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After months of research, I've finally scheduled...

After months of research, I've finally scheduled an appointment with Dr. Golpa. I'll be traveling from across the country on Sept. 12, and my procedure will be on Sept. 14. I'm getting both arches done, and I'm really scared and nervous. Everyone at their office has been great so far during our phone conversations, but I have a life-long fear of dentists. And in addition to the wonderful reviews I've read from Dr. Golpa's patients, I've recently read some negative reviews too that make me very nervous. I'm trying to tell myself it will be ok, but if anyone has some insight, please let me know. I will continue to post throughout this journey so I can let everyone know how it turns out. This seems like a great community and I'm glad to have the support from other patients.

So very 'grateful for the help. Made my appt.

Thank you so much for being involved w/this forum. I'm cutting down smoking ( a pack/day to 4/week!?! )You seem to be really caring. Thank you from the bottom of my soul.
What's kept my procrastination going is FEAR, I'm afraid of the pain when I wake up and immediately afterward. I spoke to Carlos @ Dr. Golpa's clinic and he assured me that-bruised though I might be-I should be able to go play in Vegas this wknd.
All of the kind people of this sight. I can't tell you enough how much it helps to have a place where our concerns and questions match those who are @ one point of the process or another. Thx to all of you. I'm going to keep chatting. This is truly helping my fear of pain and "discomfort".
If there's any tricks or hacks or any other ideas please pay-it-forward. I def. will after this is over. I'd like to give back. I think most people who can, there are so

Going next week...

My appt. is on Tues of next week to begin the process. I just read reviews of people from another place. I felt so sad for a lady who on the day of her appt. they rescheduled it.
I took off 10 days, so that I can heal and stay in case I need adjustments, I never, ever leave my responsibilities for this long.
Then the flight, the rest of the stay, etc, etc. I'm grateful to not read anything like that about Dr. Golpa. That would be heartbreaking. All of the things and responses concerning him and his staff seem very kind.
I have this horrid infection. It's pretty much what started this whole process and looking for an absolute solution that brought me to the conclusion in Las Vegas. I've spoken to a few of the staff members.
I'll be soooo glad to put this problem and ALL of my oral issues to rest when I'm through-hence the extra week, possibly longer.
I'm def. going to report and help others because everyone's been so helpful and responsive to me. Thank you.
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