my finger and thumb) as opposed to the old anatomical ones where I could feel where the implant ended but not so I could get my fingers around it. It's not a problem to me, like the alternative of empty sacks of tissue and skin would have been if I'd chosen to explant.

I'm able to sleep on my side (and tummy again). Still wearing sports bra or tubigrip overnight as advised by my surgeon.

I'm wearing a 32F bra - before surgery I was wearing a 34D. Before the very first surgery I was 34A!

Scars are healing nicely.

I'm still happy I chose to replace.

Happy healing everyone xx

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