My BBL total transformation!

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Well after 20+ years of hiding my booty under long...

Well after 20+ years of hiding my booty under long shirts, loose fit dresses and underwear with butt pads (stages) and girdles to hide my muffin top I finally decided to do something! Years ago I looked into implants but seemed more painful and the recovery has always held me back! So a few years ago my niece did the BBL in Tijuana, mx and still is enjoying the results. A few months ago my cousin and bestie asked me to research what would be best for her, lipo, tt, etc and as I was doing that I came across the BBL procedure and then after further research found this website which I've pretty much been stalking ever since. Reading journeys of others has helped me so much, I am afraid of the recovery and scared of pain needles etc but I guess I'm willing to do anything for the sake of vanity! I'm also afraid of my recovery for work, I sit at a desk all day! Good thing I have a door, but I do have meetings all the time... Also I don't really want to tell anyone but I also don't want to lie and make up some other reason for being out sick and needing special arrangements. My hubs is super supportive, but he insists I don't tell anyone except my family (the very close ones eg my sissies, niece and cousin) So here I am venting my anxiety! I will have to travel to SLC,UT for my procedure and I am nervous that I won't have enough cash since I only have an estimate and I really want to pay it all at once! Oh well we will see. I feel somewhat selfish for doing this, being away from my kids and hubs, but I also am feeling like it's now or never. Anyway about the BBL I have a really flat butt, all my weight goes to my mid section and I really want a nice, round and bigger butt. I am really narrow although the doc I'm going to tells me I have a v-shaped butt, didn't really know that was a shape but now I can totally see why it is! My hubby said "your butt isn't bad it's just that sometimes you suck it in!" Lol I told him "uhh no I don't that's the shape!" Anyway he's a big jokster so he keeps telling me to gain weight so I can come back looking like j-lo, except he said he prefers the spoof version of her "Jello" from date movie! He's crazy! Anyway I am super nervous and excited I love looking at all the before and after pics on here! I will post some too! Thx everyone for sharing your journeys!

9 hour countdown to surgery!

Well my time is here! So so nervous but I've paid in full and after consulting with the doctor we agreed upon taking fat from my upper hips, back and abdomen. He warned me about the pain and my confidence in him was solidified after meeting with him and his staff. Well my RS sisters I'm ready to say good bye to this booty! I know it will be painful but I will try to focus on the future! My son and husband called me to wish me well but then my baby told me to please come home and to please not leave again! Aww my babies are so cute! Well ladies here's a pic! So ugly :(!

New me!

Well my RS sisters I'm all done! I am super excited about my results and really I feel good, other than the whole not sitting thing I'm up walking, shopping, and eating. I made a big boo boo I accidentally forgot to take off my underwear when I went to pee so I wet my garment, so I text my doctor and like always he text me right back and said it was okay to rinse off with dial antibacterial soap! Love him :)! My post op is tomorrow and after that I will do a full review of him, his staff because they were amazing. I also need to update my price because we ended up taking fat from one more place that we had discussed but not confirmed. Well here is a pic of my post op booty I have some foam patches etc but I can see a huge difference. To me shape was way more important than size.

Yay a shower

OMG, well for the first time in my life I have a waist, hips and a but! I'm in so much pain but at least I can walk around just need help getting out of bed! This whole sleeping on your stomach hurts like heck! That's my advice for anyone wanting or considering this surgery! Think about it, because otherwise you can affect the results if you lay, or sit on it. Been the hardest part for me for sure!

Icing on the cake! Work slacks still fit after bbl!

Well I've been worried about this because after using all of my savings for my surgery I was a little concerned that I'd have to go out and buy new pants but after my shower today I tried on some of my favorite slacks and not only did they fit but they look amazing! I look like a girl! Also last night in the middle of the night I got up to take my meds and as I was walking back I caught a glimpse of my shadow and it was beautiful I looked like a girl! Not only is this going to change that aspect of my self confidence but I've even improved my posture and inspired to workout other parts of my body! It's been 4 days post op and I will post pics later today!

More pics

One week post op

My only regret is not doing it sooner! I may have spoken too soon about my pants fitting because so far I have only been able to get into one pair of slacks! Jeans, shorts and skirts can't get past my butt and hips! Now there's a phrase I never thought would come out of my mouth! Haha! Now dresses that's another story, those look and fit great, I guess that's why I have so many they are always flattering or good at hiding, but now they look awesome, and will be using some of them to hide my new curves, just like I used to hide my lack of curves! Well at least at work where not everyone knows my little secret... :) but before you know it they will know because I've always complained about my butt.... The girls I work with are more obsessed with talking about boobs... But I guess I've always been a butt girl!

