So, I really am "a new me"!

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I'm so excited! I just wen to my consultation to...

I'm so excited! I just wen to my consultation to have my breast augmentation and tummy tuck procedure scheduled for June! After years of having children, 5 surgeries and many years of yo-yo dieting - most of those years being overweight, I decided a little over a year ago that I was going to take control of my body and once and for all lose this extra weight. So, I've lost 80 pounds and am now looking better than I did in high school (minus all the hanging skin and no boobs, because when I lost the weight, they went bye-bye too). This is something I'm doing for me.

I've spent the past several weeks perusing through the forums and the reviews learning about the tummy tuck and breast augmentation procedures (and I'll probably have a thigh lift a few months down the road), and at first it really scared me to think I was actually interested in paying for something that was going to cause me so much pain - especially the tummy tuck. From what I've read from many women is that it's horrible, but then there are those reviews from some (those who workout daily and are in good shape) and their recovery hasn't been too bad. I hope I'm in the latter category. I guess time will tell.

I wish I could just have my surgery tomorrow! But I have some commitment at the end of April and May so I'll just have to be patient and look forward to my new body!

Here's some before photos...

So this is what my stomach looks like now. I'm going to be having an extended tummy tuck.

Here are some before photos...

I had a hard time tagging these photos but I really want something to compare to after the surgery... I'm having an extended tummy tuck because my skin hands down around in the back as well as in the front. At my consult with Dr. Yates I asked about Lipo for my thighs and her said he wouldn't take any fat from my thighs. He said there's just the right amount there for the perfect curves but did suggest a thigh lift. Unfortunately that's an additional $6,500 that I don't have in the budget :). So the extra skin on my thighs will have to stay for a while :(. I also took a picture of what I see when I look down - no boobs and a big droopy stomach. I look forward to the day when I can look down and see my new girls and a nice flat tummy! What a dream come true!

Just some additional thoughts

I just spent the last few days taking care of my grandkids while my daughter and son-in-law were away on a vacation. I absolutely had a wonderful time taking care of them! I spend each week babysitting them while my daughter works in her home salon 3-4 days a week so I'm really quite involved and close with all of them. When I have my tummy tuck and breast augmentation, I'm taking 2 months off to recover... I'm really not looking forward to being away from them and not spending every day with them! I know I'll see them here and there but not as much as I do now and I'm really having a hard time with that. My oldest Granddaughter is 10, the next Grandson is 5 and the baby (Grandson) will be a year in a couple of weeks. The baby is the main reason I won't be able to take care of them (because I won't be able to lift him.

The other thing that I'm having difficulty with is I'm having really bad panic attacks about my upcoming surgery! I know everything will be okay and there is a part of me that is extremely excited - especially about the final outcome! But I think I've read so many reviews on here about how horrible everyone's recoveries have been that I've just freaked myself out! I did read a Q&A from doctors about recovery and they said a C-section is more painful and from what I remember (which isn't a very good measurement for me because I have memory loss due to a brain injury) my C-Section wasn't that bad. I've had several surgeries and my husband says I did just fine with all of my surgeries. He keeps reassuring me I will be just fine. I am in better shape physically than I have ever been in my whole life (I work out 5 days a week running 3-4 miles a day and doing some type of strength training as well, usually about 2 hours a day). So I'm hoping that helps in my recovery. I'm also wondering if some of my panic comes from memories of my last surgery in 2009 where after that surgery I contracted pneumonia and the swine flu. It was horrible!

Another thing that has been weighing on my mind is that I am the primary care giver to my daughter who has several special needs. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor 12 years ago and although I will have all of her needs written down for my husband to follow (special diet, medications, doctor's appointments, etc), it's still something that weighs heavy on my mind. She knows I'm going to be having surgery and she asks me who's going to take car of her. I reassure her that her Daddy's going to take good care of her but she's so used to me being the one...

Also, for the past year and half I have been losing weight and I have been making my meals and taking care of myself to lose this weight. Exercise has been a big part of my weight loss! Not being able to exercise concerns me and also being able to stick to the right eating plan also concerns me. When I was growing up whenever I was sick or not feeling well, my mom told me I needed to eat and that just became a part of my life, so I've had to retrain my brain that when I'm not feeling well, I have to really work hard to stick to my healthy eating plan. I'm hoping that I have the right state of mind to stick to a healthy eating plan! I've already made food and put it in the freezer and I'm going to buy low sodium soups and crackers and have those for right after the surgery. I'm also going to have items for healthy protein shakes. I've tried to communicate with my husband to have him help me with this. Most of the time, he thinks you should just eat whatever sounds good to you! Not a good thing! So I don't know how supportive he's going to be!

Finally, I was looking at the photos I posted and realized I should have taken them portrait size instead of landscape (oops). But the other thing that is really bothering me is that I realize I really need the thigh lift and I can't afford it! I hope that after I get the tummy tuck and the breast augmentation I'm happy with how my body looks and I'm not frustrated because I have thighs and a butt that look disgusting! I guess I can always figure out a way to save for getting that done. It's not the size of my thighs that really bothers me, It's all the cellulite and as Dr. Yates pulled up the skin, as he said he would in a thigh lift, the cellulite seemed to disappear. It was awesome. I think my body issues, after the tummy tuck, and breast augmentation would all be complete... Oh well, first things first!

I truly am looking forward to June 3. I have a crazy week this coming week which will make the week go fast and then the last week of May I'm going out of town for a family reunion and then I'm back for 4 days to get ready for surgery and then it will be here!!!! I'm so excited! I can't wait! I'll just keep taking my Xanax and using my Wild Orange Essential Oil to combat the panic attacks!

Thank you for all of those who share your thoughts of easy recovery. I know the first 3 days aren't going to be real easy and I won't be able to stand up for the first 10 days. But I expect a fairly easy recovery. At least that's what I can hope for!

Just some stats

I'm a 48 year old wife, mom to two beautiful daughters, and grandma to three darling grandkids! I'm 5'6". I used to weigh 246 lbs. I now fluctuate between 163-165 lbs.

I workout 5 days a week doing cardio for an hour and some type of strength training for the second hour. During my cardio I usually run 3.5 to 4 miles on the treadmill and walk a fat pace for the remaining hour. For strength training, I either do Pump FX, Kick Boxing, or circuit training. I love working out, so taking 6 weeks off is going to kill me!

Less than a month before I'll be on the flat side! Can't wait!

Had my pre-op yesterday

Do I had my pre-op appt yesterday! I can't believe it's getting so close! I leave tomorrow for a family reunion - well be gone for 6 days and then I'll come home and have 4 days to get ready for the big day!

Oh yeah, I confirmed with Dr. Yates yesterday that my implants are Sientra 435 cc. I'm so happy they're Sientra's. They have a lifetime warranty and 10 years that will cover everything up to $3,600. I'm impressed with the company!

I'm also really happy I've chosen Dr.Yates as my surgeon! He makes me feel so comfortable about all off this! All of my fears seem to dissipate when I'm in his office. I know everything is going to be just fine!

I really can't wait for my new body!

Just a few more days...

