Office review: He Humilated Me, Canceled Operation on Me, and Refused His Service (Needed or Not)

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After reading all the reviews online, I felt the...

After reading all the reviews online, I felt the safe choosing Dr. Bitner to consult with. I consulted with him months ago, he was very polite and helpful as he gave me an offer on 2 procedures: Brow lift & Rhinoplasty. I accepted the offer a month ago, as they made a pre-operation appointment with me verifying which days I had to take off work, as the procedure was in 2 weeks.

At the appointment, I waited 1 hour & 30 minutes. As the receptionists weren't really sincere from the beginning, their tone became even more sarcastic towards my grandmother when she complained about the wait. They then put us in a random cold room to wait another 15 minutes, until we finally got to the consult room--where waited another 10 minutes till Bitner showed. I was so excited to finally talk about the pre-operation with Bitner. As we were doing the brow lift (which HE bid during our previous consultation) and not the rhinoplasty, he then immediately started to cancel the operation before we barely even went over it, at all. He claimed he only wants work on patients that need plastic surgery on an 8 out of 10 (extreme) scale. He said the my eyebrows were a "5" out of 10 (extreme distortion), therefore he refused to preform the surgery because he doesn't want patients seeking desired results in minor improvements. Therefore, if you have slightly low, mediocre eyebrows, he won't lift them upon his client's desired request--or who knows, maybe he really just didn't like me. Which makes me feel pretty bad. But regardless,

I immediately fell into tears because I had centered my entire scheduled around a wasted appointment, drove an hour, waited an hour for the pre-op--and finally, taken my only vacation hours off work to get this done (as verified by him & his staff)--for him to cancel on me. As I fell into tears, he then declared me as an "unstable" female and stating he is refusing to perform the revision-rhinoplasty (which he thinks needed most) for "years". Basically, he refuses to ever provide his service to me as a client--needed it or not. I couldn't ask a question about anything without him making me feel like a complete psychopath and left me feeling completely, honestly humiliated. I left his office in tears, as he stood up smiling, shook my hand and sarcastically walked away like he wanted no association with me ever again. And now I'm writing this review in tears...

I think it's important to find a surgeon who is rational, but as well, empathetic of their client's feelings and understanding of their insecurities. I thought this was going to be a great experience, and unfortunately it was extremely harsh and degrading. Maybe he will provide his "amazing" service on you, but for me, I wasn't worthy of it.
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