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I'm so excited! Today I called to make an...

I'm so excited! Today I called to make an appointment for an initial consultation with Dr. Hankins. I really like the results shown in this practice's before/after gallery. The results shown by Dr. Hankins have EXACTLY what I'm looking for.

My goal is to achieve upper pole fullness, lift, and firmness (not hard). I have always had large breasts & like the size (currently 32ddd), but would sacrifice a little volume for the best look for my body/lifestyle. I would love to wear a backless dress/top w/o a cumbersome long line bra blowing my cover or a useless strapless bra that I have to constantly pull up.

My consultation is 2/19. I hope I still feel excited about Dr. Hankins when I meet him.

The date is SET!

Today, I went for a consult with Dr. Hankins. I'm glad RealSelf pointed me in his direction. The main thing I like is his honesty. He's very good at managing expectations. I came in with one idea (BL/BA) & he explained why it wouldn't work for me at this time. Instead, he advised me to consider reduction with lift. His before/after photos in that area are pretty good also.
I may not be getting my 'fantasy tits' LOL but I believe that he can get me pretty darn close so I made a deposit & set the date for 3/25 with pre-op on 3/12. VERY EXCITED.

So Excited After the Pre-Op Appointment

Welp, I'm all set up & ready to go! On 3/12, I had my pre-op appointment. I had my boob 'mug shots' taken. LOL, got all my forms completed, filled my precription and paid the balance of the surgery fee. The staff could feel my excitement and we're excited for me. What a great group of people. They answered all my questions. I didn't have many because my head was spinning with excitement. One week until my reno! Cheers!

Did it!

So, toadyv I had my procedure. I'm tired & achy but happy to have followed through. I don't know where Dr. Hankins found so many amazing people yo wot k with. His team is awesome. More very soon.

Tired, achy and deliriously happy!

Today was my first follow up appointment. The ace bandage wrap was removed & replaced with a sports bra. I was so happy at first sight that I cried. I feel very achy so the meds are really coming in handy. Dr. Hankins did a fantastic job! The outcome so far is way beyond my expectations.

9 Days Post

Yesterday I went to have my healing progress checked and my nasty steri-strips replaced. Feeling some numbness & swelling is still present. Gotta step up my icing. The incision sites are looking very good. Dr. Hankin's team are a wonderful group of ladies who are very generous with their time and useful advice.

I'm so happy I haven't needed the pain meds after day 3. They look FANTASTIC if I do say so myself. Dr. Hankins is an artist! I just want to show them off but I'm keeping them in in a compression bra as directed. I've got the rest of my life with these beautiful girls.

Before/After Pic-Stitch

Trying things on

Today after my shower, I tried on this 'lil top. So cute but not comfortable just yet. I'm keeping the supportive sports bras on as they're way more comfortable while I'm healing.

Healing quite nicely

on Monday 4/13 I went in and had the sutures removed. I was very nervous as I thought it would hurt. Aside from a few pinching sensations it was pain free. It was great to see them without the steri strips. I'm surprised they look so nice. I have had a little itching and have been able to manage it with Benadryl and/or ice. I use Benadryl as a last resort because when I take it, it's lights out.
I was also given some scar gel to use twice daily.

One month update

I'm posting some pictures of healing progress at one month out. I'm very pleased. There is no pain and I can now sleep on my side. Im using the scar gel sold by PS office and it seems to be working well for me. I'm still wearing sports bras most of the time (including to bed at night). I've only gone out twice for brief times with a Bralette or tube bra for date night and yesterday's followup appointment, but as soon as I return home I get right back into a sports bra.

Healing PicStitch

Just wanted to give an idea of how much healing has occurred in just two weeks.
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