I returned from our vacation a couple of days ago and am so glad to be home! I was so worry that I was going to gain weight on our vacation because there was food EVERYWHERE we went and it was rich, high calorie food and my body is just not used to that kind of food. I actually got really sick the fourth day. My stomach was killing me and it seemed that everything I had eaten was coming through me! The other thing is although I had taken my exercise clothes along, I only was able to work out one day and that was frustrating! I so didn't want to gain any weight before my surgery! When I got home I was pleasantly surprised that I had only gained. 1.6 pounds!

I'm now in the final preparations in getting ready for Tuesday! I'm so excited! Yesterday I did all the final grocery shopping and stocked up on everything my family is going to need while I'm recovering over the next couple of weeks - I'm sure my husband will be able to get a few things here and there as we need them. Today I'm doing the final housecleaning and all the laundry, also laundering all the towels and bedding so everything is completely sterile.

Yesterday my husband got me a shower massage that comes down as a hand held so it will be easier for me to shower. I'm sure he will have to help me for the first couple of times, but it will make it easier.

I still have to get a toilet riser and will probably do that today. I also need to pick up a couple of prescriptions today.

I have a special needs daughter who has several appointments each month and I will take care of a few of them on Monday so that will fill most of my day.

The last I heard, I'm supposed to be at Dr. Yates' at 7:15 Tuesday morning. They will call me the day before and confirm the time, but that's what I know for now.

Right now all the nervousness I was feeling before is gone. I have no anxiety and all I'm feeling is excitement for my new body! As I've been doing my laundry and hanging up my clothes, I imagine what me tops are going to look like on me with my new "girls" :) I also have jeans that I love and I wonder how nice it's going to be when I sit down and won't have to see my rolls hanging over the top! I just keep dreaming, but soon it will be a reality!!!! I can't wait!!!!

This is really happening!

So tomorrow morning I will have a flatter stomach and a new set of "girls" that I'm extremely excited about! I'm still not feeling nervous, just a whole bunch of excitement! I hope I'm saying the same thing when I wake up from surgery! I'm not looking forward to the pain but I'm focusing on the end result and that is what is making this so easy. Just 14 hours and I'll be checking in :) Wish me luck!

I'm headed out in just s few minutes!

In 25 minutes I'm heading out the door for my sx. Last night I started freaking out a bit and had to take a xanax but then slept like a baby!

I can't believe this day is really here! I've waited so long for this. I just hope everything goes well and I get my desired outcome! I hope I can deal with the pain and I hope my emotions csn stay in check through this process! I hope my husband can hold the dirty down while I'm down and that my daughter does alright with dad taking care of her instead of me. I hope my grandkids don't forget who I am and still love me as much as I love them (right now I see them several times a week because I've been babysitting them during the day) and I won't be able to do that for several weeks and that makes me sad :(.

We'll, those are some of my thought... I just needed to get them out.

I'll post as soon as I can sheet my sx.

I'm back home.

I'm back home and my breasts are hurting extremely bad! I guess I was expecting my tummy tuck to hurt much more, but all I'm feeling I'd simmer tightness right now.

When I'm feeling a little better, I'll put some pics, but I did have my husband take a pic of me after Dr Yates marked me up. It was pretty funny!

Dang, I wish this pain medication would kick in!

This morning was rough, but I'm doing well now :)

This morning was rough! But I was so surprised that most of my pain was from my ba! The pain medication didn't even touch the pain and every time I tried to talk, it would hurt even worse - I felt like I was going to suffocate!

But then I remembered a mix of doTERRA essential oils (frankincense and marjoram) that acts like morphine. I put about 3-4 drops of each into a gel cap and took it and within 10 minutes the excruciating pain went away! I am so grateful for these essential oils!

My abs feel like I've done one too many sit ups or crunches - very manageable...

I'm not very hungry, but have eaten a yogurt with a little bit of peanut butter and then later this afternoon I had a banana.

I've gotten up several times to walk today and am moving around quite well.

My husband helped me empty my drains and I was able to see myself in my new bra and binder. What I can see, I'm very, very happy with!

I'll try and take some pics tomorrow and post them :)

Day 2 PO

I slept really well last night and I'm still feeling really groggy from the pain meds. I have my follow-up in an hour. I had my hubby take a quick photo of me this morning. I hope I can upload it... fir some reason, it's not letting me upload any photos...

Let's try this again...

Here are some after pics. I just got back from my follow up with Dr. Yates. He said my augmentation looks great and he is really pleased with how everything looks. He didn't want to look at my tummy today and will look at it in a week. I'm supposed to call on Wednesday and let him know what my drain output is. If it's under 30 then I'll be able to have the drains taken out on Wednesday. If not I'll call back on Thursday, and so on...

I'm feeling really good and I think I'm doing much better than I thought I was going to feel! Thank heaven!!!

Day 3 PO

I slept most of the morning. I think everything just caught up with me! I've stopped taking the Percocet and am now using the Francincense and Marjoram Essential oils and Ibuprofen and that is controlling the little pain that I'm having. I'm so grateful that my pain has been manageable (except that first afternoon - that was horrible!!!!) But I'm on the upswing now! The other great thing about using the essential oils for pain is there aren't any side effects! No grogginess, no slowing of the bowels, nothing! I'm just using 3 drops of each in a gel cap a couple of times a day.

I've started taking stool softener because I haven't had a bowel movement, but I really haven't eaten that much. I'm not uncomfortable. I have been passing quite a bit of gas, so things are moving. If I haven't had a bowel movement by tonight, I'll use some Milk of Magnesia to get things going.

I've had some friends from church offer to bring in dinner (what a Godsend)! Although I cooked meals ahead of time and put them in the freezer, it's just nice to have something fresh for these first couple of days. I'm sure my husband and daughter appreciate it too :).

I'm really missing my grandkids! I just wish I could get in the car and drive over and see them. I think it may be too soon :). My husband and daughter just left to go to a funeral, so I'm here by myself for the first time since my sx. I'm sure I'll do just fine! I've been up and moving around quite a bit! I really can't believe how much easier this has been than what I had expected. I read so many reviews of women who were bed ridden for a week and said it was the worse pain they had ever experienced for 3 days straight! I really feel sorry for them! But I'm glad I haven't had to deal with that! For those of you who are contemplating this, don't read too much into all of the negative here on There are many of us who are having really positive experiences and remember that the final result will be well worth the pain in the end.

I do wish I could crawl into my bed and sleep on my side :) I've wanted to do that since last night... That's not going to happen for a little while... I'm still sleeping in the recliner. With an extended tummy tuck, side sleeping is a little uncomfortable and I still can't lay flat or stand up straight - it's getting better than the first day, but I'm still not 100%.

I took my binder off for a little bit yesterday. I didn't so much like the feeling of having it off. It's much more comfortable having it on. My doctor said every once in a while I should take it off and let my skin breathe, so once a day I'll take it off, but not for very long...

I've been doing a few simple household chores, made breakfast for my daughter this morning, loaded the dishwasher last night... it felt good to be able to do a few things... slowly but surely things are coming along :)

A little bit of a setback

I don't know whether I did a little bit too much yesterday or what but by last night I wasn't doing well with pain! I had gone all day without percocet and had had ibuprofen and the essential oils earlier in the day and had planned on taking them in the evening, but my alarm for the ibuprofen didn't go off because I had it set for the wrong day...

I may have done a little too much, being up and about, doing a load of laundry, making my own lunch, emptying my drains by myself, taking my binder on and off by myself (my husband has been helping me do those things).

