43yr Old, Breast Lift W/400cc Moderate

I figured after reading all the reviews 24/7 on...

I figured after reading all the reviews 24/7 on here that I would share mine. After 2 children and losing a fair amount of weight 12yrs ago, now is the time to do something just for me. At first I felt very selfish spending such a large amount of $$$ on myself, but my very supportive hubby is the one who convinced me that money can always be made and that I deserve to be 100% happy. So after meeting with Dr. Polynice, I booked surgery for October 5th. I started with 330cc mod, but after doing some research (and driving my hubby crazy) I met with the surgeon again and decided on 400cc moderate. I am 5'1 135lbs and workout 4 times a week. Doc thinks I can definitely handle the size so that is my final decision:) I will post pics this week!

Some before & with my own rice fillers of 380cc

Help....need some advice!

I am scheduled for my breast lift & implant for October 5th. When I had my pre-op on the 13th, the nurse said she would upload my consult with the new sizes I tried. Well I called her the next day cause I never got them and she quickly called me back and said the doctor had to do the breast lift part over cause it didn't come out right. She said he would do it the 20th. Well never heard anything so I left a message for her yesterday (21st) and never heard back. I'm beyond frustrated at this point. I also left 2 messages for billing so I can pay the remainder of my bill (suppose to pay in full 2 weeks prior) also no call back. I'm starting to wonder if I should consult another surgeon at this point or am I overreacting??? Ugh...any input would be greatly appreciated!
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