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Had a consultation this morning for my upcoming...

Had a consultation this morning for my upcoming surgery. I've been wanting to do this for several years but it seems like something always got in the way. I'm excited to finally have something booked. Really looking forward to this. I really like the doctor that I've chosen and feel good about moving forward with everything.

The details....

The plan is to have two separate surgeries. The first one will include the following: a breast lift/augmentation with a small reduction of my own tissue, tummy tuck and liposuction of my bra roll area, flanks and tummy. The second surgery will be a few weeks a after my first surgery and will include circumferential thigh liposuction. Honestly, I think I'm more excited about the first surgery. I think it has the potential to make me look better than the second surgery does. I need to make the most of this next 93 days. Currently, I work out at Orange theory fitness 6 days a week. I was doing personal training three days a week prior to that but- wasn't getting the great results. I schedule all of my workouts as far as possible in advance. I feel like it really helps me to stay focused and eat better when I have them every morning. Dr. Yates suggested that for me to have the best results possible losing a few pounds before surgery would help. That is what I'm trying to do. Eyes on the prize. I will post some current pictures in the next day or so.

Working on weight loss

As I mentioned in my prior post I've been working on weight loss. Since the beginning of 2016 I've lost 11 pounds and I'm working on trying to lose 10 more before surgery. 65 days left so I'm trying to make them all count.

Before Pics -155 lbs

Took these this morning, I'm trying to lose another ten pounds before July. I signed up for a weight loss challenge with my gym to help me stay focused.

More before pics 155 lbs

Thought I'd attach some clothed pics as well

What I look like in clothes

This is what I currently look like in clothes 155 pounds- two months prior to surgery

Weight loss challenge with my gym-before pic

I joined a weight loss challenge with my gym to help keep myself motivated towards weight loss. Here's what I look like on the day of my first weigh in. The rules of this challenge are as follows: work out three times per week at the gym (3 classes), only one workout per day. Winner is chosen by most dramatic change in body fat and muscle mass gained. In six weeks everyone will recieve a second body scan to determine results. Wish me luck!

Supplies for recovery- What do I need?

Today I picked up a rocker/recliner for my recovery... Got this at BigLots for 300$ and it's surprisingly super comfy, good price too :) What else am I going to need? Wheelchair? Walker? What do you recommend for recovery after tummy tuck/breast surgery?

What I look like in jeans... Before surgery

I just thought it might be fair to post before pics in clothing that I would normally wear. I currently wear a size 6 jeans and small top. I'm interested to see how that changes after surgery. The interesting thing about my current size in jeans is that a even though I have a huge muffin top the next size up (8) is huge in the legs and bottom on me. Six fits better despite the muffin top. It's kinda like picking the lesser of the evils. Also after seeing these pictures I think maybe I am must look bigger from the backside than I do from the front? Hope my surgery fixes all of those issues.

Less than a month to go

Holy crap! I woke up this morning to a notification that I have just under a month for my surgery. It seemed like it was so far away but here we are now. Just been busy at home and trying to get ready for everything. I still don't know what exactly will be done during my first surgery because there's a good chance that I will have to separate my breast surgery and my tummy tuck in different surgeries. I guess we'll find out for sure during my preop which is later this month. I'm starting to get a little nervous but excited at the same time. I bought myself some bikini swimsuits to bring with me to my pre-op and surgery... Just so we can try to hide the scar below those. I'll post a pic. I feel like if I have to pick only one surgery to start with I would definitely pick my breasts and hold off on the a couple days on the tummy tuck, or wait until fall if I have to wait between surgeries. I just decided that I really just want the best results possible so although I'd like to do them together, I am willing to separate them if needed.

Weight loss challenge results

I weighed in for the final results of my challenge yesterday afternoon at 152.1 pounds fully clothed. This is a decrease of 2% body fat, and an increase of 2 lbs muscle... I'm pretty happy. At home I'm weighing 150 pounds now and my scale weighs me 2lbs heavier than most. I feel like I'm in good shape for surgery. My preop visit is next week and it feels like everything is happening so fast. I bought heating pad and ice pack for my recovery and I borrowed a walker and a shower chair from my mom. Only a couple weeks left and I still haven't completely decided what to do with my breasts. I'm having surgery for sure in them but whether it's just a lift or a small reduction with implants I don't know? What would you do if you were me? Here's some current pics

Considering options... Lift vs lift with implants

This week is my pre op appointment. I had a discussion with Dr Yates last week that made me feel better about the implants. Basically I found out that that my breast could be more lifted with the implant than without. I think I'm leaning that way even though I'm not crazy about the way I look in a padded push up bra. I'm hoping it doesn't make my breasts that big. I much prefer a smaller look opposed to huge implants. All of that will be decided when I have my pre op appointment in a few days.


