25 Yrs Old. 5'11 230lbs I Want a Bigger Rounder BOOTY :) Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Hello Guys. Please help! I am 25 years old ...

Hello Guys. Please help! I am 25 years old 230lbs, 5'11. I am schedule to have my surgery on Nov. 13 which is exactly one month from today. I will be having lipo of my abdomen, stomach, and flanks with a fat transfer to the butt. I REALLY want a round booty with great projection and definition between my thigh and booty. I will be having the procedure done by Dr. Pane at Strax Rejuvenation in Lauderhill, Florida. I've heard bad and good things about Strax but have not heard anything bad about Dr. Pane. I had my consultation with him and he was awesome, and showed great bedside manners. My lab work was drawn on 10/10/14. Waiting for the results now. I've been reading reviews on RS for months now and decided to write a review for help. I am over excited and nervous, but more overwhelmed then anything. I know RS is very beneficial but I don't know how to use the website that well. As my surgery date approaches I have tons of questions. What supplies do I need post-op, diet, anti-scarring creams, ways to sleep, the best garments etc. I JUST NEED HELP. Any information would be helpful. I will post pictures of me now once I figure out how to work the site. Thanks Ladies :)

1 month Pre-OP BBL and liposuction

I am now 28 days Pre-op. Labs have been drawn and I just received the ok with blood word today. I want to start preparing for my surgery. Does anyone have any advice? When should I start taking my pre-op vitamins and what kind?

23 Days PreOp BBL

Hello Anyone reading my post. I am excited I am 23 days PreOp. Im under a little pressure right now as I try to find ways to make my journey easy as possible PostOp, finish paying the last few hundred dollars of my sx, finding a hotel, rental car etc.. And on top of that my question list grows by the day lol. I have less than a month, TOTALLY excited though. I started the multi-vitamin in the pic about a week ago. The iron and the prenatal I've been taking for months. Exactly, two weeks from my sx I plan to start Arnica pills, the iron plus vitamin c in the pic. Am I missing anything? Also I am looking to have lipo of my inner thighs not sure yet.

2 weeks Pre-Op

Hey ladies!!!! I am two weeks away from my surgery. I'm so anxious! I still have a few things to get on my list. I've started taking my Arnica pills 3 times a day to prevent brusing and swelling a long with my vitamin c, and iron.
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