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I really hope I can get these types of looks...

I really hope I can get these types of looks accomplished ....................

Wish boobs

Consultation with 3D Imagining

Once I found my doctor & called for a consultation I had to wait 6 weeks until I was finally able to be seen on May 4th. Reason being the office only does consultations 2x a week & surgery the other 3 days of the work week. Anyways, I was so excited! I Got to the office & filled out some forms about any medications I was taking & medical history. Along with a form on what type of boobies I want. I did a lot of research before hand so I pretty much knew what I wanted. A nurse comes & gets me shortly after. We go into a room where she takes some profile pictures of my start point from 5 different viewpoints.. Front view, one pivot to the right & left, then side views from the right & left. We also took a photo for the 3d imaging. Then we went into another room for examination. The doctor came in & we talked about what type of implant I wanted, then he took a look at what I was working with & listened to his perspective on what he though we should do to get my desired look. I tried on some sizers (they remind me of those sticky gel bras without the stickiness or raw looking chicken breast) I thought the 300cc & 350cc looked good but I had no one else with me there to help with my decision so I'm still trying to decide. Afterward we then went to look at the 3D imaging to see what I could potentially look like with boob implants. It's such a neat program. It doesn't just blow up your boobs it works according to your body type & the type of implant they put in you. So with me.. my rid cage does not lie flat it angles out slightly so my implants will angle out slightly too. I'm also putting the implant under the muscle & I can't move where my muscles attaches to my sternum so I can't put my implants any closer together to get more cleavage. So somethings I just cannot control & neither can he because it's just the way I was built. So I attached the 3D image photos & the lighting is changed in one of them to help show the actual shape. The soonest they could book me for surgery was the 16th so that's when I'm doing it!

I Finally Have Boobs!

So today was surgery. I was really calm which I wasn't expecting. My surgery wasn't until 2 so I did end up going to work for a little while that morning to kinda keep my mind off it from getting anxious & nervous & excited then everything all over again.

So anyway I was called last Friday to get some pre-op instruction like not to eat or drink after midnight on Sunday & take all my jewelry out & wash my incision areas the night before & morning of with antibacterial soap & make sure I bring my post- op meds. They wanted me there at 1:15 to get me ready. I did bring a little bag with me to put my bra, shirt & meds in. I will not of eaten for nearly 20 hours by the time I was in recovery so damn right I came prepared with snacks for afterwards & apple juice .

I get to the office. A nurse came to get me from the waiting room & takes my vitals. She joked when she took my blood pressure saying 'this will reveal how nervous you really are' lol but it was normal :) I was really trying to relax so I wasn't second guessing. The nurse had me take 2 zofran for possible surgical sickness & 1 Valium to relax my muscles. I hangout for about 20 minutes until the doc cam in. He used this laser to insure he was drawing straight lines (loved that) & it was so cute the way he was lining everything, I felt like a canvas :) haha. He also said I had a great starting point & loved that he could just outline the shape of my breasts that I already had instead of recreating them, so I took that as a compliment. Once he was done the anesthesiologist came in. Asked me about meds & medical history, when I last ate, how often I drank alcohol & stuff like that. After that I was ready.

I walked into the operating room & the bed looks like a cross lol but of course you have your arms out, not to the sides of you. I kept everything from the waist down on.. Even my slippers lol. The staff was so friendly & warm & really made me feel safe. They covered me in these nice warm blankets. We were joking, talkin about how there was music playin in the OR & I'm over here requesting rap haha, I also blurted out 'omg I can't believe I'm doing this' & they joked saying 'it's like a roller coaster ride, you can't get off now' (that one really made me laugh which I needed). My IV was the most painful part & it really didn't hurt at all. They did strap me down to the bed I was on. No one ever mentions that in these blogs but they do. I had sedated anesthesia where I'd be breathing by myself. The anesthesiologist told me he was going to give me the good stuff through my IV. I remember telling him I'm going to fight it & his reply was ' yeah go right ahead' & I was out cold a second later lol

My surgery took 45 minutes. I was told it went well. SInce I was sedated I was warned that I might wake up while they are putting the last stitch or 2 in but I will be completely numb & probably pretty out of it still & it would be ok... Well I didn't wake up for another 35 minutes afterwards lol. I did wake up with my BF by my side holding my hand & rubbing his thumb on my forehead asking if I was ok. It was so cute & comforting. The anesthesiologist came in literally 2 minutes after to check if I was awake & took my IV out. I had so many nurses checking on me, I felt so cared for. I chilled in the recovery room for a bit to wake up. I felt drunk when I woke honestly but was 'sobering' up really quickly lol. I really had to pee too with that IV in my arm. When I stood up to go to the bathroom my legs felt like noodles lol. I was also told a story by a friend of mine when her mom got her boobs done she couldn't wipe herself after going to the bathroom but thankfully I could wipe myself lol. I laid back down & drank my apple juice but really wasn't hungry at the moment. Once I was feeling good (around 4) my BF went to get the truck & the nurse had my sit in a wheel chair & took me to the front. I felt mentally very functional on the way home. I did eat & took 1 zofran & oxy for possible pain that might arise as the numbing was wearing off around 5:30 pm & haven't taken anything since & its 1am (I should be sleeping, I know) But really I'm surprised how easy this surgery has been. Come tomorrow we will see how I really feel. I'm told it's worse the day after. I'll start my antibiotics tomorrow & take pain killers as needed. Also to clarify. The felling isn't exactly pain it's tightness like I'm wearing 3 sports bras. Uncomfortable more than anything.

My measurements

I am....
24 years old.
Weight: 105lbs
Height: 5'3"
Pre measurements were...
31 bust
24 waist
35 hips
The implant I chose was...
Smooth round
Moderate plus profile
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

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