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Hi fellow RSers. I've been following this sight...

Hi fellow RSers. I've been following this sight for several months. It's great. It's encouraging and scary at the same time. I've been back and forth on this for over a year. I've finally made the commitment. I sometimes think I am going to maim a perfectly healthy body for vanity, I must be crazy. I work out regularly with aerobics and yoga, and have done for years. Even spent 10 years bodybuilding but there is no way to get rid of this pouch. I may even have my eyelids done at the same time. :)

19 Days Pre

19 days will be here before I know it. Heading to Vegas tomorrow for 2 weeks with my sisters. We will be staying at my condo. After that, one of my sisters will be staying on for an extra 2 weeks to care for me while I'm recuperating. May 25 is coming quickly. I was in Vegas last week and dropped in to Dr. Hankins office. He had no problem fitting me in without an appointment. I was very nervous but as soon as he started talking, I felt myself relaxing. His team seem to be very caring. I had decided I was going to get my eyes (above and below) done also at an extra cost of $5500 (discounted cause I was already under), but he told me there was no need for me to have my eyes done. :) Saved $5500 so I went shopping. LOL

Tomorrow is the big day.

I'm busy doing my cleanse. Surgery tomorrow. Very nervous.


Home safe and sound. Other than feeling like I did 500 crunches I opted for a shot of exparel. Totally worth it. Best $400 iMovie ever spent. It wasn't offered. I asked for it. Settling
Into my recliner for the long hall. Sister
Taking care of me. I am blessed. Tanks for
Your kind words

2 dayspo

Weining off oxycodone. Tylenol seems to be keeping up. Nap time

day 5 post op

first 3 days, if I had to do it over again, I would not have. Even now at day 5 I have my doubts but I can now see improvement everyday. I am currently sitting at my computer working from home. I'm eating very lightly. No salt, trying to avoid swelling. Not having a problem showering. Didn't need a chair. I did rent a lift chair though and it was handy for sure. It was returned yesterday and getting in and out of my regular recliner is no problem. I've been sleeping in my bed since day one. Propped up on pillows with wedge under knees. Not easy getting in. Pain is from muscles, not incision. Don't even feel that. The biggest annoyance is definitely the drains. The stitch that holds them in is so uncomfortable. I've been keeping icepacks on pubic area to hopefully avoid swelling. I read that some are going out for dinner on day 4 and 5. There is no way I could do that. I have my sister with me, thank God. She is an angel. Even at this point, I would not want to be alone. Probably doable but difficult. I drink lots of water, eat prunes and drink prune juice and pineapple juice. I also take post surgery vitamins. I do have a raised toilet seat with handles to help lower yourself and to get up. I was doubting if I would need it cause I'm pretty strong but I am so thankful I went with it. BM are pretty regular. In addition to the prunes, I have been taking stool softeners. Absolutely no discomfort with bowel movement. I have a binder, (no crotch) that I wear 24/7. PS gave me two so I am able to put on fresh one after shower. I do not wear underwear. I tried several times and both have made my drain incisions bleed. I have another sister who is a nurse but not the one staying with me. She told me to give it two weeks to a month before even thinking about whether or not I would have had it done. I am looking forward to seeing how I look in my clothes but not until drains are gone.

Po day 6

Appointment for drain removal today hopefully. Slept all night awaking only to take my dose of Tylenol. Shower this morning was exhausting. Back in my recliner now to rest. Feeling emotional as to why I did this to a perfectly healthy body. Hopefully it will be worth it. I'm not a wimp at all. I knew this would be hard and I was sure I was prepared for it. I wasn't. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Hoping things will pick up with drains removed. Still can't stand completely straight. Feels like something pulling. Not trying to discourage anyone. Just trying to keep it real. God bless.

7 days PO

drains removed yesterday. Whole new world today. Feeling so much better. Swollen for sure but all good. That's to be expected after what my body has been through. Sitting up working today. Showered by myself and dried my steristrip with a blowdryer. Traded my binder for spanx, as per my PS. Had a super headache last night which I thought was weird considering the painkillers but then I remembered a comment I read on this site about the same thing. She said a cup of coffee cured it. I hadn't had a coffee in a week, so this morning I made myself one. It was amazing :) and it did the trick. Happy healing everyone.

8 days post

Hey everyone. Feeling great. Walking a little straighter. Sitting at desk and working for longer periods. Went back to binder. Will keep wearing it until strip and sutures are removed on Monday. I find it more convenient for swelling purposes. I don't think I mentioned before that I use an icepack almost 24/7 while sitting or laying down. It may help with swelling. I've had no swelling in pubic area, thank God. I cannot believe the difference between days 1 - 3 and now. I feel it's nothing short of a miracle. The body is an amazing creation. I drink at least 1 glass of pineapple juice a day, in addition to the vitamins mentioned earlier. Lots of water. Starting to get twinges of skin and muscle coming back to life. Drain sites healing nicely. I'm using Medihoney Wound Gel on them. Happy Healing everyone. :)

I've worked out ,weights, aerobics,yoga etc all of...

I've worked out ,weights, aerobics,yoga etc all of my adult but always had a pouch. I'd been considering a TT for a few years and had a few consults. As soon as I met with Dr Hankins,I was immediately comfortable. My sister was with me at every appointment before and after. We both felt speaking with Dr Hankin was like speaking with someone you'd known you're whole life. He spoke to both of us directly and never made my sister feel as if she was an imposition. He was never in a hurry and showed concern over every question even though I'm sure he's answered them a million times. Bambi was and is magnificent and genuinely cares. Again, never in a hurry. Susan was very sweet and although I do not remember all the names of the support staff, they are all lovely. You feel like family. You will not regret your decision to book a consult with Dr Hankins. The rest will just come naturally.
Henderson Plastic Surgeon

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