25 Years Old, 5'6", 135 Lbs, Major Breast Asymmetry Two-step Surgery :) - Layton, UT

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I have been wanting to fix my asymmetrical breasts...

I have been wanting to fix my asymmetrical breasts since my teen years as they have been the source of a lot of body embarrassment and I have a very hard time finding bras and clothes to hide them/make them look somewhat normal. I went to several consults in 2013 and am finally able to go ahead and get the surgery done! I booked the first surgery today for April 7th, 2016 :D!!! I will be having a two stage correction. The first surgery is a lift and lipo-reduction on the right side (bigger side)-around 300cc reduction. Then, three to six months later (whenever I am fully healed from first surgery) I will be getting implants in both breasts, under the muscle. My doctor does a two stage process for extreme cases of asymmetry for safety and to get the best possible symmetry. I will have less risk of nipple necrosis and will have similar sizes of implants in each breast. My stats: 25 y/o, 135 lbs, 5'6", no kids, married. Currently have a full A on my left side and the right side is a full D :O! My breasts have been different sizes ever since they first developed. I saw several doctors throughout the years thinking something was extremely wrong with me because of the size difference and even have had ultrasounds done to be sure. All the doctors said the same thing, this is just an anomaly, and the only thing that will ever help to make them even is plastic surgery. Which I am fine with because I have always wanted larger breasts and love the look of implants. I have a while until this journey begins, but my hope in the end is to be as close to symmetrical as possible and have DDs, but mainly just to have confidence finally.

2 more days until first stage of surgery!

The countdown has begun. Only 2 more days until my unilateral lift/reduction! I am so excited to finally start this process. I will post some before pics soon. I hope my review will help those ladies with similar situations.

One more sleep!

Tomorrow is the day of my lift/reduction. So excited, I dont think I'm gonna be able to sleep! Ive added some before pics. Sad, sad before pics :(

Beyond ecstatic

I just got back to out hotel after my first surgery. Cant stop crying happy tears. Dr Yates is phenomenal, and truly an artist. My breasts already look so even. I have my post op tomorrow and cant wait to see how they look again! As far as pain, its pretty much non-existent. I feel a little dull ache but thats about it. I seriously couldnt be happier!

1st day post-op

Well, everything seems to be moving along well. I saw Dr. Yates today for my first follow-up. He said he ended up not having to do the lipo part of the reduction because it was so dense, so he just did a traditional reduction (where you cut the tissue instead), which should help with healing time. 214 grams were removed. He said I do have a tiny hematoma where the incision is, but that I just need to take it very easy, like don't raise my arm too much or take my compression bra off, and it should go away within a few days. If not, I'll have to make a trip back to Utah next week to get it surgically drained. I am confident it will go away by itself though. I am still in shock how easy this whole surgery has been so far. Not a lot of pain, just achy somewhat. But, overall, he said he was extremely impressed with the outcome and that after the swelling goes down, my breasts should be so even that he might even be able to use the same size implants in both. I asked the doctor when I would be able to schedule for the implants, and he said I can do it in three months if everything looks good with the one breast. He says if I'm healed by two months, we may even be able to do it then!! I can't wait for that part, honestly. I added pictures of my incision site that was bleeding right after surgery due to the hematoma (it is no longer bleeding as of today) and of my markings he did on me right before going into surgery. He explained why he was marking what the whole time he was doing it and made me feel very comfortable during what would normally be a very uncomfortable situation. I just feel so blessed to have found him. I know I would not have had better results had I gone with anyone else. I will do a 3 week follow up through email as I live out of state. And until then I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that this stupid hematoma goes away :)

3 days post-op

Im 3 days post op today and getting impatient :p i didn't anticipate this much bruising and I'm really nervous that it is getting worse rather than better. I'm sure its normal though, its just hard to take my mind of it when I'm just lying around resting. It seems there are new areas with blood pooling up every day. Ive been lightly rubbing some arnica gel over the bruising but not much is changing. The top bruises are becoming a little yellow though, which is good i guess. Im scheduled to go back to work Wednesday, but I think Ill go back earlier as I'm not in any pain and to keep myself from going stir crazy! If anyone has experience with a lift/reduction, i would love your input as to how quick your bruising developed or went away!