Ok everyone, I just had my pre-op appointment. After trying on Sizers to simulate augmentation, I decided it wasn't for me. Literally, I looked so huge! I looked like I had milk for days. So we made a big change to my surgery plans. This first surgery instead of a small reduction and adding implants we are doing a larger reduction and lift, with the idea that I will get an implant after they have healed. This will take the weight off my chest and allow me to have more say in what size I want to be in the future. Having the reduction and implants this time basically limits what I can do, so this is a better plan. Also, still doing the tummy tuck and lipo. My PS says my natural size is around the size of an 800g implant so they will probably be reduced as much as 400g. There's of course a chance I will like the smaller look but I'm planning for an implant.

One day left

Hi everyone, this is it! One full day left and then the following morning is my surgery. This morning I got my hair done and later I spent six hours working to get the house in perfect order... I'll do a bunch of grocery shopping tomorrow afternoon. I've already picked up my medications and I feel like I'm mostly ready. Part of me still feels a little conflicted about the reduction... it's probably because these girls have been with me as long as I can remember. I do however feel like the reduction first makes the most sense. I'm excited, I've been wanting this day to come for a few years now. I'd love any last minute tips and suggestions. So far this is my list of supplies:
Recliner/lift chair
Shower chair
Comfy sweats with a zip up hoodie
Stool softener
Heating pad
Ice pack

9 hours left

Well ladies this is it... I literally have waited years to have my tummy tuck and breast surgery and now it's only 9 hours away. ????

I just want to say thank you to everyone who answered my questions and gave me advice. You helped me more than you know. ??????

All marked up and ready to go

Just prior to surgery

On the flat side

I got finished with everything early this afternoon. I was told that my reduction was around 375 each by the nurse, and look... I still have boobs! It seems like he was able to get my tummy tuck incision really low despite being told I may need the vertical incision from my former belly button. I heard my my suction amount was around 1-2 liters? I haven't seen anything yet but I feel really good about it all. It's going to be like Christmas when I get unwrapped for the first time. Thanks to everyone who has been checking in with me. I'll post surgery pics after I get them l.

More pics... First night

Pics- less than 24 hours after

I look awesome!!!!

Before and after- less than 24 hours post surgery

Does this even look like the same person???

Home and recovering

I really feel like I have the best possible surgical experience I could've had. Everything I've seen The day after surgery looked wonderful. He even gave me the bellybutton I requested. I used to have a coin slot bellybutton where it was long and narrow. I totally love it. Dr. Yates does such great work I am so impressed! I've shown like 5000 people already and everybody is thrilled with my results. My mother-in-law thinks they look like wonder woman, haha! Here's a pic showing my former (before children) bellybutton compared to my new one.

Finally got to shower and see myself. I look amazing I can't believe it.

I've been catching up on sleep

When we got my medication pills after my surgery they told me to take two Percocet every time because of all the LIpo section I had done. That was pretty much the best advice ever because nothing else has killed the pain. We finally got to a point yesterday where I only had four pills left. And to say the least it was a rough day. My hubby was able to contact the office this morning and they gave me a small amount more of the Percocet and Valium. I need to ration these next ones out because even though I'm five days out and everything still hurts this is probably all they're going to give me. I'm five days out now and starting to feel a little bit better but definitely tired the majority of the day. My hubby has been working hard so he can spend more time with me on the weekends and my mother-in-law has been here with me. I kid you not she is like an angel. I definitely have a couple rough moments where I literally felt like I was dying because of the pain. I am however feeling a little better today. I'm now taking Ibuprofen with the Percocet and Valium. Sleep is been the best thing I could possibly do. My poor kids have not really seen me much over the last days. Miss my babies badly but I know that sleeping he's probably been the best thing I can do. Hope you guys are all holding up well.

Torsette Garment

I bought this Torsette over at Target for around $30 (maidenform) to help with the swelling in the lower area (mons) . It seems to be helping a lot so I thought I would mention it. I just put it on on top of my underwear and surgical bra and surgical garment.

