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I'm pretty sure that whoever does the hiring for...

I'm pretty sure that whoever does the hiring for Dr. York Yates office only hires individuals that are nice, genuine and has a lot of patience. I thought maybe all these previous reviews were exaggerating a bit but there is no exaggeration at all. His staff has got it together.

As for Dr. York Yates, he's all good vibes. He's easy to talk to, honest and humble. And he really is an artist. I'm an artist and was skeptical about all the reviews insisting he's an artist. The first painting I saw at the entrance of his office is one of my favorite, La Scapigliata by Leonardo da Vinci. I was impressed but I was even more impressed with his personal paintings in the consultation room I was in. Now if he's left handed and a BYU fan, he's flawless.

Of course all of my questions came flooding in after consultation. He emailed me back every single time within a few hours. And when I emailed on the weekend, I got a response first thing Monday morning. He obviously cares about his patients and his staff equally care about his patients.

I'm about to hit puberty.

I'm thirty three years old and have been waiting since sixteen years of age for these things to grow and in a few hours it's actually going to happen!

I have been following/monitoring Dr. York Yates for about four years, I feel so good about this.

I'm a 34AA. I have been padding my bra up to a C cup for as long as I can remember. It never seemed weird to me to pad it up so much, I always felt like that was the size I was suppose to be.

I've made it crystal clear to Dr. Yates that I want to look completely natural. I think that's the beauty of plastic surgery, the results look natural. For the look I wanted Dr. Yates suggested anatomical 420 cc. It sounds like a lot of cc but he said it fits my body. I have broad shoulders and long torso. I don't know what cup size that will make me but by the look of it, I'm thinking a C cup. That's the size I was when I breastfed all my babies.

Just in case it helps anyone, here are my stats:
Height, 5 feet 8 inches
Weight, 140 pounds
Pre-op bra size, 34AA (my bust measures 33 inches)
Breast diameter, 15.5 cm

Breast Implant info:
Mentor Memoryshape (silicone)
Medium high profile
12.2 cm tall
13 cm wide
Inframmamary incision

And now... I need to sleep.

AM surgery

Surgery actually happened. I started to allow fear to creep in a little but then I thought of all you ladies and your success and that kept me in a positive state of mind.

While marking me up with blue sharpie, Dr. Yates kept telling me my implants will look amazing on me. That meant a lot to me, especially coming from him. And that put me at ease about the outcome.

Glenn was my anesthesialogist. He's served in the army with his skills, works in the hospital and works for Dr. Yates a couple days a week. I've never had anesthesia or surgery so I was most nervous about this. He gave me the best nap of my life! I didn't want to come out of it, I was so relaxed. And felt no nausea. The last time I had a nap that great was before my first child was born 10 years ago. Thank you Glenn.

My surgery was one hour long and recovery was about twenty five minutes long. Cute nurse Tanya got me ready wheeled me out while my husband pulled the car in by the enterance.

I came home and took some muscles relaxers and one pill of pain killer at noon.

Right now I only feel pressure and sometimes it feels like my pectoral muscles are flexing (my implants are placed under the muscle, sub muscular or sub-pectoral/dual plane). I just took some Ibeprophen to ease the pressure and swelling.

Bottom line, no pain just pressure. I was expecting the pain to be something like Mastitis and thank goodness it's nothing like it!

This photo was taken in recovery. I guess my hubby couldn't wait to to the goods, ha!

72 hours since surgery

I've been taking Valium every six hours, antibiotics twice a day and Ibuprofen twice a day. I don't feel a need for any other meds.

I'm grateful and surprised there isn't pain, only discomfort. I feel that it's a result of a very skilled surgeon. I'm feeling so grateful, I even want to thank his lovely wife! Any man that is successful usually has a great support system from home. I have read about it and I have see n it even in my own life with my husband.

No need for photos, they're as expected, tight and high but so lovely. I feel so grateful that this part of my body is actually there now.

I keep imagining what they'll look like in three or six months from now, I'm so excited!

Happy healing everyone!

One week since surgery

I've been quite religious keeping on my surgical sports bra and ace bandage on every day (at all times) and I can tell it's paying off. My swelling has gone down by half an inch. Right after surgery my bust measured 36.5 inches and now I measure 36 inches.

