36 Year Old Breastfed 3 Children, deflated 34AAs are getting a Boost - Layton, UT

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So far Dr Yates has been extremely kind and...

So far Dr Yates has been extremely kind and professional. His office staff are helpful, patient, and seemed happy to answer my billions of questions. I was impressed by his knowledge and attention to detail. He is an artist with a keen eye for aesthetics. We selected a Mentor 345cc high profile anatomical implant. I'm so excited to finally have curves!

Day of surgery

Sedation was awesome. Like that best nap ever. Go to sleep with no boobs. Wake up with boobs. So far I am really happy with them even if they are pretty painful. Pretty sure I'm going to spend a lot of time in this very comfy bra. Dr Yates did s great job. His anesthesiologist was an IV ninja. I couldn't have asked for better care.
Now if only I didn't hurt so badly. Still worth it!

These were my 3D renderings

They are pretty accurate to my results.

Post Surgery day 1

They are high, tight and hard, which is what I expected. They are also very painful. If I take my Percocet and Valium that they prescribed on schedule I seem to be able to stay ahead of most of the pain. Right now I'm in bed with an ice pack laying across the top of my chest and it feels so good.
I am
A little worried that they are bigger than what I wanted. My goal was a C cup and I started as a AA. With the 345cc Mentor anatomical I
Think that is what I will end up with. It's just hard to tell so early on.

Post-op day 2

I'm a lot more comfortable today and last night was better too. Still needing the Percocet but trying to take it less often. It makes me so sleepy/loopy. Tried on some bras I bought and 34C, the size I have been aiming for, was a little big. The 34B fit well. I'm hoping they'll reach a C cup once I D&F.
Also took my first shower since surgery. I tried to to take it easy but I'm still a little tender after. Probably from having my arms up to wash my hair. Shaving my armpits was interesting too since I had to maneuvers past my
boobs. That's new for me.
The tops of my breasts seem to be softened ing the tiniest bit but overall they are are still tight and hard.

Post-Op Day 3

I'm still in a good deal of pain. The left breast primarily. At the doctor's office they told me I should be off the Percocet by Monday (tomorrow) but I really don't see how that can happen.
The swelling up high seems to have diminished a little but it still hurts towards the top and inner, cleavage edge of my left breast. My sternum hurts too.
I'm also starting to think I might never poop again. Is this a thing? My stomach is bloated and gassy but no bm's. I figure it's due to the narcotics, which is why I've been taking Miralax daily, but still nothing. Sorry if this is TMI.

Post-Op Day 4 No pictures but super emotional

My husband has been taking amazing care of me since the surgery even though he really has not been a fan of me getting implants. The past to days have been difficult with my kids and now I'm dealing with (usual) drama from my mom. I just feel too emotionally fragile right now.
My boobs are still high, tight, and sore. Upper back hurts too. I worry in the back of my mind that they will end up fake looking and too big.
I just don't know right. Sorry for the negativity.

Today was my 1-week boobiversary! ????

It's been a full week since my ba and I'm feeling so much better. I've been off the Valium for a few days and have only been taking the Percocet at night. Tonight will probably be the first night I won't take it. The bruising around my steri strips and the bottom third of my sternum are healing. I keep hearing about arnica gel but hadn't known about it before surgery. If I had my bruising would likely be gone by now.

Today was the first time I felt like I was really productive around my house since the surgery too. I've been really nervous to do too much or lift too much and mess up the healing of my new boobies. Getting things done today really helped stave off this post-op depression that creeped up on me.

Two Week Boobiversary

I have felt better this past week and have been able to accomplish a lot as Christmas approaches. My boobs have decided to switch. The left which was original the sore and mostly bruised side seems to be healing and now I'm feeling a lot of pain in the right side. Some of it is internal but a lot of it is just my skin. Maybe my skin is extra vulnerable from being stretch over these implants but it feels so tender to the touch. My surgical bra seems to be rubbing them raw. So I bought some very emollient vitamin e cream and just slathered them this evening after showering. Maybe if I keep a nice protective layer over the skin, it will have a chance to heal.

Back to accomplishing so much though. I think I've been over doing it. I'm trying to keeping up on my rowing excercises that I was instructed to do every 30 minutes by Dr Yates nurse, Tanya. It's possible I've been rowing too aggressively are stretching to much in my impatience to speed things along? I'm so happy to have these beautiful new breasts that I don't want to mess anything up.

I do want to get back to my regular yoga practice though. I know I'm losing shoulder strength and my bum gets all it's perk from yoga. Maybe I can yoga from the waist down? Or barre?

Ooh! I have to share something that made me so happy this evening. Before surgery I measured my hips at 35.5" and my bust at 33". I remember think how cool it would be if my new boobs would match my hips. You know, like the old school, hour glass pin-up girls. Well, they measure exactly 35.5"! It's the little things, ladies.

Almost 4 weeks and 32D is too big

I am really freaking out about my size. I was between 295cc and 345cc when I chose my implants. I went with 345cc. I was hoping to be a small c cup. I have always had a slender body but now I feel like I'm all breasts. They feel obscene or vulgar. I can't even wear the same kind of necklines I used to. I feel like I need to be in high necks and loose clothing and I sort of dread returning to yoga in sports bras and exercise tops. Please help me calm my anxiety. I can't afford a revision and really don't want to go through surgery again anyway. Really, I feel depressed and anxious and not sure what to do.

Five weeks and three days post-op

I love these boobs! It's amazing to fill bra cups and to feel feminine. I took myself to the VS semi-annual sale and had lots of fun. Probably too much fun ;) My husband came with me and I he is actually liking these things now.
They are much softer and actual have a little bit of movement and jiggle to them. The scars are healing beautiful. I'm applying Mederma Advanced twice a day as suggested by Dr Yates. He also gave me an exercise to do that will help stretch the skin in the lower half of my left breast and let the implant drop. I've been fairly consistent with it.
My right breast still has some nerve pain on the sternum side in a line towards my nipple but it's slowly improving. It does make that nipple super sensitive so I hope it gets all the way better.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

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