Also my husband and daughter were gone for about 4 hours and I was left by myself for about 4 hours to fend for myself.

Anyway, by 8:00 pm last night I was not doing well so I ended up taking a percocet after I had taken the ibuprofen and essential oils. Then to make matters worse, my husband wanted to stay up and watch a movie (my recliner is in the living room, where the tv is) and the movie ended at midnight. Although I slept through most of it, it wasn't really restful sleep. Then my daughter was up by 3:30 am. But that's okay, I wasn't sleeping very well anyway. Hopefully today I'll have a chance to sleep! I just wish I could lock myself in my bedroom and crawl into my bed comfortably and sleep. I know I've said this before, but I really miss my bed!!!

Normally, I'm in bed by 8:45, the latest 9:00 pm and I get up at 4:15 with my daughter. I have to keep a pretty rigid sleeping schedule. I'm bipolar and if I don't, I become manic. I have medication that puts me to sleep at night and medication that wakes me up in the morning. So having nights like last night, are not good for me! My husband is a night owl. He usually stays up until 1:00 or 2:00. This actually works out for us because if our daughter gets up in the middle of the night, I don't have to get up with her, he does. In the morning, I usually take care of our daughter and get her all situated for the day and then I go and work out and by the time I come home, he's up and ready for the day. It's a system we've had for a while and it works well for us. Me sleeping in the recliner is putting a bit of a strain on our system... I think we're going to have to find some kind of work around!

Last night I took some Milk of Magnesia. I took 2 TBSP. It did nothing for me. Before surgery I took 2 TBSPs, and it worked within 30 minutes of me taking it, so expected it would do the same, but it didn't. So this morning I took 4 TBSPs. It's been 2 hours, and nothing yet, not even any gas... I'm getting a bit concerned. I didn't have much luck with bowel movements before my surgery so this might be a tricky one! I would really like to get off the pain medication for this very reason, but I can't deal with the pain I had last night! Again, it's mostly in my breasts and it is very painful!!! I do have some pain in the muscle repair area, but that's manageable. When my breasts hurt, it makes under my arms hurt, under my breasts hurt, the muscle above the implant, the incision, all of it! OUCH! It almost hurts to breathe! They are gorgeous though :) It will be worth it!!!

Here's hoping for a better day!!! I'm going to stay up on my pain medication, maybe spread is out 6 hours apart, alternating ibuprofen and percocet and essential oils and see how that works for me.

Some updated after pics

So I took a sponge bath today and it gabe me the opportunity to take some pics. I'm definitely pleased with my results so far. I have quite a bit of swelling in my girl parts still, but I'm sure in time that will resolve itself. Dang, I'm having trouble uploading again... I'm going to have to find a workaround.

Let's try this again...

So here's the deal... I can't upload photos from my phone. What I have to do is e-mail the photos to myself, save them to my hard drive on my computer and then upload them from my computer... what a pain!!! If anyone knows why I have to do this and how to fix it so that I can upload from my phone, I would really appreciate it!

Day 4 PO

It's been a pretty good day except it starting at 2:30 am. I have a special needs daughter who likes to get up really early. I try to keep her in her room, but that just never really happens. When I'm not sleeping in the recliner, it's really no big deal, I stay in bed and she comes out and does her morning chores and then plays on the computer and watches tv until I get up around 4:15. So, I just got up with her this morning.

I was pretty sore and stiff when I woke up and I started thinking "This is crazy, I'm going to start running out of percocet here really soon, then what?" I've been rotating between percocet and ibuprofen every 6 hours each so I get something every 3 hours. At that 3 hour mark, I'm definitely in need of something!

My daughter and I had breakfast at 4:30 and then I had a fabulous idea! I remembered my husband had just bought me some ear plugs. I was still really tired, and I had just taken a pain pill at 4:00, so I put the ear plugs in, laid back in the recliner and slept for another couple of hours. It was wonderful!

I've been talking about how I miss my bed. Well, in the morning I just really like to snuggle with my hubby! I went into our bedroom and told him I wanted to try laying down. He said he would help me, so he did and by the time I got laid down I was in so much excruciating pain, I was begging for him to help me back up! I guess it's too soon for that!

I'm still using laxatives (Swiss Kriss), and I still haven't gone. The weird thing, is I don't even feel like I have to. I think I might have a urinary tract infection though. It hurts when I pee. Hopefully I can wait until Monday to get checked out.

I'm bored and tired of being in the house and the swelling and brusing was really getting to me, so I asked my husband to take me to GNC to get some Bromelain. It was nice to be outside in the sunshine!. We ran a couple of other errands and then went over to my daughters house and visited with her (she was working in her salon, so I just went down and talked to her for a little bit), her hubby, and of course, my grandkids :). The 5 and 10 year old were so excited to see me because they knew I was getting new boobs and they wanted to see how big they were (okay I have a crazy open-minded family). They were all excited for me, because they knew fixing my body was important to me. I asked the kids if they approved (with a smile and a wink) and the 5 year old says "a little". The 10 year old says "yes". The baby was asleep. He's 1 year old. After a while he woke up and his dad sat him on my lap. He hasn't seen me in a week and he was so excited. I absolutely LOVE these kids!!!! I'm going to have a rough several weeks not watching them every day!

I also did a couple of loads of laundry between yesterday and today.

I must say, I'm doing much better than I expected at this point in time in my recovery. I just hope that my pain continues to diminish and that the swelling issues I'm having will improve.

I'm having very little fluid draining so I'm hopeful that by Monday I'll be able to get my drains out. I would be so extremely grateful for that! They're just so cumbersome. Also, I'm limited by what I can wear with these drains hanging out and that frustrates me.

On the bright side, cause that's where I want to leave things, I'm truly grateful that I was able to have this surgery! I'm grateful for the way I look, the transformation my body has taken. I'm grateful that my recovery has been as easy as it has been. I expected it to be much more difficult. I'm grateful for Dr. York Yates, his hands, his mind, his artistry, his talents. I'm grateful for a supportive husband who is taking such good care of me and who supported me in my decision to have this surgery. I am truly blessed!

Can we talk about problems with consipation?

Last night I finally had my first bowel movement and boy was it painful!!!!! It was like giving childbirth X 10! Before surgery I didn't have a real easy time moving my bowels but now it's totally ridiculous! A couple of days before my surgery I took Milk of Magnesia and thought I had cleaned out my system, but I guess I was wrong!

So this morning I took a dose of Epsom Salts. Now when I've done this in the past, within 30 minutes, diarrhea occurs and it continues for the next 4 to 6 hours. It literally cleans me out completely! Today I took it and 2 hours later I had a normal, painful bowel movement. That was 2 hours ago, and nothing else! I don't know what else to do!!!! I know I have poop in there. I just don't know how to get it out!!! I guess it has to come out sometime and I just have to be patient!

Pre-Surgery Mark-up Photo 6/3/14

Here's my pre-surgery mark-up photo. It's a great before picture.


I was able to successfully have several bowl movements yesterday and of what a relief it was! I'm feeling so much better now!

I also slept like a baby last night. I fell asleep early and slept so well I actually slept through the time I was supposed to have my pain medicine by 2 hours! I feel really good this morning!

So the blues have hit...

