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My chin implant experience so far. 1st Day I took...

My chin implant experience so far.

1st Day
I took 4 pills of medication half an hour before my procedure instructed by my plastic surgeon. I would say it took about an hour for the liposuction and chin implant to be completed. Multiple shots were injected into my chin area in order to numb it. I had a stress ball, which help me relieve some of the pressure of the needle. The incision was completed under the chin and no screws were used. The liposuction was done before the chin implant. I would say I was about 99% numb in my lower lip and chin area. Sometimes I felt a sting, but the surgeon was great and made sure to give me more anesthesia to numb the area. When I went home I couldn't feel any pain. I ate a bowl of cream chicken soup and I had to hold my lower lip down in order to fit the spoon in my mouth. I decided to take a nap for about 2 hours and when I woke up I was welcome with sharp pain in my back teeth and I immediately brushed my teeth and placed a gauge with numbing medicine between my teeth. It's important that I mention that I was previously having issues clenching my teeth in my sleep for several days prior to my schedule procedure. Taking a shower and shaving helped me take my mind off the pain. Strangely enough applying warm water to my lower lip revived a lot of the feeling back into it. I was able to almost form a full smile. I did not remove the compression wrap, instead I made sure to avoid getting it wet to the best of my ability. Then as about 30 minutes went by the pain got worst. I don't know how to describe the pain but it put me in a really bad mood and all I wanted to do was fall asleep, but it was impossible because it hurt so much. I felt the pain all through my bottom teeth and then slowly in my chin and neck. It also hurt to swallow due to the bruising on my neck. I took another pain killer and thankfully about an hour pass and the pain was minimized. I still felt it, but I'm doing my best to ignore it. It is highly recommended to sleep at a 30 to 45 degree angle and keep your chin up in order to reduce swelling. I'm still not used to sleeping on my back, but I'm working on it.

Day 2 Follow up on healing

Today i will be going back so they can see how the healing is doing and make sure there isn't fluid building up. I would like to get a higher dosage of pain killers since the ones i currently have do not help me with the pain. Also, I would like to address my previous statement about the pain being in my "teeth." Its actually in my gums but its so great that the pain is pulsing and at first I swore it was my teeth. I'll be back later on today to update my status. Right now I'm still very sore in the neck and I can't open my mouth.

Day 2 Update

Okay, I had a new head wrap on and it is a lot more comfortable compared to the first one. The team at the Lanfranchi center are super sweet to me. I was crying because I was still in a lot of pain, but Paul made sure to remind me how much medication I should take, how important it is to eat food, and explained to me that my jowls will appear swollen almost like a chipmunk, and that is normal. There is a little bit of sharp pain on the right saw of my jaw, so I'll probably take some pain killers pretty soon. Right now I'm using a straw to eat because it still really hurts to open and close my mouth. As for the head wrap I need to wear it for another 24 hours and then after that 8-10 hours a day. I can't see much of a difference right now, but I know the swelling can last for a long time, so I'm being patient.

Personal update for myself

This is just a side note for me, but could be helpful for others. I took 3 painkiller pills at the same time instead of two, and I'm very happy I did. My body felt relaxed and the pain is almost non existent as long as I didn't move my mouth a lot. I was able to sleep on my back comfortable for about 2 hours. I'm using one pillow and a t-shirt that I bunched up a little bit to fit between the spacing of my neck and the pillow. I also was able to speak to a neighbor today. It sounded like I had cotton balls in my mouth, but she could understand me. Oh and I have that crooked smile now in my lower lip. I'm just overall so happy to feel less pain now. I made it through day 1!

Day 3 Chipmunk cheeks are here

Okay as expected my jowls are super huge right now. My neck is sore, and chewing motion is still bothersome. For some reason my lip was extremely huge this morning and when I looked at the inside of my lower lip there were puff pockets on both sides with yellow discoloration. I'm not sure why, but I've been applying ice to my lower lip to help reduce the swelling. My side profile is improving though. My chin and neck are still very numb, but the pain is minimizing day by day. Last night I kept waking up several times. My stomach was burning from not eating enough, so I cook some eggs and ham and drank about 32 ounces of water. I just need to fight through the pain so I can eat.

