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I can't remember a time that people didn't...

I can't remember a time that people didn't make comments about my "Jewish" nose. I've always hated it and it has always taken away from my self confidence.

After a series of very fortunate events (mostly financial) I'm having rhinoplasty done in about four weeks. I found my doctor through a recommendation from another medical professional in Las Vegas. I have had my appointment scheduled now since February but I'm starting to get very anxious and nervous.

I had my initial consultation back at the beginning of January and my doctor seems very nice and confident. I truly hope it turns out better....I am not looking for perfection, just improvement. I don't want my nose to be the first thing that people notice on my face anymore. I know it is still pretty far away but I will post "after" photos once the procedure has been done

It's not even 24 hours after my surgery and i...

it's not even 24 hours after my surgery and i feel great! my doctor told me that it was really common to get sick from the anesthesia and swallowing blood during surgery but i felt totally fine once i woke up. i was a little queasy when i was waking up but as soon as they brought my bp and heart rate down i was fine. so far there is hardly any pain at all and i haven't even needed tylenol much less the prescription pain meds.

my throat is still a little sore from having the tube down it but nothing too bad. honestly i think the hardest part is having to sleep on my back with my head elevated. that and having to hear my cat meowing and scratching at my bedroom door since i'm not allowed to let him in my room :)

i still can't really tell what my nose looks like, but from what i can see it definitely looks better than before. as of right now i would say it was worth it but of course i will have to see the final results to be sure

It's been about a week since i got my cast off...

it's been about a week since i got my cast off. my nose is still pretty swollen in the tip but it looks so much better than it did before. even though my doctor was a little more expensive than the rest, i wanted something very natural and his before and after pictures were the closest to what i was looking for. my doctor was not anticipating having to do open rhinoplasty, but ended up having to once in the OR. he said that with the way my nose was shaped he couldn't get full access to all the cartilage with the closed approach. i'm still hoping that the swelling in the tip will go down and i'm sure it will so i will post more pictures later on.

So it's now one year past my first rhinoplasty and...

So it's now one year past my first rhinoplasty and I just underwent a revision a week ago. My doctor offered to do the revision free of charge (except for anesthesia) because he was not satisfied with the results. I was so nervous and cried for about a week prior to my surgery because I didn't trust him after the outcome of the first surgery. I was so unhappy with the results of the first rhinoplasty and I blamed him. What I didn't realize is that a lot of the reason for the asymmetry in the tip of my nose was because of uneven scarring so it didn't have as much to do with my surgeon as just the way my body healed. My doctor was also trying to be conservative during the first surgery so that my nose wouldn't look like I had a rhinoplasty.

During my revision, I was just put under local anesthesia with sedation. I was pretty worried about what it would be like to be awake during the procedure but it wasn't bad at all. I would actually prefer it to general anesthesia. I was able to talk to my surgeon and the nurses and they were joking around with me during the procedure. They were all so nice, not to mention the lovely cocktail of medications that I had in my body.

I have to say, I'm so happy that, despite my fears, I went through with the revision. My nose looks a thousand times better than it did after the first surgery and about a million times better than it looked before that. My doctor only did cartilage work on the tip because the bridge of my nose looked great. He used sutures in the tip and shaved down a little bit more of the supratip cartilage to get rid of my pollybeak. I'll post some more photos when the swelling goes down but I thought I'd let those of you out there who aren't satisfied with your rhinoplasty, there is hope!

It's now two weeks after my revision and my...

It's now two weeks after my revision and my swelling is going down so fast. I definitely don't think it went down this fast last time. I'm starting to see the results more and more every day. I love my profile from one side but from the other, I'm still a little skeptical. I really wish my nose wasn't so asymmetrical but I have to say that the improvements are amazing. I'm still glad I had the surgery

It's 5 weeks after my revision and I am still very...

It's 5 weeks after my revision and I am still very happy with my decision. I feel like I finally look like a normal person these days! :)
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