I don't even know where to start! Maybe we can start with how large my thighs are? I had read on this site about women who had problem with swelling after tummy tucks but the swelling was in the ab/stomach area. I have some swelling there but my thighs are ginormous! And to make matters worse I did something that isn't advised to do here on RealSelf as well... I stepped on the scale. I've gained 15 pounds! I haven't been overeating, but I haven't been starving myself either. I read about women who can't eat for the first three days because they're nauseous, well, I didn't really want to eat the first day, but the second, third, fourth, etc. day I was fine. I've been watching my sodium intake, eating low sodium, drinking a ton of water, not drinking any soda, so why have I blown up like a balloon?

None of my clothes fit and I'm not about to go out and buy bigger clothes than what I was wearing before. I have worked so hard to get this weight off and I have paid so much money to have this body of my dreams and I just look horrible with these enormous thighs!

I just can't stop crying and I know this is all part of this whole process - getting emotional - and I knew I was going to go through this, but it really sucks!!!!

I guess I just need to give it time and hope the swelling does go down. If I could just go and work out or do something to get rid of this I would... But all I can do is just sit here and hope it goes away.

Any words of wisdom from anyone?

I'm free!

Today I got my drains out! I'm free!!!! I was really getting tired of those things! Dr. Yates is really happy at how I'm progressing. I told him I'm really concerned about the swelling but he said he wasn't worried. He said it's not that bad and he said my thighs might look larger to me because my stomach is so much smaller, but my husband chimed in and said "no, her thighs were definitely not that big!" He said to just give it some time. I asked him how much time and he said when I went back in a couple of weeks he thought there would be a big improvement.

He also told me he wanted me taking it really easy for the next couple of days so that I don't develop a seroma since they just took the drains out. Often times, women feel so good after they get their drains out, they over do it and the fluid that the body is trying to get rid of increases and there is no where for it to go, so it builds up and forms a seroma. That would not be good. So I am taking it easy.

I was able to come home this afternoon and take a much needed shower and it was so nice because my husband just installed a shower massage head for me - ahhhhhh. But then when I started to shave my legs I realized that my lower legs and ankles were swollen, like really swollen. Don't know what that's all about! A few years ago I had a big problem with edema and have been on lasix ever since. I'm just hoping I'm not going to be going down that road again!

Since I got most of my bandages removed today, and my new belly button was revealed to me, I've taken more photos and have attached them... I'm pretty swollen in these pics. Hope it goes away soon. I'm taking Bromelain and drinking coconut water and eating pineapple. Don't know what else to do (Oh, I'm keeping as much sodium out of my diet as I can).

11 Days PO

The last few days I have been dealing with mainly swelling issues, but most of my swelling is in my legs, down into my ankles. A few years ago we went on a cross country trip and I developed edema in my legs. This was before I had lost all of my weight and I attributed a lot of it to me being overweight and the weight of my upper body and sitting in the car for long periods of time. But for months, the edema wouldn't go away. Eventually I found a doctor who prescriped Lasix and Potassium and after a few weeks the swelling did go down. During the whole process however, my potassium levels weren't being watched closely enough and I went into renal and heart failure and ended up in the hospital a couple of times and it was pretty scary. Once I was stabilized and found a new doctor to monitor me, he put me onto a small dose of Lasix and Potassium to control the edema and I've been fine ever since. So when the swelling started this past week, I kind of freaked out! I called my PS and he told me I should double my dose of Lasix and potassium but should go through my Primary Care Physician and have him monitor me and so that's what I'm doing. This morning I've noticed a BIG improvement in my ankles but my thighs are still quite swollen and I'm guessing they will be for a while just because of the surgery. I know there is going to be some swelling, but what I was experiencing the past few days was ridiculous.

I also have a muscle cramp in my left big toe and have had it off and on since the day of surgery. My toe also feels numb to the touch. It's so weird. I have my PS cell phone # and texted him after hours last night because I was reading on the internet last night that you can have an embolism in your big toe after surgery (it's common), but I haven't heard back from him. I don't know if I should wait until Monday to call his office or if I should go to urgent care or the ER to be checked out. I know I've been dealing with this for 11 days, I don't know if another couple of days would hurt, however with an embolism, if it travels to the lungs, it can kill you instantly and that doesn't give me a comfy cozy feeling either :(.

I'm still taking Percocet and Ibuprofen (rotating every 6 hours). I tried to go without the Percocet yesterday and replace it with extra stength Tylenol and really got in a bad way! My stomach muscles just bound up and I could hardly even stand up! I was in so much pain I could hardly stand it! I only have enough Percocet to last me until Monday and then I don't know what I'm going to do! My breasts no longer hurt. I think it's just strange that all of the sudden I'm having pain from my tummy tuck, where before I was having pain from my breast augmentation, and now it's just reversed. I really didn't have any pain from the tummy tuck at first. It was uncomfortable, but now it just hurts!

At my last appointment, I was told I could get a compression garment and wear that during the day and then just wear my binder at night so I went and purchased a Maidenform Slimmer. It's not as comfortable as the binder. At the end of the day, I can't wait to change into the binder. I think I'd rather wear the binder all day! The other thing is with the CG, every time I have to go the bathroom, I have to pull it down, and then pull it back up and taking it up and down over the incision is not really comfortable. I drink a ton of water, and so I spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

Last night my daughter and son-in-law needed a night out and so they brought the kids over so we could watch them (actually so my husband could watch them). I pretty much laid in the recliner and slept. I had a pretty rough day yesterday. The baby kept pulling himself up to my recliner and wanted me to hold him. The poor little thing just doesn't understand! My husband would lift him up so he could sit on my lap and he'd cuddle for a couple of minutes and then want to get down and then a few more minutes later he'd come back and pull himself back up and want to get back up and someone would have to lift him back up for me. My other two grandkids usually want to sit on my lap and cuddle with me but they didn't want to hurt me (and I think as big as they are and as bad as I'm still hurting, it wouldn't have been a very good idea last night. It kind of made me a little sad... But it was good to have them over. I can't wait to be back 100% so I can really take care of them!

I still LOVE they way I look as I look in the mirror! My daughter asked me last night after she asked how I was doing and I was telling her about the pain I had experienced yesterday if I would do it all over again, and I said "absolutely". I LOVE my new body! I love the way I look naked :). I love they way I look in clothes. I love to dress myself now (minus my thighs sticking out a little too far). I love my new "girls". They're so perky! There is that saying, "no pain, no gain". I tell myself that on a daily basis. This will all be worth it! I definitely made the right decision doing what I did, having a mommy makeover and I would suggest it to anyone who is contemplating doing the same thing!

2 weeks PO

I can't believe it was 2 weeks ago today that I was having surgery! The time has really flown by! I'm hoping the next 4 weeks goes as fast so that I can get back to the gym and get back to my normal routine! I really lived for my daily workouts. They helped me so much physically and mentally!