Low energy... Need help

I'm five days out from my tummy tuck/breast reduction operation I am still feeling super weak and drained. I've slept about 3/4 of the time and can only get around a little without being completely exhausted.

Just wanted to know how long it took you guys to start feeling normal again? What is a good point to think about going back to work? Percocet and Valium are making me feel like a complete idiot on top of it all. I would love to have enough energy to go see a movie or or something, but I just don't even feel like can leave the house or even watch television show. Feeling bummed and wish I had more energy. Welcome to suggestions.

Drains and shit

Is it just me or do those side drain tubes always hurt like a mother? I have to keep telling myself only five days more because these effers feel like they are gonna murder me.

On a good note, I finally pooped after my fifth day of recovery. Pain med constipation is some real shit.

Drain removed in the morning!!!

It's 4:00 in the morning al all I can think of is that my drains will be removed first thing tomorrow. I feel beautiful even with the the drains by this is more about comfort at this point. I'm not draining much anymore and the drains are a bit uncomfortable. Not sure if we are changing tape or anything else. I want to get a few new pics as tomorrow is going to finally be a week out. I've just been taking it easy and have enjoyed my recovery. Dr Yates office has been extremely accommodating when I've had questions or needed anything. I really can't say enough great things about these guys. I love them, and I mean it.

Pics- one week out

And this is what one week out looks like. I got my drains removed this morning and I feel so much better. Ladies please keep the fun you're still softeners I had a nightmare situation this afternoon.

Drains removed and something is up with the belly button?!?

So all these little blue arrows are pointing to where the drains were. My bellybutton was looking little funky the other day so I sent pictures to my plastic surgeon and he said that he would look at it on Monday and to keep it clean and put Neosporin on it. I was cleaning it out the other day and this piece of flesh came out so I'm wondering if that was the problem?

10 days out and I'm beyond thrilled!

So the thing about Realself that is bugging me is that I can't seem to find where I can update my "Not sure" status to beyond happy or whatever the best rating I can offer on here. Seriously though, I am beyond happy with my results!!! Dr Yates is in my opinion one of the best plastic surgeons out there. He does amazing work and his staff especially Lindsay and Tanya are beyond excellent too! Anyhow, when I finally figure out how to change my status I will. I have been keeping my closest 5000 girlfriends on a private Facebook page posted on all of my progress and they all want to come see him too! I know that at least two of my out of state friends have already submitted photos for consultations and were really pleased with how quickly he responded. He seriously is the best! I'm sure I annoyed him over the years because I had multiple consults (because you know life never happens exactly how you expect it to) before finally being able to pull the trigger... but he was still kind and never seemed annoyed even when we changed surgical plans at my pre-op. So please go see Dr Yates!!! He does such amazing work and you will be thrilled with your results. No doubt in my mind.

Finally weighed myself... 148.0

So this is not a big change for me. I was basically in the same the weight range for the past month, but I do understand that there is probably some swelling going on with my body and that is probably why they don't advise people to weigh themselves after surgery.

Scary belly button update

So after a weekend of cleaning my bellybutton daily with Dial soap and coating it with Neosporin it has greatly improved. I don't think it's infected anymore. I sent Dr Yates a photo this morning and he said I would be fine to wait to come in to see him unless something weird happens again with that. So I guess my next appointment will be at the end of this month.

Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction

I had been blogging the past few months leading up to this but couldn't figure out how to change the status from "not sure" to "worth it" I have so far had one of the two surgery a I have planned for my mommy makeover and will probably wait until November or December to do the second half which will entail liposuction on my legs and implants if I choose to do them at that time. I am happy to say that I am beyond thrilled with my results. I couldn't have picked a better plastic surgeon. I felt like he really listened to me and gave me a beautiful outcome. I also can't say enough about his wonderful staff members. I am so excited that I can refer my friends and family to someone who I really trust. Dr Yates is the best and I can not stop saying such great things about him. So there you have it! I'm a happy camper :) See my other review blog if you want to hear all the little details.

OK real self I give up I tried to start a new blog to give my surgeon an awesome rating that you guys are making impossible!!!

Real self please make this easier to change our status about how we feel about our surgery thanks

Let's try again… This is what I am wearing under my sweats

Torsette, panties, surgical bra, binder

Pics of binder and bra etc

Torsette, surgical bra, panties, binder... So sexy huh? lol

Feeling like a new woman-12 days post surgery

Best advise for "swell hell" please!!!

