Finally Deciding to Get Rhinoplasty -27 Year Old. Las Vegas, NV

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Let me start out by saying I've made myself crazy...

Let me start out by saying I've made myself crazy on this website. It's incredibly helpful but brutal. So much vulnerability!!

I've hated my nose since I could remember. I have been discussing it with my husband for years. Being married made the decision harder because I could not justify spending all that money on myself or taking the time off to recover (not vacation). My husband also constantly reassured me that I was beautiful and that he loved my nose (he has to say that). So I just kept putting it on the back burner and tried to make peace with my nose.

Recently I hurt my back pretty bad and had to take time off work. I kept thinking when am I ever going to be forced to take time off to sit on my a$$. So I decided what the heck I'm going to look into getting my nose done. Like I said I've thought about this for quite some time. I have had consultations but no one that I felt confident with.

Came across Dr. khorsandi on real self and proceeded to read every single review (I know I'm a spaz). Reminder, I've been thinking about this foreverrrr!! Well, Anyways, made my appointment. Loved his staff. If there is anything I have learned in this search it's the staff means everything. They set the tone for your thoughts and experience. A warm smile can change someone's day. Anyways, Back to my topic! I called the next day and set an appointment for surgery.

Now I am two sleeps away from my surgery (that's the way my niece says it). Anxious as all hell! Definitely for no valid reasons. I've thought every fear and what if, to it's end. I'm confident in my surgeon and his staff.

Send me wishful thoughts of a perfect nose!!

Zombie Life Post Rhinoplasty

I had no idea what to expect even after reading loads of reviews. I guess I just tried not to think about the surgery or after too much.

So day of I showed up to the surgery center and got all prepped. I also might have teared up a bit (irrational sadness). My nurses were lovely. I'm always worried people are going to judge me for wanting a rhinoplasty. When I tell them I immediately want to yell, I Am Not Insecure Damnit!!! I'm a strong confident woman that knows what she wants, that's why I'm doing this. Anywho, I gave my husband a big kiss as they rolled me into the surgery room. Not a fan of that room btw. Wasn't all that comfortable with the people in there either but the moment Dr.K walked in he put on music, talked a bit to me, and off I went into a sweet slumber.

I awoke with the worst sore throat ever. They couldn't put the ice chips in my mouth fast enough (I hate sore throats/zero tolerance). I could hear my husband and bestfriends voice, so comforting. I'm warning you your eyes feel like they are gooooo-peee. Zero nose pain at that point.

They took me home sat me in my recliner and waited on me for the next three days (I'm lucky I know). I drank massive amounts of sparkling water and slurpies. The worst of it was definitely at night. Sleeping sitting up was a feat for me (stomach sleeper). Mid night I would wake up with a congested pain at the top of my nose. I had those pain pills scheduled to the exact times I was allowed to take them. Now normally I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to take pain pills but in this case TAKE THEM don't fight it. Let yourself be comfortable.

My energy level is still low but I have showered and changed everyday. My newest obsession is removing these silicone splints. It's all I think about. I can't freaking wait. It's not because I can't breathe, I can breathe fine. I made the mistake of watching too many YouTube videos, it looks so satisfying.

Two suggestions. Crank that AC and be cozy. Ice, ice, and more ice. I used Popsicles on my face, masks, pretty much anything frozen. I am also using arnica gel. I like to think that's helping.

I had a moment of worry and called Dr. Ks office. The answering service took a message because it was after hours. He called me back within 10 minutes and told me I could call his cell if I had any other issues. Put my poor husband at ease and made us feel good.

Here are some pics in order. Now the lighting isn't good because I am in our theater room. So its darn even with the lights on.

Bye bye pain meds, hello new nose!!

I got all the stuff out of and off of my nose today. The best part by far was the cast being removed, that's because there was zero pain. The silicone splints on the other hand a bit painful. It was like giving birth to a giant silicone booger, painful and then incredibly satisfying, Gross? Too far? Sorry. Now those whiskers (stitches) took about 10 minutes I'm pretty sure, jk more like 50 seconds but felt like forever. After it was all done he said take a deep breath....Heavenly!

Meeting your new nose for the first time is so fun. You can't judge it too much because it's still swollen. You will immediately like it better than your old one. You will want to pick it apart when you get home, don't! I feel like everyone eats their words on this website. I have thoughts but I'm not saying a damn thing on day one. I trust my surgeon. I'm pretty sure I'm their only client...or their favorite...or the only one that matters (sarcasm). They got this down. I can't wait to see my final, final result.

Ignore my lack of makeup and lighting but I'm pretty sure this is called REAL self :).

Bye bye pain meds, hello new nose!! Photo sesh

I promise at some point I will do my hair.

I swear I was born with this nose

I had my 4 week check up today with Dr. K. I am so happy with my decision, my nose is so pretty and feminine. I have some swelling on the left side of my nose, the cartridge between my nostrils, and the tip (pretty normal stuff). Overall I feel like I healed really fast. In the first week it takes a little bit longer but once everything was removed I was ready to rock and roll.

My experience with Dr. K and his staff has been first class. I always felt taken care of and never felt belittled. Prior to scheduling with Dr. K I had met with quite a few plastic surgeons. They either gave me the heebie jeebies or talked down to me. I consider myself to be a pretty good judge of character. I won't stand for anything but honest and real (ain't nobody got time for fake). I am a handful, so insecure won't last a second. These women in this office are so great. Always wanting to help me, or make sure I have a drink in my hand (not of the alcoholic variety unfortunately), ask me how everything's going, tell me I look beautiful (even when I'm a sweaty mess). They are also silly (women with no sense of humor is a no-go).

Anyways, Dr. K will probably be on a reality show soon and then we will have to make an appointment with him a year out.

But let's be real, I want Botox!!... My poor poor husband.

I swear I was born with this nose

Here are some pics for some reason it won't let me load from my iPad just my phone.
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