I went out yesterday to try and find a camisole compression garment because I had read on one of the forums that some of the women had been having success wearing them. It was much easier than using a cg that you have to pull up and down when you have to use the bathroom. I thought that was a brilliant idea. When I went to try them on, I had a problem getting them over my boobs. I've never had an obstacle like big boobs! :) I had also taken a Percocet before we went out so I wasn't thinking real clearly or I would have tried to pull it up over my legs and bottom. That may have worked, but oh well... Maybe my husband will take me back out today... If not, that's okay, I'm becoming quite attached to my binder. I like that I can adjust it to whatever swelling I'm having for the day/time. The only thing that bothers me is that by the end of the day, if I've been sitting too much, it seems to rub on the side of my incision (the extended part), so I have to keep pulling it down.

Yesterday Afternoon I cut my second to last percocet pill in half and took that instead of a full one. It worked just fine. The at bedtime I took the other half. During the night I didn't take anything for pain and when I got up this morning I just to ibuprofen. I just took a second dose (6 hours later). I'm mostly just having lots of muscle cramping and I do have pain under my left breast. I'm not sure what all of that is about. I did talk to my PS last week about it, he looked at it and said it was just fine, but it doesn't feel fine. Any time I reach to the right with my left arm I get a shooting pain under my left breast and when I use my left arm, like to open a pill bottle, it hurts. I'm hoping that with time, this gets better. My right breast has never really bothered me except that first day. They both hurt really badly the first day.

My swelling in my thighs is still about the same, but from my knees down the swelling has pretty much gone down.

I still really love the way I look. I love that when I look down I have a flat tummy and a nice chest. I love to look in the mirror and see my cute new belly button! I've never had a cute belly button, in fact, I've never had a cute tummy, not in my whole entire life. Before I lost my weight, I always had a weight problem and most of my weight was in my stomach, so having a nice tummy to look at is an amazing thing for me.

I know I still need a thigh lift and an arm lift, but I'm not too anxious to go through another surgery just yet. I'll sit back and be happy with what I've got for now, and maybe some day in the future I'll take care of those other areas. I may not look flawless naked, but I look pretty darn good in clothes :). Plus, I don't think I'll be walking around naked around town any time soon :)

Making Progress

I think I turned the corner yesterday! It was 2 weeks to the day that I had my tt and ba. I went on my first walk outside (I'm guessing it was about 1/4 mile with a few hills. It wasn't too difficult but I didn't want to overdo it. I also went all day without percocet and just had ibuprofen every 6 hours. I didn't have too much pain, not too much cramping - most of my pain was just at my incision site, where the binder rubs up against it. I also drove for the first time. I went over to my daughters house and visited with the grandkids for a little bit.

It's been quite cool (in the 50s, and this morning it's even 40) here and rainy and I can't seem to get warm. It seem that all that extra fat and skin that I had removed was keeping me warm :). My daughter and husband keep saying it's not cold, but I'm freezing and when I went to my daughter's house yesterday, she had the windows open and I thought I was going to die! I was trying so hard to stay warm that my muscles started to tighten up and so I had to leave. I asked all the kids if they were cold and they weren't. It's kind of crazy! I slept with extra blankets last night and turned the heater on this morning but I'm still kind of chilly. I really need to go out to the store today but unless I warm up, I'm not going. I'll have to send my husband or something.

I had my hubby take more pics yesterday of me and I think from now on I'll just take them on a weekly basis. It's kind of funny because my right breast has started to drop into place and my right hasn't so I look a little lopsided. I had read on other reviews where this had happened to other women. Luckily you can't really notice when I have clothes on.

I got on the scales yesterday and have lost more weight (Yay!) 6 more pounds, so now I'm just up 8 pounds from my surgery date. The swelling is coming down. Again, most of it is still in my legs.

My husband was so funny yesterday when he was taking the pics. He asked how long until we could, you know, have some fun in the bedroom... I told him I thought it was at 6 weeks PO. He said, "Well, I'm gonna have to stop taking pictures of you until then!" Poor guy! :) It's nice to be loved and wanted. :)

I'd like to go for another walk today, but with it being 40 degrees outside, I'm not sure I'm going to venture out. I could go to the gym and walk on the treadmill, but I'd still have to go outside to get there... I'm really being a whimp! :)

For all of you who are healing, hope it's going well for you and that you're seeing the results that you expected! For those of you who are waiting your turn, it will be here before you know it, and boy, will it be worth it! It's a great feeling to feel the way I do when I look in the mirror and see the transformation I've taken!

Just one more photo

I just figured out Photo Grid, a photo app where I can compare photos, so I took the markup photo from the day of surgery and the photo from 2 weeks PO (yesterday) and put them together as a comparison. It's amazing! Thought I would share!

3 week update

Today I went to my 3 week follow up appointment with Dr. Yates. He was very pleased with how I looked :). He took all the tape off and said I looked really, really good! He said my breast still aren't exactly where they will be when all is said and done, but they're progressing. He loves the definition in my stomach and how everything curves just so... It made me feel really good to hear him say how happy he was with how I looked. I feel absolutely amazing!

I was told I don't need to wear the binder or compression garment anymore if I don't want to but if I have swelling, it will help to wear it, so maybe wear it at night. I can also go and buy some prettier bras, just no underwire until 3 months. So, Victoria Secret, here I come!!!!

I am also cleared to start exercising, walking, and eliptical and light jogging, then at 6 weeks I can pretty much start up where I left off at the gym, before my surgery.

I asked him about getting back to babysitting my grandkids and he just said not to overdo it. Be cautious.

And finally, sex :) We've been given the go ahead. And boy did that put a smile on my hubby's face!

So today after my appointment my daughter called and was really sick and needed to go to the doctor so she needed me to come over and watch the kiddos. It was nice to be able to pick up my grandson and carry him around! I've really missed being able to do that! After she got home from her appointment, I had to go home and take care of my other daughter for a bit, get her lunch, etc., then I had to go and run some errands and also pick up Rxs for my daughter who is sick... She didn't feel well enough to pick them up. So I've been running all day. My stomach is now cramping and I've probably overdone it and will probably pay for it tomorrow. But it was a good day!

I took some pics this morning before my appointment (with the tape still on), thought I'd share just one. I've covered up my hoo-ha cause I'm tired of looking at the swollen thing! I didn't think anyone else wanted to look at it either. I really hope the swelling comes down soon!

Here are some additional pics

Last Thursday my husband, daughter and I went to some Hot Springs just north of our home so it gave me the perfect excuse to buy my very first bikini in my whole entire life and I'm 48 years old! I've never felt this good in my life about my body and it felt good to be out in public with my new flat tummy and my new perky girls :). The other thing that was great about the mineral hot springs is the medicinal effect on my belly button. I've had drainage since the surgery, a little puss like and it took care of it. It's amazing.

I've also attached a pic of me in one of my maxi dresses. It's a change for me to be posting pics of me dressed :). I feel so confident now going out in public! I'm so grateful for making the decision to go through with the surgery and for the amazing outcome. I've still got some swelling but I know with time, that will go down. Patience, patience, patience.

I'm working out 5 days a week. I still have trouble with stomach cramping at the end of the day, but it's nothing that a little ibuprofen won't help. Other than that, things are going great!

Week 4 Post-Op

Well, I've made it to Week 4 Post-Op and I'm feeling pretty good! I walked on the treadmill this morning for 45 minutes at a pace of 3 mph and at an incline of 2. Went a little over 2 miles. My abs still get a little crampy by the end of the day and if I don't wear the binder during the day and I'm pretty active I have quite a bit of swelling but I just wear the binder during the night and by the next morning most of the swelling has gone down.

