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What a wonderful website of women coming together...

What a wonderful website of women coming together to support each other during such vulnerable experiences! Wish we saw more of this in real life!

I've wanted boobs forever. I was always hearing the itty bitty titty committee jokes, Miracle Gro, etc. Fortunately my freckles went away and my braces tamed my overbite, but unfortunately, my boobs never grew. No matter how many books or videos or creams I ordered out of the back of Seventeen magazine or YM or how many "I must, I must, I must increase my bust" exercises, no dice chino. Had to deal with the slow evolution of padded bras over the last 20 years. Chicken cutlets are a miracle invention, but they smell like a junior high boys locker room after a day of sweat in this Vegas heat. Sooo not sexy when I'm stripping down at the end of the day. I found a man who is a dream of a husband and best friend. He's proof you should never settle. He was pretty shocked to hear I wanted to get a BA considering my vocal judgements against women who have them. I am a total feminist and used to see women reduce themselves to a physical object for men. This was easiest identified by their breast augmentations leading to divorces and broken families. What I've now realized looking over the last 10 years as I've considered getting them done, the women who do that are already nasty beyotches inside and the BA just gives them that extra boost of fleeting self esteem they needed to become the drama queens they've always wanted to be. A close family member of mine recently had hers done and I was concerned she was doing it for the new guy she started dating so I wrote her an email asking her to consider the consequences. She turned out amazing and never changed her attitude or acted cocky. It completely revamped my entire outlook on implants. I started to think "Why do I get so perturbed by seeing women with them? Isn't the saying 'the things that bother you the most in others are insecurities you have about yourself'?" Duh! So why not just get them and be happy? I mulled the decision over with my husband. Went for the consultation to the same doc my relative and other friend who looks natural had theirs done by, and now I've paid my deposit and am scheduled for November! I am getting them done Thursday before the week of Thanksgiving and taking that full 10 days off of work to recover. My MIL is coming to take care of me. She accidentally slipped and told my brother in law. It was the day I signed my contract and made my deposit. I almost called the doctor's office to cancel I was so embarrassed. It made me think, "Oh jeez, what about when my Dad or my brother find out? What will they say? What will I say? What about the jerk pigs at work?" So I'd like to hear your positive and negative experiences with others commenting on your BA. I am a very proud Leo so don't like when my vulnerabilities and insecurities are pointed out when I do such hard work to protect them. ;p Any advice is greatly appreciated!! It's so encouraging having a community to talk to! I look forward to documenting my journey and seeing yours!


Dream Boobs


those are my dream boobs!!

Cool sister bra sizes guide

Trying on 325cc sizers

I've been told that the sizers already account for the ccs you lose by going under the muscle. Not sure if they have separate sizers for under vs over the muscle. These are the 325. Even though 350 is only a couple of tablespoons more, they just didn't feel as natural on my body than the 325s did.

Another great example of dream boobs for me!


Pre-Op 3 weeks and counting to ThanksBoobsGiving!!

I went for my pre-op with my PS. I brought my DH who really liked my PS and felt confident in his abilities. I showed my PS some pictures from this and other websites of what I hope to accomplish and after reviewing them, he suggested 350-375....I am going to go with the 350s. I'll post pics with those sizers. I think I'll still be able to play them down at that size and play them up when I want. I still have to go through some hurdles with my cardiologist, but he's doing a full workup for when I'm ready to get pregnant too. Might as well ensure I am healthiest as possible BEFORE surgery. I am having a mammogram, chest X-ray, bloodwork, holter monitor, treadmill stress test, and echocardiogram. Had the EKG already and it reflected my irregular heartbeat which I was born with. I'll be fully cleared before surgery though. Soo excited!!! I told a colleague today and she said when she had hers done, every time she looked down she said it felt like Christmas day!!

5 days til ThanksBOOBSgiving!! ????

Today I have been 100% officially cleared for my breast augmentation next Thursday!!

My heart condition is cleared…a few skipped beats, but that's "normal" for me. I have never had such a health check and I am 100% healthy! Good bloodwork, chest x ray, mammogram, stress test, EKG, sonogram of my heart, and holter monitor. So now I'll be healthy AND have fabulous boobs!