Things I've learned... Wish I would have known!

For one, I really wish I would have narrowed down my research in the review sections to ethnicity (Asian) because I saw those a few days post op. I definitely have an Asian body although I am half Latina but with NO curves. Had I seen this before I would have been much better prepared for the recovery. I am now pretty much doing everything "bodyunderconstruction" did and bought. Can't wait to get my foam bed so I can lay down, she even has great tips for when I go back to work from setting up my office to what to tell people when they ask :)!
Fortunately my results so far are exactly what I wanted but that was only thanks to my doctor who understood what I wanted even if I wasn't really sure how to ask for it such as amount of ccs, shape etc. but I did have one wish pic I pulled from here and with that my doc was able to deliver what I wanted. I am just under 5'2" typical weight between 130-140 my measurements preop were 37-36-39, yup that's a juice box lol (with love handles)! Today's measurements are 37-32-41! One more thing, if you are anywhere near my height, do not buy a boppy, it doesn't work for our body. I had one for both my babies to breast feed etc and it was great for that! But I had just given it away not too long ago so I went out and bought a new one, washed the cover so I can't return.

Wrong measurements! Back to work!

Okay so I was wrong my pre-op measurements were 33-36-39, post op 33-32--41!

Back to the office! Driving, that was insane! Got to the office and with just telling everyone I got lipo, that was enough, no one believed that me, I had to show them my garment/foams etc. so funny! Same theme all day.. You did what? Why? You didn't need it etc etc... My boss is a sweet heart he reorganized my office so that I could have a standing work station! Gotta love him! He also knows the truth about my whole procedure and his girlfriend wants to do it, she's supposed to call me! I told him I'd show her all my pics and send her to my doc! Then he got red and walked away! Now I know how to get rid of him! Lol! Well hopefully tomorrow will be easier! I think I'm doing well just really swollen! My doc is having me try sleeping without foams tonight so we will how that goes!

15 days post op-so far so good

Well it might be too much to ask but I really hope this is close to my final results because the shape and size are perfect....Well according to me and my husband! He can't get enough of looking at it good thing I can't either :), it's just that after a lifetime 39 years to be exact of a flat butt with no curves to this, I'm pretty much in booty heaven! If that's a place! Clothes looks so good and I've been having fun shopping for new sexy underwear! Well here are some pics, the size has decreased by 2 inches since my surgery but my waist has gone down by 5 inches and my weight has gone down by 10lbs. My only concern is the line between my waist and butt, it's so swollen and dark. Did anyone else have this? And if yes how did u get rid of it?

"Mommy, why are you looking at butts?"

Well like many of you I have been spending waaaaay too much time on here looking at results, reading reviews, drawing comparisons to my own experience and my own outcome up to this point, but that will need to stop...for a bit anyway! Last night my almost 5 year old son asked me why I was looking at butts on my ipad... And I told him I was looking for a bathing suit.... He gave me a weird look, or it's me being paranoid because I hate lying!
I also have a HUGE test coming up and I should be studying, but I have been so distracted with this site and my new body, I really need to focus on that and getting back to my normal life!
Hubby opened our pool for the summer so I need to get my tan on, while studying of course!
I have my first in person post op on the 13th with my doc and will post an update then.
Bbl has been a roller coaster for sure but right now I need a break!
Take care and happy healing everyone!

3 weeks post-op still happy!

Well life is returning a little back to normal! Still haven't actually sat down yet! Yesterday I set up my office to sit again but not directly on my butt! I take my neck pillow when I go out to eat and I'm small enough where it's enough to put all the pressure on my thighs. And it fits in my purse! Still sleeping on my tummy, and that's hard but doable! My husband, family and employer have been so supportive and accommodating to my recovery needs! So glad I just came out and said what I did! Love love love how clothes fits!

1 month post op dr. Visit bbl and holding steady! Ps don't discard your foams!