I went to Victoria's Secret yesterday and picked out a pretty bra. I've gone from a 38B that I barely filled out to a 36D. :) They didn't have it in the color I wanted (white) so they're ordering it online and having it shipped to me. I can't wait to wear something prettier and something that will give the girls more of a lift rather than the one that they gave me after surgery that kind of smashes them!

I love wearing maxi dresses, especially for the summer so I went and bought a couple more today. I love the way I'm looking in them. I love my new body! So glad I made the decision to have this surgery!

I've attached some Week 4 photos. The hubby is sick in bed so I had to take some selfies today. I also took some close-ups of my incision sites. I think they're looking really good!

Week 4 Before/After Photo

Week 5 Update

Things are progressing I'm happy to say! Every day gets a little easier and I'm able to do more each day. I still get tired by the end of the day and if I do too much I'm sore in my tummy, but I just have to pace myself.

I've been sleeping throught the night in my bed and no longer have to sleep in the recliner which is a great improvement over the past several weeks. It's nice to be able to have a good night's sleep!

I've been going to the gym Monday thru Friday and yesterday was able to walk 4 miles in an hour and 15 minutes and burned 400 calories. My PS said at my 3 week post-op I could start jogging slowly and so I tried a few days ago but it hurt my abs, so I'll try again in a week.... I think at my 6 week post-op. I really need to start, however, because the 5K Color Run is coming up in August and I really want to be ready for it. I've been registered for it since February, long before I knew I was going to have this surgery. I guess worse case scenario is I could walk most the way :). I guess it's not the end of the world if I don't participate in it at all but it's one of those Bucket List items that my daughter and I have that we signed up together to do... I would be really disappointed if I couldn't do it :(.

The weirdest thing happened last night! I went to bed with my binder on, like I do every night, and when I woke up this morning, I didn't have it on! It wasn't even in my bedroom. It was in the bathroom and I have no recollection of even taking it off! My tummy felt really weird when I woke up and I was a little swollen. I took my 5 week post-op pics this morning so I'm a little swollen. I've done a comparison from week 4 to week 5. There is definitely more definition in my abs and in my sides this week and I'm sure that is due to my exercising. I really feel my core working when I'm on the treadmill! It's amazing how much you use your core when you walk! I really took my abs for granted before having this surgery!

My new bra should be delivered in a couple of days and I can't wait! The bra that was given to me after surgery smooshes the girls down and I really want to enhance them when I'm wearing all these cute clothes that I'm buying :) I really liked the way the girls look in my new bra - so perky and cute! I can't wait!

I have my 30 year high school class reunion this coming Saturday and I can't wait! My hubby says I'm going to be the best looking thing there :). Awww, isn't he cute! He makes me feel so good! He says I'm better looking now, and he's talking about my face ladies, than when he met me 20 years ago!!!! He says I've gotten better with time! That makes a girl feel amazing! And now I have a body to match! What else could I ask for? I have the sweetest husband!

Next week at my 6 week post-op my special needs daughter is going to camp and it's the one time a year that my hubby and I have respite to go and do what we want... We're going to a resort next to a lake and renting a boat and going to go and play in the water! I'm going to have another opportunity to wear my little bikini!

I hope you're all finding joy in your newfound bodies and that you're healing is going well! For those of your who have just begun the healing journey, know that it takes time, but this is all worth it! I am so happy and grateful every day that I made the decision to have this life changing surgery! I look back to my surgery date and can hardly remember the pain. It is all worth it!

Exercise and Interesting Perceptions

Yesterday I was able to run a mile and a half and by the end of the day I had no pain!!!! That is progress. I also walked an additional 2 1/2 miles. So maybe I will be ready for the 5K Color Run in August... I hope so! It felt really good to be able to run yesterday! I walked for about 10 minutes then started to run, actually I was really just jogging, about 4.7 mph, and did that for a mile until I started to feel uncomfortable in my abs, then I walked for a little while until I was comfortable again, then I started jogging again and was able to jog for an additional 1/2 mile, then walked for the remaining hour which gave me about 4.15 miles. I'm 5 1/2 weeks Post-op so I think that's pretty good. Next week I'll be able to start lifting some weights and getting back to some of my pre-surgery routine. That will be really nice. I feel like I've gotten so flabby!

On another note, my daughter was doing my hair and my eyelash extensions yesterday (she's a cosmetologist) and she just said out of the blue that she doesn't really notice a difference in my body - before/after! I was floored!!!! I have no idea why she would say that! I told her I have lost 5 inches off my stomach, I no longer have rolls hanging over my jeans and I've gone from and A cup to a D cup. I realize I used to wear a padded C cup - but even so, I've gone up one size! As we were leaving her salon, I stood up in front of the mirror and pulled my shirt up and my jeans that used to be skin tight on me and that my skin used to hang over are now extremely loose on me, I showed her. She said, "I guess I just don't pay that much attention to your body". My granddaughter was in the other room and heard us talking. She came over as we were walking over to the salon and asked what we were talking about. I told her that her mom didn't think I looked any different than before my surgery. She said "What?!?!!!!" She said, "Yes she does mom! I can put my arms all the way around like this and her boobs are really big now!" So that made me feel good!

Tonight I have my 30th Year High School Class Reunion.... I'm excited 'cause I feeling really good about the way I look! I suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2009 and lost my memory. Some of my memory has come back, but not all of it, so I'm a little nervous about how many people I will actually remember, but I will have my husband there as my security blanket. But I do look better now than I ever did in High School. I had no boobs in High School and never had the beautiful hourglass shape that I have now. My husband says I've gotten more beautiful with age (ain't he a sweetheart) so I'm pretty confident going back to see my old classmates :)

I'll update next week with photos.

I've made it to week 6!

Wow! I've made it to week 6 Post-op! I can't believe it's actually been 6 weeks! The past week has been really good. Not much pain and I've really made a lot of progress at the gym. My daily routine is pretty much back in place and I don't seem to tire as easily but I'm definitely ready to go to bed when it's time at night. I'm sleeping very comfortably in bed and no longer need to come out to the recliner which is good and I can sleep in most any position except flat on my tummy.

I have been having some stabbing pains just below my tummy incision on the left side down into my groin area and they began about week 3. I finally called the doctor a couple of days ago because I felt the stabbing pains were becoming more frequent and when they came on they would just take my breath away because they were so intense. He had me come in so I could be checked out. I thought I had maybe overdone it at the gym, because I had started jogging at about week 4, because my PS told me at week 3 I could start light jogging, so I did. When I went in to see him, he said the pain I was describing was nerve pain. He said where I was pointing to ran along where he cut, along where an artery was and many nerves and every once in a while a patient will complain of this shooting, sharp pain. If it persists there is a medication he can give me to help, but there are side effects and risks with the medication so he likes to hold off on it if I can deal with the pain. He said it would subside with time. I told him as long as I hadn't hurt myself with my exercise, I was fine. He said it was definitely not from my exercising and that he wants me to continue to push myself with my exercising. Workout until I'm uncomfortable. That was good to hear!