I have had the best experience with my PS and his whole office, Dr. George Alexander. He's done over 3000 BAs. He reiterated at my final pre-op that I stated I wanted a natural look and for my body size, 325-425cc's would accomplish that. I showed him pics, and we decided on 350cc! My husband even gave his input and agreed 350cc was the right size (this was after he was concerned about them being too big). They gave me the most thorough instructions for preparing, dealing with pain and discomfort and anxiety, and all post op instructions.

I have to keep my arms like a T rex by my sides for 3 weeks. They said the only capsular contracture they'd seen this year was a patient who had thick long hair and decided to straight iron her hair right after her BA which caused bleeding and emergency surgery had to be done. So I am going to for sure take it as easy as possible during my healing.

I HAVE to wear the surgery bra for 6 weeks, no exceptions. I asked "what about all the holiday parties?" The RN said they can get creative in how they pin the bra to hide it, but that no bra or an alternate bra are acceptable the first 6 weeks. I can only have the bra off when I shower.

I'll list the other questions I asked that they answered that may be helpful to you…..

If I'm itchy or get hives, is it ok to take Benadryl with the medicine? YES, as long as you follow instructions on box

Will I have bandages? No, you will just have liquid stitches and the bra. No strap unless they feel it's necessary down the road.

Don't put anything on scars for 6 weeks. There shouldn't be any scabs present when you use the cream.

Things to avoid capsular contraction:
Don't stress
Don't lift arms
Don't get heart rate up
Don't push off anything to get up
Keep elbows at sides like a t rex for 7 days

I am getting 350cc sub pectoral mentor memory gel silicone round smooth implants. They have a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Mondo cords aren't very common with this doctor's experience, but they are minor and go away on their own.

I will have a tube down my throat, but they put it down and pull it out when I'm knocked out. She said that's all these anesthesiologists do all day so they're super quick when they do it and no big deal.

You must have someone watch you your first 24 hours. At my work there was a guy who went in to have his gallbladder removed and he was so knocked out from the anesthesia still later that night that when he vomited, he didn't wake up and actually choked on his own vomit. Sad and gross, but shows how important it is to have someone there to watch you.

In the manual in caps lock they put, NO MATTER HOW GOOD YOU FEEL, DO NOT CLEAN THE HOUSE, REARRANGE THE ATTIC, ETC!! They say take it easy, pamper yourself, watch tv, etc.

Ice packs- This should help, not hurt. Apply for 15 minutes every hour while you are awake. If ice feels too uncomfortable, don't use it as often.

I will have a follow up appointment the next day and then 1x week for 6 weeks. After a few weeks, I will have stretches/exercises to do possibly.

Sloshing sensation: You may hear or feel sloshing or squishy sounds in your breast after surgery. This is not the implant! It is air and fluid in the space around the implant. It will all be absorbed by the body within a few days or weeks.

Shiny skin: This is a result of the swelling that occurs after surgery. Within a few weeks the edema and swelling will subside and the skin will look more normal.

Swelling: this is a natural phenomenon and normally clears over the first 2-3 weeks.

They tell patients "You can count on some bruising, swelling and being tired. You can count on some discomfort for the first couple of days, but if you don't have that, what a nice surprise!"

1st week- low energy, emotional roller coaster (zombie, antsy, peculiar)
2nd week- nit picky
3rd week- show off, notice others' reactions
4th week- Joy, you look wonderful!, wow, but what about, I love it!, what's next?

The most common reaction is to be depressed on the third or fourth day.

They end it with "Anyone who has cosmetic surgery has shown they are a person of courage and they may now demand great deeds from themselves. They have given up the excuse called- 'I'd be too afraid to do that.'"

Love my doctor!!!

Hope this helps!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Yippee!!! It's finally here!!! I am so, so, so nervous, but excited and confident in my surgeon. My MIL is here to take care of me, my boobie care package is next to my bed with all my meds, pillows, comfy clothes, magazines, and of course the Tiffany holiday catalog to drool over!! ;) My business partner bought me a Hooters shirt. FYI, they only come in Small, X small, and xx small. LOL. Apparently the girls with D cups wear the small. She said once I'm all healed, I should wear that tank (no bra off course) and a thong and surprise my husband by making him breakfast wearing it. Obviously she has a good sex life with her hubby!! So I'm excited, but so so nervous!!! Thanks for all your support!!! xoxo

Going in now for my BA!! No doubts, just look at my before pics!!

