Humped nose surgery

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South Korea Plastic Surgeon

I originally had a hump with deviated nasal septum and a droopy nose tip. I really didn’t like my nose because it gave a masculine look, but I did not seriously consider getting a plastic surgery until I saw my friend who has done the nose job. I was actually afraid of the surgery itself because of the pain. I knew VIP from my friend who had the surgery here as well, so I did the online consultation first via emails. When I went to see the doctor for the consultation, the doctor told me that I have a deviated nasal septum which was a major cause of my rhinitis. Since I had the courage to come and see the doctor, and Dr.Lee gave me some sort of unexplainable trust, I immediately booked my surgery date. The doctor and the managers comforted me by explaining the details of the surgery and the recovery period. The doctors in VIP are very professional and knowledgeable. I was comforted because I could truly see that they know what they are doing. I wanted to get rid of the hump, fix my deviated nose, and make a pretty but very natural looking nose. The doctor assured me that he will do his best. When I went to the operation room, he went over my request again and confirmed with me. The VIP staffs really comforted me by chatting and holding my hands. After the surgery, I had to go see the doctor every day to get checked up. The doctors specifically checked up my nose and made sure I did not have a complication. I was quite swollen for the first few days, but I quickly recovered compared to other patients. When the doctor was changing the gauze inside my nose, the nurses gave me their warm hands when it hurt. The staffs on the front desk were very nice and kind. They always asked me how I am, and cared for any concerns I had. The post-surgery care was amazing, as I received skin treatments and shampoo. Though it was very tiring and hard for me to deal with the tube inside my nose, and a stabilizer attached for few days, I was able to endure the hardships because of their care. In fact, I did not really feel pain after the surgery, but it is mostly like a discomfort. And because I heard from the staffs that moving around helps with the swelling, I tried to just go outside and tour around Seoul with a mask on haha I’m going to let you all know.. it’s going to be hard for few days after the surgery. You would have to see your face swollen, nose bleeding, and other uncomfortable things that you never experienced in your life. But after that, you will have a beautiful nose as a reward. Now, I understand why people want to get the plastic surgery multiple times. I am considering to get my eyes done haha. Also, as I was at the clinic, I saw many people who failed the previous surgeries at other place and getting the revision surgeries at VIP. I learned that choosing a right doctor and the right clinic matters the most for the best result. I feel very fortunate that I met VIP for my first and last rhinoplasty ever in my life. These people are the best. The doctors are the best, and the staffs are so friendly and well-mannered that we became friends! I am very satisfied with the result and how natural and pretty it looks! Nobody knows I have done the nose job because it is sooo natural. I really want other people to know that I had a great experience here. I hope the others who had similar concerns get a satisfying result at VIP. This was my honest review about VIP because I am so so happy and I just wish people recognize how good the surgeons are!!

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