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So I have always hated my nose growing up and it...

So I have always hated my nose growing up and it always has been something that bothered me. So after months of me telling my mom we decided to do something about it. I researched many plastic surgeons and I finally found the one for me. His name is Dr. John Bitner and he is amazing. I am so excited to get my rhinoplasty.

So my surgery is less than a month away

My surgery date is august 10th and I am so excited. I literally think about this everyday all day. I have a countdown on my phone and everything. So here are some before pictures so you can see why I hate my nose so much. First off it's very crooked, second it has a large dorsal bump and third it's got a droopy and bulgy tip. I feel like I already have strong features including my strong jaw line and my big eyes and long face and I think my nose know makes me look less feminine and it just doesn't fit. So here are some before pictures! Tell me what you think.

Opinions? Help me!

So he totally did these cool before and after 3D imaging of my nose and I just want people's opinions!!! I'm nervous it's a little to straight and not enough slope?!?!? Does it look amazing? I know it looks dramatically better but does it look perfect??? Help me

More photos of his before and after.

I need your opinions!!!!

Pre op appointment!

Okay so I had my pre op appointment the other day and I am so excited! It feels so real! So I had to pay in full at my pre op, which sucked but it's so worth it. So I got there and dealt with insurance stuff and my payment. I then went in a separate room where they told me what medications to stop taking, gave me my prescriptions for pre and post op, gave me some q tips and hydrogen peroxide, and my surgeons cell phone number in case I had any questions. It was so wonderful and they made me feel very safe and I am beyond excited. My surgery is august 10th!!! So basically all week I'm going to be thinking..."last Monday with this nose...last Tuesday with this nose..." Ect....I really am so excited and I cannot wait!!!

Surgeru day

I'm a little groggy but today was surgery day!!!!!! Here are some pics a was reluctant to put up. Best surgical staff ever!!!!

12 hours post op

I had a headache for awhile but hardly in any pain. Haven't even taken a pain medication yet. Bruising is worse than I would like! But I can already tell the bump on gone through the cast! So happy!

Day 3 post op need your positive comments!

It's been a pretty easy recovery time. Mostly just annoyed with the swelling and not being able to breathe. The worst is waking up in the middle of the night and my mouth is so so dry...it's the worst. Also I constantly have blood in my throat which isn't fun. But other than that I have no pain, just congestion. But I could use some positive comments! This isn't super fun or super easy. Not used to sitting all day and I hate it!

Got my cast off!

I got my cast off today!!!! Still have some swelling but I'm in love(: will keep you all updated.

2 weeks post op

Alright everyone so I am 2 weeks post op and 1 week without the cast.
I feel very weird...I look so different. Like I feel like my whole face is new and it has definetly taken some getting used to. I know my nose is wayyyyy better than it was but it's still just so different.

It's healing a little crooked I feel like but that's because one side is more swollen than the other I think. Well I know one side is more swollen cause I can feel it. Haha.

Also it has all these crusts I keep picking which is probably bad but I can't help myself.
All in all I am happy with the results but would love for the tip to be less swollen and for the left side to be less swollen as well!

3 weeks and a day post op!

Basically loving it! Swelling has gone down!! And I just love it so far. Definetly have more confidence and so much extra room in my brain cause I'm not constantly thinking about how much I hate my nose!!!

Been about 4 months since surgery.

I like and dislike my nose. I like it about 1000x better than my old nose but I feel like it's too bulbous and not pointy enough. But it doesn't bother me that much. I still would recommend the surgery. Here's a few photos of my nose now that it's more healed.

6 month update

Very happy with my nose. (:

It's been forever. 8 months (:

Guys. It's perfect. Best decision I ever made. I'm happy. I'm confident. My whole life has changed. Dr bitner is amazing. I have no regrets. It's perfect.

More than a year

More than a year and guys it's perfect. No complaints. Honestly I've never been happier. Obsessed with my nose and surgeon.
Salt Lake City Facial Plastic Surgeon

I am 21 years old, female. I got a nose job because of cosmetic reasons and I just happened to have a deviated septum. Dr John Bitner is the best plastic surgeon in Utah. Dr John Bitner is not only an amazing surgeon but an amazing surgeon. I never doubted his ability once. When i first went in he was very friendly and knew exactly what I wanted and made sure that I knew what I wanted. He did the 3D imaging on my nose and we sat there for awhile just deciding every single detail I wanted. I was confident that he was the surgeon for me. All of his staff were extra friendly too! Don't want to leave that part out! When I went in for my Pre Op appointment he gave me a little card with his cell number on it in case I had any questions before or after surgery. On surgery day i was super nervous and asked if we could change some things on the 3D imaging and he was so happy to help. Not once did I ever feel like I was bothering him or he had better things to do. When I woke up from surgery I was obviously still loopy and I dont remember this but my mom said I immediately started thanking everyone on the staff and when he came in a thanked him over and over again and said that I knew I made the right choice choosing him. Healing was easy and virtually painless. But I knew if I had any questions I could just text him. When I got my cast off he was probably more excited than me. He was so happy with the results and just complimented my face and my nose over and over. He really made me feel VIP and like he understood why I needed this done, that it wasn't stupid to want a nose job so young. I honestly think no other surgeon could have performed at his skill level. My nose was very very crooked in fact he said it was a 10/10 haha. And now it is 100% straight and 100% beautiful. He really is the best surgeon in Utah, Salt lake County, Wasatch Front! He really did so much better than I expected. I am blown away by my results and I know for a fact I wouldn't have this amazing of a nose if I had gone to any other surgeon. Dr Bitner just knows what he's doing!

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