Going in now for my BA!! No doubts, just look at my before pics!!

I'll post you ladies on my healing

I go in at 9, surgery at 10.

Been nervous until I just took the fully lit pics of my current boobs and seeing how small they are reminded me of why I've wanted to do this for 15 years!!

Pray for me girls!! I'm most scared of the anesthesiologist's tube!! (That's what she said!)


Uh oh, I just barfed up my pre surgery antibiotic. Last night was fine. Must be because no food in my system. Gonna ask for anti nausea stuff automatically. Dont want to wait til I'm barfing in pain!!

Wish me luck!!!!!

Last pre BA pics!!

Their last hours! 5'6" 140lbs. Heaviest I've been. Target is 130 or so.

Wish me luck!!

YAY! It's over already!!

Too exhausted to type a full review, but it was such a great experience!! I am so happy & hardly in pain. Will update soon!!!

Feeling great!

So far the only pain I've had is from the surgical bra clasping in the middle of my breasts. I have my post op today and the 1x week after. I know they're still high, but I think they look pretty darn good for only one day out! The OR nurse said Dr. Alexander puts some sort of medicine in your boobs to help with the pain. She said he's the only doc she's seen do that. Makes him even more amazing!!!

1st day post op pics

Post pics

Boobie blues :(

I am so frustrated with mine. I feel like they're too small, in a weird position, and won't squeeze together at all. Thursday will be only one week, but I sure do have a case of the boobie blues. ;( They don't look cute in anything!! I just want to put on a dress or tank and be reminded why I did this. The pain hasn't been bad at all, but definitely let down on my expectations. No fault of the doctor, but of my own.

You ladies are right!!

While I haven't dropped and fluffed yet (doc said 6 weeks they'll feel softer all of a sudden), they definitely are starting to look better. In my genie bra and a t shirt I'm like "daaaamn, Gina!" ;p Can't wait to experience that in a swimsuit!! Thanks for your encouragement!!

9 days post op

No fluffing yet, but hoping in a couple weeks!!

Day 10 post op pics

Day 10 post op pics

3 weeks post op, still in pain

I was lucky enough to not have pain after surgery, but now that my nerves are regenerating, my boobs are so sore! What can I do to reduce the pain? Thanks for your help!!

Pics 3 weeks post op 350cc mod plus silicone unders

Pics 3 weeks post op 350cc mod plus silicone unders

Pics 3 weeks post op 350cc mod plus silicone unders

2 1/2mo post op 350cc silicone moderate plus- happy, but impatiently waiting for drop & fluff!!

I went for my post op checkup at my plastic surgeon's office yesterday. I expressed my concern over my right breast still being firmer and higher. He said it's impossible to tell when each person will fully heal. Since my scars are still pink he said my body is still adjusting and it's important to frequently and aggressively massage them especially at this point. So I'm compressing the upper pole on them and doing other massages. It's better than it was at 5 weeks, but I am not known for my patience and I want them to drop now! I'm in a wedding in a month and a little nervous how my dress is going to show them off to everyone on Facebook. Yikes!! I don't know why I still worry about what other people will think. I just don't want to even have it addressed, but certain people are insistent on "calling me out" and I just dread the experience. My cousin tried to do it to me the other day right in front of my brother, but thankfully someone walked in. What have your experiences been with dealing with other's judgements? And with how long it took you to drop and fluff if you were starting with nothing? Mine are 350cc mentor sub muscular silicone round.

More pics

Dr.Alexander and his entire staff are all extremely professional and courteous. They immediately put you at ease and are very disarming while still providing the guidance you are looking for. They are willing to answer all questions honestly and promptly. His patient coordinator Ashley has been a pleasure since the beginning. She scheduled all of my doctor's appointments leading up to the procedure. All I had to do was give her the names of the doctors and the times that worked best for me and she made it all happen from there! I appreciate how thorough they are in ensuring I am in the best health necessary for surgery. I feel more like a valued client than just another job in the factory. I've seen Dr. Alexander's results on 2 close friends and am amazed at how natural he was able to make their breasts look especially for their small frames. I am excited to see his work completed on me! I feel very calm in his capable hands! I highly recommend him and his team! I will post the results once ThanksBOOBSgiving comes!!

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