I am quite determined to do everything I can and everything I'm supposed to do to have the most beautiful results.

I do my arm exercises every 30 minutes for about 3 to 5 minutes each time. My right arm can reach well over my head but my left arm and left breast is not as flexible yet. My left breast is a little more sensitive but I'm confident that I'll heal 100% soon.

For this entire experience I've only used ibuprofen and Valium. I used Percocet once (a few hours after surgery). I stopped using Valium yesterday. And if I absolutely need to, I'll use Ibuprofen if the chest pressure is too much.

I drink lots of water and rest as much as I can (even though I have a lot of cute crazy energetic children). My house is a mess (by my standards) but I keep telling myself it won't be for long. Taking care of my body needs to happen now and my children are survivors, haha :)

Happy healing and stay positive!


Why am I so bloated? Is it Valium I had taken that first week? I'm never this bloated. This is like five months pregnant bloated. I wanted bloated breasts not belly. Is it a post op side effect? Just wondering but nothing worth bothering Dr. Yates about... unless I'm bloated at my three week post op appointment.

And and I took another does of Ibuprofen due to pain around both incisions. Well if bloated comes from Ibuprofen so be it!

I miss.

1. sleeping
2. sleeping comfortably
3. laughing
4. laughing hysterically
5. putting my hair in a mid/high ponytail
6. putting my hair in a high messy bun
7. hugging my child tight
8. working fast around the house

These are a few of my favorite things... that I miss and look forward to do again in a month or two. Anyone know? I hope by one month I can do these things again. Well it's only been ten days since surgery. Perhaps my expectations are too high? Heal pectoral muscles, heal. I want to hug and squeeze my cute kids.

Two week post op

Zingers here and there. Nipples are pretty sensitive. Some minor numbness in lower poles of each breast (where there's the most stretching).

Whenever I feel itchy, I rub organic coconut oil all my dry stretching skin. I'm Polynesian and Utah winters and the hard water are brutal to my skin. Coconut oil is the only thing that keeps my skin hydrated longer than four hours.

My left breast still hurts sometimes. And there's still some bruising, just a tad. Sometimes it feels like it's in a constant flex mode, it's so funny and uncomfortable so last night I took a Valium pill into ease it up.

I have full range in my right arm and about half the range in my left arm (darn, I'm left handed and do everything left handed).

I sleep upright in my recliner. Laying on my back or side is still very uncomfortable.

Everyday I feel less pressure on my chest. Everyday my breasts feel a little bit softer. And everyday taking slow deep breaths feels more comfortable.

The bra I'm wearing in the photos is unpadded and is an A cup size. I only wore it to show as much breast as possible. I'm shy and don't want to show my nips! And might I add, I LOVE my tear drop implants. I'm excited for them to drop in a few months.

I'm still measuring 36 inches for my bust. I measure 29 inches right under my bust, I guess that would be my rib cage. And I've learned that makes me a 34 band size (for bras). But when I tried on a 34C, the band fits perfect but the cup diameter isn't wide enough to cover my breast. So 36C feels best. I want the C cup look badly so I hope this will be my true size.

I thought my recovery would have been a breeze because I'm a solid athlete. My recovery has been a little tough but that's okay, as long as I'm healing well, right? :)


I probably should have warned my anesthesialogist I'm quite the drooler. I'm sure I was drooling all over the place. Oh geeze, warn your anesthesialogist if you're a drool queen like me.

Before I went into that deep sleep, I asked if the drugs made me weepy and confess sins. The nurse said "What happens in the operating room, stays in the operating room." Oh good.

This has nothing to do with breasts. Just drool.

4 weeks post op

5 feet 8 inches tall
140 lbs, 28 inch waist, 38 inch hips
Pre op 34AA

Implant info:
420 cc
Anatomical/tear drop shaped
Mentor Memoryshape
Medium high profile
My breast diameter 15.5 cm
Implant dimensions 13 cm wide, 12.2 cm tall.
Submuscular/inframmamary incision.

It's been about a month since surgery. My nipples are still sensitive, breast are itchy (probably because of the stretching), I feel zingers about five times a day, I have full range in both arms now, breast softness improves daily and I still sleep in my recliner. Sleeping on my side or back isn't 100% comfortable yet.

