New Boobs First -5'8, 183 Lbs - Layton, UT

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I am scheduled for November 1 for a breast lift...

I am scheduled for November 1 for a breast lift and augmentation and I'm hoping for either lipo or tummy tuck sometime in 2017. I have had saggy pancake breasts with large areola ever since I developed as a teen. My mom had the same boobs! I have had 2 kids and breastfed both.. and then gained a lot of weight which I am now losing. My breasts are just looking saggier the more weight I lose. I am not super unhappy with the size of my breasts right now but I know the lift can decrease them in size a bit. When I look at after photos I always think the person could have gone bigger so I figure I'm gonna go big or go home. I'm 5'8 so I think I can handle a little more boob than some of the petite ladies. I am currently a full B or very deflated C cup. I would like to be a DD or DDD. I am thinking 500 cc. My PS recommends the high profile Inspira silicone. I didn't get too much time with sizing so I will be going back in for another sizing appointment as the date gets closer. Did anyone else find it hard to size when you also need a lift? I put the bra on at my PS office and because it's not an underwire bra, I couldn't really tell a difference with the sizers. My breasts sag so much that I feel like the bra just pushed against the sizers and flattened everything. So I'm going back with my underwire bras. I am watching my diet super close and have lost 10 lbs so far. I want to give myself time to save up the money and lose as much weight as possible before doing anything with my stomach. I also know the tummy portion will be a harder recovery and so I need to get my husband lined up to care for me 100% after that procedure. I am hoping once he sees how great my boobs look he will get super excited about the tummy. :) I have been reading everyone's reviews here and feel like there is so much good info here and everyone seems so supportive of one another. I love it! Sorry no photos yet.. I will update that later.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

My consult with Dr. Yates went really well. I wasn't able to use the sizing software for implants.. I am not sure if it was not working that day or if it's because my boobs are so saggy lol! Dr. Yates was extremely professional and I really appreciated how he discussed the different options for my stomach and even was willing to do what I wanted while also suggesting what would look good on me. Lindsay at his office is awesome. I felt really comfortable talking with her and she's been great about answering my questions and working with my schedule. I also really like that Dr. Yates does most of his procedures with a local deep sedation (not full general anesthesia).

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