5 day post op

Not much has changed. The swelling seems to be going down just barely and the bruises are starting to turn yellow which im happy about. I have been doing light massages on it every day as well as applying arnica gel all over it. I go back to work tomorrow. Im going to take some ibuprofen and my other pain pills with me just in case, but i really dont think ill be needing them. Looking forward to this bruising going away and to take the tape off in two weeks! :) excited to see what my nipple looks like and the incisions.

3 Weeks Today

I got the okay to remove the tape from my incisions today. I was expecting scabbing and scary looking incisions, but to my surprise, there are no scabs or wounds and the incisions are very fine and straight. The swelling has gone down so much and I just have slight bruising and occasional throbbing pain at this point. The areas around my incisions are hard, but that is normal. I am so happy with the symmetry and can't wait to hurry and heal to finish the whole process and get the implants.

5 week update

A few more pics of my progress. I dont feel like much has changed as far as the way it looks but it is softening up a little towards the bottom. Ive been doing a scar gel massage every night on the incisions. Im pretty sure the swelling is completely gone. They are getting closer to symettrical but the lifted side still has a significant amount of upper pole compared to righty that has never had any to speak of. Im hoping to get high profile implants to fill the upper pole though. You can see the volume difference in the photo i took from underneath. Its weird how different they look from all angles. They look like twins in the photo taken from above so really that means the only difference between the two is the upper pole.

1.5 months p/o

Im a month and a half post op now. Everything is looking good, healing great! Currently trying to be patient and contain my excitement for the next surgery :)

2 months post op

My incisions are softening up more and more everyday. Im still massaging them with scar gel morning and evening. Not a lot to report at this point, everything seems to be healing as it should, slowly but surely :)

9 weeks update

One more week down, 3 to go! :) Still not a lot of changes. Incisions get softer every week. I have my pre-op for the next surgery on the 20th. I am extremely happy with the amount of symmetry my surgeon was able to achieve. Obviously he will still use different sized implants to get them even more symmetrical. Now that the breast tissue is no longer swollen and seems to have settled, I can see that my right fold is higher than the left. Not sure if this will be obvious after augmentation or if I should bring it up with my surgeon to have it lowered. My right areola is still larger than the left so I am going to ask him about reducing it again when I get the breast augmentation. I know my chances of having a revision are high because of the way my breasts were originally, but I hope I can avoid that by doing those two things at this next surgery. My surgeon is a perfectionist though so I trust that its all going to turn out great in the end :)

Surgery is DONE!!! :)

I finally had my surgery this morning!!! I will update details once ive napped and am a little loopy. Here are the first pics. I wont be able to see them without the bra until post op tomorrow. 495 and 415cc! I am unbelievably happy.


Took a quick peak. So unbelievably happy. Dr Yates didnt want to do the areola reduction to match the other this time but may be a possibility in the future. Im not very bothered by the difference in areola size and position but the left one is super puffy. Does anyone know of this will change when the implant drops? I love love looove my boobs. This all feels so surreal!

Day one p/o

Im obsessed. I never thought i would have normal looking boobs-let alone-great looking ones, in my opinion. I cant stop lookong at them! The only thing i dont love is the lack of cleavage. I had my post op today before driving back home from utah. Dr yates was impressed with his work and so was the super sweet nurse (i cant remember her name!). He wants to see me in 4 weeks to see how everything is progressing. He assured me the puffy nipple should flatten with time. I absolutely love how full my breasts are in the upper pole, but i know they are riding high right now. I forgot to mention that Dr Yates did do 2 different profiles in each breast. The right breast has 415 cc high profile while the left has 495 cc ultra high profile. I think they look perfectly even. Take that-all the doctors i consulted with that said i would never have pretty breasts or ever look close to symmetrical! Dr. Yates is the BEST. My self esteem has already sky rocketed. I am just so happy. If anyone has any advice to give for directly after augmentation, i would really appreciate it! :)