It feels good to laugh hysterically and hug my kids tight. Finally.

I would say I'm feeling 100% good. Thanks to the advice of SLCMama, the real healing happened when I started taking whey protein four times a day (20 gram shots mixed with almond milk), drinking Odwalla green juice twice a day, eating more green vegetables and eggs for breakfast and lunch. By day three of eating and drinking this way, I went from feeling weak, fragile and sore to the energetic and strong regular me. I'm so glad I followed SLCMama's advice (thank you!) I feel really good.

Monday January 4th was my three week post op appointment with Dr. Yates. He said my progress looks just the way it should look at this point and from here on out the shape of my breast will change a lot (soften, drop, look and feel more natural). The appointment was comfortable, short and sweet. I'm so grateful I choose Dr. Yates and his staff is a bonus, I like those people. And I also like the way my breasts look now, if they're going to look more natural and feel soft that makes me more happy. I want and love the completely natural tear drop shape of breasts.

I'm still wearing that sports bra they gave me. I rotate between four other sports bras. I'm going to wait till I'm at least three months post op to buy a pretty bra. This is the size I've always wanted to be so I'm excited to wear only soft bras. I'm SO done with anything padde. Done.

My "style," has always consisted of loose flowy tops, skinny jeans and flats. And because of that, I don't look augmented at all in clothes which makes me happy. And as for workout clothes, I dress like a complete hobo so there's no difference there.

I wasn't expecting to feel so emotional over surgery, hang in there. When you start to feel like your normal, strong self, you'll start to feel good about your decision. For a while I doubted my decision. I've realized a lot of my self confidence comes from how well I can serve my family and my good health. When I didn't have those two things, I felt depressed. But now that I'm feeling strong and easily working around the house AND have a pair of nice breasts... I'm unstoppable!

Mini update

Last week I started sleeping on my back and side and waking up fairly comfortable.

My bust now measures 36.75 inches (the fullest part of my bust all the way around and measuring tape leveled with the front and back). So that means things are starting to soften up.

For most of the day I forget I have implants but other times it feels very obvious. At times it feels like there's something kind of stiff in my chest. I'm not worried about it, I feel really good about my anatomical implants, the list of pros and cons solidified my decision and I love the natural look.

Tomorrow I hit five weeks post op, it's amazing how fast our bodies heal and adjust. In a weird way, I feel even more appreciation for my amazing body. Life is good.

Six weeks & one day post op

420 cc
Anatomical textured implants
Inframmamary incision

5 feet 8 inches tall
140 lbs
bust 37 inches
waist 28 inches
hips 38 inches

breast implant dimensions 13.2 cm wide & 12 cm tall.

About a week ago I've been waking up without feeling sore and tight in my chest, awesome.

No more zingers. Every once in a while I feel slight tingling here and there. My left lower pole is kind of numb and tingly but not completely numb. I have all normal sensation on my right.

They continue to feel softer everyday but compared to natural breasts, they feel pretty firm. They're soft enough to push together and they bounce when I jump up and down (feels weird and new to have a jiggly chest).

My bust measures about 37 inches all the way around at the widest part. They look natural and perky. I'm anxious for them to drop more and look very soft in the upper poles. I don't even want a slight pop out boob effect.

I can't believe how womanly my new breast size makes me feel. I'm so content with what's under my clothes. My style is very "covered up," and I still don't feel any urge to dress revealing.

My husband has always adored me and always stared at me (he has the love goggles on and thinks I'm beautiful) but now he gawks at me. Now it's easier to seduce him. I'm kidding :)

I feel so grateful for plastic surgery and for an honest surgeon like Dr. York Yates. When you meet him for consultation, expect his honest opinion. I had wanted a large size I thought would look great and when I asked if it would look natural he flat out took me "No, it would look and feel augmented." He's been practicing for twelve years (or more). After twelve years of anything I think I would be tired of the same old things but he's very genuine and concerned.

The first two weeks post op where so slow but now time flies and I think it's because I'm feeling great. I'm excited to see what my results will be at three months. So far all is well.

Small changes

No more sensitive nipples, hallelujah.

It's comfortable to lay on my tummy while reading or writing. I don't sleep on my tummy (I've never felt comfortable in that position anyway).

