Slight Asymmetrical Breasts, 23 Yrs Old with the New Ideal Implants

I have done quite a bit of research on implants....

I have done quite a bit of research on implants. When the "gummy bear" silicone implants went on the market I got pretty excited since the whole sticky, gooey, toxic silicone leaking into the body thing made me really uncomfortable. I don't care what anyone says about their "proven safety", maybe in another 50 years if they have a perfect tract record I'll be on board but until then, there aren't enough studies and there hasn't been an adequate amount of time to prove to me they are actually safe. You know that saying "innocent until proven guilty" well thats how silicone implants are to me. "Safe until proven dangerous" and there's no way in hell I'm going to find out they are actually dangerous while they are inside my body.

Saline was the obvious choice for me. Plenty of drawbacks come with saline, the whole water bag thing, higher chances of rippling, not as natural feeling blah blah blah... but at least they have had years upon years of studies proving their absolute safety. And to me, that is the main selling point.

When the Ideal Implants were approved by the FDA in 2014, and I started researching them they seemed like the perfect fit. Softer than traditional saline, same safety, decreased chance of rippling and capsular contraction. It seemed like a dream come true. Of course like any implant they had draw backs as well.

Being so "brand new" means they haven't had any substantial amount of time to see how good they really are. 10 years is a scratch on the surface when it comes to science. I want to see studies with large groups of people proving the same thing over and over again for 50+ years. The IDEAL implants just don't have that kind of time since they are so new. Also, for all I know, the company that makes these IDEAL implants is going to go out of business in 5 years and then suddenly my implants will lose their warranty. These are all things I took into consideration, but overall, I still felt like the pro's outweighed the cons.

Ended up with 430cc(R) and 455cc(L)

On day 5. Off all medication except for the mandatory antibiotics. Taking ibuprofen here and there but pain levels remain around a level 2

Right breast and nipple is more tender and sensitive than the left, full mobility in both arms and continuing to exercise and stretch them everyday. They are continuing to get softer and slowly dropping. I hope they continue dropping because right now being all swollen they look a lil cray.

Hoping I get that 50/50 volume below and above the nipple because right now it's like 55/45. I'll take some more photos at the one week and two week mark.

Pre Consultation Information

I wore a cozy flannel button up with no bra underneath, easy and comfortable sweats, brought my glasses and all my medications. We took the nausea meds right before surgery but all other meds I started post surgery.

My sister and I purchased bendy straws and the barf bucket from a party store, grabbed a super deluxe microfiber pillow from target, laxative medication and two nice ice packs in preparation for surgery.

We set up on my friends couch and futon in front of their tv with plenty of pillows and blankets to cushion and get comfortable.

Post Operation photos

Boobies are feeling softer and softer and I hope they continue down this path of squishyness. Still hoping they drop more, still sitting higher than I want them to but I can't judge them too quickly.

I keep telling myself 3 weeks and they'll be better, 3 weeks. I mean don't get me wrong they look great now, but still looking a little fake for my taste.

Asymmetry, Permanent marker and Fear of the Double Bubble

When lowering a crease there is always potential for a double bubble. If you don't know what that is, it's basically where you can see the fake implant AND your real one above it.

So far so good, my crease lowered like a dream. Dr Yates said sometimes there's double bubbling immediately after surgery and it only improves over time, but I didn't have any double bubbling so I should be good to go! He said I was a low chance to begin with since my crease only needed to be lowered ever so slightly. Grateful my nipples are still straight and in line!

I have a friend who had breast surgery up in Bellevue, WA about 4 months ago and is just now noticing a bit of a double bubble. It only happens when she raises her arms and it's worse on her "pre operation smaller side". She has an appointment with her surgeon tomorrow to check it out and I'll be joining her.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

I had previously seen one other plastic surgeon in Tacoma, Washington and after the 30 minute discussion we had about my breasts and what I was looking for I just knew he wasn't the one for me. After having that experience I decided to just take the risk and set my pre consultation and surgery down in Salt Lake City. I had been looking into getting BA for about three years and Dr. Yates's website was one of my main sources of information. He was one of the first surgeons I ever looked at since I became interested in BA while I lived in Provo, Utah. As I continued doing more and more research I kept coming back to his website to compare other surgeons to Dr. Yates and no one -I am telling you- no one could even compare. From the professional quality, lighting, and plethora of the before and after photos, as well as the actual breakdown of costs, pros and cons to the super detailed information about each implant offered, no other plastic surgeon's websites where I looked in all of Seattle, Bellevue, Portland or San Francisco stood a chance against Dr. Yate's in Layton, Utah. Since I had recently moved to Seattle, I was now an out-of-state patient so I did an online consultation with him where I privately emailed him photos of what I already had going on, some inspirational/wish list photos as well as some "please do not give me these type of boobs or I will die" photos. He was super responsive and I already felt like we were on the same page with what I was looking for. Meeting him for the first time felt like I already knew him. He was very kind, listened to everything I had to say, told me straight how and why certain photos I showed him worked and didn't work with my breast situation. Some of my main concerns were where the nipples would face, from the profile position I didn't want my nipples to be pointing down, I also didn't want the volume above my nipple to be greater than the volume below. We discussed implant size, took photos, checked out the 3d imaging software and tried on sizers. The whole experience just felt so good. I didn't feel nervous at all knowing the next day I would be going under for surgery. I had his personal cell phone number, his staff were all super kind and responsive as well. Very professional and very personable. Flying down to Utah to go to the right surgeon was the best decision I could have made. Let's not forget about the anesthesiologist. I knew for a fact I didn't want a tube stuck down my throat to assist my breathing. I will breath on my own thank you so very much! He sat down with me about 10 minutes before surgery and went through my history, told me exactly what would happen and I knew right away I would be totally taken care of. To be honest, anesthesia to me is scarier than the actual breast augmentation surgery, so not only was I looking for a skilled surgeon I was also looking for the right anesthesiologist. Dr. Yate's office literally had everything I was looking for. Oh also, the certified surgery room was conveniently located in the actual office i had the pre-consultation in, so I didn't have to be in some nasty hospital which was not only safer but ended up saving me money as well. I recommend Dr. Yates wholeheartedly. He carries every brand of implant, in lots of sizes and profiles and is prepared and happy to help achieve the look you are going for. He was super upfront with exactly what he was thinking, which implants he would overfill and to how many cc to give me the symmetry I so desperately needed. He sounded like not only a super educated surgeon but also an extremely skilled artist. I am 5 days post operation, off all medication except for the mandatory antibiotics, feeling great with full mobility and hardly any pain. Boobs are still swollen of course but they are getting softer and softer everyday!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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