21 Years Old- Getting Bigger Fuller Breasts - Layton, UT

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So here are some photos of my current breasts. I...

So here are some photos of my current breasts. I am wanting 350-400 cc implants. I am very afraid of going too large because any kind of complication (bottoming out, double bubble, thin skin, capsular contracture) would just devastate me. I am hoping to gain assurance through this app. Sometimes I will be looking through a review and at the end they say they are removing their implant because of some problem and it really really freaks me out. But Lordy do I want bigger breasts.

How long will I have to sleep on my back

What I am MOST worried about going into surgery is how long I won't be able to sleep on my side. I have never slept on my back, apart from a 25 hour plane ride. How long will it be too uncomfortable to sleep on my side? I have read in some reviews that it took them months! This freaks me the hell out.

For sure

Today I paid for my operation! I can't believe the bank let me run my card for that much lol. I will be getting 385 cc smooth round unders! He said smooth would be better for me because I have really good support tissue, and not so much coverage. I had my imaging done today too, so these are those pics. I hope that isn't too large of an implant for what I want. I am so scared and excited! I can't believe it will be just two weeks from now.

Damn, I am going to miss doing yoga.
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

So far dr. Yates seems really cool. I have seen a lot of good reviews for him and he seems top quality. I am hoping I won't change my mind because I don't want to go through the uncertainty of not knowing who to choose again.

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