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So I went to a consult on June 13, 2013 and I knew...

So I went to a consult on June 13, 2013 and I knew exactly what I want which was to be a d cup at least and to never ever wear a push up padded bra lol. I had my pre-op on June 19 and I'm getting my surgery done July 10th it's about 15 days away and that's all I can think about. I actually went in today which was June 24th to make sure what size I was getting. Well I kinda got boob greed as you would say and I wanted 550cc but when I actually went and try it on it was way too huge and I didn't want to be top heavy so I stuck by my first choice of 500. I think 500 suits me well they were big but not huge. My stats are I'm 5'5 I weigh around 115-120 I go up and down between those numbers.

I'm getting boob greed again

So I been thinking alot about just going and getting 550cc. It look huge on me but I'm thinking since its going under and sizers always seems to be bigger when tries on cuz it's on the outside of you maybe I could just go a little bigger???? My mind is driving me insane and my surgery is coming up soon

Ok I'm getting scared again of going that extra 50cc

Ok we'll now I'm thinking maybe bigger is not always better and maybe that 50cc is too big for my chest wall or around the muscle and my muscle might be too small to hold the implant in place huyyyyy I hate making decision it's so hard


So I just called my ps office and change it to 550cc I hope this was the rift decision because I do want big. No turning back now I mean 50 more cc isn't that much more.

Hi everyone!!!

I'm not sure if anyone is reading my stories but I am so anxious and I don't want to talk to my hubby anymore because I think I'm annoying him. I also have a 7 months old I won't be able to hold for 3 weeks maybe more. It's ok though cause I really don't hold him much anyways I just need help putting him here and there and also someone to help bathe him. I'm finally getting boobs and I'm happy. No one can make fun of me anymore cause in 13 days I will have boobs maybe bigger than the girls that were making fun of me. I'm adding a pic of my before pic so I can show you how flat I am. Thanks for reading ;)

So I can't stop thinking

I'm so ready. So I actually went to make some rice sizers just to see how it would feel having big boobs I couldn't get the approximate size of 550cc due to not having the right measurements so it's about 570cc give or take. But it's around what I'm getting. I'm also uploading a picture to show everyone how if looks.

Rice sizers 570cc

Pick up my prescription today

I got my prescription wrote out to me when I went to my preop on June 19th so I had to fill them since the ps said they would expire in a week. Now I guess it's coming up so soon if I haven't reschedule I would already had some boobs lol but then again I was rushing. I'm glad I waited it out a few weeks it gave me time to read about others stories and also more things I have learn this past week I never knew about. 12 more days lol

I found a pic...

So I found a pic on Instagram of how big I would like my boobs to look I hope I can achieve this look with the amount of cc's I'm getting. I just want them to be big. I'm getting pretty excited its only 10 days away now I can not wait I will upload the pic of the boobie idol I like

Boob idol

So I found out

So I found out what size my boob idol got and she got 650cc lol well I guess mines won't be as big but I think 550 should make me happy just counting down. I have change my mind about the incison I wanted crease before but now I kinda want areola lol I think I'm gonna drop by my ps office tomorrow and pay them my last 500 and request areola. If they can't I stick to crease no biggie

Single digit

So I notice I'm on single digit countdown now. Just been dreaming a lot on how my boobs are gonna look, I seen so many different kind of boobs from some who went 300-400 but looks huge to some who went 500 and looks small they all stated they started with nothing but did again its all in your body and how your body looks and starts with. I forgot to mention to my readers I have scoliosis on my chest, my right caves in and my left sticks out a little, I hope dr Hankins match up the implants as close as possible. My right boob never fill my cup in a bra so it'll be awesome when it finally does. I'm so excited and I can't wait ;)

Went to the ps office today

So I was talking to the nurse about areola she advise me to stay with the crease since it'll be easier to get my boobs even. She also explained to me about how my chest deformities (scoliosis) is a hard case. She also said not a lot of doctor would know exactly what they are doing but since I'm going to dr Hankins he will do his best to make me perfect. She told me they had order 20 implants lol so when I'm in surgery they can see which ones would fit since it's silicone and comes pre fill. I feel a little special they are working with me to try to make my chest perfect. It's kinda exciting. They said they wish I didn't change my size from 500 to 550cc but they know I want big so they would not want me to settle so they said they will try to make it work huyyy getting nervous but excited at the same time. I just paid my last 500 now it's just a waiting game.

Bikini top

I never own a triangle bikini top before I told my hubby I needed one so I can do a good before and after pic lol so I'm posting a pic of me before in a triangle bikini top

New bikini top for before and after lol I bought a medium

Happy 4th everyone!

I haven't been thinking about my BA more of dreaming about how I would look with boobs. But I still can't picture it and today feels like a Sunday, not doing anything excited but a family BBQ and pool. Enjoy your day everyone.

