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Hello Everyone! I did my rhinoplasty about two...

Hello Everyone! I did my rhinoplasty about two years ago. I really regret this decision since my nose did not need a lot of work to start with and I ended up with a nose that is not symmetric. Even though I researched all I needed pre-op and got reviews about the Dr from a friend. Still, my experience showed me how commercial this has become in Lebanon. I went to Dr. Abdul-salam hasbini cause I have already seen the nose of my friend and he looked like he has a good CV. I booked an appointment and went through everything with him (he answered all my questions) and initially asked for 5000$. However, he went down to 3500$. We set the date of the operation ahead of time and he said that I will be his first operation to take extra care of me. Anyways, I surely was not his first patient (let me skip the details). After the surgery, it was clear that I had the area under one eye really bruised up and the other was minimal. I said it could be that I have more swelling on one side than the other and I was just trying to get used to my new face. I tried to convince myself that all is ok and it is too early to know. however, after 6 months it was apparent that it was not swelling but I have a bone on one side while the other side had some extra work done to it.I don't really know if he over did one side or under did the other side. What I do know is that, it has been about 2 years, my nose is not symmetric at all. I can't take close up pictures as the nose asymmetry is clear. So, now, I need a Dr who would correct this? Can you recommend someone? I know everybody's experience is different (for example my friend's nose was fine). But I really need someone who is qualified and who is not commercial. I can't believe I have to go through it again (and I don't want to). I would really appreciate it if you open up and share your experience about some good doctors who are fairly priced.
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