26 Years Old, 2 Kids. 34B Hoping for 34DD. Leawood, KS

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I decided to go with Dr.Quinn in leawood, ks. I...

I decided to go with Dr.Quinn in leawood, ks. I had my second consultation with him on Thursday the 20. His whole staff is super friendly. And when he came into the room to speak with me I was instantly comfortable. I've decided on 475cc natrelle Silicone implants. I'm very excited to feel like a hot mom!


last pre op app

so today I had my pre op app to do my final try on. I actually ended up changing my mind from 475cc to 500cc hp silicone mentor implants. I brought several of my favorite shirts to try on with the implants and I felt amazing. I can't wait to feel that confident every time I get dressed in the morning!

10 days pre op!

I'm so excited and anxious! Like I have little mini anxiety attacks about it! I can't stop looking at all the swim suits and bralettes online that will soon look nice on me! :) 10 days is going to go by soooo slow. I have been working on a check list of all the things I will need around the house after surgery.
Chair pillow
My prescriptions
Stool softener
Tylenol extra strength
Easy snacks
Gel ice packs/ frozen peas
Yoga pants
Zip up jackets

Things to do at home-
Clean house
Make sure to go grocery shopping for the hubby and kids so they don't starve while I'm down
Have clean sheets
Get a new book to read

Any things you ladies can add to my lists? I'm a list maker I have to mentally prepare myself for everything lol. Oh and I'm adding the rest of my before photos.

Post op

so I had my surgery Friday the 12th. It was super easy. Check in at 7 am left by 11. Dr Quinn is just the most amazing dr. I can't say enough good things about him. Right now I'd say my pain is about a 2/10 and tightness about a 6/10. They look so beautiful. He said my surgery was a breeze and that he's confident my recovery should go smooth. He did have more trouble getting my right implant in, a little tighter. So more bruising in one side. My daughter preferred to nurse off the leftie. So it was a little more stretched out I suppose. The swelling isn't too bad. I've been putting frozen peas in my arm pits. And that helps. And staying on top of my meds. I made the mistake of falling behind in the middle of the night and I paid for it big time! I'm probably remabling on, I can hardly keep my eyes open so I will post a few pics and do a better update tomorrow!

day 3 po

so I quit taking my pain meds last night. They were just turning me into an emotional mess. And all I wanted to do was sleep. This morning I took some Tylenol and it seems to be doing the trick. I'm feeling fine. Feels like I've done a whole lot of push ups. The girls are looking amazing though. I had my first post op appointment today and the nurse practitioner, when I took my shirt off, said "omg! They look amazing. Seriously they look fantastic!" So that made me feel great.

1 week po

just a quick little update. One week and one day post op. I'm doing fantastic!!! Only took the pain meds for two days. Healing so well. I feel like a new person! It's amazing the confidence I have gained. And my husband and I can't keep our hands off each other. ????

2 weeks post op

quick update here. Tomorrow is 2 weeks. It's been a breeze. Everyday they look better. Incisions are healing wonderfully. And they seem to already be dropping and fluffing some. My doctor released me for light exercise, so I'm happy about that. I still wake up with morning boob. Like stiff, and hard. About like when I was nursing my kids. But by the end of the day they are nice and squishy. My husband was a little, I dunno shy, about them at first. Like kinda acted disinterested. But now he's all over them! I think he was afraid of hurting them. And this may be tmi but my sex drive is through the roof. Which is awesome, because j struggled with it before. I'm loving all my confidence I've gained. Sorry I'm probably rambling on but I will post a few photos now.

One month post op

i don't have a whole lot to update on. My lefty is d&f a whole lot faster than my righty. But overall I love my new figure. My incisions are looking amazing. And my boobs are so squishy. I did not expect them to feel like this at all! I haven't any pain for the last week or so. Except when I sneeze! Ouch.

so far I just love all the staff at dr. Quinn's office. They were all very friendly! And when dr. Quinn comes to talk with you he's very personable and speaks directly to you. Like you are important to him, and he's not just trying to rush you out the door. I'm very excited for my surgery!

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