Well it's been one month and yesterday I got to see my doctor for the first time. I came to town because my cousin went to him for a tummy tuck... Which by the way looks amazing and it's only been one day, he really is an amazing artist. Any back to my postop this time I was the care taker and was able to interact more with the staff, and they truly are amazing! I knew I was happy but I was pretty drugged up to really appreciate all of them. Honestly, for those of us who live in the west/northwest they are an excellent option versus going to California, Colorado, Washington etc! There are tons of hotels and a theme park if the family is joining... Okay so my butt is holding steady at 40 and my waist is just under 30. I have dropped 10lbs since my surgery but I haven't weighed myself since last weekend. I do measure butt and waist every morning! Life is getting a little back to normal, still sitting on my neck pillow and sleeping on my belly. I'm also getting my new compression garment in a smaller size and I got additional foams to help with swelling! Bbl sisters please don't discard your foams if you get them on day 3 or 4 I hated them, today I can't be without them they help with swelling and keeping skin smooth! I look a little thicker in them around my waist but I still love them. Here are my pics from this morning, I really love my results! Now onto my next two journeys, coolsculpting my arms and breast augmentation! And of course working out to maintain my new butt and keep my abs flat!

3 months PO! Hardly a secret!

So today marks my 3 month bootyversary! Aside from my normal busy life as a mom, wife, friend and career woman.... I really have enjoyed this summer, specifically the clothes :), such a transformation for me. Skirts, shorts, slacks all of it! Yeah I have gone through the whole booty greed thing so much that I still measure my booty daily, and it has not changed since about the 2 week mark. I still don't put much pressure on it and when I do it is not for long. Today I finally went in for a mani & pedi, was pretty desperate for that!
Anyway it's pretty much open knowledge that I had some "work" done, so when people ask I simply tell them I had lipo and sculpting! Funny once you tell someone what you've done the spilling of information about all of the "work" others want or have had just keeps flowing! Anyway we've had company over the summer and it seemed that all eyes were on my booty! Some people on my side of the family are pretty blunt so they were like oh my god your butt looks huge! I really don't think it's big at all, I think the shape is nice/natural but certainly not in the huge category! My husbands family on the other hand were more discreet.. With comments like you look great, never thought of me as the nip and tuck kinda girl but nonetheless they said I looked great! At work the girls are always telling me my butt and legs good, and I always catch them starring. Funny!
I've also had a few massages and my masseuse tells me she's never seen someone with such small scars as mine after lipo. My primary care doctor also said I looked great, and gave me the green light if I do decide to get a BA. This procedure has been such a confidence booster for me (really had a huge body complex)! I have finally lost some of the weight I had gained for this surgery. All of my clothes fits except for the waist area, I have a huge dent, which I guess I need to sew so it doesn't bunch up...
My only complaint or part that I don't love would be an unevenness on my ab area, to me it is very visible with bathing suits, naked etc but everyone else tells me they can't see it, so could be just me...

Can't beleive it's been a year! And it's still there!

I thought I'd update at a year for those of you who may be wondering about the long term results of the fat transfer. For me it's been great, I still wish I had done it sooner. I never actually did this before but as Im writing this review I just calculated that I only lost 10% of the fat that was transferred which is pretty awesome! I guess all the extra time of not applying direct pressure and wearing my CG longer paid off! Anyone on the fence about this surgery don't be!
On another note, recently I visited my hometown and learned that so many of my high school and college friends have had this surgery, so weird, here where I live now noone really knows about the procedure. Anyone I've told about it didn't even know it existed. The other thing about it is my friends live close to the mexican border so they go over there for a fraction of the price.... I'm not that brave :). Although my niece did it in Tijuana and she looks good years later. However I don't think the sculpting was as precise and perfect as it should be (she's looking into a revision). Anyway going back there with my new body was pretty fun, and it was nice to be open about it among friends, plus it's obvious to them because they know my before booty all to well. I also did some serious shopping, kind of hard not to when everything you try on fits so much better, I had clothes addiction before... So you can imagine how bad it is now :)
Here are some pics from earlier today, sorry they are dark!
Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon

I had such a great experience with Dr. Yates and Sandy the Patient Coordinator. From my very first contact with him which was via text from his website I had a great gut reaction. Now that I've had my BBL and lipo I can tell you he has more than fulfilled my expectations, I am so glad I took his advice, showed him my wish pic and made the trip there. It's only 1 day postop and I can already see how different things will look on me and above all stay on me! If you are considering any cosmetic procedure I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Yates.

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