26 yo Mother of 3 Seeking Perfect Body in Atl Lawrenceville, GA

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Ok, ...so I have been stalking the site reading...

Ok, ...so I have been stalking the site reading stories etc. I went to a consultation with Janho, at Bella Forma. I went in seeking quotes for lipo of stomach and lower back, Breast lift and implants.
I was told I have nothing to lipo, and quoted 9600.00 originally for the procedure than told during a special Breast-oween week?, they will do it for 8600.00
A couple things I found strange I wasn't shown any photos before or after, I wasn't shown any implants or what size for what. Now given this is my first procedure and consultation, I don't know if they do that further down the line or what. But they was interested in a deposit, so I felt I should of been shown something to convince me.
The consultation was 100.00 also, which they said they would put toward the procedure (because I asked for it to, obviously that's not they usual doing)
Im 5'4 , 120lbs. I will look around and see before I make my decision, but wow how do you all keep up consultations if its 100.00 a consult. I mean after I see a couple to make my decision, that can easily add up. Oh well I guess.


Sorry, correction. I forgot to mention when told no lipo he said i would have to get a mini tummy tuck.....i attached photos. Damn is my tummy bad?....what am i missing?

New Consult- Dr, Davoudi

Well, after research on RealSelf and Google I decided to consult with Dr.Davoudi in Duluth. I instantly felt more at ease and welcomed than the previous dr.janho. Dr. Davoudi explained every situation and diff. procedures in detail. He advised if I wanted the flattest stomach possible due to a little loose skin (I forgot to mention I have 5 yo twins and 7 yo) he would lipo and do mini tummy tuck with scar being only 4 inches or so for an extra 1000.00. He originally quoted me breast lift/saline implants at 5614.00 plus mini tuck totaling = 7288.00
That was amazing and worked looked so good. The consultation was free also :)
Im putting down deposit as soon as they open Monday for a Surgery date of November 5, 2014. I know fast right!, Im ready to get this done so I can be fine, or finer by my 27th Birthday
I will post more photos

pre op appt in AM

My pre op appointment is in A.m.
I am so anxious. I decided to just go with lift and implant. My stomach isnt a deal breaker to get a mini tuck right now. Maybe ill go hard in gym and see my results than think about it. I may have another child one day,...who knows.
Im so mad I cant change the doctor review and put my doctor i chose on review.
Im scared about what size to go, i dont want to really go larger. im only getting the implants because i love the upper pole fullness, and i wouldnt be able to achieve that look with just a lift. I noticed a lot of boobs I loved on here. Ill have to save some of those pictures for tmrw pre op.
This weekend I will start gathering some things for after care.

pre op done! But A Little worried

Ok, I went to pre op appointment, we didnt really talk much about sizing. I told Dr. Davoudi I was really wanting fullness and perky. I dont care to be super large of any, i wear a 36d now. He said 300 to 375 cc. One boob is a little smaller than other.
He also said low profile. Which I said huh? Because all I been reading about is moderate and high profile. What makes me the chosen one for low profile Anyhow Bloodwork done, paid fees etc.
When I arrived home, I began looking up low profile implants like crazy, and did see many. I went on Mentor site and the implant itself is flat like a pancake and round. Look like my boobs look now!
So immediately emailed the patient coordinator with a wish photo and a photo of what I DONT want, like look I dont think Iam on the same page as my PS and my surgery is days away literally.
Iam getting a lil worried because he hasnt given me more info yet and I go this friday. He may be correct I dont know im not a surgeon but I know the look I want so I want to nail that in hos head. Anyone else have some advice about the profiles?

Surgery done

so I had my surgery done 11/7, I arrived at the hospital 7am immediately checked in, iv placed, and waited in the room in the bed until about 8 30 or 9.
Dr. D came in spoke with me, drew up the placement markings and I was wheeled into the O.R. I was given something to relax as they were wheeling me down. Lol they were generous with their drugs. Once I hit the O.R. , I was not warned or nothing, lol I was knocked out.
Woke up in recovery, voice very very horse I could barely get my sentences out even though I was very clear on what I was saying. Drowsy and in a little pain so they gave me a little more in my i.v. ,my kiddies and nanny helped me dress and we were off.
Once I arrived I was more up, I went and looked at my boobies. I have a black garment bra, and a white strap tied around the top of my breast that is sooo tight and painful. The only purpose I can see is for my breast to drop faster maybe? Ill have to clarify.
I have been sleeping off and on, My black garment bra is a zip up type and a few hours ago the zipper came a loose. I went and found my needle and thread and sewed it close! lmao He said I could take the bra off sunday and shower than put it back on and also put the white strap over my clothes at that point.
Overall been eating drinking, and relaxing, beside being swollen as heck.

Day 3 photos

A few photos from day 3. Still very swollen, wearing compression bra, and white strap cover my shirt.
Cant wait to see how much fullness and upper pole I achieve being that he was persistent that I get low profile, and I didnt know I just knew what I wanted photo wise. Having Boob greed also...haha
Hey why havent I gotten any response on review. Oh well hopefully it will help someone.

2 week post op appointment

Yahly 2 weeks out!....No more of that dreadful strap, and no more bandages.
I had some concerns regarding the right breast, nipple seems to be higher and more distance at bottom. Something looks off.
He this was the more droopy and larger breast pre op, and that in 6 months he would remove more skin at the crease ln office. In office?! Thats a lil alarming te and that also means stitches....oh god. Just when im all healed at 6months.
But I rather have that adjustment than not be completely satisfied.
Dr. Also said no underwire for a year!
We shall see what he says when I return in december.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Very Blunt, honestly a little scary. Could have given more information. Medical assistant was more of a help.

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