They feel soft enough and feel natural in me. When they felt stiff, my chest felt weird when I'd reach for something high or lean over to grab something. But now that they're softer, my implants feel natural during all those motions.

Every once in a while I get a "Zap!" in my left breast/nipple, maybe once a day.

Just a side note, even if you're fit you could still have a tough recovery. I remember Dr. Yates telling me my chest muscles where very tight, perhaps that's why I felt so fragile and tender those first four weeks.

If I had mentally prepared myself for the possibility of a slow recovery, I believe I wouldn't have been so emotional. I'm not an emotional/sensitive person so it really bothered me that I was SO emotional after surgery.

If you just had surgery and you're super emotional, it's okay! You'll start feeling better and you'll love your results, especially if your plastic surgeon was Dr. Yates. Results take time. And it's true, the first six days you'll hate them, in six weeks you'll like them and in six months you'll love them.

I'm only seven weeks out and I LOVE my results.

About two months post op.

I went for a little three mile run two days ago and about half way through my run I realized I didn't feel a much of a difference running with a full chest. I had two sport bras on (Danskin brand Medium and Hanes brand 34 band size) which gave me a lot of support and minimized any bounce. I've been a runner since I was twelve years old so it was sweet relief that my run felt so normal.

I wanted to wait till three month mark to get a supportive bra but I needed it around seven weeks. At Victoria Secrets 32DD bras fit best but I ditched that store because everything was underwire. At Macy's I found Calvin Klein 32DD to fit pretty well. The diameter of the cup is perfect but I feel like the volume of the cup is a wee bit too small but good enough because at that point I was done and tired of searching for a 32 band size in anything. A friend told me about the "Bra Bar Boutique," in Salt Lake City and I'm so anxious to go soon because they'll probably have my weird "I'm between this and that" size.

My bust still measures 36.75 inches. They feel so much softer. Left lower pole still feels a little numb most of the time. I never realized just how active I was/am and how often I use my pectoral muscles. Certain movements move the implants and that doesn't feel normal. I avoid or ease up those movements to avoid that weird feeling. However, I feel so happy with my results right now, I'm really curious to what my bust will look and feel like at six months or even twelve months.

In clothes I can't tell a difference, it's fabulous. I still feel like myself but then BAM when I take my shirt off, I'm a hottie. Well, I feel like a hottie and that's all that matters.

3 months post op

Somethings are the same and somethings have changed since my last post.

First, my breasts are a lot softer. On a scale from one to ten, ten being the softest/natural breast tissue feeling, I'd say my implants feel like an eight. I knew in the beginning these anatomical implants would be more firm but the look and safety off the implant was more important to me.

Second, I still get tingles in my left breast. I feel it in the nipple to the lower pole area. It's different from "zingers," in the beginning. And it usually happens when I'm lifting and pulling a lot of weight too often (I don't think I know how to sit and be lazy).

Third, off and on my left nipple is sensitive and part of the left breast lower pole is still a little numb.

Sleeping without a bra is uncomfortable, everything is too free. I always wear a sports bra to bed.

I purchased this Danskin Sports Brs at Walmart and I love it. I purchased six. It's a 32DDD but I also fit into a 34DD (the band was too loose for my taste) however, to the naked eye, I look like a full C cup which is the look I wanted.

I'm very happy with my results. I have even more respect for plastic surgery, especially for gifted plastic surgeons like Dr. York Yates.

My husband feared that this procedure would change me (in a bad way and of course I was offended but understood) and now he sees that I'm the same person only I'm a very content person... and I don't complain about my weight anymore, haha ??.

All is well.

3 month post op appointment

I'm almost four months post op. About two weeks ago I had my three month post op with Dr. Yates. It was very quick but I felt like it was a thorough examination. He said he's not worried about the slight numbing feeling I have in my left breast (lower pole area) and that gave me some relief. However, yesterday and today I started feeling slight numbing on my right breast (lower pole area) and that's weird because my right breast never experienced any numbing in the past. Am I delaying the healing somehow? If I can't find any answers on here, I'll email Dr. Yates.

I'm still really happy with my results, I just wish I could figure out how to help my body heal better and kick all those numb feelings away.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

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