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I wanted to be healthy and look better, and...

I wanted to be healthy and look better, and comfortable when smiling.
Definitely worth it.

My experience was not perfect, but I comfortably recommend Dr. Golpa and his staff. If I had to do it again, I would choose this office again, because once one expresses a concern or voices a complaint, they listen, and acknowledge that yes, perhaps that could have been done better or differently. I like that that the staff is receptive, and responsive to comments, and or complaints. It is the sign of professionals, always willing to improve.

Cost, and an update on my experience

I made a mistake and post $34. I meant 34K.

I had the procedure on August 28th, 2013. As I posted earlier, I recommend Dr. Golpa, without hesitation. I believe that he has extensive experience in performing this procedure. This being said, I am not a dentist, but I did extensive research, and after that, it becomes a matter of trusting yourself, and then trusting the dentist.

My procedure went well. No complications. Once I returned home, I had a bad day or two, but nothing that would cause concern. One has to realize and understand that this procedure is a big surgery. Just because you go back to the hotel that evening, does not mean it is not a serious procedure.

I returned to the office the next day and after the wax try in , I received the temporary bridge. The teeth were great, and I liked everything about them , except, and this was HUGE to me, I no longer had my full lips. :( Once I returned home, I had two somewhat bad days, a bit of swelling, but nothing serious. One the swelling was down , I still loved the teeth, the color the shape, but yes you got it, i did not like the way my mouth looked.

But since this was the temporary bridge, I didn't stress over it because I was assured that, all the issues that I had, could and would be addressed once I returned to receive the permanent bridge. :) In addition, before leaving the office that day, Dr. Golpa also agreed that the teeth had to come forward, and that that would greatly improve the appearance of my lips.

I returned in November 2013. Did a wax try in, and a day later received the permanent bridge. The issue with my lips was greatly improved. But for some reason, the color of the gums had been changed, and some of the imperfections that made the teeth look beautifully natural had been removed. So, I was not totally satisfied. Now, of course, one has to be realistic, and know what can a nod cannot be done, but in my case, I did not ask for miracles. Brit, ever the professional, looked at it, and simply stated, that yes, she agreed that the gum color now was wrong. And that yes, the teeth could have come forward a bit more. To my surprise, dr. Golpa, said: Well, it's not that bad. Tsk tsk, I thought, what happened to: I will not rest, until my patient has the dazzling smile that they deserve, and until my patient is a 100 percent satisfied. But again, I forgave Dr. Golpa, because, well you already know, that little video he made. And of course, I am still going to hold him to his promise. :)

So, I have had this permanent bridge since November 2013, and I am going back on March 4th to address the above mentioned issues. :)

I would like to stress that this is a very busy practice, and that yes sometimes communication seems to be lacking , or such as in my case, sometimes things seem very rushed, and that can leave you feeling a bit upset. But in all fairness, once you express your concerns or feelings, the staff is very responsive, and will try very hard to alleviate your concerns.


I forgot to mention James. James is the driver for Dr. Golpa's patients. He is for many of the patients, the first person from Dr. Golpa's practice, they will meet. By the time you arrive at Dr. Golpa's office, James will have put you at ease.
I say that James has the best job in the world. He picks up sad people ( due to dental problems) at the airport, and drives smiling happy people back! Can't beat that!

I share this because of course we all want the best dentist at the best practice, but I think that dr. Golpa's office is the practice that it is, because of the people that work there. I have mentioned, Brit, Amanda, Carlos, and James. These are the people I have had the most interaction with. I would be remiss if I forgot Lonny ( not sure if I spelled it correctly. I call him Sandman, since he is the anesthesiologist. He put me at ease before putting me to sleep. Again, They all are great and are in large part the reason why I am still feel that Dr. Golpa's office was the correct choice.

Permanent Bridge - DR Golpa Las Vegas

On March 18th I went of for my permanent bridge. The experience in the office was always very nice and warm.

