43yr Old, Breast Lift W/375cc Moderate

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I figured after reading all the reviews 24/7 on...

I figured after reading all the reviews 24/7 on here that I would share mine. After 2 children and losing a fair amount of weight 12yrs ago, now is the time to do something just for me. At first I felt very selfish spending such a large amount of $$$ on myself, but my very supportive hubby is the one who convinced me that money can always be made and that I deserve to be 100% happy. So after meeting with Dr. Polynice, I booked surgery for October 5th. I started with 330cc mod, but after doing some research (and driving my hubby crazy) I met with the surgeon again and decided on 400cc moderate. I am 5'1 135lbs and workout 4 times a week. Doc thinks I can definitely handle the size so that is my final decision:) I will post pics this week!

Some before & with my own rice fillers of 380cc

Help....need some advice!

I am scheduled for my breast lift & implant for October 5th. When I had my pre-op on the 13th, the nurse said she would upload my consult with the new sizes I tried. Well I called her the next day cause I never got them and she quickly called me back and said the doctor had to do the breast lift part over cause it didn't come out right. She said he would do it the 20th. Well never heard anything so I left a message for her yesterday (21st) and never heard back. I'm beyond frustrated at this point. I also left 2 messages for billing so I can pay the remainder of my bill (suppose to pay in full 2 weeks prior) also no call back. I'm starting to wonder if I should consult another surgeon at this point or am I overreacting??? Ugh...any input would be greatly appreciated!

2 more days!!!

I'm so excited that I will finally have my new boobies. Of course I'm sick with a cold so not able to get everything done before surgery. Anyone else start worrying that you're surgery won't turn out as good as expected? I think I have too much time on my hands right now...ugh.

Last day with these sad looking boobies....

1st day post op

So the day finally came and I'm on the other side. My surgery was this morning at 7:30 and I believe I was home aroundnoon. The whole experience was quick. Dr. Polynice and his staff was amazing. He even called my husband tonight to see how I was doing. Originally I was wanting 330cc then changed to 400cc during pre-op but ending up with 375cc. Dr. Polynice I had 400cc in but thought they looked to fake so downgraded to the 375 under the muscle moderate profile. I have to say I was a little disappointed at first but I definitely trust his opinion. I have to say the pain has been minimal, maybe a 1 out of 10. I do have a pain pump which makes a world of difference. I will post some pics when I get unwrapped Friday!

Day 2 post...hoping they are bigger than they look

So day 2 and feeling good. I'm really hoping the doctor's choice of 375 instead of my choice of 400 turns out big enough. Well we will see tomorrow at my 1st post up.

Beyond happy!!!

Just came back from my 1st post op with nurse. The results are better than expected. Pain is minimal. There is extra swelling on the one side, but should start to settle in the next few days.

When will I feel like I can go to work???

So I had my surgery on the 5th and am supposed to go back to work on the 12th. I'm thinking that was too ambitious because even though my hubby says I'm improving everyday, I feel like a waste of space. I've cut my pain meds way down, but still need them. I'm frustrated cause I just want to feel normal again. I've read people doing laundry and going out on day 3. Wth...am I the only one still laying around and only able to muster up a shower?

Day 6 Feeling good

I was so happy to take a shower and wash my hair myself. Decided to add some pics as I feel they are dropping and starting to take shape.

Post op day 7

Feeling great....Ready to go back to work tomorrow. Took a full week off and glad I did. Had my 1 week post op with the doc and saw the incisions for the first time. Got to say Dr. Polynice is an artist. They look amazing. New steri strips are on so I don't have pics yet. Doc said I can start massaging after showers and can move to a regular sports bra. No underwire though (not that I would want to). Of course the 2 I bought from Walmart don't fit so will have to continue wearing the surgery bra until I get to the store this weekend. Any suggestions on favorite sports bras for the next 4 weeks??

11 Days Post Op

So I'm really obsessed with my new boobs...lol so. Literally thinking about them all the time or looking at them. Kinda driving my hubby crazy. I've attached some pics. They are getting softer everyday. My left boob (right from your view) is still larger. Was hoping both would look like my left cause I love the size and shape. Was hoping maybe once they drop the smaller one would somehow get larger. Has anyone had that happen? Feeling much more comfortable with my own sports bra (ps gave me the go ahead last week) feel more myself and great range of motion. Well happy healing and good luck to those who have their BA coming up!

Freaking out a bit!!!

I know it's only 2 weeks post op but I'm freaking out. My boobs are shaped different and the my left (your right) is bigger. It is actually perfect. Wth happened to the right one? It actually looks like a different size implant. Anyone out there had or have this issue? I see the ps on Friday but I'm getting really sad because they aren't evening out :(

2 weeks post op and time to say goodbye all....

Went for my 2 week post op and finally got to see my girls without steri strips....holy crap they look good. I was not expecting the incisions to look so diminished. Dr. Polynice is truly amazing. I got the green light to exercise (treadmill & elliptical) but nothing with my arms. I have to say that I'm gonna have to take a break from RS for awhile. I truly appreciate this site and all the info I got from it prior to my surgery, however I find myself a little too obsessed with size, boob greed, shape, etc. Before RS I was set on 330cc then after doing research on here I asked for 400cc (didn't get it). PS went with 375cc and I found myself disappointed and for the past week I've been comparing my breasts to everyone on here. And today I finally realized that my results were exactly what I originally asked for. When I started this journey I imagined exactly what I have today. I need to say goodbye to boob greed &comparison 'shopping'. I wish you all the best and one day I'm sure I will be back! ????

5.5 weeks post up

Feeling really good and finally sleeping on my side. Only doing the elliptical but should be able to resume all normal workouts this week. Love my boobs but still wish they were a tad bigger. Wearing 34dd right now :)

7 weels post op

Absolutely loving my boobs! Now that they have dropped and become softer, I love the size. Any bigger would have been too much. And my scars look amazing...so very pleased with the results!

2 months + a few days post op

Just a few pics. Feeling great and doc said they are pretty much settled to where they're gonna be. They feel totally soft and squishy. Happy healing to all :)

Top is 2 months out bottom is 4 days post

3 months post op today!!!

So things are going great! Feel totally back to normal and they are super soft and natural feeling to me. Just thought I would post a few pics to mark this milestone...lol

A few nudes

5 months post op

So it's will be 5 months on the 5th and it's been great. They are really bouncy and soft. They have settled very nicely and the scars are better than anticipated. I still use the Biocorneum 2x daily and wear a unlined bralette to sleep. I have tried without but I feel most comfortable wearing it. My nipples are a little sore first thing in the morning but other than that, nothing to complain about. I have full sensitivity and must say they look and feel as natural as implants can. I'm super happy with them and wear a size 34DD in all brands. I've attached some pics. The one is slightly smaller but not noticeable in person or clothes. I really can't wait until bikini season :)

7 mos post

Can't believe how quickly time passes. Boobs feel great and look so natural. My right sits a bit lower and looks smaller but not noticeable in clothes. I have a checkup in a week or so and will see what the doc thinks. Other than that, everything has been smooth sailing :)
Latham Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Polynice is by far the most talented plastic surgeon out there. He is friendly, caring and makes you feel at ease right away. His work is top notch and could not imagine a better result with any other doctor. As soon as I met him and his staff, I knew he was the one. Even my husband felt so comfortable expressing his concerns prior to the surgery. I would recommend Dr. Polynice 100 times over!

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