Day 3 Showing Difference with Photoshop

I decided to blend my before photo and day 3 photo together and highlight the areas with blue that are different. This is a good feeling for me to really point out what is already different in my face and it's only been 3 days. :) Oh I gave up trying to eat food without being messy. I'm eating oatmeal and whatever fits in my mouth I guide to the back of my throat with my tongue and slowly open and close my mouth. I also took pain killers, so it doesn't hurt as much to eat my food. I'm feeling really relaxed now. My neck feels very tight and swollen, but I'm not worried.

Less Swelling Today

I'm still having a difficult time sleeping only on my back especially because I toss and turn in my sleep. I made my own ice pack because the one given to me doesn't stay cold for at least 30 minutes. I used two ziplock bags, frozen okra, and wrapped a thick gauze around each bag. Then I placed both of them into a scarf and twisted the middle and sides so they bags could not move within the scarf. The frozen okra stayed colder for a much longer time and I only kept it on my face for about 40 minutes. I took a shower and used baby shampoo to wash my face. I also slowly and gently massaged the warm water into my cheeks. There is definitely improvement compared to yesterday. My profile is still just as swollen, so I didn't take a photo of that. My next appointment is on the 8th and I believe the stitches will be taken out.

Sharp Pain Under Chin

I'm slowly but surely recovering. I'm not taking my pain killers as frequently and the swelling is definitely still there along with the numbing sensation all under my chin and and below my lip. I still cannot smile correctly and I feel tightness in my chin when I attempt to. I do have a very sharp pain under my chin in one particular area. I don't really have to do any motion to feel it and I can press in the general area and tell where it is. What it is I don't know, but I'm hoping nothing serious. I uploaded another profile photo, a photo of the stitches, and a photo showing where the pain is that I marked with my bacitracin zinc ointment. I am so happy with my profile right now. If I could list any concerns it would be the sharp pain not going away, the lump under the stitches not going away, or problems showing up along the road. I hope that everything goes well with this procedure.

Obsession Stage is Here

Okay it has now been 12 days since my chin implant surgery. I've been doing really well accepting the healing process and enjoying my side profile. On the 8th I had my stitches removed, adhesive rubbed over it, and then a band aid like material strip placed over it. I did mention the sharp pain and my surgeon explained this sensation is normal. He also explained to me why the numbing in my lip and chin area occurs. It was really educational and reassuring to know that its just from the nerves being stretched and irritated. If you guys want more detail information there is a Q and A answer on realself from a surgeon that really explains it well. Just look up, "Lip and Chin Numbness After Chin Implants" and it should be the first answer. I went home feeling positive vibes. Then only two days later I took a photo of myself and I didn't like what I saw. It looked like the chin implant didn't make a difference at all in my face, so I started to become emotional and worried about my decision. I took so many photos of myself trying to find an angle that would help me feel better. I almost wanted to cry because I didn't see the results like I did during the first few photos I took after 4 days of surgery. Finally I gave up and accepted my decision to alter my face. The next day I began to feel a little better. There isn't much of a difference in my frontal view but that is fine. I knew that it wouldn't make that much of difference and my surgeon explained that to me during the consultation. I'm now hanging on to my surgeon telling me there is still some swelling left. I would like to see just a little more contouring under my chin, but I know I need to enjoy a lot of the fat that was already removed. The more photos I take the better I start to feel about myself again. I'm wearing my head wrap pretty tight now. Before I got comfortable and just put on my head with little pressure applied to my chin. Now I want to try to put the same amount of pressure I felt when I first came out of surgery. Eight to ten hours a day as instructed and doing this will make me feel good about my effort into achieving the best results.

Over a Month Now

Okay now it has been over a month since my surgery. I no longer feel the sharp pains I was feeling a couple of weeks ago. I don't have complete control over my bottom lip but you can barely tell unless you're really focusing on my mouth while I talk. I did notice the asymmetrical part of my chin that my surgeon pointed out before my surgery. Its BARELY noticeable. The only reason I even see it is because I look at my face every day. As for swelling I am still getting it under my chin. Every time I go without the headwrap I can feel the swelling start to come back. I feel really happy about my results though! It's a small difference that really makes me happier about how I look.

Quick Pain Update

I'm starting to feel a little bit of pain on the right side of my chin whenever I make a chewing motion. It isn't anything major, but I can feel it.
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