29 Years Old, 2 Kids, 34AA, High Profile Silicone 375CC Right 350CC Left, 5'4 128lbs - Layton, UT

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I've always been very small busted. I didn't think...

I've always been very small busted. I didn't think it was possible to be any smaller and then I had kids and got even smaller! I couldn't fill an A bra and even when my milk came in I didn't get much bigger. Self conscious is an understatement. I've been married for 9 years and have never felt entirely comfortable even in front of my own husband. Swim suits were always such a nightmare. Even the smallest tops you could look from the side and see my nipple because there was literally nothing there. I have 2 kids, ages 5 and 2 and intend to have another. I always planned to have BA after I was done having kids but with a move coming up I decided now would be a good time!

I went for my first consultation at Vincent Surgical Arts and after thinking a bit about it I just didn't feel comfortable with their practice. I set up a few other consultations with some Drs. that other friends had used and then I stumbled upon Dr. Yates practice on a review site. He had excellent reviews and I was very impressed by his site and his Before & Afters. I cancelled all my other consultations and set up my consultation for the 12th of October with my surgery the next day. Put down the deposit, which would have been refundable if I wasn't comfortable with him. The consultation/pre op was amazing. I was so impressed with Dr Yates and the entire staff. It seemed a lot more professional than Vincent's. Another bonus is they had the digital imaging machine. Here are some before pictures.

Consultation and Not Sure What Size To Go

Had my consultation on the 12th of October. I was feeling pretty excited when I tried on the 400CC sizers, I loved the look. Then Dr. Yates came in to do my measurements and let me know that I have a very narrow Breast Width Diameter BWD of 11.5cm. We went over my digital images and he spent a lot of time explaining a lot of different things to me. First, I have a chest deformity (you can see it in the first image I posted). Not only is my left breast a little bit larger than my right but my left chest wall also comes out a lot further than my right. We decided to do 25CC larger in my right breast to help compensate. Then he explained that the 400CC high profile silicone implants were too wide for my narrow frame. So he said the options would be to do 400CC Ultra High Profile in my right 375CC in my left, or 375CC High Profile in my right and 350CC in my left. He explained that if I went bigger than 375CC in the High Profile that it would make my nipples go cross-eyed. I really liked the digital image look of the High Profile better than the Ultra High profile because they were a little bit rounder and more full. The Ultra High Profile looked a little bit like torpedoes to me. :) I had my surgery scheduled for the next day so I didn't have a lot of time to think on it, but was ultimately leaning toward the high profile. Dr Yates ordered both sets and said I could let him know the morning of my surgery. I was on RealSelf all night trying to make my decision haha. I was so nervous that if I did the High Profile that they wouldn't feel very big. But I'd pretty much made up my mind on the High Profile implants. I was so excited for my surgery the next day!

Surgery Day

We had to be to the surgical center around 10:30 and I was glad to not have a rushed morning. Needed to get my kids to my sister's house and the drive to the surgical center was 45 minutes. We got there and I couldn't believe how fast they got me back to my prep room. Dr. Yates came in to confirm on the size. He did order 400CC High Profile, he said he would do it but he really wouldn't recommend it. He's done a lot more surgeries than I have so I decided to trust him and ended up going with the 375CC High Profile on the right and 350CC on the left. I couldn't believe how quickly everything went. The anesthesiologist told me I'd start to feel "relaxed" and literally a second later I was out cold. haha!!! Next thing I know I'm waking up in my recovery room. I kept telling my husband that that was the best nap I ever had!! haha he told me I kept asking the nurses if they were big over and over again. :) I wasn't in a ton of pain at that time. They discharged me and we made our 45 minute drive home. I was trying to sleep in the car but couldn't really. We had to stop and get my kids on the way home too. I just wanted to get home! By the time we did and I got settled into bed I was in a pretty significant amount of pain. My husband hadn't given me my phone and he couldn't hear me yelling for him. I don't want to scare anyone away from doing it because I don't regret my choice a bit but my BA was honestly the worst pain I've ever felt. I've had a C-Section and a V-Back and I didn't think those remotely compared. After the surgery up until the night I was really in a lot of pain. That night I vomited which is never a good time so I'd suggest staying on top of your anti nausea meds. The next day I was in a bit of pain still but nothing close to the pain of the day of the surgery. When I took my bra off the next night to check them out I was a little disappointed. They seemed small to me.

4 Days Post

Once the markings washed off and they started dropping just a little I could see that they weren't as small as I thought they were. I did have some small bruising under my right nipple. That was the breast that got the bigger implant and had to be stretched a little more. Just to be helpful, even if you don't feel like you're getting constipated TAKE A LAXATIVE! You won't regret it. I had a lot of issues and wish I would have stayed on top of this more.

1 Week Post Op

Around this time I started waking up in the morning with severe pain in my back/left shoulder blade. Like a sharp stabbing pain. My left breast was also a lot more tender than my right. My right seemed basically back to normal besides a little numbness under the nipple. Throughout the day I was having pain in my back. I know I wasn't taking it easy enough. As a stay-at-home mom with a 5 and 2 year old "taking it easy" doesn't really exist. I know I did too much of carrying my son around and too much cleaning in the day. After about 5 days of the same consistent pain I called the nurse to check in. She said it was probably nerve damage and would eventually go away.

1 month Post Op - Feeling much better!

I was almost starting to regret my BA decision. That pesky nerve pain in my back and left breast seemed to want to stick around forever but a few days ago it finally subsided and I'm feeling basically back to 100%. I'm so happy with how my breasts are looking. I was feeling small for the longest time but they're starting to drop and fluff really nicely and I love the look. I've never felt more sexy! I can actually wear bras and lingerie and feel confident in them! I got measured at Victorias Secret and she tried to tell me I was a 32DD. I thought the band felt tight and ended up getting a 34D bra. I've also heard that Victorias Secret runs a size bigger than everywhere else, so I think I ended up going from a AA cup to a C cup. I love that they look big while naked but they aren't super over the top.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Yates was very professional and really helped me make the most informed decision based on my body. His staff was very informative in helping me make my decision.

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