So the next day, my 6 week post-op, I ran 2.5 miles, walked 1.5 miles and lifted upper body weights for about 20 minutes. I pushed myself and was sore by the evening but the next morning was doing just fine. Yesterday morning I only ran about a mile and a half and walked 2.5 miles and lifted lower body weights. I couldn't do as many lower body weights because it was working my core too much, so I stopped. I'll go back this morning and see how much I can do. On another interesting note, before my sx, whenever I ran, I had to wear a Poise pad because I would have bladder control issues, sometime enough to fill a whole pad. Since the surgery, I haven't had any bladder control issues! What a Godsend! I've had problems with this for years and now I can run worry free! I work out 5 days a week and am training to do a 5K on the 23rd of August so I have just a little over a month to get ready for it. My PS said I should definitely be ready for it.

My scars are lightening up every day and my abs continue to become more contoured. I look better and better in my clothes and have lost an additional 5 pounds. When I went into surgery I weighed 166 and I'm now down to 161. Woo-hoo! The swelling gets better and better every day and as long as I wear the binder at night, by the next morning, most of the swelling from the day before, minus the Ken Doll, has gone down. Even the Ken Doll is getting smaller. :)

I went to my 30 Year High School Reunion last weekend and it was awesome! I was a little nervous because a few years ago I suffered a TBI and lost my memory so I didn't know how many people I was going to remember, but when I got there, it was amazing how many people I was able to remember. I got many compliments on how good I looked and many hugs from many of my male classmates. I had a weight problem most of my childhood, however there were a couple of years where I did lose weight but I was never healthy and fit and I never had boobs! I felt so confident walking in there with my form fitting dress and having a male classmate say to my husband, "You're a very lucky man!" That makes a girl feel really good! When I was getting ready to leave one of my old girlfriends was giving me a hug and she said, "I think you look better now than you ever did in high school! The years have been very kind to you!" I know my face hasn't aged too much, but my body looks better now than it ever did in high school! I've said this before, and I'll say it again, this Mommy Makeover has changed my life! I feel so good!

A Major Milestone!

Today I hit a major milestone! I am 7 weeks post-op today and at the gym this morning I was able to run 3.5 miles, the same distance I was running before my sx! I am so excited! Maybe I will be ready for the Color Run 5K on 8/23. :)

Yesterday I babysat my grandkids from 9 to 4:30. By the time I got home I was exhausted! It was my first full day of babysitting since before my sx. I slept really well last night!

So with time, things are getting better... So extremely happy about my decision to have this sx. Living my new body!

2 month update

I can't believe it's really been two months since my surgery! My body is still taking on changes every day and my recovery is still a work in progress.

I am working out 5 days a week, running 3 to 3.5 miles a day, getting ready for the Color Run 5K on August 23rd, and I also walk an addition 1 to 1.5 miles. I also try to lift weights at least 3 days a week. I'd really like to get back to doing the Pump FX an Kickboxing classes but I'm just physically not there yet as my energy level isn't what it used to be. I tire quite easily and at the end of my run/walk my abs seem to get sore and occasionally my breasts get a little sore.

I haven't worn my binder at all during the day for a few weeks and was wearing it up until last night. About a week ago I tried to go without it over night and when I woke up my abs were really sore so I continued to wear it again. I tried again last night to go without it and when I woke up this morning I was fine, just a little swollen. Most of my swelling is still below my bb and into my mons and I still have some swelling in my hips.

It's kind of crazy, but with my added exercise I've gained a couple of pounds. It's really kind of frustrating because I actually need to lose about 15 more pounds to be at my goal weight and I was hoping to do that with this surgery. I have no idea how much skin and fat was removed from the surgery (I know a lot of doctors tell their patients, but mine didn't), but I know there was a lot. I went into the surgery weighing 166 and after the surgery I got down to 161. I'm now back up to 164! Oh well, I'll just keep trying. What's frustrating is I even see the weight gain in the before and after photos. I hope it's just water weight! I'm not sure why I would be gaining it now though.

My breasts are filling out quite nicely, however and I'm very pleased. At three weeks post-op I went to Victoria's Secret and was fitted for a bra at 36D. They didn't have the color I wanted in stock so they mailed it to me but when it arrived it just didn't seem like the same bra I had tried on in the store. I tried to wear it a couple of time but it was uncomfortable. So yesterday I took it back to the store and the re-measured me and I'm actually a 36DD now!!! I should have waited. I read on one of the forums that as time goes on after a ba your breast size will get larger. What's funny is when I was trying on sizers at the ps office I actually went with the smaller one. I can't imagine what size I would have been if I had gone with the larger one. I'm very happy with the size I am (and so is my hubby - he can't keep his hands of the girls!) Speaking of which, my sex life has never been better!!!! This mommy makeover has made things in the bedroom very exciting!!! I hope it's been as exciting for everyone else!!!! :)

So all in all, I'm seeing progress. My energy level is better, my abs don't hurt as often after a long day, I love my new girls and my sex life has never been better! Yes! This was the best decision I ever made for myself!

First 5K with my new and improved body!

Yesterday I ran in my first 5K since losing the 80+ pounds and having my mommy makeover! Although I'm not back up to running my presurgery pace of 6 mph, I did finish the race in 37.41, which is about 5 mph. Can I just say, it is so nice to run without fat and skin bouncing up and down in front of me!!!! It's awesome! I may have bigger boobs, but they don't bounce half as much as my stomach ever did!

I hadn't really planned on running this race until Thursday when my husband suggested it. This race was part of our yearly town celebration (Country Fair Days). I live in a small town of about 6,000 people and I used to live in the older part of the town a couple of years ago and 10 years prior to that. I've lost all of my weight since I've moved to the newer part of town so many people that saw me coming across the finish line were shocked to see me and some people didn't even recognize me after I went up to them after the race. :) I had some people tell me I look 20 years younger! That really did something for my self-esteem!

After the race I went home and showered and then we went and picked up my 10 year old granddaughter and 5 year old grandson and took them to the parade in town and then they spent the day with us at our house. It was a great day of eating lunch together, exploring outside in the yard, coloring and making crowns to wear, and having heart-to-heart conversations with those sweet little kiddos! I'm so blessed!

In the evening, my hubby and I went out and ate Mexican Food and I even at healthy - a Lite Chicken and Spinach Quesadilla with Queso Beans and Veggies! It was awesome! It was a perfect day!!!

I just registered for another 5K scheduled for next Saturday. It's our County Fair 5K. Then the Saturday after that is the Color Run! Woo-Hoo! So excited!

11 Weeks Post-op

Today I'm 11 weeks post-op. I'm feeling better every day and my energy levels seem to be getting back to normal. I've chosen not to post any pics until 3 months post-op, unless something interesting comes up, just because I'm not seeing that much of a change from day-to-day and also it's a very time consuming ordeal since I can't post them from my phone (what a pain)!

I ran in another race last Saturday and my time was 34:32, which makes my mph about 5.4. Before my surgery I was running 6 mph. I know this is going to take some time. I just have to be patient. My last race I only ran 5 mph, so my pace is increasing!

When I wake in the morning my tummy is really flat but after my morning run I start swelling and deal with the swelling all day. It's not really bad, but it's there and kind of annoying...

My girls are looking beautiful and I'm loving that I can wear so many beautiful clothes and look so good with a flat tummy and big beautiful boobs!

I'm feeling great! I hope everyone else is feeling positive about their new transformations! Happy healing!

Today was the Color Run!

