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Well, I never thought I'd be writing about boobs. ...

Well, I never thought I'd be writing about boobs. . . let alone MY boobs. But here we are.

After having two kids (but only breastfeeding 1 long-term), my poor boobs are saggy and shrunken. I used to be a 34 D and although I haven't been "formally" resized, I'll bet I'm somewhere around a B.

After having an amazing consult with Dr. York Yates, I'm debating between a 440 cc anatomical HP (under the muscle) and a 480 cc round silicone UHP (under the muscle). I'm leaning toward the anatomical 440's, but I'm a little concerned about them not being big enough.

That being said, I don't want to look like I have deployed airbags under my shirt. But if I'm going to spend nearly $7,000 on boobies, I want to be able to tell a difference, by golly.

My main concern with the round 480's is upper pole. I don't want them to be so round that I have beach ball boobs. Does that make sense? Surprisingly, there is slightly less projection associated with the round {vs anatomical}, so I'm not worried about that.

I've uploaded some computer-generated comparisons between the round and anatomical, but I'm not sure I trust the images 100%. It's just so hard to know what it will actually look like in real life.

Decisions, decisions.

Dream Boobs

Here's my dream board. . . I didn't have this complete when I went in for my consultation, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to show my Dr. these pictures at my pre-op and he'll say, "Why, yes. Your 440 cc anatomical hp unders will look just like these!" And I'll do a little happy jig in his office.

A girl can dream.

Round 2

For reasons unknown, it's quite impossible to edit previous posts (which I'm sure you all have realized). Silly, silly, silly.

So let's try this again. Dream boobs.

{Sorry the pics are all kinda goofy-- I had to chop up my collage because it wouldn't let me upload it in its entirety.}

Before Pictures

So here are a few {sad} before pictures.

They are most certainly nothing to write home about. . . but, hey. That's why we're here! :)

My older sister had her boobs worked on a few years back by the same doctor (Dr. Yates). She absolutely loves them and it helped give me courage to actually go through with this. She has been a great resource and support. When I told my mom about my breast augmentation plans, she was a little surprised. "I thought you had bigger boobs than your sister," she remarked.

"Well, yeah," I replied. "I can see why you think that. But I'm still wearing the same size bra that I wore before having kids and what you see is padding. When I don't have a bra on, I have pretty much no boobies."

To prove my point, I decided to snap a picture wearing a thin sweater (with no bra). It was. . . depressing. And rather sobering. But, at the same time, it made me even more stoked to be able to put on the same sweater in a couple weeks and post an "after" picture. Ba-BAM! No more washboard chest.


I'm getting really excited! Pre-op is this coming Monday (about 3 days away). I'm kinda the type of person that likes to have all her ducks in a row, so it'll be nice to have more specific information with which to plan.

And speaking of planning. . .

I was with a group of my close neighbor buds (lovingly nicknamed "The Mom Club") the other day and we were discussing my upcoming surgery with great anticipation {one of "the club" has had a B.A. a little over 10 years ago; the rest are living vicariously through me until their time comes). One friend remarked, "Oh! We'll need to bring you over some meals so you don't have to worry about cooking."

Before she could point around the room and call out assignments, I said, "Well, my hubby is taking about 2 weeks off of work."

"Sooo," she added slowly, "you'll need meals."

Needless to say, we all burst into laughter. I love my husband, but cooking isn't really his forte. I also love my mom-friends who are always so eager to help and make me laugh.

The support from everyone (this site included) has been great! I can't wait to share the rest of my journey with you all!

Here We Go!

I had my pre-op this past Monday with Dr. Yates and we decided on the 440 cc anatomical (under the muscle).

He measured me again, consulted my dream board and felt confident in the 440s. If he's confident in 'em, so am I. I was leaning toward that size/shape anyway, so it was relieving to have Dr. Yates confirm the notion. I trust him completely and I can't wait for Monday!

You guys, I have basically one day left. That's insane!

I'm the first surgery of the day, so I'll show up at the office at 11:45 am, adorned in my super stylin' comfy pants and zip up hoodie. I will leave loopy and with some new friends.