Seriously my stomach is so swollen today

Day 13- woke up with swell hell

Feeling better after drinking tons of water and getting rest

Two weeks out!!! Lots of pics

What my underwear situation feels like

Belly button infection

For the last week I've been dealing with an infection in my naval. It's been a week of yellow oozy gunk coming out of it and the skin around it has been red and inflamed. I contacted my PS who gave me a prescription for antibiotics and an anti-fungal cream. I was trying this all week but it wasn't getting any better. In fact it was feeling worse this morning when I woke up. I took a shower and cleaned it up as good as I could and took a photo to show my PS. I sent that over to him and he could see that suture knot which needed to be clipped. It wasn't his normal office day but made time for me to come it to have it looked at. He cleaned it up for me and put on a solution that he told me he would turn it black temporarily. He gave me instructions to keep it clean and use Neosporin ointment and gauze with tape to help it drain out. Honestly, I felt kind of bad that he came in to his office just for me today. I thought that was pretty exceptional of him. It's about six hours later and it's already starting to feel little bit better. I guess we'll see how it starts looking tomorrow when I wake up. Photos are from this morning.

Does my back look fat compared to my front?

Was taking some progress pictures today and I've had realized I haven't really taken any pictures of my back. I feel like I'm looking trim and Slim from the front that my back seems thick in comparison. Let me know what you think?

That WTF did I do moment?

So I've heard plastic surgery is kind of a roller coaster because sometimes people go through depression or weird feelings about their surgeries afterwards. I think that hit me today. It's so weird because I have no doubt in my mind that in the end I am going to be happy. I just had that why did I do this to myself moment maybe I looked OK before? And then I compare my photos...wow! So why do I feel this way? First photo is not immediately before surgery just so you know. I had started a workout program after this picture was taken and had lost some weight prior to surgery.

Dr Yates Winning Again!!!

The second photo is a reverse image, but I've highlighted a large mole I've had just under my breast forever... Damn! He really moved that mole a lot!!! Also thankful for the vag lift... Hahaha. Seriously I'm beyond happy!!!

Feeling better today/less emotional

Well as I was warned I did wake up to a black belly button. It was kinda weird but it does feel a little better and a bit less inflamed. Felt good to take a shower too.

Thanks to everyone who replied to my post about feeling emotional. I didn't expect it to hit me like a ton of bricks. I was able to get out for a bit this afternoon after responding to your messages and I think that helped a little. They should really warn you about that before surgery... Like give you a disclaimer that says... Might make you feel crazy.

More Swell Hell...got tips?

I woke up miserable and swollen this morning after feeling mostly ok this past week. It was such a bummer because I had plans that had to be cancelled. I've heard some suggestions of using arnica and bromelain for swelling anything else that helps? I still feel swollen even after laying down all day.

PS it sucks to have your period while recovering. It's been a miserable day and the 800 mg ibuprofen are not cutting it.

Nipple sensation

Over the past day or so I started noticing more sensation in my nipples. I think that this is a good sign that the nerves are trying to repair themselves and that I will eventually have sensation again. I get a few zings here and there but mostly it's kind of a sore sensation. Tapes come off next Monday, I can't wait!!!

Tapes are coming off next week!

Let the countdown begin!

Three weeks today

Today I'm three weeks out. I'm just counting down the next couple of days until I can get my tapes removed. Everything looks good so far. My bellybutton seems to be doing better. It's been draining for the last week. I have one day of cephalexin left and I'm done. I've been feeling a small burning pulling pain around my belly button area but I'm hoping it's nothing. I've been resting a lot this week. Seems like I get tired easily if I do too much. It does feel like my bellybutton might be slightly off center but it could just be due to swelling, etc.
I'm not super concerned about it at the moment. I've tried on a couple shirts and they feel huge on me now. I feel a lot slimmer, yet still curvy... I'm happy about that because really I just want to feel like myself, not like I have somebody else's body. My breasts have been getting smaller but not significantly small. If I had to guess I would say they are a small D now? I'm sure they will be changing a lot so I'm not going to freak out about the size or anything. I am somewhat on the fence about the breast implants at this moment because they seem like they might be OK as they currently are. Weight this morning was 144.0.