Day 2 p/o

Ive been taking it easy as recommended. Getting in all the netflix shows ive been wanting to watch. I am absolutely in love with my new boobs. They are so high up still, of course, but the fullness makes me so happy :) i am surprised by the lack of pain! My boobs themselves dont hurt, its just really the muscles that hurt if i strain too much. And morning boob, good old morning boob. Now i know what everyone is talking about when they mention this...ouch! Ive remedied that by setting my alarm around 3 am to take another valium and im now sleeping in my recliner so getting up in the morning doesnt require much effort on my chest muscles. Also, there are quite a few air pockets in between and above my breasts. It doesnt hurt though...its a lot like bubble wrap :p I havent lost any nipple sensation and the husby is loooving the new toys too haha. I am just going to keep relaxing and being patient for when they do drop, get squishier, and hopefully eventually give me some cleavage back. I cant even begin to express how happy I am that I decided to finally start this whole process. Going in I kept an open mind and a very realistic outlook on how it could end up given my beginning situation. Dr Yates is a miracle worker. He went above and beyond. I never imagined I would ever have such beautiful breasts and I am so very thankful for him! I did a pic collage showing my before pic, my pic after the one sided reduction, and now-or "during"- considering they still will change a little once they drop and everything. Thank you everyone for your advice and kind words. This website and the support of women on here has helped me through this process so much!

Officially 1 week with the new additions!

Today is exactly one week since my ba. I am so unbelievably happy so far! Im not in any pain which i really was not expecting this to be such a pain free procedure. I feel like there is definitely still some asymmetry, but granted the smaller side that was a size A pre-op, basically had no breast tissue whatsoever, has a 495 cc uhp implant in it and its going to take a while for my skin to stretch to be able to accomodate it and let it "fluff" :) ive been wearing the strap at night thats supposed to help them drop (but im kinda honestly liking the riding high look right now, ha!). I dont think my doctor mentioned anything about massaging and ive been reading a lot of profiles where other girls on here were advised to massage right away to get the implang into the pocket. So, i think i will text my doctor about this today and see if this is something i should be doing. I attached some pics to show the progression of only one week. My cleavage is even coming closer! It is an amazing indescribable feeling to just have "normal", even breasts. These surgeries have been life changing and i dont think i could ever thank Dr. Yates enough.

3 Week Update

Its late, but I thought I should put in my 3 week update :) I took off the tape that was covering my incisons today and once again, I am very impressed. They are the finest, most straight lines. He used the same incision that he used to do the lift on the right side. I picked up some silicone ScarAway sheets today from the drugstore to put over them. I seem to still be healing pretty well. No pain to really speak of, except i think i over did it the other day and just barely tore my left chest muscle so it hurts when i lift my arms too much or accidently flex that muscle. After waking up Tuesday morning it seemed like my left implant finally started dropping a little. Dr. Yates normally sees his patients at 3 weeks to take the tape off and assess how youre doing, but i live out of state and wasnt able to go due to my work. But he said its fine to just email him with pics which i will do tomorrow. I am still so in love with my implants! They get softer with each day and the more they settle the more even they look. I am a little worried about the right side that has the anchor scar from the lift. There is a lot of scar tissue around that incision and the implant hasnt made the lower part of my breast round out yet. I think the more it drops, the less square it will be though. I keep thinking my boobs still look pretty uneven, but looking at my pics, the breasts themselves are almost twins, but the areola on the right side is larger and flatter compared to the left and that is whats making them look uneven. But I will take that compared to what I started with any day! I am so thankful for Dr. Yates.

Before and after comparison photos!

Wow what a difference!

Dropped & Fluffed

It's been almost 13 weeks since my breast augmentation. I tried to keep my self busy and not obsess over the little things that were bothering me about my breasts and I looked in the mirror one day and noticed they are officially in the "drop & fluff" phase! I am still using my scar cream daily and have seen lots of improvement although it does feel like i have some golfballs in the right breast still. Im sure its fat necrosis and im crossing my fingers it will sort itself out with time and i wont have to get the necrosis surgically removed. Its been a blast trying on new bras and swimsuits and not having to stuff one side! I havent had a check up with my surgeon as i live in a different state and havent felt like i NEEDED to. I did have some issues for the first time in a long time last week. I think it might have been that i somehow injured my pec muscle, but of course i googled and webMD'd myself into thinking it was seroma. It feels fine now though. I will update again in a month or so :)
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

Finding this surgeon was a heaven-send. Not only are his bed side manners amazing, but he is an artist that pays close attention to detail and really listens to what the patient wants, while still being realistic about your outcome. I am just over the moon that I decided to go with him! I've recommended him to my friends and would recommend him to anyone looking for a great surgeon. Best experience!

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