I'll share pictures just as soon as I can!

Disclaimer: Intuition tells me that I'm probably going to freak out at first {if some previous hair cuts are any indication}. I've warned my husband so that he's prepared, so it's only fair I warn ya'll, too. Odds are good that I'll think they're too big and the swelling will mislead me into thinking they're funny looking. But once they drop and fluff, they're gonna be perfect. I just know it!

Yay for Monday! :

The Other Side

I did it! I made it to the other side!

But holy flying monkey farts in space, I had no idea they were going to hurt this much. Like, wow. The 45 minute drive home was killin' me the most! I kept trying to hold my ladies steady at every bump but it wasn't really working very well. So my first slice of advice for all you lovely ladies who have yet to have their surgery, invest in a hover craft. :)

Another thing I didn't plan on is how difficult it is to breathe. If you can, imagine yourself in a corset strung so tight it's making your eyes pop out. That's how you have to breathe for a while, and it totally stinks. But it gets better, so hang in there!

Make sure you have at least 5 or 6 pillows of varying sizes on your bed so you can prop yourself up and support your lower back at the same time. Trust me. You won't want to lay flat because gravity is not your friend at first.

Don't lapse on your pain killers, ladies. Keep those bad boys comin' for at least the first day and a half (assuming your doctor doesn't disagree). I had my surgery Monday around 12:30 pm and it's Tuesday at 10:45 am and I still basically count down the hours until my next batch.

I've found that a ziplock bag full of frozen peas/corn feel amazing and helps to take down some of the swelling, so hook yourself up with some of those. And, hey, if you're feeling hungry, you can just open up the baggie and take a handful! ;) {totally joking-- but, hey, desperate times call for desperate measures}

The "rowboat" arm action seems to be helping me loosen up, as well. So have your husband (or whoever) help you with those and keep at them even though it hurts at first!

. . .

So far, I really love them. I can't wait for the pain to subside some more so I can really take a look at them!

Dr. Yates was so funny, relaxed, and friendly before the surgery and it helped me feel a lot more at ease. The anesthesiologist was great, too. Hardly felt a thing! The nursing staff was amazing. I even got to jam out to Adele's "Hello" in the operating room before I zonked out.

Just as a recap, I'm 5'7" and 135-140 pounds; 2 kids (breastfed 1 long term); and I went with 440 cc anatomical (under the muscle).

I think I'm gonna go take another nap now, but I'll be sure to keep posting as things progress!

1.5 Week Update

It's been a week and a half since my breast augmentation surgery and I'm really loving my new ladies!

The pain is manageable with only the occasional dose of Ibuprofen (hallelujah) and "zings" only occur every now and again. My incisions are the most sore and are starting to itch a bit, but I'm just happy that I can resume most of my daily tasks without pain.

I'll go back for another checkup with Dr. Yates at the 3 week mark. Pretty sure that's when my surgical tape will come off and I'll be able to get a good look at insertion site.

I must confess-- it's not easy to tell a huge difference between clothed pictures of my new boobs vs my old boobs (since I still wore my old "D" bra even though I didn't fill it out). But they sure shine without any clothes on! hahahaha!

I can hardly wait for my 3 week mark when I can finally get out of this sports bra and into something a little more. . . feminine. I appreciate its hard work but I've never been a big fan of the things. Victoria's Secret, I'm comin' for you!

{In some of the pics it might look like one breast is larger than the other. I don't notice it in real life, so maybe it has to do with my posture? Not sure.}

1 Year Update!

So, it's been nearly one year since my breast augmentation! I can't believe how fast time as flown by, and I am still absolutely loving my ladies.

I would do it all again in a heartbeat! Wouldn't change a thing. :)

Sorry my update is super lame. . . but I'm not sure what else to say. I didn't have very happy boobs before, and now I do. The end! hahaha!
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Dr. Yates and his staff have been very easy to work with. Dr. Yates took his time with my husband and I, giving us all the input and information needed to help us reach our goals. He was patient with our questions and forthcoming with his answers. The members of his staff have been very friendly and courteous, which made the process all the more smooth. I highly recommend him for your breast augmentation!

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