Tape removed

Earlier this week I went into the office to have my tape removed. My tummy tuck scar is nice and low and very thin. Super easy to hide. There is no visible scar around my belly button and that looks amazing. The scars around my breasts look pretty good as well. Since my surgery my breasts have changed a bit. I've definitely gone down at least a size. I bought my first bra and it was a size 34C it's been a long time since I've worn that size. Everything works good and I think it's going to heal well. I am starting to use a scar cream that was prescribed by my doctor and haven't really noticed if that is helping yet because it's too soon.

The difference in clothing at four weeks post surgery- 143 lbs

Here are some pictures you can compare. Same jeans four weeks later

4 week post op pics

5 weeks post op

So last week I got the go ahead to start wearing normal non- underwire bras and to begin walking for exercise. I tried wearing the bras but one of my breasts is really sore so I went back to the post surgery sports bra until that feels better. I've been trying to work my way up on the treadmill, I'm at 15 minutes now and going to try for 20 tomorrow. Feeling a little better everyday. I feel a little disproportionate at the moment because my top half was reduced but the bottom wasn't. I'm going to try to get back to some gym workouts after I reach six week. Not sure if I'll be ready for that by then? Hope so, because I really miss it and I'm tired of sitting around all day. It feels like okay have a suture trying to escape from the top of my belly button so I'm watching that.

10 weeks post op

It's been a long time since I updated but things are going pretty well. My incisions are all pink, but that is normal at this point. I lost a suture in my belly button at about two weeks post op and I'm pretty certain I will need a revision to repair it. It's basically turned inside out so now you can see scars all the way around it when they were tucked away and hidden before. I am going to have my 3 month appointment in a couple weeks so it's something I plan to discuss with Dr. Yates as well as future surgeries to complete my mommy makeover. I'm kind of on the fence now about adding an implant and if I don't I will see if my breasts can be tightened a bit more. One of my flank areas is a little bit looser than the other and has a bit of wrinkling but it's nothing major, not sure if it's something that will need revision or not? Sorry I haven't updated more recently but hope that answers your questions and I am posting some pictures for you to see what I look like today.

How I look in clothes 10 weeks post op

145 lbs

Three months post op photos

It's been three months since surgery and this is how things are looking. My breast to relax a little bit and I hope that they stay where they are. I'm quite pleased with the size because it's big enough that I don't feel like I need an implant yet small enough that a padded bra can be fun. My incisions are all still pink so I am still
treating those with scar cream. I wouldn't say my scars are perfect but they look very nice compared to many I have seen. One of my sides of my tummy tuck incision does extend a little bit longer than the other and on that same side there is a little more skin laxity. I feel like overall my shape is so much nicer I'm very happy with my surgery results and I feel way more like myself again. I'm back to my workouts and have been doing that for about a month now. My plan for future surgeries is to wait until spring to have another consultation to discuss doing my legs and possibly implants at that time. I really haven't decided either way on the implants. There's also a chance that I might ask him to help improve my butt area a little bit with some fat injections on the flat areas of my butt. But overall I'm healing well and mostly back to normal so everything is good with me. I would still completely recommend Dr Yates in a heartbeat. He does such good work and he is probably the only plastic surgeon in Utah that I would let operate on me.

Feeling awesome

Recently I've noticed that my tummy is becoming flatter when I wake up first thing in the morning. I wear Spanx shorts during the day and I do feel like they help with swelling. I've been back to working out since the end of August and I'm starting to notice how it's helping my results look even better! Look at this tummy!!! I seriously feel amazing and sexy again. If you're looking for an amazing plastic surgeon in Utah Dr. Yates is the best!

November 2 photo

Something weird happened with my photo in my post yesterday so I am posting it again


New pics November 19, 2016

One of the things I've been worried about is gaining weight in strange areas after having liposuction on my flanks. I returned back to my gym as soon as I can and have been consistent with workouts. My weight goes up and down a little bit I haven't noticed being any thicker or any new strange looking bulges yet. My legs are still a little thick and wide so what I can't do with exercise will be reduced with liposuction later. I've been riding an exercise bike for my cardio and it's an insanely good workout. Anyhow here's a few pics with clothes on all do scar pics later.

5 months post op

I'm feeling great. My scars are healing nicely and I'm overall very happy with my surgery. I've been back to working out almost three months now. The swelling I was dealing with initially has gotten much better. I love my new figure. There are a few things that I could be picky about but I don't really feel like they matter that much. I feel so much better about myself since having this done. Literally the best thing I have done for myself physically besides working out.

More pics 5 month post op

Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful and caring plastic surgeon who is also a perfectionist. I am recommending him to all of my friends

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