34 Years Old Mother of One , 5'1 115 Lbs - Laval, QC

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Hi girls , I have a consultation date for the 15...

Hi girls , I have a consultation date for the 15 of August can't wait !!! I'm a 34B and sometimes C , I would love to be a 34DD after surgery , Im thinking a 400cc to 450 cc dual plan silicone , I'm not sure of the profile , moderate or hight . I want to have the natural look ;-) with a nice slope ... And not to high . I should have my surgery done around the end of December .


Better front view pic

In a bathing suit :-)

Hey girls , I wanted to put some pic of my in a bathing suit , some have juste a little push up , don't look to bad :-)

Consultation yesterday

Well my consultation was yesterday , everything went great .
My doctor took a 3D image of my sad breast and put it on his computer ;-) . And we hade fun putting deferent size implants on my image to see what it would look like . My surgeon suggested 330cc-360 on they other . At first I was ok with it but the more I think about it , the more I think that it won't be happy . I email the surgeon last night , to let him know that I wanted to go bigger . Hope he will accept ????

Bad news

So unfortunately my surgeon secretary called me back to let me know that I can't have more then 330-360 cc ..... I'm so stressed out that they won't be what a expected. Oh well I'm going to have to live with it for know . Worst come to worst I will have to get a other surgery in a year or so again to get exactly what I wanted to start with . My surgeon said that my chest wall was not big enough soooo will have to start small and get bigger in time of ever I'm not satisfied !!!! :-)

Last appointment before surgery le 12 oct

So my appointment is coming up . Can't wait to see my doctor secretary , get my medicine list and my blood work done. Starting to feel excited. Can't wait to get my boobies !!!

My last pre op oppointement

So everything went well , I didn't see my surgeon but his super nice secretary! I asked one more time to see if they wanted to upgrade my CC and Youpi !!!! He finally changed his mind. We re looked at my 3D image and and he reconsidered the CC . He said that he would order three sizes 385-415-450 and he would see what would be the best during the operation. I'm soooooo happy, like I told the secretary I prefer to have more then not enough. The surgery date is still the 27 at 11h00 !!! I'm so excited

Its coming soon!

6 more days and I will finally get my twins !! Can't wait

I finally got my girls !!

So today I'm 12 days since my surgery ; the first day was horrible I wasn't able to take any off the medication that the doctor prescribed my , i horribly sick. So I stop everything.... and after that well everything was perfect, not much pain at all .

New pictures

Here are some new pictures of my twins haha
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