It's almost time but not quite lol

Well so the days are getting closer and I'm finally at the week of my surgery day, I'm pretty excited. I can't wait to update and show you ladies. I only have today and tomorrow to do all my chores and have everything ready for when I get off surgery so I an relax while my hubby takes care of the household. I never been more excited I can not wait to have some boobs. I will never feel left out again when I look at my chest and know I couldn't wear a certain thing. Before when I had my first born, I was able to fake the funk with having little boobs but I was still able to wear push up padded bra them chicken cutlets to make it look like I had boobs. It was funny some people even question if I had a BA done but then came my second child and it wasnt too bad I can still fake it but it wasnt has nice. Now recently having my 3rd I no longer have any cleavage to fake it's so hard and aggravating to not wear what I want but even with padded push up and chicken cutlets I had no boob to push together and fake the funk. My right side is the one that caves in so there would always be a gap between my bra and that boob so if I was to wear a push up you can see my nipples and areola if I bend down or if someone was looking over me. So I look forward to having a new set of twins I know I will be happy because I honestly am not going to miss my old uneven chest at all.

So tomorrow is the day!!

Ok I got myself some extra pillows so I can sleep. I need to get a few things like oj since I have a hard time swallowing pills omg when I look at one of the pills which is the antibotics it's in capsule I really don't know how I'm going to swallow those I been thinking and dreaming telling myself I can do it but after all these years when I couldn't I usually bite it down and wash it with oj I know it's totally disgusting but I have a problem my throat reacts to the pills and brings it back up. I can do the others but yeah capsules are going to be a challenge anyone have any suggestions????

Today is the day!

Omg I'm so thirsty. I haven't drank anything since 9-10pm. I have to be there at 10am and mys surgery is at 1130am it's gonna be a long time before I get to drink anything. Feeling a little nervous but more excited.

I made it

Ok I'm finally awake. The pain is the feeling of being super sore and engorged after pregnancy.

Feeling sad...

So I haven't updated because I been feeling down. I went to my first post op appointment on Thursday and had a lot of bruisng and maybe blood collection. Ps had 3 suggestions 1st to drained out blood and fluid and go under again and 2nd was maybe wait and do it in the office with local anesthesia. Or 3rd do a ultrasound see whats going on in there well he wanted to see me again on Monday. But I have a flight to go to Boston to pick up the kids and bring them back here I won't be holding anything it's just a quick flight back and forth. So I'm waiting til wed to see him see what we gonna do it's still swollen and bruise but not as painful it's still painful but not as much as the last 2 days I'm posting up a pic so you ladies can see.

Postop day 4

My bruising and swelling is going down and it's not as painful as day 1 and 2 I'm feeling a lot better

My bruise

It's getting better I think ;/

New pic day 5

It's getting better yay

I'm ok

So I saw my ps today and they cleared me and said I was ok. Yay I'm so happy. I felt sad the first 3 days but now I'm feeling better even though I have uneven looking boobies thanks everyone for your support and reading my story. I am also adding my 1 week update photo ;)

Up early and got a good shower in

So I woke up early to shower my lefty is still swollen and much bigger than my right but doc said its ok that's normal so I just have to be patience and massage them my bruise is disappearing so that's good also I'm feeling good. My doc also told me not to do too much with my left arm so I won't strain or bruise or swell anymore she also said no dishes and cleaning and will see me in 2 weeks I'm so happy no house chores lol lucky my husband kids are older and everyone is helping out I'm feeling grateful. I will be posted my updated boobie pic and my incison site pic.

My new swimsuit

I actually order this before surgery I'm glad it fits for now lol I have a feeling once I d&f it's not gonna fit the top nomore lmao

Day 9

My boobies are still hard and uneven lol nothing much going here still looks the same.

I'm so bored

Hey everyone! I'm just posted daily updates cuz I feel they change everyday. I remember my hubby telling me aren't you glad you chose 550cc cuz they aren't even that big lol but he said that the first 3 days lol now he notice they got a little bigger lol he's like they are a good size now it's big now lol. I told him its just the beginning and they are gonna get bigger and softer and more natural looking and not so high and stiff lol. Then he said omg I think you went too big then if they gonna get bigger that this lol. I told him that's why I didn't bring you to the consult cuz I knew you wouldn't want me to get it so big. He then nod his head and said I think you should have stuck to the 500cc lol I said no I want big boobs and that's the look I'm gonna for lol. He said now everyone gonna look I mean people already looking at you now with the boobs people gonna start breaking necks and I'm not gonna like that lol. I think his insecurity is showing a little. I told him its not like I'm gonna be out there showing it off daily lol maybe in a bikini or a swimsuit or certain shirt and dresses but it's not like I will be constantly showing my boobs lol. We live in vegas so a large majority of people here have boob job or any type of enchantment so it's nothing new. I just simple said to him well if you can look at other girls why can't other guys look at me lol it's not a big deal we are married I'm not going anywhere and I did this for myself to look better for myself since I never ever had noobs before lol. Adding a 10 day photo lol

Good morning

I feel so much better like I can do a lot of my normal housewife duties except for holding my baby. I just snuggle up next to him I feel I miss him when I can't hold him when he's crying but I'm lucky to have a few people here to help me. But my 4yo daughter has a slight fever so sad to see your kids sick I'm in the process of making her some soup to make her feel better. Nothing new going on here doing my massage hoping to even out but still uneven lol I'm posted a pick with a new sport bra I bought from Burlington coat factory it came with 2 and it's brand is Marilyn Monroe collection lol. But yes it came with pads but I removed them I been removing pads from lots of things I been buying and it feels good lol no more padding yay!