Today was the Color Run and it was so much fun! It wasn't a timed race and I did run it with my daughter who hasn't been training hardly at all for running so we did walk part of the race but it was a party before, during and after! I did jog most of the way though. It was a total happy celebration though! The race promotes healthiness, happiness and indivuality. It is awesome! It was really fun to run this with my daughter. My other daughter, who has special needs and is 17 years old came down with my husband to watch us and really wanted to be able to throw the powdered colors at us. They have four color stations set up along the route where they throw colors at the runners/walkers and each station is a different color. My husband and daughter went to the first station to take pictures of us as we were coming through and my daughter asked one of the volunteers if she could throw some of the colors. They told her she could and she ended up throwing color on runners/walkers for the next hour!!!! She had so much fun with the pink powder! At the end of the race each racer got a pack of colored powder to throw and then there was a big dance party where everyone was throwing more color!!! So much fun! I had colors all over me, including up my nose, in my ears and on my teeth! Thankfully it's non-toxic! When I got home and was getting ready to get into the shower I got undressed and my hubby said, "Hey, we should take a picture of you like that and you should post it on I thought it was funny and so we did. And hey, I've lost more weight and I think I look pretty good and the girls are looking good and looked great in my little white tank today! Hope everyone's having a happy day!

3 Month Post-Op

I've made it 3 months and I feel really good! The only thing I really notice is some tightness in my tummy as I lay down at night and I still have some swelling below my belly button after I exercise (which is really annoying). I'm really ready for the swelling to go away! I know it can take up to a year for it to go away, but seriously, enough is enough! :)

2 days ago I ran a 10K! I've never before in my life run that far! I know I would have never been able to do it pre-surgery. It did take me all day yesterday to recover, however and I'll probably not do it again any time soon, I just wanted to see if I could do it. I'll stick to the 5Ks and just try to improve on my time with those. I still really enjoy running! I get a real high from running! It's great!

I'm back to watching my grandkids most every day and by 5:00 pm I'm pretty much exhausted! I still think that it's going to take my body time to get back into feeling 100% over the next few months. I'm still not sleeping very well, but I think that has more to do with my bipolar disorder than it has to do with my surgery. I'm not uncomfortable at night, just racing thoughts...

I'm loving all the new clothes and how great I'm looking in them and my husband accuses me of looking at myself in the mirror more than he looks at me! :) Sometimes I just can't believe it's me when I look in the mirror! It just amazes me the transformation my body has made! I'm so extremely happy. I talked to a girl yesterday who is contemplating having a tummy tuck and I told her to run, not walk to get it done! That it was the best decision I ever made! She knew me before the surgery and was amazed at how I look!

So, I'm posting pics, this time some with clothes (Yay!) I have my 3 month post-op appt next week. I'm sure my ps will tell me everything looks great but I'll post next week after my appt. Until then, Hope everyone is healing happy!

Almost 16 Weeks!

After my shower this morning I was feeling great and was thinking that during the week things get so crazy and I have some time today, I might as well post some pictures and give a quick update.

I'm down another pound. Finally hit 160! Haven't seen that since my oldest daughter who is now 28 was about 3 years old! Funny thing is, I've kind of upped my calories because due to my running training for the races I've been doing, I started to feel really sick in the afternoons and I couldn't figure out what was going on. I would get really light headed and nauseous and feel like I was going to pass out. So I did a little research and found that I may not have been eating enough right after my runs in the morning and I've also given myself another snack in the afternoon - around 3:00 and most days I've felt okay. Some days I still feel kind of icky but after I eat my dinner, I feel fine, so I think it's just me trying to give my body what it needs nutritionally. I'm really trying to listen to my body!

I ran in another 5K yesterday! It was for Cancer Research and there were 75 Cancer survivors who ran in the race! It was amazing. The first 2 miles were basically all uphill - up to the Cancer institute. The final mile was downhill to the finish line. I did it in 38.09. I don't know where that places me but my last race, two weeks ago, I was 9th in my age group. Not bad for 3 months Post-op!

My scars are really lightening up and that makes me happy! I'm loving my flat tummy and am loving all the clothes I'm getting to buy! I have a formal ball my daughter is receiving an award at next Saturday and I had to buy a formal dress for it. I have a friend who manages a boutique and she dressed me up real cute! It's a black lacy dress I'll have to take pics and post later.

For now, I just have naky pics :) Oh yeah, still lovin' my girls! Hubby is too! :)

4 month review

I've come to the realization that we just don't take many pictures in my family! We attended my daughter's award ceremony the other night where we all got dressed up and I know the Association who awarded her is supposed to post pictures but they haven't been posted yet, so all I have to post again are naked pictures... :(

Here at 4 months post op I'm feeling quite amazing. The only thing I'm really noticing is that I still have numbness in my tummy below my belly button and when I'm changing my grandson's diaper he likes to kick and he sometimes kicks me in the tummy and that kind of hurts, but other than that, all the pain is basically gone. When I'm getting into bed at night and I go to lay down, using my ab muscles it is still kind of sore, like I've done one too many sit ups, but I think that's from the running I've been doing.

I'm still running 3 miles every morning and now I'm running in the afternoon as well. I'm training my 5 year old grandson to run the Santa Run with me at the end of November! It's a 5K where every entrant receives a santa suit, beard included and all the santas run the course. For every entrant, one child, 8 years old or younger gets to run free and receives a santa hat. We're going to get him a red sweat shirt and pants so he'll match all the Santa's. Every 1/2 mile they have stations where they hand out cookies and milk and the volunteers are kids dressed like elfs! It's great! After the race they have a big parade and the lighting ceremony of the city park. My daughter, the one with special needs was the princess of the parade a few years ago and was the one who turned on the lights so it's kind of a special occasion for us!

My body is getting more fit every day and I'm so grateful that I'm able to do the things that I'm doing! I'm a little bummed that the weather is getting so cool in the mornings. It makes it kind of nippy to run outside. It was raining the other morning so I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill. It just wasn't as much fun and I don't feel like I get as good as a workout!

My tummy is really getting some great definition and my legs are getting smaller (yay)! My girls are looking awesome and hopefully my scars start lightening up more as time goes by. My husband thinks it's because of my age.

I do have a little extra skin on my left side that I'm sure I will have a revision done on at my 9 month post op mark. It really bugs me and I'm sure you'll be able to see it in the pics, but other than that I'm extremely happy with my results!

Hope all is going well with all of you! With every week, there more and more improvement! Yay!

Until next time - Woohoo!

9 months and a small revision

Yesterday I had a small revision performed. There was some extra skin hanging on my left side. It took no longer than 15 minutes and I was awake for the whole procedure. All I've had to take for pain is Tylenol a couple of times since last night. The only bad thing is I'm in the middle of training for a half marathon in May and I have to take 2 weeks off of running. I hope it doesn't set me back too far. I'll post pictures as soon as I get my tape off in 3 weeks.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

I can't say enough about Dr. Yates and his staff! From the minute I got there for my tummy tuck and breast augmentation, I was totally put at ease and all of the nerves that I was experiencing went away! I just took a look at myself in the mirror and can I say Dr. Yates did an amazing job on this body of mine that was in desperate need of repair! Thank you, thank you, thank you, York Yates! I'm completely thrilled with my new body!

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