The hygienist saw me and educated me on more on how to maintain and take care of the implants. I really appreciated that because it was one of my concerns. I was offered the opportunity to purchase an organic product line to rinse and clean with. It s optional, if you do not want it, no problem. I mention it because it is nice to be continuously educated on what you can do or use to help maintain your oral health. After all, anyone on this site knows what it is to have poor oral health.

After that, I spoke with the technician and discussed some of the changes that I would like to make. They took note of it, and as always, everyone was helpful and attempting to achieve the best results possible.

March 19th, I received the permanent bridge with the changes and it looked great! I was very happy!

Then I got home and my family and some friends said that they looked great but that my smile was crooked now! Oh no! I didn't notice that , so we took some pictures and then I saw it. I have a tad bit difficulty chewing on the left side , and there is something sharp on one of the top molars. I am going to give it a week or so and then contact the office.

This being said. If you are contemplating having this procedure, I strongly recommend dr. Golpa's office. If unsure, visit the practice, and meet with the Dr. and the staff. I am almost certain that you will feel that you are in the right place.
This s not a commercial for Dr. Golpa's office. I am sharing my experience, ( and have shared it previously under my post health and appearance) exactly as it was, and with the hope, that it might help someone. This procedure is a big step, nothing to sneeze at, and Dr. Golpa and his staff, have taken very good care of me, and I am confident, that they do the same for everyone who comes into their office.

If you are looking for skilled professionals, who love what they do, and who have not forgotten that all important personal touch, and personal relationship, this is the place to go.


Approximately a week and a half ago I noticed something on my teeth. Took a closer looks and saw staining almost between every tooth. I remembered that once I noticed darker areas when I first left the office on March 19th but I thought that it was the reflection of the light on the teeth because I had asked for ridges on the teeth.

Upon taking a closer look, it was actual staining and that is not supposed to happen.
I called the office and told them of what I noticed. Was asked to send pictures and after doing that I received a call. I answered questions from Brit and the hygienist. At first I was a bit surprised at the reasons given for the staining. The oral rinse that Dr Golpa prescribes for use before the surgery, but that can be used after as well, or bacteria in my mouth. I disagreed with any of those because my provisional did not stain. The permanent bridge did not stain, it is only after I made some changes to the teeth that there is staining. I shared this with the hygienist and she agreed. I believe that the teeth were not polished out properly in some areas because it looks a lot like a film between and some what over the teeth. Staining should not occur. All this said, the staff was very nice and I will be going to the office at a later date. I believe that this is just a little hiccup and that it will be taken care of. Will keep you posted!


I went for my cleaning on October 1. Everything looked fine and I'm doing a good job of cleaning. I did buy the triology again product, it's great and i really missed it when I ran out!
Susan, is awesome and although I have to fly to Vegas for cleanings etc. I wouldn't no anywhere else!

My interaction with Dr. Golpa was minimal, and I was surprised by that. I never had a true consultation, and did not spend time with Dr. Golpa before the procedure. On several occasions, I called and asked about having a conversation with Dr. Golpa, and was assured that that would take place. It never did. So, the morning of my surgery, I asked Dr. Golpa, if this was the right procedure for me, and he rather abruptly answered: "This is the only option for you". Needless to say, that I was taken aback, and actually somewhat upset. I believe, that this happened, because communication is lacking, and to be fair, I think that it is a very busy practice, and sometimes, some people fall through the cracks. What I liked about Dr. Golpa, is that he does take part in choosing the teeth, color etc. and that he does give his opinion on what would be best for the patient. what I like least about Dr. Golpa, is what I perceive as his impatience, but I forgive him, because I credit one of his videos for my decision to stop smoking. Thank you Dr. Golpa. :) No one is perfect, but some of the staff is close to it. Brit. Not only the ultimate professional, but compassionate and kind. Amanda. Warm, responsive and aways willing to help. Carlos, just because he is everyone's friend. Dr. Golpa has great staff.

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