Forgot to mention

The 2 pack sport bra was only 9.99 what a steal lol and they are comfy. ;)

Before and after

Before BA 32a after ?? 11 days postop

Day 12 lol

Feeling good and boobs are changing daily. I still have light bruising and they do hurt when I massage them that's my only complained other than that I feel good and my daughter slight fever is gone and I'm basically having a good day. I'm posting another pic a before and after of day 3 post op and today which is day 12 post op. I will always keep everyone updated just so you guys know what to expect ;) anything can happen because I had a complication scared on my next day post op appointment I really thought I had hematoma and that I needed to be drained and go under again I wouldn't have to pay surgeon fee but I would have to pay for anesthesia which can't cost up to like 1000 bucks. I'm just glad I'm ok and I'm feeling good and so far I'm loving my results ;)

My 2 weeks!!

I notice my boobies changing the top part of my boobs are starting to even out but my left is still bigger but I think it's because of the bruise that is still there the bruise may no longer be red purple or black but it's those light colors yellowish greenish type of bruise and they still hurt when I massage. Well my bottom left is bruise as I was saying so it looking like bottoming out but I don't think it is I have an appointment on the 31st so we shall see but I really think it's from bruising what do you ladies think? Lol give me your perspective

So it was 8 days ago

I'm on day 17 and I try that swimsuit on 8 days ago it's saddens me it doesn't fit anymore ;( I'm adding a pic to show everyone I guess I will order a large

Today was a family pool day

I wore out a target size large bikini top out with some high waist bottom from h&m everything seems to look better and the top fit pretty good. I have my sister in law that cute one piece since it no longer fits my boobs. Lol

Word correction lol

Gave* not have

3 weeks

Just posted up my incision because my ps finally took off my steri strip so I finally get to see it lol my boobs are still uneven more from the bottom than top but I think it was due to severe bruising on the bottom left when I first had surgery because they say everything is looking good and it takes time up to 6 months for results and a year for healing

First outing with try twins lol

I finally took the twins out to play they didnt bother me lol everything went ok hahahah

Forgot to add the pic lol from update above

Here's my 4 weeks

My left has drop and is much fuller than my right but the feeling of the boob is numb my right feels softer but it's higher and smaller. Ps said could take 6 months I'm just patiently waiting and also waiting for my 6 weeks so I can ask questions

Today is my 1 month

So I'm just updating y'all with more pic it's not pretty naked but I'm waiting patiently lol I look fine with clothes on lol I still don't know how I feel about them I love them but I'm not use to them they are not a part of me yet and I think I been having back pains because of these twins. Beauty is pain!!!!

Hey readers!

So not sure if anyone is reading my updates but I've actually been ignoring my boobs I would massage them here and there but then being uneven makes me forget about them I'm trying to be patient lol but it's hard I haven't done any shopping or even got tempted to get measured. The only thing I know I have is enough sports bra to last til laundry day lol I been wearing them constantly. I'm just looking forward to my 6 weeks appointment and to see what the doctor has to say since that will be the day they take the after pic. My appointment is on August 19th. I have nothing more to say lol

5 weeks

So today is my 5 weeks nothing really has change right is small and not dropping left is full and dropped can't wait to see my ps on he 19th to ask questions

My 6 weeks

So my left is a lot firmer I been massaging aggressively and it's hurts so much that I can't feel if it's getting softer or not. I am posting up some of my progression pic. My left is so much bigger and my right doesn't seem to be doing anything. I'm kinda sad but I look forward to my next appointment in 3 weeks

4 months and counting

Hello everyone or anyone not even sure if anyone is reading but I got 550cc and I'm so unhappy not because I have capsular contracture but mostly the size I would have thought 550 would be huge but it's so tiny. I am looking into getting a revision I have an appointment with my ps on jan 10th that's when I turn 6 months. I'm actually really anxious and exciting to finally be talking about revision since I can't do anything about it now I am just on meds but it doesn't seem to be getting any better now I'm just envisioning bigger boobs because these are not the big I was looking for lol I will update with a pic I just took thanks for reading I will keep everyone posted when I decide on size lol
Henderson Plastic Surgeon

So far so good still waiting to see my end results but I'm just happy everything is ok and dr Hankins was able to give me the size I want. I love his staff they all very friendly and helpful if I ever need anything else done I know where to go he's 1st on my list.

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